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edition, in the original cloth, uncut, E. Moxon, 1865, 4to. (1 240)

Maggs, £5 5s. 3191 Swinburne (H.) A Briefe Treatise of Testaments and Last

Willes, very profitable to be understoode of all Subjects of this Realme of England, etc., calf, 1590, 4to. (1241)

Pearson, £14 [“ It is probable that this was a valuable book of reference in Shakespeare's library, from the similarity of expressions used.”—Halliwell-Phillipps. See, too, Rushton's “ Shakespeare's Testamentary Language." “ Swinburne's "Treatise on Wills,' 1590: 'There is no cantele under heaven whereby the liberty of making or revoking his testament can be utterly taken away - page 61. Again, Laertes says, line 20: ‘He may carve for himself, but, according to Swinburne, “it is not lawful for legataries to carve for themselves, taking their legacies at their own

pleasure,' etc.- page 50."-Catalogue.] 3192 Tatham (John). The Rump, or The Mirrour of the Late

Times, a New Comedy, acted Many Times with Great Applause, at the Private House in Dorset Court, first edition, half bound, 1660, 4to. (1243) Hayley, £7 75.

[From Mitford's collection, who has marked passages at pages 7, 34, 49 and 53, as being of Shakesperian interest. “A key-play of great virulence, intended to speed the parting Rump. Bertlam is ‘Lambert,' Woodfleet ‘Fleetwood,' and so on. Trotter is probably meant for Thurloe; Desborough and Hewson appear by name, the former as a hawker, and the second as a cobbler; while Mrs. Cromwell is introduced with a wash-tub, exchanging Billingsgate with a rabble of boys ... It was first given in February, 1659-60, and had considerable influence in preparing the

political transition.”—D. N. B.) 3193 Thackeray (W. M.) The Orphan of Pimlico, with notes by

Miss Thackeray, numerous plates in two states, coloured and plain, half morocco gilt, g. e., 1876, 4to. (1244)

Sabin, £5 5s. 3194 Thucydides. De Bello Peloponnesiaco (Graecè), editio prin

ceps, morocco, elaborately inlaid after a Grolier design, g.e., by Hardy and Marius-Michel, LARGE PAPER, fine copy, Venetiis in domo Aldi, 1502, folio (1300)

Maggs, £28 ios. 3195 Virginia. A Declaration of the State of the Colonie and

Affaires in Virginia, with the names of the Adventurers and summes adventured in that Action, by his Majesties Coun'seil for Virginia, 22 Junii, 1620 (contains title and pp. II,

16 and 30 only, wanted other pages 1-4 and 1-39), new morocco gilt, t. e. g., not subject to return, Printed by T. S., 1620, 410. (1251)

Dixon, £7 3196 Way (G. L.) and L. Way. Spencer Farm, with some account

of its owner, frontispiece and engraved title, original cloth, g.e., contains an introductory letter by W. Wordsworth, Sudbury, 1845, 8vo. (932)

Lilly, £5 5s.

3197 Westmacott (C. M.) The English Spy ... being Portraits

of the Illustrious, Eminent, Ēccentric and Notorious, drawn from the Life by Bernard Blackmantle, 2 vol., first edition, coloured plates and woodcuts by Robert Cruikshank, fine

copy in half calf gilt, 1825-26, 8vo. (644) Sotheran, £27 3198 Williamson (Captain T.) and Samuel Howett. Oriental Field

Sports, being a complete and detailed description of the Wild Sports of the East, first edition, 40 large coloured plates, half morocco, g. e., E. Orme, 1807, oblong atlas folio (1312)

Maggs, £13 los. 3199 Woolley Photographs. Photographs of Early Types, designed

to supplement Published Examples, with references to the British Museum Index, complete set of the 4 parts, comprising 400 photographic facsimiles of pages from 15th century books, each mounted on brown cardboard and enclosed in the 4 original boxes, 1899-1901, folio (1313)

Quaritch, £34 ios. [Not published. Issued direct to private collectors only, at 30 guineas. Two “ Lists of Subjects" in the four boxes (narrow 8vo., wrappers) facilitate reference, these and the slips on each facsimile being printed with “Vale Press” types.-Catalogue.]

[MARCH 20TH, 1902.]


COUNCIL OFFICE. (No. of Lots, 187; amcunt realised, inclusive of a number of

Prints, £583 135.)

3200 Angelo (H.) The School of Fencing, with Explanation (in

French and English) of the Principal Attitudes, 47 plates

after Gwyn, calf, 1765, oblong 4to. (5) Ray, £2 155. 3201 Baudouin (S. R.) Exercice de l'Infanterie Françoise, frontis

piece, engraved title and full-page plates of old French military costumes, drill, etc. (one plate damaged), half morocco, 1757, folio (1)

Rimell, £3 35. 3202 Boxel (Johan). Exercitie Memorie vande Compagnie Guardes

van de Ed: Groot Mog: Heeren Staten van Holland en West Vrieslandt, numerous copperplates of costume, military exercises, etc., calf, In's Graven-Hage (1669), 4to. (15)

Maggs, £1 12s. 3203 Bradford (Rev. W.) Sketches of the Country, Character and

Costume in Spain and Portugal, made during the Campaign of the British Army in 1808 and 1809, coloured plates, half morocco, 1810, royal 4to. (17) Franks, £2

3204 Breen Adam van. L'Art de porter les Armes, many copperplates title in MS. and one plate defective), calf

, 1618, folio

Maggs, £3 155. 3205 Canada. State of the Expedition from Canada, as laid

before the House of Commons by Lieut.-General Burgoyne, folding maps, calf the Narrative of Lieut.-General Howe, wanted title-page, in same vol., 1780, 4to. (26)

J. Brown, £2 55. 3206 Canada. Lithographic Views of Military Operations in

Canada under Sir John Colborne, coloured plates, calf, 1840, 410. (27)

Rimell, £6 6s. 3207 Champort. Historical Pictures representing the most remark

able events of the French Revolution, portraits and vig

nettes, half bound, 1803. folio ( 32) Maggs, £2 155. 3208 Clarke J. S.) and J. MArthur. The Life of Admiral Lord

Nelson, 2 vol., portraits, plates and vignettes, russia gilt, 1809, royal 4to. (33)

Ray, { 1 ios. 3209 De Melfort (Le Comte Drummond). Traité sur la Cavalerie,

frontispiece, calf, with atlas of plates, 1776, folio and atlas folio (42)

Ronald, £ 1 145. 3210 De Moleville (B.) The Costume of the Hereditary States of

the House of Austria, coloured plates, morocco gilt, 1804, folio (43)

J. Brown, £1 us. 3211 Durand-Brager (H.! Translation du Cercueil de l'Empereur

Napoléon à bord de la frégate la Belle-Poule, lithographs,

boards, Paris, 1814, atlas folio (47) F. Edwards, £2 16s. 3212 Eliot (F. P.) Six Letters on the Subject of the Armed

Yeomanry, frontispiece of a Staffordshire Volunteer, and folding diagrams, boards, uncut, 1797, 8vo. (50)

Parsons, £ius. 3213 Entick (J.) War in America, portraits and plates, 5 vol., calf, 1766, 8vo. (52)

J. Brown, £i ios. 3214 French Revolution. Collection Complète des Tableaux His.

toriques de la Révolution Française, 3 vol., portraits and vignettes, half morocco, à Paris, 1804, folio (55)

Karslake, 18 3215 Gheyn (Jacques de). Maniement d'Armes d’Arquebuses,

Mousquetez, et Piques, en conformité de l'Ordre de Monseigneur le Prince d'Orange, engraved title and plates of Military Costume and Musket Drill, calf, Amsterdam, s. d., folio (57)

Rimell, £3 125. 6d. 3216 Gibb (Wm.) Naval and Military Trophies, and Personal

Relics of British Heroes, coloured plates, cloth, 1896, folio (59)

Ray, £i 5s. 3217 Heath (W.) A collection of Interesting Subjects of Military

Occurrences, Costumes, etc., numerous coloured plates within ornamental borders, half morocco, T. McLean, n. d., royal 8vo. (69)

Hornstein, £11 12s. 6d. 3218 Jubé (Auguste). Le Temple de la Gloire ou les Fastes

Militaires de la France, 2 vol., plates, half bound, Paris, 1820, folio (83)

Rimell, £t los. 3219 Magneney (C.) Le Recueil des Armes de plusieurs Nobles

Maisons et Familles, engraved title (mounted) and several hundred plates of arms, some coloured, calf, Paris (1633), folio (88)

Ronald, £2 3220 Malton (Thomas). A Picturesque Tour through London and

Westminster, 2 vol. in 1, aquatint plates, half morocco, with all faults, 1792, folio (90)

F. Edwards, £ 5 jos. 3221 M[arkham) (G.) The Souldier's Grammar, containing the

Rules of the Art of Militaire (some leaves slightly cropped),

calf, with all faults, 1643, small 4to. (91) Maggs, ki 3222 Meyrick (S. R.) A Critical Inquiry into Antient Armour,

plates of Costume, and initial letters in gold and colours, half morocco, t. e. g., uncut, R. Jennings, 1824, folio (97)

Ĝ. H. Brown, £7 1os. 3223 Meyrick (S. R.) and C. H. Smith. The Costume of the

Original Inhabitants of the British Islands, coloured plates, morocco gilt, 1821, folio (98)

F. Edwards, £2 25. 3224 Meyrick and Skelton.

Engraved Illustrations of Antient Armour from the Collection at Goodrich Court, 2 vol., plates, half morocco extra, 1854, imperial 4to. (99)

Quaritch, 42 175. 6d. 3225 Military Costume of Turkey, coloured plates, morocco gilt, 1818, folio (102)

Franks, £ 1 3226 Moore (Joseph). Eighteen Views taken at and near Ran

goon, coloured plates of Military and Naval operations, half bound, n. d., oblong 4to. (105)

Sabin, £5 5s. 3227 Morgan (Sylvanus). The Sphere of Gentry, engraved title

by. Gaywood, containing portrait of the author, portraits and plates of Arms, calf, W. Leybourn, 1661, folio (106)

Parsons, £2 ios. 3228 Napoléon. Tableaux Historiques des Campagnes d'Italie

depuis l'an IV. jusqu'à la Battaile de Marengo, plates after Vernet, half morocco, Paris, 1806, imperial folio (108)

Parsons, £2 25. 3229 Naval Achievements of Great Britain from the Year 1793 to

1817, coloured plates, half morocco, uncut, J. Jenkins, n. d., royal 4to. (109)

Hornstein, £31 3230 Nicholson (William). The History of the Wars occasioned

by the French Revolution, coloured plates, half morocco, 1816, folio (111)

Karslake, £2 3231 Prince of Wales' Island. A series of ten coloured prints of

Views in Prince of Wales' Island, half morocco, 1821, oblong folio (120)

Karslake, £6 155. 3232 Quadrille de Marie Stuart, coloured Costume plates of the different characters, half bound, n. d., folio (122)

Franks, £2 12s. 6d. 3233 Ross (Andrew). Old Scottish Regimental Colours, coloured plates, cloth, 1885, folio (127)

Ronald, £i is. The Costume of the Russian Empire, coloured plates, dark morocco extra, 1803, folio (130) Ronald, £r 5s. 3235 Scotland. The Book of the Club of True Highlanders, 2 vol. in 1, numerous illustrations, half morocco, n. d., folio (134)

Ray, £i ros.

3234 Russia.

3236 Segar (W.) Honor, Military and Civill, plates and woodcuts, illuminated in gold and colours, calf, 1602, small folio (137)

Skinner, £i 45. 3237 Shaw (Henry). Dresses and Decorations of the Middle

Ages, 2 vol., plates and initial letters in colours, half

morocco, 1858, imperial 8vo. (138) G. H. Brown, £! 155. 3238 Strutt (Joseph). A Complete View of the Dress and Habits

of the People of England, 2 vol., plates in brown, russia gilt, 1796, 4to. (143)

Ronald, £I 125. 3239 Sword Exercise. Rules and Regulations for the Cavalry, coloured plates, calf, War Office, 1796 (144)

Hornstein, £ 1 145. 3240 Thomas. Un An à Rome et dans ses Environs, coloured

plates, half morocco, Paris, 1823, folio (146) Maggs, £2 Ios. 3241 Triumphs of Europe in the Campaigns of 1812-1814, coloured

plates, 1814–The Campaign of Waterloo, coloured plates,

1816, in one vol., half russia, folio (147) Maggs, £3 3242 Vernet et Lami. Collection des Uniformes des Armées Fran

caises de 1791 a 1814, coloured plates, calf, Paris, 1822, royal 8vo. (151)

Maggs, £:5 3243 Volunteers. Loyal Volunteers of London and Environs, in

their respective Uniforms, title and coloured plates by Rowlandson (including the 9 plates of Cavalry), half calf (1799), 4to. (155)

Hornstein, £23 IOS. 3244 Volunteers. The British Volunteer, Nos. I to 6 (all pub

lished), coloured portraits of Officers in Uniform, wrappers, 1799, 4to. (159)

Parsons, £ 12 55. 3245 Volunteers. Plunket (Captain Thomas). The Character of

a Good Commander, with a Short Commendation of the Famous Artillery (more properly Military) Company of London, half calf (rare tract in verse), 1689, small 4to. (182)

Karslake, £2 25. 3246 Ward (Q.) Animadversions of Warre, or a Militarie Maga

zine of the Truest Rules and Ablest Instructions, engraved title and numerous woodcuts, calf, 1639, folio (183)

Maggs, £1 16s. 3247 Westall (R.) Victories of the Duke of Wellington, coloured plates, half morocco, LARGE PAPER, 1819, folio (184)

Parsons, £2 55. 3248 Willemin (N. X.) Choix de Costumes Civils et Militaires des

Peuples de l'Antiquité, 2 vol., numerous plates, boards, uncut, 1798, folio (185)

Quaritch, £2 25. 3249 Williamson (T.) Oriental Field Sports, coloured plates by Howitt, half morocco, 1807, oblong folio (187)

Skinner, £15 ios.

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