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2757 Bossuet (J. B.) Exposition de la Doctrine de l'Eglise Catho

lique, sur les matières de Controverse, nouvelle édition, old French morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, with the arms of Madame Sophie-Elizabeth, third daughter of Louis XV., g. on e. (Derome), Paris, G. Desprez, 1761, small 8vo. (19)

Quaritch, £12 125. 2758 Brice (Germain). Nouvelle Description de la Ville de Paris,

8e edition, numerous plates, 4 vol., old French morocco, crowned L in monogram and fleurs-de-lis on backs, line sides, with arms of Marie-Adelaide, eldest daughter of Louis XV., g.e. (Derome), J. M. Gandouin, 1725, small 8vo. (21)

Quaritch, £24 ios. 2759 Canones et Decreta Sacrosancti Ecumenici et Generalis

Concilii Tridentini sub Paulo III., Julio III., Pio IIII., Pontt. Max., editio prima (some leaves at end stained), contemporary Venetian morocco, full gilt floreate back, the sides covered with rich gilt arabesques, branch ornaments, with an ornamental shield (blank) surmounted by a cardinals hat within diagonal compartment in centres, gilt and gauffred edges, Roma ap. Paulum Manutium Ald F., 1564, small folio (23)

Lord Aldenham, £,18 2760 Charles I. Eikon Basilike, large copy (? large paper), ruled

in red, portrait by Hollar and plate, proof plate of the King within pillars, plate of the execution and facsimile of his handwriting inserted, old English morocco, richly gilt ornamental back and frame sides, with the royal arms of England (Charles II.), g. e., George Daniel's copy, who called it “large paper” in a note on Ay-leaf (no place or

printer's name), 1649, royal 8vo. (28) Quaritch, £81 2761 Clarendon (Edward Earl of). History of the Rebellion and

Civil Wars, and Life, new edition, with all the suppressed passages and notes, u vol., russia extra, m. e., Oxford, 1826-27, 8vo. (30)

Sotheran, £3 18s. 2762 Cochlæus (Jo.) Antiqua Regum Italiæ Gothicum Gentis

rescripta ; et Autenticæ Justiniani L. Imp. de Rebus Sacris, titles within woodcut borders, 2 vol. in 1, old English calf, stamped on the upper cover with figures of four English saints in compartments, and on the other with the arms of King Henry VIII., with leopard and griffin supporters, city arms, with sun, moon and stars above, surrounded by a quotation from the Psalms beginning, “Confitemini Dominum quoniam," with initials of the binder, G. R., small 8vo. (31)

Quaritch, £51 2763 Conseils de l'Amitié (Les) (par l'Abbé Punetz)

, old French morocco, gilt floreate back, line sides, g. e., Madame de Pompadour's copy, with her arms on sides (Derome), Paris, Guérin, 1746, 12mo. (32)

Quaritch, £7 ios. 2764 Corneille (Pierre). Le Théâtre, reveu et corrigé par l'Autheur,

Parties I. et II., portrait and frontispiece, 2 vol. in 1, old
French calf gilt, g.e., old ex-libris in cover, Imprimé à
Rouen et se Vend à Paris, chez G. de Luyne, 1664, folio (33)

Sotheran, £4 55. [The Toison d'Or was published for the first time in this edition, in which Corneille also introduces a new system of orthography to facilitate foreigners in the pronunciation of

the French language.—Catalogue.] 2765 Corneille (Pierre). Rodogune, Princesse des Parthes, Tragé

die, frontispiece after Boucher, India proof portrait of Corneille by Taurel, 1829, proof print of Madame de Pompadour as “La Belle Jardinière" after Vanloo by Anselin, and an autograph letter of Madame de Pompadour (1 page 8vo.) directed to Monsieur Poisson à Montigny, with her armorial seal on the address, half calf, with ex-libris of Count H. de

la Bedoyère, Au Nord, 1760, 4to. (34) Quaritch, £37 2766 Curtis (William). Flora Londinensis. Plates and Descrip

tions of such Plants as grow wild in the Environs of London, coloured plates, portrait inserted, 2 vol., russia, 1777-98, royal folio (36)

E. Parsons, £4 4s. 2767 Dance of Death. La grande Danse Macabre des Hommes

et des femmes, historiée et renouvellée de Vieux Gaulois en language de plus poli de notre temps, woodcuts, vellum gilt, Troyes, J. A. Garnier, s. d., small 4to. (38)

Young, £2 12s. 2768 Dibdin (Dr. T. F.) Bibliographical, Antiquarian and Pic

turesque Tour in France and Germany, numerous portraits, views, facsimiles and other illustrations, some on India paper, with the series of groups illustrating the physiognomy, manners and character of the people of France and Germany by George Lewis inserted, 3 vol. bound in 4, russia extra, with gilt and blind ornaments, g. e., Payne and

Foss, etc., 1821-23, imperial 8vo. (42) Sotheran, £14 2769 Donne (Dr. John). Letters to Several Persons of Honour,

published by John Donne, Dr. of the Civill Law, first
edition, portrait by Lombart, old calf, J. Flesher for R.
, 1651, small 4to. (43)

Maggs, £i 165. 2770 Du Barry. “Livre de Jeu" de Jean du Barri, Brother-in-law

of Madame du Barry. Manuscript Entries of Sums Won and Lost by Jean du Barry at Various Celebrated Salons in Paris in 1775, 1776, 1777 and 1778, bound in 4 vol., old French morocco gilt, with arms of Lord Stuart de Rothesay stamped blind on sides, clasps, 1775-8, oblong 8vo. (45)

Mathews, £19 2771 Eden (Hon. Miss). Portraits of the Princes and People of

India, 26 lithographs, coloured and mou ted like drawings, half morocco, R. Dickenson, 1844, imperial folio (47)

Quaritch, 42 8s. 2772 Erra (C. A.) Storia dell' Imagine, e Chiesa di Santa Maria

in portico di Campitelli, dedicata al Cardinale Duca di Yorck (Henry Benedict Stuart), Italian russia, with gilt ornaments and arms of Pope Pius VI. (Broschi), g. e., Roma, 1750, small 4to. (48)

Downing, £2 8s. 2773 Flechier (Esprit). Recueil des Oraisons Funèbres, old

French morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, with arms of Madame Victoire de France and her ex-libris in

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cover, m. e. (Derome), signed inscription on fly-leaf, Paris, Desaint, 1749, small 8vo. (50)

Quaritch, £8 8s. 2774 Fremiot de Chantal. Beatificationis et Canonizationis Ven.

Servæ Dei Jo. Franciscæ Fremiot de Chantal. . . . Positio super puncto probationum, etc., old Italian calf, with rich gilt ornaments, g. e., from the library of B. Henry Stuart, called Cardinal Duke of York, Rome, 1737, small folio (52)

Denham, £,5 2775 Garnet. Actio in Henricum Garnetum Soc. Jes. in Anglia

Superiorum, et cæteros qui proditione longé immanissima Serenis. Britanniæ Magnæ Regem et Regni Angli Ordines pulvere fulminati e medio tollere conjurarunt, etc. (Gunpowder Plot), Omnia ex Anglico a G. Camdeno Latinè Versa, contemporary English calf, line tooled, with corner fleurons and the arms of King James I. on sides and initials W. Y., plain edges, Jo. Norton, 1607, small 4to. (53)

Quaritch, £20 2776 Gioseppe di S. Teresa (P. J. Giov.) Istoria delle Guerre del

Regno del Brasile, portrait, map and plates, 2 vol. in 1, old calf gilt, with the arms of the Old Pretender and Clementina Sobieski on sides, from the library of H. B. Stuart, Cardinal of York, Roma, 1698, small folio (54)

Quaritch, £30 ios. 2777 Gomberville (Marin Le Roy de). Polexandre; revue, changee

et augmentee en cette dernière édition, frontispieces (margins cut into), 5 vol., old French morocco, full gilt foreate backs, line sides, with arms of the Duchesse de Grammont (Choiseul-Stainville), g. e. (Derome), Paris, A. Courbé, 1645-38, small 8vo. (55)

Mathews, £7 ios. 2778 Grammont (Comte de). Mémoires, par le C. Antoine

Hamilton, 72 coloured portraits, calf gilt, m. e., Edwards, s. d. (1793), 4to. (56)

J. Bumpus, £10 2779 Granger (James). A Biographical History of England, fifth

edition, LARGE PAPER, illustrated with 320 portraits, chiefly the series of Richardson and Baynes' reprints, 6 vol., russia extra, m. e., W. Baynes, 1824, royal 8vo. (57)

Downing, £7 ios. 2780 Hatsell (John). Precedents of Proceedings in the House of

Commons, with Observations, new edition, with additions, 4 vol., Cambridge panelled calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., Hansard, 1818, 4to. (60)

Kelly, £2 18s. 2781 H. B. [Doyle (John).] Political Sketches, plates 1-900, neatly

inlaid on brown paper in 9 vol., half morocco, with descriptive key to plates 601-800 in 8vo., McLean, folio (61)

Downing, £10 ios. 2782 Holbein (Hans). Imagines Mortis, duodecim Imaginibus

praeter priores totidemque inscriptionibus, praeter epigrammata è Gallicis à Georgio Æmilio in Latinum versa, cumulatae, 53 woodcuts after Holbein, crushed morocco, plain, inside dentelles, g. e., by Trautz-Bauzonnet (Yemeniz copy), C. Frellonius, Lugduni, sub scuto Coloniense, 1547, 12mo. (64)

Quaritch, £7 155. 2783 Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis cum Calendario, illuminated

Manuscript on vellum (129 leaves, 7 by 5 inches), written in gothic letters, in red and black; 16 lines to a full page, by a French scribe (Calendar in gold, red and blue, and prayers at end to the Virgin in French), the outside margin of every page having a border of richly painted and illuminated conventional scroll flower ornaments, small miniatures of the occupations of the months and signs of the Zodiac in the Calendar, 14 very fine miniatures within borders, each having a smaller one below connected with the subject of the larger one, Sæc xv. (69)

Ellis, £120 [The catalogue gives a description of each of the minia

tures.-ED.) 2784 Horæ Beatæ Mariæ Virginis cum Calendario, illuminated

Manuscript on vellum (183 leaves, 4/2 by 3 inches), written in neat lettres bâtardes, 14 lines to a page, by a French scribe (Calendar in French), with 15 small finely painted and richly illuminated arched miniatures (2 by 1% inches), surrounded by borders of scroll flower ornaments, nearly every page, including Calendar, having marginal decorations of a similar character, thick boarded morocco, the back and sides covered in rich foreate and geometrical scrolls and compartmental ornainents, with name of former owner, “Gilles Davoult,” in oval centres, g.e. (Clovis Eve), a genuine and well-preserved specimen, late fifteenth century, 12mo. (70)

Robson, £71 2785 Horæ Diurnæ cum Psalterio Romano ad Usum Cleri Basilicæ

Vaticanæ cura Henrici S. R. G. Presbyteri Cardinalis Ducis Eboracensis editæ, red and black, frontispiece and plates, old Italian morocco, with elaborate gilt ornaments, g. e., the editor the Cardinal Duke of York's own copy, with his arms (England with a crescent) on sides, g. e., in fine condition, Roma, 1756, small 8vo. (71) Quaritch, £122

[The Cardinal Henry Benedict Stuart, called Cardinal Duke of York, to whom this volume belonged, and under whose supervision it was published, was brother to the Young Pretender, and the last of the Stuarts in the male

line.-Catalogue.] 2786 Horatius. Opera, æneis Tabulis incidit Johannes Pine, first

or “post est” edition, engravings, 2 vol., old French morocco, ornamental backs and sides, bronzed flower end papers, g. e., Lond., Jo. Pine, 1733-37, royal 8vo. (72)

Quaritch, £8 155. 2787 Horatius. Quinti Horatii Flacci Opera, portrait by St. Aubin,

morocco, line tooled, uncut, some leaves not cut open, black rules in side margins, bound by Hayday, Paris e

Typog. Regia, 1733, 12mo. (73) J. L. White, £2 2s. 2788 James ĭ. King James his Counterblast to Tobacco. To

which is added a Learned Discourse by Dr. E. Maynwaringe, proving that Tobacco is a procuring Cause of Scurvy ... concluding with Wittie Poems against Tobacco by Josh. Sylvester, etc., crowned portrait of King James with globe and sceptre, half calf, Jo. Hancock, 1672, small 4to. (82)

Pickering, 2 16s. 2789 James II. of England. Nouvelles Predictions sur la Destinée

des Etats et Empires Du Monde--Les Dessins du Roi d'Angleterre--Les Intrigues de la Cour de France--La Naissans et l'Education du Prince de Galles, old French morocco gilt, g. e., Londres, traduit de l'Anglois, 1688, 12mo. (84)

J. L. White, £1 16s. 2790 James II. of England. La Cour de St. Germain ou les

Intrigues galantes du Roy et de la Reine d'Angleterre depuis leur séjour en France, crushed morocco, full gilt floreate back, line sides, inside dentelles, g.e., by Hardy, A St. Germain chez Jacques Le Bon au Chateau de l’Amour, 1695, 12mo. (86)

Quaritch, £2 ios. 2791 James II. of England. Life of James II. late King of Eng

land, with a Supplement of Several Curious Memoirs, etc., second edition, portrait and plates of medals, morocco, blind and gilt ornaments, g. e., J. Knapton, 1703, 8vo. (88)

Young, £1 6s. 2792 Jacobites. Form of Prayer

upon Occasion of the Queen's being with child (Mary of Modena), London and Dublin editions (2), 1687, small 4to.- Form of Prayer with Thanksgiving for the Safe Delivery of the Queen and Happy Birth of the Young Prince, ib., 1688—- Depositions in the Council Chamber at Whitehall on the Birth of the Prince of Wales-A Single Sheet on the above Depositions, 1690, small folio, and another, portrait of " Jacques III., Roy d'Angleterre," by Basan, inserted, bound in 1 vol., old morocco gilt, with the arms of King James II., with initials 1, R, probably the King's own copy, from the

Earl of Gosford's library, small folio (96) Quaritch, £37 2793 Jacobites. L'Ascanius Moderne, ou l'Illustre Avanturier,

Histoire de Prince Charles Edouard Stuart, etc., traduction de l'Anglois, folding plates, calf extra, g. e., by F. Bedford,

à Edinbourg, 1763, small 8vo. (101) Magg's, £i ns. 2794 Jacobites. Les Revers et les Disgraces du Prince Charles

Edouard-Stuart en Ecosse, sprinkled calf extra, g. e., Edinbourg chez les Partisans du Prince Edouard, 1748, small 8vo. (102)

Maggs, £1 11s. 2795 Jacobites. Manlius, or the Brave Adventurer, a Poetical

Novel (on Charles Edward Stuart, the Young Pretender, and the 1745 Rebellion), sprinkled calf gilt, Edinburgh, D. Murchison for Fergus Philabeg, 1749, small 4to. (105)

Maggs, EI 125. 2796 Jacobite Songs. A Collection of Loyal Songs, Poems, etc.

(from the Birth of the Young Pretender to the Rebellion of 1745), mottled calf extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by W. Pratt

[Privately printed), 1750, 8vo. (110) Quaritch, £2 45. 2797 Jacobite Songs. The True Loyalist, or Chevalier's Favourite,

being a Collection of Elegant Songs, never before printed, also Several Other Loyal Compositions wrote by eminent hands, old calf, Printed in the year 1779, 12mo. (111)

Sotheran, 14

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