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(No. of Lots, 903; amount realised, £856 17s.)

2102 Allen (F. H.) Masterpieces of Modern German Art, 2 vol., numerous etchings, half morocco, Boston, n. d., folio (577) Bull, £1 2103 Bewick (T.) Figures of British Land Birds (with the vignettes), engraved on wood by T. Bewick, vol. 1 (all published), with the curious vignette at end (in the first state), usually wanted, boards, uncut, Newcastle, 1800, royal 8vo. (93) Shepherd, £3 6s. 2104 Bickham (G.) Collection of Bird's-eye Views of the several Counties of England and Wales, exhibiting a Landscape of each County, engraved throughout on 40 plates, boards, uncut, 1796, folio (276) Pickering, £3

2105 Browne (T.) Pseudodoxia Epidemica, first edition, calf, 1646, folio (251)

Pickering, £2

2106 Burton (R.) Anatomy of Melancholy, engraved title, and verses, 1676, folio (250) G. H. Brown, £1 5s. 2107 Charles II. Forme and Order of the Coronation of Charles II., King of Scotland, England, France and Ireland, as it was acted and done at Scoone, the first day of January, 1651, Aberdene, J. Brown, 1651, 4to. (244) Maggs, £2 12s. 6d. 2108 Coleridge (S. T.) Poems on Various Subjects, calf, 1796, 8vo. (659) Bumpus, £2 IIS.

[Presentation copy to Dora Wordsworth. Title-page slightly cut at the top. A copy of the second edition, 1797, realised £2 12s. (calf), and of the third edition, 1803, £5 (original boards).-ED.]

2109 Coleridge (S. T.) The Statesman's Manual, a Lay Sermon"Blessed are ye that sow beside all Waters !" a Lay Sermon, two pamphlets, in original wrappers, uncut, 1816-17, 8vo. (664) Maggs, £2 25. 2110 Collins (A.) Collections of the noble Families of Cavendishe, Holles, Vere, Harley, etc., half russia, portraits, some mounted (binding broken), 1752, folio (584) Walford, £1 8s. 2111 Cowley (A.) Works, portrait by Faithorne, old morocco gilt, with ex-libris of Robert Nash, signed by Hillyard, 1700, folio (248) Quaritch, £1 7s. 2112 Curtis (John). British Entomology, 8 vol., 770 coloured plates, half calf, uncut, 1823-40, 8vo. (734) Sotheran, £15 2113 Dallaway and Cartwright. Parochial Topography of the Rape of Arundel, in the Western Division of Sussex, new edition, by Cartwright, portrait and plates, 2 vol., calf, 1832, folio (588)


Hill, £6 13

2114 FitzGerald (E.) Euphranor, a Dialogue on Youth, cloth, uncut, first edition, Pickering, 1851, 8vo. (677)

Shepherd, £4 17s. 6d. 2115 FitzGerald (E.) Polonius, a Collection of Wise Saws and Modern Instances, cloth, uncut, first and only edition, Pickering, 1852, 8vo. (678) Dobell, £45s. 2116 FitzGerald (E.) Six Dramas of Calderon, freely translated, cloth, uncut, fine copy, Pickering, 1853, 8vo. (679)

L10 12s. 6d. [The only edition of the only book to which FitzGerald put his name.-Catalogue.]

2117 FitzGerald (E.) Rubáiyat of Omar Kháyyám--and the Sáláman and Absál of Jámi, roxburgh, gilt top, Quaritch, 1879, 8vo. (680) F. Edwards, £4 10s. 2118 [FitzGerald (E.)] Readings in Crabbe. "Tales of the Hall," cloth, Quaritch, 1883, 8vo. (681) Denham, £4 2119 [Fuller (Thomas).] Abel Redivivus, or the dead yet Speaking, first edition, frontispiece by Vaughan, with the unpaged Life, and detached portrait of Bishop Andrewes, original binding, 1651, 4to. (241) Shepherd, Li IS. 2120 [Genest (Rev. John).] Some Account of the English Stage, from 1660 to 1830, 10 vol., original cloth, uncut, fine copy, Bath, 1832, 8vo. (365) Quaritch, £8 2121 Holinshed (R.) First and Second Volumes of Chronicles, black letter, woodcut titles, calf, 1587, folio (249)

G. H. Brown, £2 10s. 2122 Howard (E. Henry, Earl of Northampton). Defensative against the Poyson of supposed Prophesies, original calf, with arms on sides (a few back margins wormed), London, John Charlewood, 1583, 4to. (240) Pickering, £5 10s. 2123 Jennings. Landscape Annual. Spanish and Moorish Scenery, numerous illustrations by David Roberts (some spotted), LARGE PAPER, India proofs, 4 vol., morocco extra, g. e., 1835-8, royal 8vo. (95) George, £2 45.

2124 La Fontaine (J. de). Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, edition revue par A. de Montaiglon, 2 vol., plates by Fragonard and the series of plates by Eisen, morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière and Son, Paris, 1883 (401)

F. Edwards, £5 2125 Lamb (C.) The Adventures of Ulysses, frontispiece and engraved title after Corbould, as well as printed title, first edition, in the original sheep, 1808, 8vo. (644) Quaritch, £4 2126 Lamb (C.) Album Verses, with a few others, fine copy in boards, uncut, with label, 1830, 8vo. (645) Denham, £6

2127 [Lamb (Charles).] Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the "London Magazine," first edition, original boards, uncut, with label, Taylor and Hessey, 1823, 8vo. (639) Denham, £30 2128 Lamb (C.) The Last Essays of Elia, first edition, original boards, uncut, Moxon, 1833, 8vo. (640) 2129 [Lamb (C.) and White (James).] Original

Denham, £23 Letters, etc. of

Sir John Falstaff, clean uncut copy in boards, frontispiece, 1797, 8vo. (643) Quaritch, £2 4s. 2130 Lamb (C.) Works, uncut copy of the first collected edition, boards, 2 vol., 1818, 8vo. (642) Dobell, £65s. 2131 Landor (W. S.) Count Julian, a Tragedy, first edition, boards, uncut, with label, 1812, 8vo. (668) Quaritch, £4 2132 Landor (W. S.) Gebir, a Poem, in seven books, the second edition, boards, uncut, 1803, 8vo. (669) Maggs, £2 10s. 2133 Landor (W. S.) Andrea of Hungary and Giovanna of Naples, uncut copy in boards of the first edition, 1839, 8vo. (670) Quaritch, £2 2134 Landor (W. S.) Fra Rupert, first edition, uncut copy in boards, with label, 1840, 8vo. (671)

Maggs, £3 12s. 6d.

2135 Landor (W. S.) Antony and Octavius, first edition, presentation copy, wrappers, 1856, 8vo. (672) Maggs, £1 25. 2136 Landor (W. S.) Letters of an American, first edition, presentation copy, wrappers, uncut, 1854, 8vo. (673)

Denham, £2 45.

2137 Landor (W. S.) Imaginary Conversations, both series, 5 vol., half calf gilt, 1826-29, 8vo. (86) Sotheran, £1 4s. 2138 Lipscomb (G.) History and Antiquities of the County of Buckingham, plates, 4 vol., russia, 1847, 4to. (217)

Maggs, £14 2139 Lodge (E.) Portraits of Illustrious Personages, 12 vol., portraits, half calf, 1829-35, imperial 8vo. (370)

Drummond, £2 195. 2140 Molière (J. B. P. de). Euvres, 2 vol., illustrations by Tony Johannot, original boards, uncut, Paris, 1835, 8vo. (367) Maggs, £1 35. 2141 Montaigne (M. de). Essayes, translated by J. Florio, third edition, engraved title, calf, 1632, folio (255) Maggs, £3 2142 Nayler (Sir George). The Coronation of His Majesty King George the Fourth, 45 plates, 42 of which are executed in colours, the majority consisting of Portraits in Costume of the Peers, etc. who took part in the Ceremony, half morocco, Bohn, 1837, atlas folio (858) Quaritch, £22

2143 Nisbet (A.) System of Heraldry, 2 vol., plates of arms, half bound, uncut, 1816, folio (582) F. Edwards, £6 2144 Northamptonshire Natural History Society and Field Club Journal, from its commencement in 1880 to 1895, illustrations, half morocco extra, 8 vol., 8vo. (88) Sotheran, £4 2145 Portraits of the British Poets, 2 vol. in 1, LARGE PAPER, n. d., 4to. (218) W. V. Daniel, £3 35. 2146 Ranke (Leopold). Civil Wars and Monarchy in France in the 16th and 17th Centuries, 2 vol., first edition, cloth, 1852, 8vo. (430) Sotheran, £2 25. 2147 Rastell (John). A Newe Boke of Purgatorye, whych is a dialogue and Disputacyon whether there be a Purgatorye or no Purgatorye, black letter, part of the title wanted and cut into at top, unbound,

London, John Rastell, Tregaskis, £2 25. The Art of Deer-Stalking, plates and litho

1530, folio (859)

2148 Scrope (W.)

graphs by Landseer, etc., first edition, calf gilt, John Murray, 1838, 8vo. (632) Goode, £6 15s. 2149 Smollett (T.) The Adventures of Ferdinand Count Fathom, first edition, 2 vol., original calf, 1753, 8vo. (665)

Quaritch, £3 6s. 2150 Smollett (T.) The History and Adventures of an Atom, first edition, 2 vol., original calf, 1769, 8vo. (666)

Quaritch, £2 7s. 6d. 2151 South Sea Bubble. Set of 52 playing-cards, with illustrations, satirising the South Sea Bubble by suggesting kindred speculations of an extraordinary character (some refer to American subjects as the "Pennsilvania Company," "Accadia," etc., others to "Liverpool," "Newcastle" and other places), arranged in a vol., original impressions, circa 1720, 8vo. (633) Goode, £11 IS. 2152 Sterne (L.) A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, first edition, 2 vol., original calf, 1768, 8vo. (667) Quaritch, £4 2153 Sterne (L.) Works, edited by Browne, portrait, 4 vol., roxburghe binding, t. e. g., 1873, 8vo. (87) Sotheran, £ 16s. 2154 Thackeray (W. M.) Virginians, with illustrations by the author, in the original parts with all the covers and advertisements as issued, 1857-59, 8vo. (85) Sotheran, £2 8s. 2155 Warnery (Major-General). Remarks on Cavalry, translated from the original, 25 coloured plates of military costume, including 6 representations of English Regiments, and 5 plates of diagrams of Cavalry Manoeuvres, wanted a leaf of prefatory matter, original boards, uncut, London, J. Barfield, 1798, 4to. (841)

2157 Wellington.

Bumpus, £5 5s.

2156 Warren (S.) Ten Thousand a Year, 3 vol., cloth, uncut, 1841, 8vo. (353) Maggs, £2 6s. Dispatches, Supplementary Dispatches and General Orders, edited by Gurwood, 23 vol., calf gilt, 18371863, 8vo. (360) Sotheran, £3 10s. 2158 [Wordsworth and Coleridge.] Lyrical Ballads, with a few other Poems, first edition, calf, 1798, 8vo. (663)

Maggs, £3 35. 2159 [Wyvill (Sir Chr.)] Certaine Serious Thoughts which at severall times and upon sundry occasions have stollen themselves into verse [containing at page 13 a poem on America], engraved title by Marshall, morocco, g.e., F. B. for G. Badger, 1647, 8vo. (72) Pickering, £2 25.

[Two blank leaves appeared to be missing. Sold not subject to return.-ED.]

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