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2587 Encyclopædia Britannica, a Dictionary of Arts, Sciences and

General Literature, ninth edition, maps and plates, 24 vol. and Index, publisher's cloth, Black, 1875-89, 4to. (133)

Otani, £9 2588 Fabretti (A.) Corpus Inscriptionum Italicarum Antiquioris

aevi Ordine Geographicæ Digestum et Glossarium Italicum, plates, bound in 2 vol., half morocco, m. e., the first vol. interleaved with numerous manuscript additions, 1867, 4to. (113)

Baker, £i 135. 2589 Fergusson (J.) and J. Burgess. The Cave Temples of India, map and illustrations, half morocco, g. t., 1880, 4to. (114)

Otani, £2 25. 2590 Ferrario (J.) Le Costume Ancien et Moderne, ou Histoire

du Gouvernement, de la Milice, de la Religion, des Arts et Usages, de Peuples Anciens et Modernes de l'Europe, Afrique, Amérique et Asie, 17 vol., maps, upwards of 1700 coloured and other engravings of costumes, habits, sports, etc., half calf, some backs defective, Milan, 1827, royal 4to. (264)

Edwards, £2 jos. 2591 Freeman (E. A.) The History of Sicily from the Earliest Times, maps and plate, 4 vol., uncut, 1891-4, 8vo. (7)

Quaritch, £2 155. 2592 Gillray (J.) Works from the original plates, including those

suppressed, with additions of many subjects not before collected, 2 vol., half morocco, g.e., Bohn, n. d., folio (258)

Quaritch, £4 135. 2593 Gyron le Courtoys. Auecques la deuise des armes de tous

les cheualiers de la table ronde, gothic letter, double columns, 46 lines to a full page, with i full and 5 threequarter page woodcuts and numerous large black and grotesque initials, leaf of prologue inlaid, 5 leaves defective, one or two shaved in text and a few others repaired in margin (therefore sold not subject to return), but a large and generally good copy, morocco covered with gold tooling, by Wright, Imprime a Paris pour Anthoine Verard, s. d. (1501), folio (240)

Wenlock, £33 Ios. [Only a few perfect copies are known of this rare volume from Verard's press. The collation of the present example agrees with Macfarlane (No. 139), except that there are six large woodcuts (in place of the four mentioned). The peculiarity of the smaller type, used in a few leaves of some copies, appears in this in the prologue. Formerly Prince d'Essling's copy, with his arms painted in gold and colours at beginning, and sold at his sale in 1845 for 950 fr.

Catalogue.] 2594 Head (B. V.) Historia Numorum, a Manual of Greek

Numismatics, illustrations, half morocco, g. t., 1887, royal 8vo. (17)

C. J. Il right, £i 5s. 2595 Hogarth (W.) Works from the original plates restored by

Heath, with Biographical Essay by Nichols, half morocco, g. e., Baldwin and Co. (1822), folio (259) Hill, £3 6s.

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2596 Hunter (W. W.) The Imperial Gazetteer of India, map, 14

vol., half morocco, 1885-7, 8vo. (10) Otani, £2 ios. 2597 Lever (C.) Our Mess, 2 vol., first edition, illustrations by Phiz," original cloth, uncut, Dublin, 1844, 8vo. (335)

Maggs, £2 4s. 2598 Livius. Deche di Tito Livio Vulgare hystoriæ, roman letter,

double columns, title in red, with Giunta's device below and woodcut above, 3 large woodcuts within full-page borders and several hundred smaller cuts of the best Italian school, numerous ornamental initials, a few wormholes at beginning and end, waterstain on some leaves, contemporary writing on blank of title and arms and crest of former owner inked in on blank of first border, large copy with borders intact, old half binding, Venet., B. de Žanis de Portesio, 1511, folio (241)

Tregaskis, £8 125. 6d. [Of the numerous beautiful woodcuts many have the initial “F,” and a few the initial “b” found in the Malermi

Bible.- Catalogue.] 2599 Mommsen (T.) The Provinces of the Roman Empire from

Cæsar to Diocletian, translated by W. P. Dickson, maps, 2 vol., uncut, 1886, 8vo. (9)

Hill, £i 9s. 2600 Murray (Rev. J.) History of the War in America, 2 vol.,

portraits and map, clean copy, sheep (joints of vol. i.

cracked), Newcastle, n. d., 8vo. (184) Quaritch, £2 125. 2601 Palæographical Society. Publications, Facsimiles of Ancient

Manuscripts, parts i. to xiii.-Second series, parts i., ii., iii.

-Oriental series, parts i. to viii., numerous plates, as published, 1873-83, folio (157)

Quaritch, 419 2602 Plautus Comediae XX., ex emendationibus atque Commen

tariis Bernard Saraceni, Joan Vallae, etc., gothic letter, woodcut title, defective, woodcuts (one the full size of the page), vellum, Venetiis, L. Soardum, 1511, folio (245).

Leighton, £IOS. 2603 Pratt (Anne). The Flowering Plants, Grasses, Sedges and

Ferns of Great Britain, coloured plates, 6 vol., Warne, n. d., 8vo. (1)

Hill, £2 45. 2604 Scott (Sir W.) Waverley Novels, Abbotsford Edition, 12

vol., plates after Stanfield, Nasmyth, Turner, etc. and numerous other illustrations, original cloth, Edinburgh, 1842-7, 8vo. (340)

Edwards, £4 ios. 2605 Shelley (P. B.) The Revolt of Islam, a Poem, first edition, half calf, 1818, 8vo. (209)

Dobell, £2 2606 Skene (W. F.) Celtic Scotland, a History of Ancient Alban, map, 3 vol., 1876-80, 8vo. (3)

Young, £1 135. 2607 Stothard (T.) Illustrations to Robinson Crusoe, 22 plates,

proofs on India paper, before the letters, engraved by Heath, in portfolio, 4to. (269)

Sotheran, £3 2608 Taylor (C.) Picturesque Beauties of Shakespeare, 40 plates

only, half bound, 1783-7, 4to. (147) Maggs, £3 us. 2609 Thackeray (W. M.) The Adventures of Philip on his Way

through the World, 3 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut 18624 8vo. (322)

Pickering, £1

2610 Thackeray (W. M.) Rebecca and Rowena, first edition, 8

coloured illustrations by R. Doyle, in original boards, back repaired, 1850, 8vo. (182)

Maggs, £1 16. 261 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, first edition and issue, illustrations by the author, calf, 1848, 8vo. (307)

Maggs, £3 175. 6d. 2612 Thackeray (W. M.) Vanity Fair, first edition, second issue, illustrations by the author, half calf, 1848, 8vo. (309)

Tregaskis, £l is. 2613 Zeuss (I. C.) Grammatica Celtica e Monumentis Vetustis

tam Hibernicæ Linguæ quam Britannicarum Dialectorum, etc., editio altera curavit H. Ebel, half morocco, m. e., 1871, 4to. (117)

Quaritch, £i 125.

[MARCH 12TH, 13TH AND 14TH, 1902.]




(No. of Lots, 818 ; amount realised, £1,735 1os.)

2614 Alken (H.) Illustrations to Popular Songs, first edition, 43

coloured plates by H. Alken, levant morocco extra, gilt edges, M'Lean, 1825, oblong 4to. (542) Robson, £7 55.

(Issued originally in 7 parts in wrappers.--ED.) 2615 Bigmore and Wyman. A Bibliography of Printing, illustrations, 3 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1880-6, 8vo. (47)

Sotheran, £3 175. 6d. 2616 Blackmore (R. D.) Lorna Doone, a Romance of Exmoor, first edition, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1869 (454)

Sotheran, £25 1os. 2617 Boccaccio (J.) Le Decameron de Jean Boccace, frontis

pieces, portrait and plates after Gravelot, Boucher, Cochin and Eisen, 5 vol., old French morocco, gilt edges, Londres (Paris), 1757, 8vo. (360)

Sotheran, £18 2618 Bowes (J. L.) Japanese Pottery, illustrations (some col

oured), printed on Japanese vellum, half morocco, gilt top, 1890, 8vo. (184)

Pitcher, £2 165. 2619 Buchanan (R.) Napoleon the Fallen, first edition, with the

original MS. (containing many alterations and corrections) bound up at the end, calf, uncut, 1871, 8vo. (423)

Sotheran, £2 1os. 2620 Burney (F.) Cecilia, or Memoirs of an Heiress, first edition, 5 vol., calf, 1782, 8vo. (396)

Maggs, £3 5s. 2621 Burney (F.) Camilla, or a Picture of Youth, first edition, 5

vol., original half binding, uncut (some margins torn, therefore sold not subject to return), 1796, 8vo. (397)

Pickering, £5


2622 Burton (Sir R. F.) Alf Laylah wa Laylah : The Book of the

Thousand Nights and a Night, 10 vol., and the Supplemental Nights, 6 vol., facsimile reprint of the original edition, with illustrations on Japanese vellum, together 16 vol., Privately printed for the Burton Society, 1900, royal 8vo. (504)

£18 2623 Butler (A. G.) Lepidoptera Exotica, coloured plates, cloth, 1874, 4to. (766)

Sotheran, £2 us. 2624 Byron (Lord). Fugitive Pieces, facsimile reprint of the sup

pressed edition of 1806 (limited to 100 copies), Privately printed, 1886, small 4to. (92)

Dobell, £2 2625 Carlyle (T.) The French Revolution, first edition, 3 vol., uncut, 1837, 8vo. (419)

W. Brown, £5 2626 Coronation of Queen Victoria. Fores' Correct Representa

tion of the State Procession on the occasion of Her Majesty's Coronation, June 28th, 1838, a coloured panorama (in fine state of preservation), about 60 feet long, with the original cloth case, 8vo. (73)

Maggs, £7 ios. [This panorama was sold again on March 19th, when

£5 125. 6d. was bid for it.—ED.] 2627 Coronation of Queen Victoria. Tyas' Tableau of the

Procession at the Coronation of Queen Victoria, being an Accurate Representation of that Splendid Pageant, coloured panorama, 20 feet long, in cloth case, 8vo. (74)

Maggs, £3 35. 2628 Coronation (The) of His Most Sacred Majesty King George

IV., undertaken by H.M.'s especial command, by the late Sir G. Nayler, 45 engravings by Reynolds, Scriven and Meyer, after Stephanoff, Pugin and Wild, 42 illuminated in gold and colours, half morocco, gilt edges, 1837, atlas folio (234)

Sotheran, £23 2629 Cruikshank (G.) Phrenological Illustrations, coloured, pre

sentation copy, with inscription on title “From Geo. Cruikshank to his friend Geo. Routledge, Esq., Jan. ist, 1874," 1873, oblong 4to. (215)

Denham, £1 2630 Cruikshank (G.) Gaiete de Paris, or the Rambles of an

English Party through the French Metropolis, 21 coloured plates by G. Cruikshank, to which are added letterpress Descriptions of Real Life in the Vortex of that Chasse Ennui, by W. H. Ireland, oblong wrapper, J. Fairburn, n. d., 8vo. (451)

Denham, £46 [Extremely scarce. These plates were afterwards used

in Carey's “Life in Paris.”—ED.] 2631 Dickens (C.) David Copperfield, first edition, plates by

“Phiz” (1 missing), morocco extra, gilt edges, by Hayday, 1850, 8vo. (415)

Sabin, £30 (The above was a presentation copy to the Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Watson, to whom the book was dedicated, and bears the following inscription written on the dedication leaf : “As a token of regard and friendship by Charles

Dickens, Fourth December, 1850."Catalogue.] 2632 Dorat (C. J.) Fables Nouvelles, frontispieces, plates and

vignettes after Marillier, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, old French morocco, gilt edges, à la Haye, 1773, 8vo. (363)

Quaritch, £25 2633 Fayrer (J.) The Thanatophidia of India, or Description of

the Venomous Snakes of the Indian Peninsula, plates (some coloured), second edition, 1874, royal folio (570)

Edwards, £5 125. 6d. 2634 Foley (H.) Records of the English Province of the Society of Jesus, plates, 7 vol. in 8, cloth, 1877-83, 8vo. (685)

Bull, £4 9s. 2635 Forrest (Lieut.-Colonel). Picturesque Tour along the Rivers

Ganges and Jumna, in India, map and 24 coloured plates, half calf gilt, Ackermann, 1824, royal 4to. (228)

Spencer, £i 145. 2636 Gerarde (J.) The Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes,

engraved titles, portrait and woodcuts, half calf, Printed by E. Ballifant for John Norton, 1597, folio (576) Maggs, £15

[This was a sound and clean copy, though the engraved

title was somewhat defective.—ED.] 2637 Gerning (J. J. Von). Picturesque Tour along the Rhine,

from Mentz to Cologne, map and 24 coloured plates, half calf gilt, gilt edges, Ackermann, 1820, 4to. (229)

Karslake, £3 2638 Gillray (J.) Works, comprising Political and Humorous

Satires of the Reign of George III., 1779-1810, with the volume of suppressed plates and the 8vo. text by Wright and Evans, numerous caricatures, 3 vol., half morocco, gilt

edges, 1851, atlas folio and 8vo. (237) Banks, £5 175. 6d. 2639 (Goldsmith (0.)] The Citizen of the World, first edition, 2 vol. in 1, sheep, 1762, 8vo. (394)

Pearson, £2 125. 2640 Hogarth (William). The Whole Works of the Celebrated

William Hogarth, as originally published, with a Supplement, consisting of such of his Prints as were not published in a collected form, now re-engraved by Thomas Cook, with Anecdotes and Explanatory Descriptions of his Designs, portrait and nii plates, coloured, half russia, uncut, London, printed for John Stockdale by T. Bensley, 1812 (236)

Bumpus, £91 [The above volume, with the plates coloured by hand throughout, is apparently unique in this state. The colouring, which is remarkably fresh, has been executed with the utmost care, and the effect in many cases is extremely fine. It is in spotless condition, and in the original half russia, with uncut edges. The label on the side of the volume shows it to have been published (coloured) at one

hundred guineas.-Catalogue.] 2641 Holy Bible and Book of Common Prayer, with Sternhold and

Hopkins' Psalms in English Metre, with Music, engraved title by Marshall, old morocco extra, tooled sides and back, Cambridge, 1638, folio (585)

Tregaskis, £3 155. 2642 Houbraken and Vertue. Heads of Illustrious Persons, bright

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