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JANUARY 21ST AND 22ND, 1902.]

BRANCH & LEETE (Liverpool).

THE LIBRARY OF THE LATE MR. HUGH FREDERICK HORNBY. (No. of Lots, 759; amount realised, about £1,200.)

[NOTE. Mr. Hornby was a well-known collector of illustrated books, works on the fine arts and miscellaneous works in general literature, as well as engravings of the English and continental schools and water-colour drawings. The most important part of his collection of illustrated books and engravings was bequeathed to the Liverpool Corporation, and Messrs. Branch and Leete now sold the residue of the books, consisting mainly of works of a general character. On January 23rd and 24th, the same firm sold what had been retained of the engravings and water-colour drawings and also some oil paintings. As to these, see "Art Sales of the Year," vol. ii., where the sale is reported.—ED.]

1891 Adamson (J.) Life of Luis de Comoens, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco, gilt edges, 1820, royal 8vo. (310) £2 1892 Alpine. Peaks, Passes and Glaciers, by Members of the Alpine Club, 3 vol., coloured plates, 1859-62, 8vo. (379)__ £6 [Contributions by members of the Alpine Club. First series, 1859; second series, 2 vol., 1862; together 3 vol., 1859-62. Several editions of the first series appeared during 1859.-ED.]

1893 Anderson (John). Constitutions of the Free and Accepted Masons, frontispiece by Bartolozzi, morocco gilt, with Masonic tooling, gilt leaves, 1784, 4to. (629)

£5 15s.

1894 Arabian Nights, edited by Lady Burton, 6 vol., vellum cloth, gilt tops, 1886, 8vo. (518)

£2 45.

£5 155.

1895 Arabian Nights, Villon Society's edition, edited by Payne, 9 vol., vellum, gilt tops, Privately printed, 1882-84, 8vo. (519) £8 155. 1896 Barrett. Lepidoptera of the British Islands, subscriber's copy, coloured plates, 75 parts, L. Reeve, 1892-1901 (202) £12 105. 1897 Bentham and Hooker. Genera Plantarum, 3 vol., cloth, Reeve, 1867, 8vo. (155) 1898 Burney (F.) Cecilia, first edition, 5 vol., calf, gilt tops, other edges uncut, by Rivière, London, 1782, 8vo. (130) £13 1899 Burney (F.) Camilla, first edition, 5 vol., calf, gilt tops, by Rivière (uniform with former lot), 1796, 8vo. (131) £10 1900 Burns (R.) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect, the first Edinburgh edition, calf, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf, Edinburgh, 1787, 8vo. (708)

£4 155.

1901 Burns (R.) Poems, portrait inserted, old morocco gilt, London, 1787, 8vo. (437)

£5 10s.



1902 Century Dictionary of the English Language, 6 vol., half morocco gilt, 1889-91, imperial 4to. (196) £12 105. 1903 Chapman (G.) Whole Works of Homer, Prince of Poets (title mounted), Cambridge calf gilt, red edges, London, 1600, small folio (655) £5 1904 Chaucer (G.) Canterbury Tales, 5 vol., LARGE PAPER, half morocco, gilt tops, Pickering, 1822, 8vo. (350) £5 10s. 1905 Cheselden. Anatomy of the Bones, proof plates before letters, morocco, with painted fore-edge, Royal arms and flowers, 1733, 8vo. (241) £8 1906 Cobbett and Howell. State Trials, complete with the Index, 34 vol., in full russia gilt, the Earl of Bessborough's copy, 1809-26, 8vo. (103)

£19 1907 Coxe (W.) Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole, 5 vol., LARGE PAPER, Queen Charlotte's copy, in morocco gilt, with Royal arms, 1798, imperial 4to. (62)

£5 10s.

£7 1908 Cunningham (A.) Songs of Scotland, 4 vol., morocco, gilt edges, 1825 (351) £2 12s. 6d. 1909 Dryden (John). Works, edited by Sir Walter Scott, 18 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco, gilt edges, 1808, royal 8vo. (314) 1910 Dugdale (Sir W.) Ancient Usage of Arms, edited by Banks, LARGE PAPER, russia (the coats-of-arms coloured by hand), 1811, 8vo. (248) £3 35. 1911 Dugdale (Sir W.) Monasticon Anglicanum, original issue, 3 vol., old morocco, gilt edges, with broad borders inside, Londini, R. Hodgkinsonne, 1655, folio (681) [From the Beresford Hope Library, with ex-libris. This copy had good margins, and the plates by Hollar were fine impressions. Catalogue.]

£7 55.

1912 Dugdale (Sir W.) Origines Juridiciales, or English Memorials, tall copy, plates, etc., russia gilt and gilt edges, by Wilson, 5 portraits added, London, 1680, folio (682) £4 4s. 1913 Essai Geographique sur les Isles Britanniques, vignettes of English cities, etc., morocco gilt, Paris 1757, 4to. (566) £5 55. 1914 Fenelon (M. De). Les Aventures de Telemaque, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco, gilt edges, Paris, 1783, 4to. (677)


[Didot's edition, from the Earl of Clare's library, with eight portraits of Fenelon, chiefly proofs, added.—ED.] 1915 Fowler (Canon). Coleoptera of the British Islands, complete, 53 parts, coloured plates, L. Reeve, 1886-91, 4to. (201) £8 5s. 1916 Green (J. R.) History of the English People, coloured and other plates, 4 vol., half morocco, gilt tops, 1894, 8vo. (160) £4 1917 Hare (Augustus J. C.) Works, a set. Walks in LondonTwo Noble Lives-The Edgeworths-The Gurneys-Cities of Italy-Walks in Rome-France-Spain, and others, 31 vol., illustrated, v. d., 8vo. (114) £5 55.

£3 10s.

1918 Heroglyphiques de Jan Pierre Valerian, curious engravings, morocco, red edges, Lyons, 1615, folio (237) 1919 Higgins (J.) Mirour for Magistrates, old woodcuts, calf, London, 1610, small 4to. (444)

£12 10s.

[This copy formerly belonged to David Garrick and had his initials on the title page. First complete edition.-ED.] 1920 Higgins (J.) The Mirror for Magistrates, edited by Haslewood, 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco gilt, by De Coverley, Lackington, 1815, 4to. (567) £6 105. 1921 Hoare (Sir R. Colt). Monastic Remains at Witham, Bruton, etc., proof plates, with an original drawing inserted, russia, gilt extra (50 copies printed, and not for sale), the author's own copy, 1824, 4to. (303) £2 10s. 1922 Holme (R.) Academy of Armory (title mounted), heraldic plates, Printed at Chester for the Author, 1688, folio (693)

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[A perfect copy, from J. E. Bailey's library, with ex-libris. The volume is bound in Cambridge calf, red edges, and had the rare Index printed in 1821 (50 copies only).— Catalogue.] 1923 Hortus Floridus, with plates by Crispin de Pas, full morocco, gilt edges, by Rivière, 1614, oblong folio (562) £9 5s. 1924 Howard and Crisp. Visitations of England, Wales and Ireland-Crisp. Parish Registers, in all 11 vol., Privately printed, 1893-99, imperial 8vo. (631)

£7 1925 Hunter. "Who Wrote Cavendish's Life of Wolsey?" the dedication copy, with long autograph letter, morocco, silk ends, 1814, 4to. (342)

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1926 Jeffreys (J. G.) British Conchology, 5 vol., coloured plates, Van Voorst, 1862, 8vo. (372)

£3 12s. 6d.

1927 Keble (John). Christian Year, first edition, 2 vol., full morocco gilt, Oxford, 1827, 8vo. (552)

£4 IOS.

1928 Lang (H. C.) Butterflies of Europe, 2 vol., coloured plates, L. Reeve, 1884, 4to. (453)


£4 5s.

1929 Lorris (G. de). Le Roman de la Rose, plates by Monnet, etc., 4 vol., morocco gilt, Paris, 1814, 8vo. (113) 1930 Malone (E.) Life of Shakespeare, edited by Boswell, portraits, half morocco, uncut, 1821, royal 8vo. (382) [Twenty-one copies printed for presents. This one was from the Hastings library, with ex-libris. Catalogue.]

£7 55.

1931 Malory (Sir T.) La Morte d'Arthur, edited by Dr. Sommer, 4 vol., uncut, a large and thick paper copy (108 sets printed), D. Nutt, 1891, imperial 4to. (668)

£3 1932 Metastasio (P.) Opere, 12 vol., calf, with morocco gilt backs, Paris, 1780-82, 4to. (473) £4 15s.

[A LARGE PAPER copy, with portrait and 35 plates by Martini and others, proofs before letters.-ED.]

1933 Milton (John). History of Britain, first edition, portrait, morocco, gilt edges, by Bedford, from Sir E. Sullivan's library, with ex-libris, London, 1670, 4to. (558) [Another copy of this first edition sold for £3


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15s., calf.

1934 Milton (John). Poetical Works, edited by Sir Egerton Brydges, plates by Turner, 6 vol., full morocco, gilt edges, by Fazackerly, Macrone, 1835, 8vo. (544) £3 155.

1935 Moliere (J. B. P. de). Oeuvres, 7 vol., morocco gilt, gilt edges, Paris, Thierry et Barbin, 1674, 8vo. (584)


[This is said to be "la veritable edition originale." It was revised by Moliere himself, two months before his death. Catalogue.]

1936 Ossian. Poems, the Highland Society's edition, 3 vol., LARGE PAPER, morocco gilt, 1807, 8vo. (91)

£5 2s. 6d. Reptiles, 4 £6 155.

1937 Owen (Sir Richard). History of British Fossil vol., cloth, 1849-84, royal 4to. (194) 1938 Owen and Blakeway. History of Shrewsbury, 2 vol., subscriber's copy, plates, calf gilt, red edges, 1825, 4to. (252)

£7 5s. 1939 Painter (William). Palace of Pleasure, edited by Haslewood, 3 vol., morocco, gilt edges, LARGE PAPER, 1813, 4to. (651) £5 155. 1940 Pope (A.) Poetical Works, Du Roveray's edition, 6 vol., LARGE PAPER, proof plates, old morocco, gilt edges, 1804, royal 8vo. (315) £3 35.

1941 Prior (M.) Poems, the first edition, calf, gilt edges, Tonson, 1709, 8vo. (545)

£1 18s.


1942 Rawlinson (George). Great Monarchies of the World, 7 vol., half calf gilt, 1862-76, 8vo. (145) 1943 Rossetti (D. G.) Poems, 1870-Ballads and Sonnets, 1881, 2 vol., first editions, morocco, gilt tops, by Bedford, F. S. Ellis, 1870-81, 8vo. (543)


[Contains the sonnet, "Nuptial Sleep," suppressed in subsequent editions.-Catalogue.]

1944 Saint-Evremond (C. de). Oeuvres, 3 vol., ruled with carmine lines, old morocco, gilt leaves, Tonson, 1705, 4to. (625)

£6 10s. 1945 Sandford (F.) History of the Kings of England, plates, russia gilt, from the Stourhead Library, In the Savoy, 1677, folio (684)

£3 35.

1946 Saunders. Hemiptera of the British Isles, 9 parts, coloured plates, L. Reeve (204)

1947 Secundus (J.) Kisses, morocco gilt, 1779, 8vo. (96)

£2 7s. 6d.

£2 12s. 6d.

[English translation of the "Basia" of Joannes Secundus Nicolaius of the Hague. Frontispiece and portrait on the title by Bartolozzi.-ED.]

1948 Selden (John). Titles of Honour, first edition, russia gilt, 1614-The Accedens of Armory, plates, calf, London, 1575, together 2 vol., 4to. (495)

£8 155.

1949 Shelley (P. B.) Poems, 4 vol., morocco, gilt edges, Moxon, 1839, 8vo. (348)

£3 15s.

1951 Smollett (T.) Translation of Telemachus, first edition, calf,

1950 Shorthouse (John). John Inglesant, a Romance, first edition, vellum, Birmingham, 1880, 8vo. (639)

£4 10s.

gilt top, 1776, 8vo. (128)

£5 15s.

£5 15s.

1952 Sowerby (J.) English Fungi, 2 vol., coloured plates, half calf, 1797, small folio (24) 1953 Spectator, Tatler and Guardian, very fine set, 14 vol., full morocco, gilt edges, Baldwin, 1797, imperial 8vo. (318)

1954 Spenser (E.)

£9 10s.

Faerie Queene, illustrated by Walter Crane, Japanese paper copy, 19 parts, 1894-96, 4to. (205) £10 155. 1955 Thomson (James). Seasons, Bodoni's edition, morocco, silk linings, 1794, folio (239) £2 10s. 1956 Whitaker (T. D.) Ducatus Leodiensis, 1816-Loidis and Elmete, 1816, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, plates by Turner, etc., half calf gilt, uncut, Leeds, 1816, folio (686) £4 10s. 1957 Wilkinson (J. G.) Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, both series, 6 vol., plates, Murray, 1837, 8vo. (523) £2 155. 1958 Wordsworth (W.) Poetical Works, 6 vol., first complete edition, Moxon, 1857, 8vo. (488)

£2 1959 Yates (R.) History of St. Edmunds Bury, LARGE PAPER, with Supplement, plates, russia gilt, 1805, 4to. (244)

[JANUARY 23RD, 24TH AND 25TH, 1902.]


£2 12s. 6d.

THE LIBRARY OF MAJOR GAPE AND OTHER PROPERTIES. (No. of Lots, 1131; amount realised, £1,753 3s. 6d.)

1960 Ackermann (R.) History of the Abbey Church of St. Peter's, Westminster, its Antiquities and Monuments, 2 vol., coloured plates, half morocco, m. e., 1812, royal 4to. (504) Gregory, £4 1961 Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, 3 vol., upwards of 100 coloured plates by Rowlandson and Pugin, half morocco, m. e., 1808, etc., royal 4to. (509) Karslake, £19 10s. 1962 Adventurer (The), first edition, 2 vol., old morocco gilt, 1753, folio (859) Quaritch, £3 1963 Agrippa (H. C.) Of the Vanitie and uncertaintie of Artes and Sciences, Englished by Ja[mes] Sa[nford], black letter, first edition, sound copy, in the original calf, with autograph, “John Gibbon, 1664,” on fly-leaf, H. Wykes, 1569, 4to. (301) Pickering, £6 15s. 1964 Amours des Dames Illustres de France sous le Règne de Louis XIV., plates, 2 vol., old French morocco, full gilt backs, g. e., à Cologne chez Pierre Marteau, n. d., 8vo. (95) Karslake, £2 14s. 1965 Atkyns (Sir R.) The Ancient and Present State of Glostershire, portrait, map, 73 plates of views by Kip and coats-ofarms, russia, g. e., first and best edition, 1712, folio (590)

Burr, £11

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