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3211 mois !! A Lapdary, or the History of Pretous Stones,

sheep. ("ambridge, 1933, 40. 1901) Maces. La 145. 2013 Ouen Sir R.) Odontovraphy, or a Treatise on the Compara.

tie Anatomy of the feeth, a vol, numerous plates, hali mo

01, uncut, 18.40 $, royal to 1166 Sotheran, £! 128. 2313 Palarontegraphu al Sox sety (Thel. Publu atrons, 61 vol.,

numerous culoured and other plates, 35 vol, half morocco, entents lettered, 1, 2 vol in half cloth, the remainder in pants sold not subject to return, 1848 47. 4to i jos!

I 5 (, 117 158. 7314 Pamell De R The Grasses of Bntain and Scotland, 3 vol., numerus plates, vol i. half russia, the others in cloth,

Wheldon, [1 48 3215 Parn WE Four Voyages for the Discovery of the North

West Pasuke, svol in i maps and numerous plates, half

muutkin, me, 1821 X 40:17) Solheram, {3 18s. 3216 terk no (( Turan Se ulptors, their lives, Works and Times, 2 vol, numerous plates, 1864. 4to. 309

Sethinan, £145. 221; Peety SW Maps of Ireland, with a geographical de

orgwn of the Kingdom, engraved title within border, toeferpress and copperplates, original cali, Printed for and Ar 1. Hirs, 1728, 810 564

Macer, L 2218 Ko hombwarh H 6.1.1 Tones Florar Germaniae et

Hrvemul Terrarum aduentium ergo Mediac hatut, sool, 1x!: upwards of 2,000 coloured plates, the host at wol in 15 half meron n, contents lettered, g bing w of the retua nder in parts as issued. 1.99$zik, ete,

Haley. '; 10. Rm1 Barage of Doner for exploring Baffin s kay

Soon lage in sranh of a North West Passage, with Apenat't. 110l, maps and numerous plater, halt moro, 1:16, 410 31

Sotheran, 42 8s. ** *.* Mrdern l'ainters, $ vol, sol 1. fourth edition,

semund editem, and vol 111 -y first edition, numerous fairs vital cloch, 1848 09, 810 191

Quank, {14 125, 6d. Snoen Lamps of Arhitecture, first ediron, plates, 14.1.rh, 1*4* Kro 192

Shepherd, 23 Suomes of lenire, gool, numerous plates, original

wanit, k, 410 a=!3 kien burs (hox gora, Letters to the Workmen and

i meters of Great Hntain, from January, 1891 to 188 2. half moro, Kt, and index, in boards, 18;178,

L3 na gran WP Broka Europura seu Genera Museurum 5 SPYU mongrapher illustrata, 6 vol, no plates, L. ****, (untents lettered, xt, un ut, Stutternd,

Weslev, £1 $ 10s. Dass and Nights of Salmon Dish ng in the ToerdArst eftion, coloured plates, and ilustrations, ay nalexh, 184 1. royal $0 1311. Tometr, 1773. od.

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2226 Seemann (B.) The Journal of Botany, British and Foreign,

vol. i.-xxxix., numerous coloured and other plates, etc., half morocco (the last vol. in parts to date), 1863-1901, 8vo. (215)

Quaritch, £14 55. 2227 Shakespeare (W.) Julius Cæsar, a Tragedy, as it is now

acted at the Theatre Royal, the second 4to. edition, a clean copy, but two or three headlines shaved, morocco gilt, g. e., 1684, 4to. (620)

Crockford, £3 3s. 2228 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, facsimile of the first edition by Staunton, half morocco, 1866, folio (340)

Young, £4 ios. 2229 Shakespeare (W) Works, edited by Clark and Glover, 9 vol., 1863-6, 8vo. (220)

Walford, £2 165. 2230 Smollett (T.) Works, edited by Dr. Browne, 8 vol., portrait, 1872, 8vo. (226)

Sotheran, £4 45. 2231 Sowerby (Jas.) British Botany, or Coloured Figures of British

Plants, edited by J. T. B. Syme, vol. i.-xii., 1863-86Supplements, vol. i.-iv., 1831-49--and parts 77-82, 1863-5, coloured plates, 15 vol. half morocco, g. t., 1 vol. cloth, and 6 parts, 1863, etc., 8vo. (229)

Wesley, 433 2232 Taunton (T. X.) Portraits of Celebrated Race-horses, com

mencing in 1702 and ending in 1870, with their respective pedigrees and performances in full, illustrated with upwards of 400 plates, 4 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1887, 4to. (572)

Quaritch, £3 18s. 2233 Tracts. The Negotiations of Thomas Woolsey, the great

Cardinall of England, composed by his Gentleman-Usher (George Cavendish), portrait, first edition, 1641--A Declaration of the Practices and Treasons attempted and committed by Robert, late Earle of Essex and his Complices against her Majestie, with the blank leaf Aj in front of title, 1601–Gunpowder Plot, a true and perfect relation of the whole proceedings against the late most barbarous Traitors, Garnet a Jesuite and his Confederates, title supplied in MS. and first two leaves torn, 1606, in i vol., old calf, 4to. (573)

Pickering, £5 2234 Vanbrugh (Sir John). The Relapse, or Virtue in Danger, a

Comedy, first edition, some leaves stained, half calf, m. e., 1697, 4to. (621)

Young, L1 2s. 2235 Walton (E.) The Camel, its Anatomy, Proportions and Paces, numerous plates, 1865, imperial folio (342)

Hill, £? 7. 2236 Willkomm (M.) Illustrationes Flora Hispaniæ, parts i.-XX.,

numerous coloured plates, with 8vo. Supplement, Stuttgart, 1881-93, folio (346)

Wesley, £4 155. 2237 Wills (A.) “The Eagle's Nest” in the Valley of Sixt, a

Summer Home among the Alps, with Excursions among the great Glaciers, 2 maps and 12 tinted plates, original gilt cloth, 1860, 8vo. (256)

Leighton, £6 2238 Whymper (E.) Scranibles amongst the Alps in 1860-69,

maps and illustrations, 1871, 8vo. (264) Maggs, £1 6s. 2239 Wilson (W.) The Post-chaise Companion, or Traveller's Directory through Ireland, engraved title, frontispiece, plates and map, first edition, uncut, original boards, with label at back, 1786, 8vo. (565)

Maggs, £i ios [Presentation copy from the author to Bishop Percy, with the original letter stating the plates are

“first impressions on Columbine French paper." Contained an entry in the Bishop's autograph inside front cover.- Catalogue.]


(No. of Lots, 1341 ; amount realised, about £800.)

2240 Alken (H.) Shakespeare's Seven Ages of Man, 7 coloured

plates by H. Alken, with one page of text, sewed (no

wrapper), 1824, oblong 4to. (627) Spencer, £3 12s. 6d. 2241 Alken and Sala. The Funeral Procession of Arthur Duke of

Wellington, a coloured Panorama, 65 feet long, in cloth portfolio, n. d. (548)

Myers, £6 5s. 2242 Apperley (C. J.) Nimrod's Northern Tour, cloth, uncut, W. Spiers, 1838, 8vo. (216)

Hornstein, £3 175. 6d. 2243 Blaeu (D. J.) Noveau Théâtre d'Italie, numerous folding

plates, plans, etc., 4 vol., Hage Comitum, 1724, imperial folio (665)

Batsford, £2 vis. 2244 Bowyer (R.) Illustrated Record of Important Events, 1812-15,

19 coloured and 3 other plates, in 2 parts, boards, uncut, 1815, folio (649)— The Campaign of Waterloo, 4 coloured and 3 other plates, boards, uncut, 1816, folio (650)— Historical Narrative of Momentous Events, 1816-23, 3 coloured and 5 other plates, boards, uncut, 1823, royal folio (651)

£4 155. 2245 Browning (R.) Paracelsus, first edition, original boards, with

label, E. Wilson, 1835, 8vo. (1046) Dobell, £6 75. 6d. 2246 Carlyle (T.) Wilhelm Meister's Apprenticeship, first edition,

3 vol., uncut, 1824-and Sartor Resartus, first collected edition, Fraser, 1834, 8vo. (956)

Maggs, £9 155. 2247 Chetham Society. Publications, vol. i to 113, with Index to

the first 30 vol., and new series, vol. I to 4, 118 vol., cloth, 1844-85, small 4to. (278)

Dean, £9 12s. 6d. 2248 Dickens (C.) Tale of Two Cities, plates by “ Phiz," cloth, uncut, 1859, 8vo. (466)

Spencer, £2 ios. 2249 Dickens (C.) Works, illustrated library edition, 28 vol. (a sheet loose in one volume), cloth, 1874-6, 8vo. (578)

G. H. Brown, £7 2250 Doyley (C.) The European in India, edited by Williamson and Blagdon, 20 coloured plates (one loose), old morocco,

gilt edges, E. Orme, 1813, 4to. (632) G. H. Brown, £2 16s. 2251 Freer (Miss). Henry III., King of France, frontispieces, 3 vol., cloth, 1858, 8vo. (405)

Spencer, £ 1 145. 2252 Gonse (Louis). L'Art Japonais, illustrations (some coloured), exemplaire sur papier velin, 2 vol., Paris, 1883, folio (999)

Parsons, £7 175. 6d. 2253 Gray (T.) Poems, by Mr. Gray, first collected edition, with

autograph of Charlotte Soame on title, old calf, J. Dodsley, 1768, 8vo. (603)

Jarvis, £2 2254 Hayley (W.) Life of George Romney, portraits and plates, half bound (a tall copy), Chichester, 1809, 4to. (631)

G. H. Brown, £7 2255 Hussey (T. J.) Illustrations of British Mycology, first series,

90 coloured plates, with descriptive text, half morocco, 1847, 4to. (328)

Hermann, £2 ios. 2256 Ireland (W. H.) The Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 20 folding

coloured plates by G. Cruikshank (sold not subject to return), 4 vol., half calf, gilt top, J. Cumberland, 1828, 8vo. (235)

Karslake, £7 155. 2257 [Irving (W.)] History of New York, by Diedrich Knicker

bocker, folding frontispiece (torn), 2 vol., 1809-Shepard (T.) Meditations, reprint, 1749, and two others, 8vo. (393)

Maggs, £7 155. 2258 Jesse (J. H.) Memoirs of the Court of England under the Stuarts, frontispieces, 4 vol., cloth, uncut, 1840, 8vo. (404)

W. Brown, £4 75. 6d. 2259 Lamb (C.) Satan in Search of a Wife, with the whole

Process of his Courtship and Marriage, and who Danced at the Wedding, by an Eye Witness, woodcuts, first edition, original wrapper, Moxon, 1831, 8vo. (531)

Spencer, £10 2s.6d. 2260 Lever (C.) The Fortunes of Glencore, first edition, 3 vol., cloth, uncut, 1857, 8vo. (428)

Ballard, [2 125. 2261 Moggridge (J. T.) Contributions to the Flora of Mentone, coloured plates, third edition, 1874, 8vo. (227)

Maggs, £2 16s. 2262 Morris (Rev. F. O.) History of British Birds, numerous coloured plates, 6 vol., cloth, 1870, royal 8vo. (745)

Bumpus, £3 Ios. 2263 Morris (F. O.) Picturesque Views of Seats of Noblemen and

Gentlemen in Great Britain and Ireland, numerous coloured plates, 6 vol., morocco extra, gilt edges, Mackenzie, 4to. (622)

G. H. Brown, £ 5 25. 6d. 2264 Murray's Handbooks to the Cathedrals of England and

Wales, edited by R. J. King, illustrations, 7 vol., cloth, uncut, 1869-73, 8vo. (505)

Maggs, £3 75. 6d. 2265 Pope (A.) Works and Life, edited by Elwin and Courthope,

portraits and illustrations, 10 vol., cloth, uncut, 1871-86, 8vo. (512)

Crooks, 13 35. 2266 Propert (J. L.) A History of Miniature Art, with Notes on Collectors and Collecting, numerous plates, vellum extra, uncut, 1887, 4to. (619)

Rimell, £20 ios. 2267 Rossetti (D. G.) Verses, original wrapper, London, privately printed, 1881, 8vo. (530)

Bumpus, &2 175. 6á. 2268 Shelley (P. B.) The Revolt of Islam, a Poem, in Twelve

Cantos, first edition, with the leaf of errata, original boards, uncut, with label, C. and J. Ollier, 1818, 8vo. (1043)

Dobell, £6 155. 2269 Sibmacher (J.) Newen Wapenbuch, 390 plates of arms, 2

vol. (bindings faulty), Norimberge, 1605-9, oblong 8vo. (300)

Meuleneere, £2 25. 6d. 2270 Strutt (J.) Dress and Habits of the People of England, by

Planché, coloured plates, 2 vol., half morocco, gilt tops,
Bohn, 1842, 4to. (314)

Crooks, £3 12s. 6d. 2271 Williamson (G. C.) John Russell, R.A., with Introduction

by Lord R. Gower, illustrations, LARGE PAPER (100 so

printed), buckram, 1894, 8vo. (214) Sotheran, £3 ios. 2272 Williamson (G. C.) Richard Cosway, R.A., and his Wife

and Pupils, Miniaturists of the Eighteenth Century, illustrations, LARGE PAPER (100 so printed), buckram, 1897, 8vo. (215)

Sotheran, £10

[FEBRUARY 13TH, 14TH AND 17TH, 1902.]




(No. of Lots, 912; amount realised, £513 25.)

2273 America.

Recueil d’Estampes representants les differents evenemens de la Guerre de l'Indépendance aux Etats Unis de l'Amerique, 15 plates and map (one plate slightly stained), A.P.D.R., s. d., 4to. (167)

Bihn, £2 16s. 2274 Behmen (J.) Works, vol. i to 4, plates, half calf, 1764, 4to. (404)

Shepherd, £6 12s. 6d. 2275 Blavatsky (H. P.) The Secret Doctrine, 2 vol., cloth, 1888, 8vo. (385)

Gardner, £1 6s. 2276 Burney (G.) General History of Music, 4 vol., half bound, 1782, 4to. (548)

Parsons, £2 12s. 6d. 2277 Byron (George Gordon, Lord, a Minor). Hours of Idleness,

a series of Poems, first edition, half calf, with the half title, Newark, 1807, 8vo. (65)

Spencer, £2 145. 2278 Crowe and Cavalcaselle. History of Painting in Italy, 3 vol., cloth, 1864-66, 8vo. (79)

Leighton, £u 2279 Destruction of Troy, in three Books, many uncut leaves

(worming in back margins of a few leaves), calf, Printed for Ellen Tracey, at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, 1708, 4to. (176)

Karslake, £1 4s.

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