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1836 Waller (E.) Poems, etc., printed and published according to Order, first authorised edition, morocco extra, by Rivière, several leaves repaired, Printed by T. W. for Humphrey Moseley, 1645 (558) Tinkler, £11

[The above copy was unusually complete, containing not only the Speeches (G 7-K 8), but also the Additional Poems (I 1 and 2) and Table, 2 leaves.-Catalogue.] 1837 Wordsworth (W.) An Evening Walk, an Epistle in Verse, addressed to a Young Lady, first edition, in the original sewed condition, uncut edges, Printed for J. Johnson, 1793, 4to. (87) Denham, £64 1838 Wordsworth (W.) Descriptive Sketches in Verse, taken during a Pedestrian Tour in the Alps, first edition, in the original sewed condition, uncut edges, Printed for J. Johnson, 1793, 4to. (88) Denham, £66

1839 Wordsworth (W.) Poems, first edition, 2 vol., original boards, uncut, 1807, 8vo. (89) Quaritch, £22 1840 [Wordsworth (W.)] Ode, performed after the Installation of His Royal Highness the Prince Albert, Chancellor of the University, 8 pages, with MS. pencil notes on the performance, apparently by one of the audience, wrapper, Cambridge, 1847, 8vo. (513) Denham, £3 1841 Wycherley (W.) Miscellany Poems, as Satyrs, Epistles, Love Verses, etc. (no portrait), 1704, folio (494)

Sabin, £4 17s. 6d. 1842 Yule (Colonel H.) The Book of Ser Marco Polo, maps and other illustrations, second edition, 2 vol., cloth, uncut, 1875, 8vo. (888) Sotheran, £7 10s. 1843 [Zouch (R.)] The Sophister, a Comedy, calf (with blank leaf), 1639, small 4to. (237)

Quaritch, L2 198.

The following Books were sold by Messrs. Hodgson on
January 20th and two following days.

1844 Gould (J.) A Monograph of the Trochilidæ, or Family of Humming Birds, numerous coloured plates, 5 vol., morocco extra, gilt edges, 1861, imperial folio (284) £28 10s. 1845 Henley (W. E.) Tudor Translations, a complete set, including Florio's Montaigne, 3 vol.---North's Plutarch, 6 vol.— Berners' Froissart, 6 vol. (the concluding 3 vol. to be delivered when issued), 29 vol., half buckram, D. Nutt, 1890-1901, 8vo. (255)


1846 Lamb (C.) An original and presumably unpublished MS. Poem by Mary Lamb to Emma Isola, transcribed in the handwriting of Charles Lamb, with a Note by the latter respecting an allusion to Sarah Coleridge, on one sheet, as follows:

To Emma, learning Latin, and desponding.
Droop not, dear Emma, dry those falling tears,
And call up smiles into thy pallid face,
Pallid and care-worn with thy arduous race.

In few brief months thou hast done the work of years.
In new tasks hardest still the first appears.

A right good Scholar shalt thou one day be,
And that no distant one; nay, even She,
Who now to thee a star far off appears,
That most rare Latinist, the Northern Maid-
The language-loving Sarah of the Lake-
Shall hail thee Sister Linguist. This will make
Thy friends, who now afford thee careful aid,
A recompence most rich for all their pains,
Counting thy acquisitions their best gains.

Enfield, 22 Augst., 1827.
Mary Ann Lamb.
The young lady alluded to in these lines is the daughter of
our honoured friend, S. T. Coleridge, Esqr., and translatress
of a "History of the Abipones." C. L. (i.e., Charles Lamb)

£27 [From a letter of Charles Lamb's, written in September, 1827, it appears that he himself was teaching Miss Isola Latin at this time.—Catalogue.]

1847 Lodge (E.) Portraits of Illustrious Personages of Great Britain, with Biographical and Historical Memoirs, LARGE PAPER, proof plates, 12 vol., half morocco gilt, gilt edges, 1835, 4to. (283) £8 15s.

JANUARY 9TH AND 10TH, 1902.]




(No. of Lots, 546; amount realised, £360 2s. 6d.)


1848 Ackermann (R.) Microcosm of London, vol. 1 and 2, coloured plates by Rowlandson, binding broken (1811), 4to. (258) [Should be 3 volumes.-ED.] G. H. Brown, £8 1849 Ainsworth (W. H.) The Lancashire Witches, a Romance of Pendle Forest, 3 vol., first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1849, 8vo. (187) G. H. Brown, £2 10s. [This novel appeared in the Sunday Times during 1848, and when completed Ainsworth had a few copies printed from the same type for presentation to friends. privately printed edition is in double columns, folio, and was issued in purple cloth, pp. 1-185, from 25s. to 30s. at present prices. The first published edition was in 3 vol., 1849, ut supra. There are no illustrations. The first illustrated edition appeared in 1854, 8vo., with 12 full-page plates by Gilbert.-ED.]


1850 Alford (H.) Greek Testament, 4 vol., calf antique, 1863, 8vo. (337) Dart, LI 1851 America. Extracts from the Treaties between Great Britain and other Kingdoms and States. such as relate to

the Duty of the Commanders of His Majesty's Ships of War, morocco extra, g. e., by Kalthoeber, with ticket, 1792, 4to. (255) Harris, £1 15s. 1852 Apperley (C.) Life of John Mytton, coloured plates by Alken and Rawlins, half morocco, 1877, 8vo. (427)

Cogswell, 1 IS. 1853 Bacon (Lord). De Sapientia Veterum, calf gilt (some headlines cropped), Apud Johannem Billium, 1617, 12mo. (179) Sotheran, £145. 1854 Bacon (Lord). Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall, newly enlarged, calf gilt, J. Beale, 1639, small 4to. (180) Karslake, I IOS. 1855 Bacon (Lord). The Elements of the Common Lawes of England, calf gilt (complete with the separate titles), 1639, small 4to. (181) Karslake, I IOS.

1856 Badger (G. P.) An English-Arabic Lexicon, morocco extra, g. e., 1881, 4to. (499)

Wyatt, £2

1857 Beaumont and Fletcher. The Woman Hater, a Comedy, half morocco, 1649, 4to. (265) G. B. Smith, £1 8s. 1858 Brooke (Fulke, Lord). Certaine Learned and Elegant Workes written in his familiar Exercise with Sir Philip Sidney, calf, 1633, folio (524) Cogswell, Li 1859 Cæsar. C. Julii Cæsaris Opera quæ extant ex emendatione Jo. Scaligeri, vellum, Lugduni Batavorum, ex officina Elzeviriana, 1635, 12mo. (195) Crowe, £1 12s. [Printed by Bonaventure and Abraham Elzevir at Leyden. There are three issues of the above-mentioned date, the first and second being almost exactly alike. The "right" Cæsar is the first issue, of which the book now sold was a copy, with the Buffalo's Head on the scroll at the head of the dedication and pages 149, 335 and 475, misprinted 153, 345 and 375 respectively. There are also 35 lines to the page, whereas the second issue has 37 lines and the mistakes in the pagination are corrected-ED.] 1860 Cowper (W.) Olney Hymns, in three books, first edition, original calf, 1779, 8vo. (218) Pickering, £ 4s. 1861 Cranmer (Thomas, Archbishop). A Defence of the True and Catholike doctrine of the Sacrament of the body and bloud of our Saviour Christ, black letter. title within woodcut border, old gilt panelled calf, with the leaf containing the colophon, Imprinted at London in Poules Churcheyarde at the signe of the Brasen serpent, by Reynold Wolfe, 1550, small 4to. (263) Quaritch, £5 1862 Destruction of Troy, in three Books, many uncut leaves, calf, Printed for Eben Tracey, at the Three Bibles on London Bridge, 1708, 4to. (253)

1863 Fane (Sir Francis). Love in the Dark, Business, a Comedy, first edition, half calf,

Maggs, £1 125. or the Man of

1675, 4to. (261) Maggs, £3 35.

[The Epilogue contains the following couplet :-
"Whom Nature seem'd to form for your delight,
And bid him speak, as she bid Shakespeare write."


1864 Gray (Thomas). Poems, first collected edition, original calf, Dodsley, 1768, 8vo. (185) Quaritch, £2 1865 Hukluyt Society. Publications, 49 vol. (including the Maps of the World and Peru), cloth, 1855-87, 8vo. (332)

Osani, £28 1866 Lane (E. W.) Arabic-English Lexicon, Book i., parts 1 to 7 in 4 vol., half calf and cloth, 1863-85, 4to. (498)

Lusac, LI 12s. 1867 Lever (C.) Sir Brook Fosbrooke, 3 vol., first edition, cloth, 1866, 8vo. (488) Maggs, £110S. 1868 Linschoten (J. H. de). Histoire de la Navigation aux Indes Orientales, engraved title, maps and plates, vellum, Amsterdam, 1609, folio (530) A. Scott, 4 10s. 1869 Martin (Henri). Histoire de France, 17 vol., portraits and plates, sewed, 1860-61, 8vo. (27) Nichols, £125. 1870 Montaigne. Essays written in French, done into English by John Florio, Reader of the Italian Tongue unto Anna, Queene of England, portrait by Hole, calf, Printed for Edward Blount and William Banet, 1613, folio (525) Cogswell, £3 1871 Morris (William). The Defence of Guenevere, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1858, 8vo. (217) Shepherd, £2 45. 1872 Narrative of the War, comprising the Campaigns of 1793, '4 and '5, by an Officer of the Guards, in verse, with Notes, coloured frontispiece of Hungarian soldiers and 4 coloured plates (? by Rowlandson), 2 vol., boards, uncut, 1796, 8vo. (205) Pickering, £1 2s. 1873 New General Collection of Voyages and Travels in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, 4 vol., maps and plates, calf, 1745, 4to. (503) G. H. Brown, £1 6s. 1874 New Matrimonial Ladder, a series of engraved frontispiece and 18 plates, coloured, representing incidents from "Admiration" to 66 Reconciliation," Read and Co. and Ackermann, n. d. (about 1840), 8vo. (237) Shepherd, £3 12s. 6d. 1875 Ormerod (Geo.) History of the County Palatine and City of Chester, second edition, revised and enlarged by Thomas Helsby, 3 vol., plates, pedigrees, etc., boards, uncut, 1882, folio (277) Bramah, £3 3s. 1876 Ovid. Heroical Epistles, Englished by W. S[altonstall], rare edition, with engraved title and vignette engravings pasted on blank spaces at the commencement of the Epistles, original sheep, leaf M 3 shaved in headline, 1671, 8vo. (215) Pickering, 1 IOS.

1877 Prout (S.) Rudiments of Landscape, 9 various parts, coloured plates, 1815, 4to. (508) Parsons, £2 25. 1878 Quarles (Francis). Divine Poems, engraved title, complete with the separate titles and "The Mind of the Frontispiece," original calf, 1669, 8vo. (210) Sotheran, £I IS.

1879 Radcliffe (F. P.) The Noble Science, a few Ideas on FoxHunting, illustrations, cloth, Ackermann, 1839, 8vo. (423) Cogswell, 1 105. [With cut and gilt edges, the form in which most copies were issued. These are of less value.-ED.]

1880 Ramusio (G. B.) Navigationi et Viaggi, 3 vol., maps and woodcuts, vellum, In Venetia, Appresso I. Giunti, 1613, folio (529) Andrews, £1 115.

1881 Scott. Waverley Novels, 48 vol., frontispiece and vignettes, cloth, 1829, 8vo. (481)

Cogswell, 1 18s.

1882 Scott. Prose Works, 28 vol., frontispieces and vignettes, 1834, 8vo. (482) Edwards, £2 11S. 1883 Shakespeare. Works, Pickering's Diamond Edition, plates by Stothard, 9 vol., cloth, uncut, 1825, 24mo. (421)

Maggs, £2 1884 Sport. Impressions of a Series of Animals, Birds, etc. illustrative of British Field Sports, from a set of Silver Buttons, drawn by A. Cooper, engraved by John Scott, special copy, with impressions on India paper, calf extra, by Rivière, gilt top, with the Bewick bookplate of T. Bell, 1821, 8vo. (214) Shepherd, £1 10s. 1885 Tennyson (A.) In Memoriam, printed in red and black, morocco, blind tooled to a special design, t. e. g., uncut, by the Guild of Women Binders, Unicorn Press, 1900, 8vo. (392) Crawshaw, £1 1886 Thames. A Lithographic Sketch of the North Bank of the Thames, from Westminster Bridge to London Bridge, shewing the proposed Quay, and other Improvements as suggested by Lieut.-Colonel French, a series of 9 large oblong 4to. views, drawn on stone by T. M. Banes, coloured, wrappers (many names of the owners of mansions on the river bank are noted), Hurst and Robinson, 1825, 4to. (497) Maggs, £3 10S. 1887 Tourneaux (M.) Correspondance par Grimm, Diderot, Raynal, Meister, etc., 16 vol., sewed, 1877-82, 8vo. (28) Nichols, £145. 1888 Virgil. The Thirteene Bookes of Aeneidos. The first twelve being the worke of the divine Poet Virgil, and the thirteenth the Supplement of Maphæus Vegius, translated by Thomas Phaer and newly set forth by Thomas Twyne, black letter (wormed), half bound, Thomas Creede, 1596, small 4to. (429) Cogswell, £1

1889 Wales. By-Gones, relating to Wales and the Border Countries from 1875 to 1900, 18 vol. half calf and 1 vol. unbound, 1875-1900, 4to. (522) Roberts, £7 1890 Walton (Isaac). Life, including Notices of his Contemporaries, by T. Zouch, portraits and plates, bound by Gosden, with portrait of Walton stamped on sides, gilt edges, S. Prowett, 1823, 8vo. (213) Maggs, £I IS.

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