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1952 Sowerby (J.) English Fungi, 2 vol., coloured plates, half calf, 1797, small folio (24)

£5 155: 1953 Spectator, Tatler and Guardian, very fine set, 14 vol., full morocco, gilt edges, Baldwin, 1797, imperial 8vo. (318)

£9 ros. 1954 Spenser (E.) Faerie Queene, illustrated by Walter Crane,

Japanese paper copy, 19 parts, 1894-96, 4t0. (205) £10 155. 1955 Thomson (James). Seasons, Bodoni's edition, morocco, silk linings, 1794, folio (239)

£2 ios. 1956 Whitaker (T. D.) Ducatus Leodiensis, 1816-Loidis and

Elmete, 1816, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates by Turner, etc.,

half calf gilt, uncut, Leeds, 1816, folio (686) £4 ios. 1957 Wilkinson (J. G.) Manners and Customs of the Ancient

Egyptians, both series, 6 vol., plates, Murray, 1837, 8vo. (523)

£2 155. 1958 Wordsworth (W.) Poetical Works, 6 vol., first complete

edition, Moxon, 1857, 8vo. (488) 1959 Yates (R.) History of St. Edmunds Bury, LARGE PAPER, with Supplement, plates, russia gilt, 1805, 4to. (244)

£2 125. 6d.

[JANUARY 23RD, 24TH AND 25TH, 1902.]


(No. of Lots, 1131 ; amount realised, £1,753 35. 6d.)

1960 Ackermann (R.) History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's,

Westminster, its Antiquities and Monuments, 2 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, m. e., 1812, royal 4to. (504)

Gregory, £4 1961 Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, 3 vol., upwards of

100 coloured plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, half mo

rocco, m. e., 1808, etc., royal 4to. (509) Karslake, £19 ios. 1962 Adventurer (The), first edition, 2 vol., old morocco gilt, 1753, folio (859)

Quaritch, £3 1963 Agrippa (H. C.) of the Vanitie and uncertaintie of Artes

and Sciences, Englished by Jasmes] Sa[nford), black letter, first edition, sound copy, in the original calf

, with autograph, "John Gibbon, 1664," on fly-leaf, H. Wykes, 1569, 4to. (301)

Pickering, £6 155. 1964 Amours des Dames Illustres de France sous le Règne de

Louis XIV., plates, 2 vol., old French morocco, full gilt backs, g. e., à Cologne chez Pierre Marteau, n. d., 8vo. (95)

Karslake, £2 145. 1965 Atkyns (Sir R.) The Ancient and Present State of Ĝloster

shire, portrait, map, 73 plates of views by Kip and coats-ofarms, russia, g. e., first and best edition, 1712, folio (590)

Burr, £n

[A later edition, without the portrait, was published in 1768, on large as well as on small paper. This is of con

siderably less value.-ED.] 1966 Bacon (Francis, Lord). Two Bookes of the Proficience and

Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane, with autograph of Johannes Hagar (early seventeenth century writing), also autograph of John Anstis, Garter King-atArms (Queen Anne), with MS. extracts, numerous pencil notes in the margins, original calf, Oxford, 1633, 4to. (299)

Wenn, £6 ios. 1967 Bible (The Holy), conteyning the Old Testament and the

New, black letter, engraved title to the Old Testament by C. Boel, cut round and mounted, the title to the New Testament with a marginal design engraved on wood, some leaves stained, last leaf of New Testament defective and mended, otherwise a sound and clean copy in rough calf, R. Barker, 1611, folio (393)

Quaritch, £9 ros. [First edition of the so-called King James' Bible, or

Authorized Version, with the “she” reading in Ruth.-Ed.] 1968 Bourbon (Frère Jacques, bastard de). La grande et merveil.

leuse et tres cruelle oppugnation de la noble cite de Rhodes, gothic letter, long lines, woodcut border round title and numerous woodcut capitals, morocco extra, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Puris, 1525, 4to. (112)

Tregaskis, £7 1969 Bunbury (Henry). Twenty-two Plates illustrative of various

interesting Scenes in the Plays of Shakspeare, engraved by Bartolozzi, Tomkins, etc., half bound, 1792-5, folio (383)

Thorp, £7 IOS. 1970 Byron (Lord). Hours of Idleness, a Series of Poems, original

and translated, first edition, contemporary calf, Newark, 1807, 8vo. (167)

Pickering, £3 8s. 1971 Costume. Pyne (W. H.) Costume of Great Britain, 60

coloured plates, 1804–Moleville (B. de). Costume of the Hereditary States of the House of Austria, 50 coloured plates, 1804-Costume of the Russian Empire, 73 coloured plates, 1803--Costume of Turkey, 60 coloured plates, 1804

-Military Costume of Turkey, 30 coloured plates, 1818– Costume of China, 60 coloured plates, 1800--The Punishments of China, 22 coloured plates, 1801, together 7 vol., old morocco gilt, borders on sides, full gilt backs, g. e.,

uniform, folio (850) 1972 Cox (David). A Treatise on Landscape Painting and Effect

in Water-colours, parts i.-v., the plates uncoloured, parts ix., xi.-xii. coloured, in parts, 1813, oblong folio (522)

Rimell, £2 nos. 1973 Cruikshank (George). The Comic Almanack, numerous

etchings and woodcuts by G. Cruikshank, 19 vol. complete, in the original covers as published, 1835-53, 8vo. (534)

Maggs, £10 [The first 15 numbers were published in wrappers, and the remaining four in cloth, all at 2s. 6d., except the Almanacs for 1848 and 1849, which were reduced to is.ED.]

Roche, £17

1974 Dighton (R.) Twelve Prints representing the most interest

ing sentimental and humorous Scenes in Tristram Shandy, Carington Bowles, 1785, folio (381)

Sabin, £ 5 1975 Douglas (Lord Alfred). Poems, in English, with Prose

Translation in French, first edition, portrait, only a few copies printed, morocco extra, g.e., Mercure de France, 1896, 8vo. (236)

Nattali, £2 18s. 1976 Dugdale (Sir W.) Antiquities of Warwickshire, second

edition, revised by W. Thomas, portraits, maps and plates, 2 vol., old calf, 1730, folio (851)

Edwards, £15 1977 Folengo (T.) Histoire Maccaronique de Merlin Coccaie

prototype de Rabelais, 3 vol., in 6 parts, printed on velluin, old French morocco, gilt sides, full gilt backs, g. e., 1734, 8vo. (92)

Ridler, £5 ios. 1978 Goldsmith (Oliver). The Roman History, from the Founda

tion of the City of Rome, 2 vol., first edition, in the original

half binding, uncut, 1769, 8vo. (200) Sabin, £5 jos. 1979 Grimm (M. M.) German Popular Stories, vol. i., first edition,

fine impressions of the etchings by George Cruikshank, calf, binding damaged, C. Baldwyn, 1823, 8vo. (221)

Rimell, £6 175. 6d. 1980 Grote (George). History of Greece, 12 vol., portrait, maps, etc., uncut, 1849-56, 8vo. (201)

Quaritch, £4 145. 1981 Hazlitt (William). Liber Àmoris, or the New Pygmalion,

first edition, portrait on title, uncut, J. Hunt, 1823, 8vo. (164)

Pickering, £2 38. 1982 Heures. Ces presentes Heures à l’Usage de Romme, gothic

letter, printed on vellum, within borders, with 17 wood engravings the full size of the page and numerous smaller ones, the whole heightened in gold and colours, old morocco, g.e., Paris, par Nycolas Hygman pour Guil. laume Eustace, xx. September, 1517, 8vo. (1037)

Maggs, £16 155. 1983 Hooker (Richard). Of the Lawes of Ecclesiasticali Politie,

first edition of Books i. to v., original calf, sound copy, with autograph of J. Bagot (Bishop of Bath and Wells) and L.

Stanley, J. Windet (1594)-97, folio (360) Pickering, £5 58. 1984 Jesse (J. H.) Memoirs of the Court of England during the

Reign of the Stuarts, 4 vol., frontispieces, 1840—Under the
Houses of Nassau and Hanover, 3 vol., frontispieces, 1843,

original cloth, together 7 vol. (174) Quaritch, £9 155. 1985 (Johnson (Dr. S.)] The Rambler, first edition, 2 vol. (with titles and indexes), old morocco gilt, 1753, folio (858)

Quaritch, £.5 55. 1986 Lacy (T. H.) Female Costumes, Historical, National and

Dramatic, 198 coloured plates, half morocco, g. e., 1865, 4to. (994)

Maggs, £2 ios. 1987 Lorris (G. de) et J. de Meung. Le Roman de la Rose,

nouellement reveu et corrigé oultre ses precedentes Impressions, gothic letter, numerous woodcuts and printers' mark, old calf, one cover loose, Imprimé à Paris pour maistre Pierre Vidoue, 1538, 8vo. (98) Tregaskis, £7 125 6d. 1988 Lyndsey (Syr David). A Dialogue betweene Experience and

a Courtier, of the miserable estate of the worlde, first compiled in the Schottishe tongue nowe newly corrected, and made perfit Englishe . . black letter, woodcuts, some leaves soiled, in the original binding, Imprinted at London by Thomas Purfoote and William Pickering, 1566, 4to. (304)

Pickering, £41 1989 Malton (T.) Picturesque Tour through the Cities of London

and Westminster, aquatinta plates, 2 vol. in 1, half russia, 1792, folio (338)

Parsons, £9 5s. 1990 Malton (J.) A Picturesque and Descriptive View of the City

of Dublin, maps and aquatinta plates, half bound, binding broken, 1794, oblong folio (341) Pickering, £6 ios.

[Other copies sold for £6 and £7 155. respectively.—Ed.] 1991 M[arkham) (G[ervase]). The Young Sportsman's Delight,

etc. (with a second title, “A Compleat and Experienced Angler” .), woodcuts, in the original binding, G. Conyers, at the Ring in Little-Britain, n. d., 8vo. (247)

Pickering, £3 35. 1992 Missale Romanum, ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini

Restitutum, etc., gothic letter. full-page woodcuts and numerous small cuts in the text, original oak boards, covered with stamped leather, badly wormed, Venet., apud Juntas, 1577, folio (124)

Bull, £2 135. 1993 Moore (F.) The Rebellion Record, a Diary of American

Events, with Supplement, vol. i., II vol., stamp on titles, portraits and maps, half calf gilt, m. e., New York, 1861-6, royal 8vo. (12)

J. L. White, £i 4s. 1994 Pater (Walter). Plato and Platonism, a Series of Lectures, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1893, 8vo. (240)

Shepherd, £5s. 1995 Percy Society. Publications, 30 vol., complete in the original

parts as published, including the suppressed pieces : Gosson (S.) Pleasant Quippes for Upstart Newfangled Gentlewomen, 1596—and Barnsley (C.) Pryde and Abuse of Women, 1840-52, 8vo. (555)

Hopkins, £7 25. 6d. 1996 Prior (Matthew). Poetical Works, first collective edition, 2 vol., frontispiece, sealskin extra, g. e., 1779, 8vo. (241)

Walford, £1 145. 1997 Pyne (W. H.) History of the Royal Residences of Windsor

Castle, St. James' Palace, Hampton Court, etc., 3 vol., 100 coloured plates, half morocco, g. t., 1819, royal 4to. (505)

Sotheran, £17 155. 1998 Ramsay (D.) Life of George Washington, portrait, uncut, New York, 1807, 8vo. (435)

Maggs, £i is. 1999 Rogers (Samuel). Italy, a Poem, proofs before the letters of

the vignettes after Turner and Stothard, 1830 Poems, vignettes after Turner and Stothard, 1834, first editions, morocco, g. e., uniform, 8vo. (220)

Edwards, £9 2000 Rowlandson. Hungarian and Highland Broad Sword, 24

plates (coloured), designed and etched by T. Rowlandson

under the direction of Messrs. H. Angelo and Son, Fencing

Masters, 1798-9, oblong folio (382) Sabin, £19 55. 2001 Surrey Archæological Society. Transactions, vol. i.-xv., and

extra vol. Pedes Finium, illustrations, 8 vol. in cloth, the

remainder in parts, 1856-1900, 8vo. (1076) Sotheran, £ş ios. 2002 Surtees (R.) History and Antiquities of the County Palatine

of Durham, portraits and numerous engravings of architectural and monumental antiquities, pedigrees, etc., 4 vol., LARGE PAPER, half morocco, g. t., 1816-40, folio (608)

Sotheran, £21 jos. [Presentation copy from the Author to Charles Kirk

patrick Sharpe.-Catalogue.] 2003 Sussex Archæological Collections, illustrating the History

and Antiquities of the County, vol. i.-xliii. and Index to the first 25 vol., plates and illustrations, 1853-1900, 8vo. (1077)

Edwards, £13 1os. 2004 Thome de Aquino (S.) Scriptum super primo Sententiarum,

gothic letter, double columns, woodcut initials, original oak boards, covered with stamped leather, Venet., O. Scotus, 1515, folio (123)

Tregaskis, £3 35. 2005 Tracts. Tryal of the Earl of Pembroke, 1679—The Case of

Anthony Earl of Shaftesbury, 1679-Last Speech and Confession of Mr. John Southworth, a Popish Priest, 1679— Bedloe (W.) The Excommunicated Prince, 1679–The Wonderful Preservation of Gregory Crow, being Shipwreckt upon the Coast of Kent, 1679—Naboth's Vinyard, or the Innocent Traytor, 1679—Narrative of Seignior Francisco de Faria, 1680—The Papist's Bloody Oath of Secrecy, 1680

- Tryal of Viscount Stafford, 1680-Otes (T.) Narrative of the Horrid Plot and Conspiracy of the Popish Party, 1679-Greene (R.) The Popish Massacre, 1679—The Popish Plot more fully discovered, 1679—Magna Veritas, or John Gadbury not a Papist, 1680, and others, in 3 vol., half calf, folio (867)

Good, £34 2006 Young (E.) The Complaint, or Night-Thoughts, 9 parts

complete, first editions, except the first Night, which was originally printed in folio, plate, some lines at foot cut into, calf gilt, y. e., 1742-5, 4to. (264)

Perry, £1 8s. 2007 Zoological Society of London. Transactions, numerous col

oured and other plates, vol. i. to xii., and General Index vol. i. to x. (wanted parts 1 and 2 of vol. viii.), vol. i. cloth, the remainder unbound, 1835-89, 4to. (589) Walford, £15

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