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308 Margaret of Navarre. The Heptameron, with Essay by G.

Saintsbury, plates on Japanese vellum by Freudenberg, 5 vol., cloth, 1894, 8vo. (85)

Walford, £ 1 12. 309 Martin. In the Footprints of Charles Lamb, illustrations by

Railton, etc., with extra portraits inserted, half morocco gilt,

by Zaehnsdorf, 1891, square 8vo. (102) Dobell, £i iis. 310 Masson (F.) Joséphine, Imperatrice et Reine, coloured por

trait and duplicate set of illustrations, Japanese paper edition (limited to 150 copies), in cloth portfolio, 1899, 4to. (239)

Goupil & Co., £5 311 Meredith (G.) Modern Love, first edition, cloth, uncut,

Chapman and Hall, 1862, 8vo. (367) Meynell, £1 135. 312 Meredith (G.) Poems, first edition, cloth, uncut, J. Parker and Son (erasure on title), [1851), 8vo. (122)

Spencer, £9 25. 6d. 313 Molière.

Euvres par Bret, plates by Moreau, 6 vol., mottled calf, Paris, 1773, 8vo. (188)

Sotheran, £3 7s. 6d. 314 Molière. Dramatic Works, by Van Laun, proof etchings by Lalauze, 6 vol., uncut, Paterson, 1875, 8vo. (96)

Maggs, £1 145. 315 Nash (J.) Mansions of England in the Olden Time, re-edited by Corbet Anderson, lithos., 4 vol., 1872, folio (296)

Sotheran, £3 ios. 316 Nolhac (Pierre de). Marie Antoinette, the Dauphine, col

oured portrait and illustrations, wrapper, Goupil and Co., 4to. (238)

Goupil & Co., 42 317 Ornatus Muliebris Anglicanus, or the Severall Habits of

English Women, 26 plates by Hollar, morocco extra, 1640, 8vo. (463)

Karslake, £2 ios. 318 Pardoe (Miss). Life of Marie de Medicis, portraits and facsimiles, 3 vol., 1852, 8vo. (506)

J. Bumpus, £.2 ios. 319 Peacock (T. L.) Works, edited by Garnett, portrait and

illustrations, 10 vol., LARGE PAPER (limited to 100 copies), cloth, uncut, 1891 (108)

Forrester, £i 16s. 320 Poe (E. A.) Works, edited by Stedman and Woodberry,

illustrations by Sterner, 10 vol., cloth gilt, gilt tops, Lawrence and Bullen, 1895, 8vo. (389)

Grant, £ I 125. 321 Pyne (W. H.) History of the Royal Residences, 100 coloured

engravings, facsimiles of original drawings by C. Wild, Cattermole, Stephanoff, etc., 3 vol., original boards, edges entirely untrimmed, London, 1819, imperial 4to. (520)

Quaritch, £23 322 Quaritch's Catalogue of Fifteen Hundred Books, remarkable

for their Bindings, facsimiles, morocco, richly tooled sides

and inner borders, uncut, t. e. g., 1889, 8vo. (346) Maggs, £4 323 Rabelais (F.) Works, translated by Urquhart and Motteux,

illustrations by Louis Chalon, limited edition, 2 vol., cloth extra, Lawrence and Bullen, 1892, imperial 8vo. (80)

Parker, £2 324 Rabelais (F.) Works, with the extra plates (210 copies printed

entirely throughout on Japanese vellum), 2 vol., buckram, Lawrence and Bullen, 1892, imperial 8vo. (81) Dobbs, £3 5s. 325 Radcliffe (F. P. D.) The Noble Science, illustrations, cloth,

Ackermann, 1839, royal 8vo. (198) Shepherd, £ 1 us. 326 St. John (C.) Natural History and Sport in Moray, numerous

etchings, cloth, uncut, t. e. g., Edinburgh, 1882, royal 8vo. (416)

J. Bumpus, £1 155. 327 Sanders (W. B.) Examples of Carved Oak Woodwork, Half

Timbered Houses and Carved Oak Furniture of the 16th and 17th Centuries, plates, 2 vol., 1883-94, folio (575)

Edwards, £2 8s. 328 Schreiber (Lady C.) Playing Cards of Various Ages and

Countries, plates (some coloured), 3 vol., Lady Schreiber's own copy, with her bookplate in each vol., half morocco, 1892-3-5, imperial folio (281)

Andrews, £3 7s. 6d. 329 Seebohm (H.) A History of British Birds, coloured plates, 4 vol., 1883, royal 8vo. (435)

Young, £3 ios. 330 Schomburgk (R. H.). Views in the Interior of Guiana, 12

coloured plates, half bound, Ackermann, 1841, imperial folio (582)

Menken, £3 35. 331 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, Border Edition, with Intro

ductions and Notes by Andrew Lang, and numerous original etchings on Japanese paper, 48 vol., cloth, gilt tops, 1893, 8vo. (479)

Edwards, £9.155. 332 Settle (E.) Thalia Triumphans, mounted to folio size and the

borders richly illuminated, old morocco, stamped sides,

Printed for the Author, n. d., 8vo. (717) Maggs, £3 125. 6d. 333 Shelley (P. B.) The Masque of Anarchy, a Poem, with a

Preface by Leigh Hunt, first edition, cloth, Moxon, 1832, 8vo. (365)

Denham, £2 45. 334 Skelton (Sir J.) Charles I., coloured frontispiece and duplicate

set of illustrations, Japanese paper edition (limited to 500

copies), in cloth portfolio, 1898, 4to. (241) De Sauty, £5 5s. 335 Smollett (T.) Works, edited by Saintsbury, frontispieces, 12

vol., LARGE PAPER (limited to 150 copies), cloth, uncut, 1895, 8vo. (111)

Maggs, £2 6s. 336 Spenser (E.) Complete Works in Verse and Prose, edited

with Life and Glossary by the Rev. A. B. Grosart, illustrations (100 copies printed for private circulation), 9 vol.,

boards, uncut, 1882-4, small 4to. (393) Menken, £2 8s. 337 Stevenson (R. L.) Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes,

frontispiece by Walter Crane, first edition, uncut, 1879, 8vo. (472)

Maggs, £2 8s. 338 Teniers (David). Theatrum Pictorum, 246 plates (some folding), Bruxelles, 1666, folio (292)

Scotti, £2 6s. 339 Tennyson (A.) Life and Works, edition de luxe, 12 vol., cloth, uncut, 1898-99, 8vo. (113)

G. H. Brown, £4 155. 340 Thackeray (W. M.) Works Complete, uniform and standard

edition, illustrations by the Author and R. Doyle, 22 vol., cloth gilt, Smith Elder, 1867-8-9, 8vo. (60)

Wells, £7 155. 341 The Pulpit Commentary, edited by H. D. M. Spence and J. S.

Exell, 48 vol., cloth, 1880-90, royal 8vo. (775) Tickell, 67 55. 342 The Tudor Translations, edited by W. E. Henley, a complete

set, including Florio's Montaigne-Adlington's Apuleius

North’s Plutarch-Berners's Froissart (the concluding 4 volumes to be delivered as issued), etc., 30 vol., half buckram, uncut, D. Nutt, 1890-1901, 8vo. (480)

£50 343 Walpole (H.) Letters, edited by Peter Cunningham, illustra

tions, 9 vol., cloth, Bentley, 1891, 8vo. (130) Dobell, £3 55. 344 Walker (A.) Analysis of Beauty in Women, illustrated by

drawings from life by Howard (coloured copy), half calf, gilt edges, 1852, 8vo. (402)

Wilkinson, £i uis. 345 Warner (G. F.) Illuminated Manuscripts in the British

Museum, first series, 15 reproductions in gold and colours,
Japanese vellum edition, in portfolio, 1899, folio (273)

Quaritch, £11 346 Watteau (Antoine). Figures de différents caracteres de Pay

sages, et d'Études dessinées d'apres nature par Antoine Watteau, engravings by Boucher, Audran, Caylus and others, 2 vol. ini (vers 1735), royal folio-LCEuvre d'Antoine Watteau, gravé par les Soins de M. de Julienne, fixé à Cent Exemplaires des premieres Epreuves, imprimés sur GRAND PAPIER, engravings by Boucher, Tardieu, Huquier and others, 2 vol., atlas folio (561) Hodgkins, £665

(Collation : Vol. I, title, Vie de Watteau, 2 leaves ; Préface, Epitaphs, 2 leaves ; portrait and subjects 1 to 132 on 101 leaves-vol. 2, title, avertissement, frontispiece and subjects 133 to 350 on 222 leaves (Nos. 315 to 318 in duplicate). Vol. 1, title, L'Art et la Nature, Fable Allégorique, i page, and 109 subjects on 88 leaves-.vol. 2, title and 151 subjects on 114 leaves, together 260 subjects on 202 leaves.]

[The above three volumes, forming an unusually complete copy of this rare and valuable work (which invariably differs in the number of plates it contains), were uniformly bound in a fine contemporary French red morocco, with rich gilt borders, blue silk linings and gilt edges. The volumes bore the elaborate coat-of-arms of Louis Joachim Potier, duc de Gesvres (1733-94), and had the “fleur-de-lis” stamped in the four corners. A few of the plates were slightly soiled, but on the whole this was an excellent copy. Lewine, in his “Eighteenth Century Art Books," 1898, page 572, values such a copy as this at from £250 to £350. About £300 was realised in Paris last year, and in November, 1896, £315 was realised at Sotheby's. (See Book-PRICES CURRENT, vol. X., No. 6372.) The large increase in price noticeable on this occasion was due, to some extent at least, to the character of the binding, which was contemporary, and to the fact

that the book contained some additional plates.-ED.] 347 Whitman (A.) The Masters of Mezzotint-The Men and

their Work, 60 illustrations, LARGE PAPER (50 copies printed on hand-made paper), half vellum, gilt top, 1898, folio (286)

Quaritch, £5 155. [NOVEMBER 4TH, 1901.)


(No. of Lots, 132 ; amount realised, £5,524 9s.)

348 Bacon (Lord). Instauratio Magna, part i., Of the Advance

ment and Proficience of Learning, ix. Bookes, interpreted by Gilbert Wats, first edition, portrait and engraved title by William Marshall, old calf gilt, Oxford, L. Lichfield for R.

Young and E. Forrest, 1640, small folio (2) Quaritch, £7 349 Bewick (Thomas). A History of British Birds, the figures

engraved on wood by T. Bewick, LARGE PAPER, 2 vol., second edition of vol. i., first edition of vol. ii., numerous woodcuts, old russia gilt, m. e., Newcastle, E. Walker, 1805-1804, royal 8vo. (3)

Ellis, £3 350 Bible (The Holie), faithfully translated into English out of the

authentical Latin, with Arguments, Annotations, etc. by the English College of Doway, first edition of this translation, with signature of R. Kinsman on titles and MS. lists of contents, etc., 2 vol., modern red morocco gilt, lettered on the upper covers, with F. S. E. in centres, edges uncut, bound by Douglas Cockerell in 1900, an exceptionally large and clean copy, Doway, L. Kellam, 1609-10, small 4to. (4)

Mason, £19 351 Blake (William). Songs of Innocence and of Experience,

shewing the two Contrary States of the Human Soul. Songs of Innocence, The Iuthor and Printer W. Blake, 1789—Songs of Experience, ib., 1794, 54 leaves, printed upon one side only, each plate being exquisitely coloured by William Blake himself in an unusually brilliant manner. The titles to each plate are gilded, and gold is also used in heightening effects, with wonderful skill. Each plate is within a sunken mount of folio size, and the whole enclosed in two brown morocco box cases appropriately lettered in gold, square 8vo., mounted to imperial 4to. size (5)

A. Jackson, £700 [The numbering of the plates is continuous, although the two parts were printed in different years. The figures are Blake's own, and are put on with a fine brush, not a pen, in red. The colour of the printing throughout is a light brown, and where it is indistinct or blurred, Blake has worked over it with a brush with the same colour as he used for numbering the plates. This peculiarity is noticeable in all copies we have examined, whether printed in green, brown or yellow, so that it evidently was his habit to work up the text where the printing was not quite clear. In the Butts copy one entire page is so treated. A feature in this present copy, and, so far as we are aware, it is in this particular unique, is that round each design Blake has put an


ornamental border, done with a fine brush. These borders. do not exceed in any instance a quarter of an inch in width, and are of the slightest description. Some of the borders. indicate a draped hanging, others are entwined branches, and the rest are merely decorative. They are, however, very characteristic, and a great feature in the decoration of this copy. We have seen in other copies a thin line-border round the plates, but in no instance has there been any attempt at ornamentation. This thin line-border now and then occurs here, but with ornamentation added. This copy is one of those mentioned by Gilchrist, as follows : “ There are copies in which certain minutiæ are finished with unusual care and feeling. Occasionally the colour is carried further down the page than the ruled space ; a stream, say, as in “The Lamb,” is introduced.” “Edward Calvert was another attached friend of this period.”—Gilchrist's “Life of Blake," vol. i., page 343. This unique copy has been treasured in the Calvert family since Edward Calvert received it from the hands of William Blake himself.Catalogue. The Beckford copy realised £146 in 1882, but no comparison is possible, as the above had a distinctive ornamental border round each design. It is in this respect that this copy is

believed to be unique.-ED.] 352 Brewer (J. S.) The Reign of Henry VIII. to the Death of

Wolsey, edited by James Gairdner, portrait, 2 vol., J.
Murray, 1884, 8vo. (6)

J. Bumpus, £3 35. 353 Cotgrave (Randle). A Dictionarie of the French and English

Tongues, first edition, woodcut title, mottled calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by De Coverley, A. Islip, 1611, folio

Pickering, £8 ios. 354 Coryat (Thomas). Coryat's Crudities, hastily gobled up in

five moneths Travells in France, Savoy, Italy, Rhetia, Helvetia, Some Parts of High Germany, etc., newly digested in the hungry air of Odcombe, etc., first edition, engraved title by Hole (washed), and printed title, beginning, “Three Crude Veines," and plates, old calf, Ailesbury ex-libris on reverse of title, large and perfect copy, including the leaf of errata, Printed by W. S., Anno Domini, 1611, small 4to. (9)

Richards, £60 [A very interesting copy, being that of John Davies of Hereford, a friend of the author and the writer of the five pages of the Commendatory Verses and the poetical description of the frontispiece. A Continental Itinerary on the fly-leaves, numerous satirical and emendatory remarks in the margins, an original Quatrain signed “ Jo. Davies,” and a signature “Jo. Da.” on E 8, all in Davies's hand.

Catalogue.] 355 Dictionary of National Biography, edited by Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee, 63 vol., original cloth, 1885-1900, 8vo. (10)

Pickering, £34 1os. 356 Drayton (Michael). Poems, collected into One Volume with

Sundry Peeces inserted never before printed, first edition,

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