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24 Cuitt (G.) Wanderings and Pencillings amongst Ruins of the Olden Time, plates, half morocco, g. e., 1848, royal folio (833)

Boyes, £1 125. 25 Dickens (C.) A Christmas Carol, coloured plates by Leech,

first edition, cloth gilt, 1843, 8vo. (360) Spencer, £2 25.

[First issue with “Stave I.” on the first page, brown cloth.

-ED.) 26 Dickens (C.) Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit, first edition, plates by "Phiz," cloth, 1844, 8vo. (374)

Shepherd, £1 5s. 27 Dickens (C.) The Uncommercial Traveller, first edition, cloth, 1861, 8vo. (373)

Shepherd, £l us. 28 Donovan (E.) British Insects, 10 vol., coloured plates, calf, 1792, 8vo. (698)

Wheldon, £1 is. 29 Drake (F.) Eboracum, or the Antiquities of York, plates, calf, 1736, folio (286)

Ridler, £1 155. 30 Evelyn (John). Publick Employment and an Active Life with

all its Appanages, first edition (some leaves quite uncut), calf, 1667, 8vo. (521)

Sabin, ki us. 31 Fielding (H.) The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, 6 vol.,

first edition, original calf, 1749, 8vo. (132) Quaritch, £5 32 Filhol (A. M.) Galerie du Musée Napoleon, 10 vol., plates,

morocco extra, borders of gold, g.e., Paris, 1804-15-Musée Royale de France, vol. 1, wanted 2 plates, 1828, 8vo. (49)

Ridler, 65 155. 33 French Revolution. Le Vieux Cordelier, Journal rédigé par

Camille Desmoulins, Nos. I to 7 (probably all published), boards, l'an II. de la Republique (1794), 8vo. (348)

Williams, £ 1 34 Granger (J.) Biographical History of England, 5 vol., illus

trated with several hundred rare engraved portraits, calf, 1769, 4to. (192)

Ridler, £7 5s. 35 Green (J. R.) Short History of the English People, coloured plates and woodcuts, 4 vol., half morocco, 1892, 8vo. (432)

Sotheran, £2 7s. 6d. 36 Hall (S. C.) Book of Gems, 3 vol., plates by Turner, etc., boards, uncut, 1836-8, 8vo. (673)

Maggs, £1 12s. 37 Hall (T.) The Loathsomenesse of Long Haire, with an

Appendix against Painting Spots, Naked Backs, Breasts,
Arms, etc., calf, 1654, 12mo. (522)

Sabin, ki 155. 38 Holy Bible, with Commentary, edited by Cook, 13 vol., clot 1880-81, 8vo. (649)

Sotheran, £4 ios. 39 James (William). The Naval History of Great Britain, 6 vol., portraits, cloth, 1837, 8vo. (134)

Bumpus, £1 145. 40 Johnston and Croall. Nature Printed British Seaweeds, 4 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, Bradbury, 1859-60, 8vo. (643)

Quaritch, 41 gs. (Another set in the original cloth realised £1 6s. at this

same sale (Lot 694).-Ed.] 41 Jonson (Ben). Volpone, or the Foxe, new edition, frontispiece

and vignettes by A. Beardsley, Japanese vellum paper, 1898, 4to. (195)

Burton, £i 5s. 42 Lewis de Granada. Of Prayer and Meditation, in English, by

R. Hopkins, vignettes, original vellum with gauffred edges, silk ties, At Doway, by John Heigham, 1612, 8vo. (333)

Bull, £1 43 Lindsey (Sir D.) The Warkis of the Famous and Worthie

Knicht Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, black letter (imperfect at end, sold not subject to return), Imprentit at Edin

burgh, by Henry Charteris, 1597, 4to. (765) Quaritch, £2 44 Lyddeker (R.) The Royal Natural History, coloured plates and woodcuts, 6 vol., cloth gilt, 1893-94, royal 8vo. (433)

Hill & Sons, £i 175. 45 Lysons (S.) Collection of Gloucestershire Antiquities, 110 plates (some coloured), half morocco, 1804, atlas folio (802)

Quaritch, £3 46 Lytton (Lord). Works, “Knebworth Edition," 16 vol., cloth, v. y: (463)

Friedlander, £1 2s. 47 Massinger (Philip). The Bond-Man: An Ancient Storie, as it

hath beene often acted at the Cock-Pit in Drury Lane, first edition, 1638, 4to. (565)

Quaritch, £3 12s. 6d. 48 Massinger (Philip). The Maid of Honour, as it hath beene often presented at the Phoenix, first edition, 1632, 4to. (566)

Pickering, £5 49 Memoirs of the Amours, Intrigues and Adventures of Charles

Fitz-roy, Duke of Grafton, with Miss Parsons, portraits, autograph signature of Miss Parsons on title, calf, 1769, 12mo. (405)

Reader, £1 8s. 50 Meriton (G.) The Praise of Yorkshire Ale, wherein is enu

merated several sorts of Drink, with a Discription of the Humors of most sorts of Drunckards, to which is added a Yorkshire Dialogue in pure Dialect, calf, York, 1697—Life of Bampfylde-Moore Carew, portrait, Bath, 1802, together 2 vol., 8vo. (529)

Maggs, £1 45. 51 Millais (J. G.) British Deer and their Horns, with 185 text

and full-page illustrations, mostly by the author, original cloth (one of 100 copies), 1897, imperial 4to. (191)

W. Clay, £2 18s. 52 Milman (H. H.) History of Christianity and Latin Christianity, 12 vol., cloth, 1875-2, 8vo. (311)

Bumpus, £1 2s. 53 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, first edition, with seventh title

page (mended), morocco, g. e., London, S. Simmons, 1669, small 4to. (757)

Maggs, £4 54 Montfaucon (Bern. de). L'Antiquité expliquée, avec Supplé

ment, 15 vol., plates, calf, 1724, folio (810) Reader, £1 145. 55 Monthly Journal of Microscopical Science, 18 vol., half calf,

1869-77--Another set, bound in 9 vol., half morocco, 8vo. (711)

Batsford, £i lis. 56 Moore and Lindley: Ferns of Great Britain, nature printed by

H. Bradbury, coloured plates, half morocco, 1855, imperial folio (803)

Quaritch, £2 8s. 57 Nash (J.) Mansions of England in the Olden Time, 4 series,

plates coloured like drawings and mounted on cardboard (wanted 4 plates, but had 3 duplicate plates inserted), 1839-49, folio (254)

Roche, £14 ios. 58 Nash (T.) History of Worcestershire, 2 vol., plates (wanted 2 plates), (stained by damp), with all faults, 1799, folio (50)

Ridler, £2 145. 59 Newe Testament. Tyndals Version, black letter, woodcuts

(that to Matthew xiii. representing the Devil with a wooden leg), wanted title and 2 leaves, sold not subject to return, 1552, small 4to. (764)

Bull, £3 11s. 60 Painter (William)." The Palace of Pleasure, edited by Joseph

Haslewood, 3 vol. in 2, half morocco (limited number printed),
Robert Triphook, 1813, 4to. (557)

Bull, £i jos. 61 Parish Registers of Greensted, Essex (one of 50 copies), half

vellum, Privately printed, 1892, folio (599) Crisp, £4.ios. 62 Pathological Society. Transactions, vol. 15-50—with Index, vol. 1-37, together 38 vol., cloth, 1864-99, 8vo. (158)

W. Clay, ki is. 63 (Phillips (Edward).] The Beau's Academy, or the Modern and

Genteel way of Wooing and Compliinenting after the most
Courtly Manner, to which are added Poems, Songs, Riddles,
Jests, Posies, etc., frontispiece, half calf, unknown to Lowndes,
1699, 8vo. (350)

Pickering, 13 155. 64 Pistolesi (E.) Il Vaticano, 8 vol., plates, half morocco, Roma, 1829, folio (827)

Roche, 42 6s. 65 Planta (E.) A New Picture of Paris, plates, including the

coloured series of “ Costume of the Lower Orders of Paris," calf, 1831, 12mo. (399)

Shepherd, Ęi 3s. 66 Playford (Henry). The Banquet of Musick, or a Collection of

the Newest and Best Songs sung at Court, and at Publick Theatres, Books i and 2, in a volume, sprinkled calf

, 1688– Ditto, fourth and last Book (title cut close), half morocco, 1689, folio (589)

Ellis Strong, £2 67 Psalms. Whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meetre by Sternhold, Whittingham, Hopkins and others

allowed to bee soong in privat houses laying apart all ungodly songs and ballads which tend onely to the nourishing of Vice, etc., black letter (unbound), 1598, 4to. (583)

Maggs, £! 5s. 68 Ray Society. Publications, 15 vol., coloured plates, cloth, 1882-99, 8vo. (96)

Maggs, £10 ios. 69 Ray Society. Publications, 29 vol., v. y., folio (845)

Quaritch, £3 12s. 6d. 70 Rice (W.) Tiger-Shooting in India, and Indian Game, 2 vol., plates, 1857-84, 8vo. (724)

Hornstein, £i 16s. 71 Roscoe's Novelists' Library. Tom Jones, Joseph Andrews,

Amelia, Peregrine Pickle and Humphrey Clinker, 8 vol., plates by Cruikshank, half calf, v. y., 8vo. (723)

Potter, £1.155. 72 Rowlandson (T.) Naples and the Campagna Felice, in a

Series of Letters to a friend in England, first edition, coloured plates by Rowlandson, original cloth, uncut, Ackermann, 1815 (408)

Sabin, £3 75. 6d a fine copy, with the plates printed in colours and heightened with gold, 2 vol., calf, Paris, 1802, folio (142)

Bumpus, £9 Ios. 100 Bentham (G.) Handbook of British Flora, 2 vol., cloth, 1865, 8vo. (51)

Wheldon, &r 125. 101 Booth (E. T.) Rough Notes on the Birds observed during

Twenty Years' Shooting and Collecting in the British Isles, with coloured plates from drawings by E. Neale, 15 parts,

in paper boards, Dulau, 1887, folio (148) Quaritch, £13 102 Buckler (W.) Larvæ of the British Butterflies and Moths,

vol. I to 5, 86 coloured plates, Ray Society, original cloth (86)

Bumpus, £4 ios. 103 Buller (W. L.) History of Birds of New Zealand, with 50

plates, in 13 parts, published at 1% guineas each, 1887-88, large 4to. (156)

Pearson, 28 104 Butler (A. G.) Foreign Finches in Captivity, 60 coloured plates, maroon cloth, gilt tops, royal 4to. (82)

Quaritch, £2.12s. 6d. 105 Couch (J.) History of the Fishes of the British Islands, 4 red plates, original blue cloth, 1877, 8vo. (58)

Jones, £1 7s. 106 Curtis (Jno.) British Entomology. Illustrations and Descrip

tions of the Genera of Insects found in Great Britain and Ireland, containing coloured figures, from nature, of the most rase and beautiful species, and, in many instances, upon the plants on which they are found, 770 coloured plates, 16 vol.

in 8, half calf, 1824-39, 8vo. (84) Sotheran, £u 5s. 107 David et Oustalet. Les Oiseaux de la Chine, with atlas of

coloured plates, 2 vol., original red cloth, Paris, 1877, 8vo. (115)

Bumpus, £5 108 Des Murs (0.) Iconographie Ornithologique, Nouveau Re

cueil Général de Planches peintes d'Oiseaux, first part, 72 coloured plates, half calf, Paris, 1849, 4to. (136)

Bumpus, £3 12s. 6d. 109 D'Orbigny (Alcides). Aves de la Isla de Cuba, illustrated with

a number of water-colour drawings of birds by Edouard

Traviés, half calf, Paris, 1839, folio (133) Bumpus, £3 5s. 110 Dresser (H. E.) A Monograph of the Meropidae, or Family

of Bee Eaters, 34 coloured plates, half morocco, 1880-86, folio (153)

Wheldon, £2 ios. u Gray (R.) Birds of the West of Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, original cloth, illustrated, Glasgow, 1871, 8vo. (18)

Wheldon, £2 112 Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Britannica, or History of British

Seaweeds, containing coloured figures and descriptions of all the species of Algæ inhabiting the shores of the British Islands, new edition, 4 vol., 360 coloured plates, original

brown cloth, 1846-51, royal 8vo. (105) Quaritch, £3 113 Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Australica, a History of Austra

lian Seaweeds, comprising coloured figures and descriptions of the more characteristic Marine Algæ of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western expected and never till now Published, fine impression of the Marshall portrait (2 leaves torn), original sheep, 1659, 8vo. (421)

Dobell, £i 18s. 91 Swift (J.) Works and Letters, 24 vol., plates, calf, 1766-69, 8vo. (131)

Ridler, £i 185. 92 Taylor (Elizabeth). Authentic Memoirs of Mrs. Clarke, with

the Intrigues of many characters in High Life and the Letters of the Duke of York, coloured portrait, original boards, uncut, 1809—Private Adventures of Madame Vestris, plates (409)

Hornstein, £8 5s. 93 Thackeray (W. M.) Doctor Birch and his Young Friends,

first edition, with coloured illustrations by the author, fancy boards, g. e., 1849, cr. 4to. (425)

G. H. Brown, É I 145. 94 Westmacott (C.) Points of Misery, or Fables for Mankind,

illustrations by R. Cruikshank, fine paper copy, original wrappers, uncut, 1823, 8vo. (391)

Denham, £ 1 95 Weyman (Stanley). House of the Wolf, first edition, cloth, 1890, 8vo. (494)

Hornby, £1 96 Wotton (Sir Henry). The State of Christendom, or a Most

Exact and Curious Discovery of many Secret Passages, and Hidden Mysteries of the Times, engraved portrait, first edition, original calf, Humphrey Moseley, 1657, folio (590)

Denham, £i 155. 97 Yosy (A.) Switzerland as now divided into nineteen Cantons,

2 vol., 50 coloured plates of costume, half morocco, 1815, 8vo. (312)

Hutt, & 1 6s. (Published at £3 135. 6d.—ED.]

[OCTOBER 28TH, 1901.]


(No. of Lots, 204 ; amount realised, about £350.)

[NOTE.—The Catalogue was so badly prepared that it was not reliable, and the prices realised were frequently considerably below the average. This Catalogue was not prepared by the Auctioneer. -ED.]

98 Annals of Scottish Natural History, edited by Harvie-Brown

and others, complete set from the commencement to 1900, 36 parts and 5 cloth covers, 1892-1900, 8vo. (33)

Sotheran, £2 7s. 6d. 99 Audebert (J. B.) and L. P. Viellot. Histoire Naturelle et

Generelle des Colibris, Oiseaux-Mouches, Grimpereaux, &c.,

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