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[A very fine copy of this exceedingly rare tract, with several rough leaves. As usual, the licence leaf wanted. The last copy sold realised £55 last season. See BOOK

PRICES CURRENT, vol. xv., No. 3637.-ED.] 2873 America. Franklin (Benjamin). Narrative of the late Mas

sacre in Lancaster County (Pennsylvania) of a number of Indians, Friends of this Colony, morocco extra, g. e. (Philadelphia), 1764 (63)

H. Stevens, ££5 55. (“Among the rarest of the works relating to the history

of Pennsylvania."--- Field's Indian Bibliography.] 2874 America. [Worcester (J.)] Poetical Epistle to His Excel

lency George Washington, from an inhabitant of Maryland, with a Short Sketch of Washington's Life and Character, portrait of Washington by Sharp, morocco extra, g. e., by Zaehnsdorf, 1780 (68)

Sotheran, £8 [Very rare. The portrait of Washington makes its first appearance with this edition, which was printed and sold

for the benefit of Americans in England.- Catalogue.] 2875 Apperley (C. J.) Life of John Mytton, Esq., with Notices of

his Hunting, Shooting, Driving, Racing, Eccentric and Extravagant Exploits, 12 coloured plates by H. Alken, first edition, uncut, 1835, 8vo. (71)

Robson, £27 [Presentation copy to Charles Dickens, with inscription on fly-leaf and Dickens' bookplate and Gads Hill library

ticket.- Catalogue.) 2876 Apperley (C. J.) Memoirs of the Life of John Mytton, of

Halston, Shropshire, ... by “Nimrod," illustrations by H.
Alken and T. J. Rawlins, coloured by hand, second edition,
reprinted (with considerable additions) from the New
Sporting Magazine, some leaves soiled, original cloth, g. e.,
Ackermann, 1837, 8vo. (72)

Edwards, £9 2877 A[rmin] (R[obert]) (?). The Valiant Welshman, or the True

Chronicle History of the Life and Valiant Deeds of Caradoc the Great, King of Cambria, now called Wales. As it hath been sundry times Acted by the Prince of Wales his servants, frontispiece (mounted), half bound, 1663, 4to. (158)

Wood, £7 155. 2878 Bacon (Francis, Lord). Historie of the Raigne of King

Henry the Seventh, with frontispiece and portrait by John
Payne, first edition, in the original calf, 1622, folio (209)

Pickering, £2 145. 2879 Balzac (Honoré de). La Comédie Humaine, Scenes of Pari

sian Life, and Scenes of Private Life, now for the first time completely translated into English, by E. Sedgwick, G. B. Ives, W. Walton, etc., 22 vol., etchings, one of 250 copies, uncut, t. e. g., 1897, 8vo. (75)

Bickers, £4 2880 Bible. The Holy Bible, containing the Old Testament and

the New, newly translated out of the Originall Tongues ...
London, printed by the Companie of Stationers, 1651-A
Brief Concordance, or Table to the Bible of the Last
Translation, serving for the more easie finding out of the

most useful places therein contained, carefully perused and enlarged by Mr. John Downame, B. in Divinitie, published for the good of the Commonwealth, 1652, 8vo. (78)

Sotheran, £14 [This copy had on the fly-leaf the contemporary mark of the price, 7s. Original blue morocco binding, perfectly preserved and enclosed, as from the date of its publication, in a leather case. This is the earliest English pocket Bible, and precedes the Pearl Bible (hitherto considered to be the first pocket Bible), printed at Cambridge in 1653, by two years. The type is remarkably small and equally clear, and is probably the model which suggested to the University printer his later undertaking. This edition was unknown to Lowndes, and there was no copy amongst the

Bibles in the Caxton Exhibition of 1877.- Catalogue.] 2881 Barclay (R.) Roberti Barclaii Theologiae Verè Christianae

Apologia. Act 24: 14, Secundum viam, quam hæresia dicunt, sic colo Deum patrum meorum, credens omnibus, quae in Lege & Prophetis scripta sunt. Tit. 2 : 11, 12, 13, 14, Gratia Dei salutifera, etc. 1 Thess. 5: 21. Omnia probate, quod bonum est, tenete, first edition, morocco extra, g. e., Amst., 1676, 8vo. (159)

Banks, £7 55. [A fine copy of the first edition of Barclay's famous

"Apology for the Quakers." --Catalogue.) 2882 Bartolozzi (F.) One Hundred Examples of Engravings, col

lected from rare examples in the Department of Prints and Drawings, British Museum, with Annotations and a Memoir by L. Fagan, 4 vol., 100 autotype plates, uncut (1886), folio (210)

Young, £4 55. 2883 Beaumont (Fr.) and Fletcher (John). The Wild-Goose Chase,

a Comedie, as it hath been Acted with singular Applause at the Black-Friers ; Being the Noble, Last, and onely Remaines of those Incomparable Drammatists, first edition, boards, 1652, folio (211)

Berry, £9 55. (Contains an introduction by the Shakespearean actors Lowin and Taylor. A long account of it will be found in Payne-Collier's “Actors in Shakespeare's Plays” (printed for the Shakespeare Society, 1846). The manuscript was lost when the first folio Beaumont and Fletcher was pub

lished in 1647.- Catalogue.] 2884 Beaumont (Fr.) and Fletcher (John). Fifty Comedies and

Tragedies, including : The Maids Tragedy ; . . . Rule a Wife and have a Wife ... The Wild Goose Chase, a Comedy, etc., all in i vol., published by the author's original copies, the songs to each play being added, second edition, portrait by W. Marshall, old calf, 1679, folio (212)

Maberly, £5 1os. 2885 Behmen (Jacob, the Teutonic Philosopher). Works, with a

Life of the Author, and figures illustrating his principles, left by the Rev. W. Law, and portrait of Behmen, 4 vol. half russia, 1764-81, 4to. (160)

Quaritch, £7


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2886 Bickham (G.) The Musical Entertainer, engraved throughout, 2 vol. in 1, morocco extra, g. e. (1737-50), folio (213)

Cotton, £13 [A perfect copy, with both the titles and all the pre

liminary leaves.-ED.) 2887 Blomefield (Francis) and Charles Parkin. History of Norfolk,

II vol., portrait, folding engravings and pedigrees, half calf, 1805-10, 8vo. (82)

Thorp, £8 2888 Boaustuau (Petrus). Theatrum Mundi : The Theatre or rule

of the Worlde. Whereunto is added a learned and pithie worke of the excellence of mankynd ... Englished by John Olday, black letter, half morocco, 1574 (83)

A. Jackson, £7 [A reference to this very rare book will be found in Shakespeare's Library. Isaac Reed's copy, with his autograph signature, dated 1789. The title missing and replaced in manuscript in the autograph of Isaac Reed. A note in reference to a mistake of the binder's is also in his

autograph.--Catalogue.] 2889 Boccaccio. Il Decamerone di M. Giovanni Boccaccio, 5 vol.,

portrait, 5 frontispieces, 110 plates and 77 vignettes after Gravelot, Boucher, Cochin and Eisen, engraved by Aliamet, Baquoy, Legrand, etc., with the “Estampes galantes,” consisting of frontispiece and 20 plates (by Gravelot), morocco extra, g. e., by Rivière and Son, Londra (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (84)

Burrows, £10 1os. 2890 Bold (Henry). Latine Songs, with their English and Poems,

first edition, calf extra, g. e., 1685, 8vo. (86) Pearson, £10

[At page 159 there are allusions to Mrs. Quickly's account of Falstaff's death and to Hotspur's speeches in King

Henry the Fourth. ---Catalogue.] 2891 Brathwaite (Richard). Barnabæ Itinerarium, or Barnabees

Journall (with Bessie Bell), under the names of Mirtilus and Faustulus Shadowed ; for the Traveller's Solace, lately published, etc. by Corymbaeus, Latin and English, first edition, frontispiece by W. Marshall (backed), modern morocco extra, covered with gilt emblems, g. e., by Birdsall, good copy, no date or name of place, 1648-50, 16mo. (87)

Leighton, £15 (Six of the original fly-leaves in the volume contain a MS. Latin poem of a similar character to the text, entitled, “Rustica Academiæ Oxoniensis nuper reformatæ Descriptio una cum comités ibidem CIOXLVIII habitis et reliqus notatu non indignis." Not to be returned on account of ihe defect

on the frontispiece.-Catalogue.) 2892 Browning (Robert). Paracelsus, first edition, original boards,

uncut, with label intact, an exceptional copy, clean and fresh as when issued, very rare in this state, E. Wilson, 1835, 8vo. (90)

Wise, £8 175. 6d. 2893 Browning (Robert). Strafford, an Historical Tragedy, first

edition, original wrapper, with label intact, uncut, Longman, 1837, 8vo. (91)

Potter, £4 18s.

2894 Browning (Robert). Bells and Pomegranates, the eight

parts complete, all first editions, in the original cloth, uncut, E. Moxon, 1841-2-3-4-5-6, 8vo. (92)

Dawson, £17 10s. 2895 Bruce (Thomas, Schoolmaster in Edinburgh). The Common

Tunes, or Scotland's Church Music made Plain, frontispiece and 19 engraved plates of music by Thomas Calder, some margins shaved and corner of a leaf defective, calf, Edinburgh, printed for the author, 1726, 8vo. (96)

Thorp, £3 3s. 2896 Brunet (J. Ch.) Manuel du Libraire et de l'Amateur de

Livres, cinquième édition, 6 vol., half morocco gilt, m. e.,
Paris, 1860-65, 8vo. (97)

Ellis, £9 25. 6d. 2897 Bruno Nolano (Giordano). De Gl’ Heroici Furori, al molto

illustre et excellente Cavalliero Signor Philippo Sidneo, original edition (some headlines shaved), old French morocco, line tooled, g. e., Parigi appresso Ant. Baio, 1585, 8vo. (98)

Stechert, £4 155. Bulengerus (J. C.) De Theatro, Ludisque Scenicis libri duo, vellum, Tricassibus, 1603, 8vo. (100) Sotheran, £3

[This copy contained the rare folding plate of a theatre

so often missing.- Catalogue.] 2899 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to

That which is to come, delivered under the Similitude of a Dream, first edition, without the engraved portrait by White, wanted the title, first leaf of the work and the whole of signature L, lower margins of some leaves stained and 13 leaves at end defective through worm-holes, the last leaf pasted down, 5 by 3 inches, in the original calf (Printed for Nath. Ponder at the Peacock in the Foultry, near Cornhill, 1678), 8vo. (102)

Tregaskis, £22 [See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xv., No. 4813. The little evidence that exists to prove that the portrait was really issued with and forms part of copies belonging to the first edition is by no means conclusive. The suggestion is that the view of the city in the background was originally labelled “Vanity,” and that the print in that state appeared in the first edition, the word being subsequently altered to

“Destruction” for the third edition.—ED.) 2900 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrim's Progress, the sixth edition,

with additions, engraved portrait of Bunyan by R. White and numerous wood engravings, morocco extra, g. e., W. Ponder at the Peacock in the Poultry, 1681, 8vo. (103)

B. F. Stevens, £92 [Possibly the only perfect copy extant of the sixth edition. Lowndes says, “No copy known.” Mr. Offor (Bunyan's biographer), in his exhaustive account of the various editions, only knew of an imperfect copy.--Catalogue. But see the Huth Catalogue, also BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol.

viii., No. 5537.-ED.) 2901 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to

that which is to come, delivered under the Similitude of a

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Dream, first edition of the second part, plates (1 damaged), fore-margin of title and a few leaves defective, a small piece torn off a leaf (no frontispiece), sold not subject to

return, Nathaniel Ponder, 1684, 8vo. (104) Carter, ku 2902 Bunyan (John). The Pilgrim's Progress, first edition of the

second part, frontispiece of Bunyan dreaming, by Sturt (mounted), and plates, fore-margins of title and 3 leaves defective, else a fairly sound copy in the original binding, autograph “ Dorothy Rokeby, 1685,"inside cover and on fly.

leaf, Nathaniel Ponder, 1684, 8vo. (105) Maggs, £15 ios. 2903 Bunyan (John). The Holy War made by Shaddai upon

Díabolus, for the Regaining of the Metropolis of the World, or the losing and taking again of the Town of Mansoul, first edition, original frontispiece printed by D. Newman, mended and backed, portrait by R. White inserted, wanted L. 3 and N. 1, two or three corners defective and stained, but generally a tall and sound copy, with the verses at end beginning, "Some say the Pilgrim's Progress is not mine," measures 6 by 3 inches, original calf, sold not subject to return, Printed for Dorman Newman at the King's Head' in the Poultry, and Benjamin Alsop at the Angel and Bible in the Poultry, 1682, 8vo. (108)

Pickering, £36 2904 Bunyan (John). Meditations on the several Ages of Man's

Life, representing the Vanity of it, from his Cradle to his Grave, to which is added Scriptural Poems, being several portions of Scripture digested into English verse, first editions, numerous curious wood engravings, morocco extra, g. e., J. Blare at the Looking Glass on London Bridge, 1700-1701, 8vo. (109)

Denham, £37 [Both the Meditations and the Scriptural Poems are unmentioned by Offor, neither are they recorded by either Lowndes or Mr. Hazlitt. The “Scriptural Poems” has a separate title-page, and the publishers probably intended

to issue it separately.---Catalogue.] 2905 Burns (Robert). Original Holograph Letters addressed to

his intimate friend Peter Hill, the Edinburgh Bookseller, between 1791 and 1796, inlaid on large folio paper (222)

Pearson, £365 [This series comprised ten letters, chiefly dated from Mauchline, Ellisland and Dumfries. They are printed in Paterson's edition of Burns' works, edited by Mr. Scott Douglas, where they will be found in vol. v. at pages 139, 223, 291, 303, 353, 385, 401, and in vol. vi., pages 74, 120 and 181. There were originally sixteen letters addressed by Burns to Peter Hill, all of which are printed (but not verbatim) in Paterson's Edinburgh edition of the works, of which one is in the Burns' Monument, Edinburgh, three others in Scotland, one has gone astray, and one is in America. The present collection was the property of David Landale Wilson, to whom it was given by his mother, the widow of George Wilson, whose father had it by bequest

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