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1759 Coleridge (S. T.) Poems, to which are now added Poems by C. Lamb and C. Lloyd, second edition, original boards, uncut, Bristol, printed by N. Biggs, 1797, 8vo. (90)

Pickering, £14 1760 Courses de Testes et de Bague Faittes par le Roy en l'Année, 1662, plates, with bookplate of George III., old French calf, with arms of Louis XIV. on sides, 1670, atlas folio (296) Quaritch, £6 17s. 6d. Travestie, by Septimus original wrapper, uncut, Hornstein, £7 5s.

1761 Cruikshank (G.) Der Freischütz Globus, India proof illustrations, 1824, 8vo. (115) 1762 De Quincey (T.) Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, first edition, original boards, uncut, with the paper label, 1822, 8vo. (508) Pickering, £6 17s. 6d. 1763 Dickens (C.) The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club, first edition, with illustrations by Seymour and Phiz," cloth, uncut, 1837, 8vo. (511)

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Sabin, £15

[Inserted in this copy was the complete series of 32 illustrations by Onwhyn, proofs on India paper, original impressions by E. Grattan, 1837.--Catalogue.]

1764 Digges (T.) A Geometrical Pretical Treatize Named Pantometria, divided into three Bookes, reviewed and augmented by the Author, woodcuts, half bound, Printed by A. Jesses, 1591, small folio (537) Quaritch, £4 17s. 6d. 1765 Drake (F.) Eboracum, or History and Antiquities of the City of York, with Appendix, plates (portrait and a few plates inserted), old calf, W. Bowyer, 1736, folio (290)

J. Rimell, £3 1766 Dugdale (Sir W.) History of St. Paul's Cathedral, portrait and plates by Hollar, first edition, old calf, 1658, folio (280) Tregaskis, 1 158. 1767 Duruy (Victor). History of Greece, with Introduction by J. P. Mahaffy, maps and coloured plates (250 copies printed), 4 vol. in 8, half morocco, gilt top, 1892, royal 8vo. (706) G. H. Brown, £4 145. 1768 English and French Cook, by T. P., J. P. and others, old calf, London, for S. Miller, 1674, 12mo. (258)

Pickering, £3 IOS. 1769 Fletcher (John). The Faithfull Shepheardesse, second edition, half morocco, 1629, small 4to. (240) Pickering, £1 175. 1770 Foster (J. J.) British Miniature Painters and their Works,

illustrations on Japanese vellum, LARGE PAPER (125 copies printed), buckram, gilt top, 1898, 4to. (606) Maggs, £5 5s. 1771 Froissart (Sir J.) Chronicles, translated by Lord Berners, 2 vol., half morocco, m. l., 1812, 4to. (921) Quaritch, £2 5s. 1772 Gerarde (J.) The Herball, enlarged by T. Johnson, engraved title and cuts (stained and 2 leaves defective, otherwise a sound copy), London, printed by A. I. J. Norton and R. Whitakers, 1636, 4to. (601) Tregaskis, £6 15s. 1773 Gilbert (J. T.) and Sir H. James. Facsimiles of National Manuscripts of Ireland, plates (some illuminated), first 4 parts in 5 vol., half roan, gilt top, 1874-84, atlas folio (485)

Bull, £12 5s.

1774 Giblet Pye (The). Anacreontic Songs of Burns, Stevens, Rochester and others, old morocco, gilt edges [Shamborough], n. d., 16mo. (109) Pickering, £3 1775 Glapthorne (H.) Wit in a Constable, a Comedie, first edition (title defective), half morocco, 1640, small 4to. (236) Quaritch, £5 5s. 1776 Gray (T.) Odes, vignette on title, first edition, with wrapper (not original), sewed, uncut, Printed at Strawberry Hill, 1757, 4to. (101) Quaritch, £40 1777. Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, plates, third edition, half morocco, uncut, 1880, folio (487) Quaritch, £3 5s. 1778 Henry VIIIth's Primer. The Primer in Englishe and Latyn, black letter, old morocco, gilt edges, London, R. Grafton, 1545, 8vo. (253) Quaritch, £51 [Two leaves missing and several others defective and stained. Bound up with this book was a tract of 62 leaves, commencing, "Here begynneth the Pystles and Gospels," London, J. Redman (1540).—ED.]

1779 Hurstone (J. P.) The Piccadilly Ambulator, or Old Q., coloured folding frontispiece, 2 vol., boards, uncut, 1808, 8vo. (134) Quaritch, £3 1780 Jansson. Dutch Atlas, containing Italy, Asia, Africa, America and Great Britain, black letter, numerous old coloured maps and illuminated titles, vol. 3 and 4, 2 vol., Amsterdam, 1601-2, imperial folio (301) Maggs, £3 7s. 6d. 1781 Jesse (J. H.) Historical Works, etchings and photogravures on Japan paper, 30 vol., cloth extra, gilt top, Nimmo, 1901, 8vo. (715) Hill & Son, £9 155. 1782 Jesse (J. H.) Memoirs of King Richard the Third, portrait and coloured plate, original cloth, uncut, 1862, 8vo. (840) Hornstein, £7 2s. 6d. [With inscription on half-title, "Charles Kean, Esq., with the kind regards of an old schoolfellow, J. Heneage Jesse." -Catalogue.]

1783 Jones (Owen). The Grammar of Ornament, 112 coloured plates, cloth, gilt edges, B. Quaritch, 1868, 4to. (596)

1784 Kaye and Malleson. History of the Index by Pincott, maps, 7 vol., cloth,

Skinner, £2 2s. Indian Mutiny, with 1896, 8vo. (710)

Quaritch, £2 25. 1785 Kirby (R. S.) Wonderful and Scientific Museum, plates (a few extra inserted), 6 vol., calf, 1803-20, 8vo. (329)

Brooke, £2 9s. 1786 La Fontaine. Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, frontispiece and engravings by Romain de Hooge, first issue of the first edition, 2 vol. in 1, calf, Amsterdam, 1685, 12mo. (542) Denham, £7 2s. 6d. 1787 Lamb (C.) Elia. Essays which have appeared under that signature in the "London Magazine," first edition, morocco extra, gilt edges, 1823, 8vo. (85) Dobell, £4 1788 Lamb (C.) Life and Works, edited by Alfred Ainger, portrait, edition de luxe, 12 vol., art cloth, 1899, 8vo. (672)

Maggs, £4 10s.

1789 Landor (W. S.) Imaginary Conversations, Poems and Longer Prose Works, with Notes by Crump, illustrations, LARGE PAPER (125 copies so printed), 10 vol., Dent, 1893, 8vo. (662) Thorp, £2 13s. 1790 [Landor (W. S.)] Simonidea, first edition, original boards, uncut (author's name written on title), Bath, printed by W. Meyler [1806], 8vo. (93) Quaritch, £19 1791 Lang (A.) The Blue Fairy Book, illustrations, LARGE PAPER (113 so printed), boards, 1889, royal 8vo. (847)

1792 Lee (Nathaniel).

Maggs, £4 7s. 6d. The Tragedy of Nero-Gloriana-Cæsar Borgia-Brutus-Theodosius-The Rival Queens --Constantine the Great-The Duke of Guise, etc., II vol. (mostly first editions), calf, 1675-87, small 4to. (242)

Quaritch, £2 105. 1793 Lever (C.) The Daltons, or Three Roads in Life, first edition, illustrations by "Phiz," 2 vol., complete in the original 24 numbers, with all the wrappers and advertisements, clean set, 1850-52, 8vo. (72) G. H. Brown, £2 17s. 6d. 1794 Lysons (D. and S.) Magna Britannia, plates (some coloured), and some additional illustrations inserted, LARGE PAPER, 6 vol. in 10, cloth, uncut, 1813-22, royal 4to. (918)

G. H. Brown, £4 5s. 1795 Markham (G.) Cavalarice, or the English Horseman, contayning all the Art of Horsemanship, in eight bookes, engraved titles and cuts, old calf, Printed by Ed. Alde for Edward White, 1616-17, small 4to. (538) Pearson, £6 5s. 1796 Marlowe (C.) Works, edited by Bullen, 3 vol., cloth, Nimmo, 1895, 8vo. (7) Bumpus, £1 155. 1797 Massenger (P.) Three New Playes: The Bashful Lover, The Guardian, and The Very Woman (title mounted), half morocco gilt, H. Moseley, 1655, 8vo. (228) Howell, £1 19s. 1798 Miles (E.) Epitome of the Royal Naval Service of England, 8 coloured plates, half calf, Ackermann, 1841, 8vo. (512) Pickering, £2 6s. 1799 Milton (John). Paradise Lost, a Poem in Ten Books, first edition, with the seventh title page, calf rebacked, Printed by S. Simmons and sold by T. Helder, 1669, small 4to. (255) Maggs, £23 1800 Montaigne (M. de). Essayes, translated by John Florio (title and several leaves defective), old calf, rebacked, 1603, folio (944) Pickering, £5 12s. 6d. 1801 Moore (H.) Maps of the Island of Jamaica, 4 large folding maps, with views (mounted on canvas), old Spanish calf, Published by Craskell and Simpson, 1763, 4to. (602) H. Stevens, £2 18s. 1802 Nattes (J. C.) Bath Illustrated by a Series of Views, vignette title and 29 coloured plates, with Descriptions, half bound, W. Miller, 1806, imperial folio (595) Sabin, £15 5s. 1803 Nichols (J.) The Progresses, Processions and Festivities of King James I., portraits and plates, 4 vol., half vellum, gilt edges, 1828, 4to. (922) Menken, £2 16s.

1805 Paris.

1804 Ogilby (J.) The Entertainment to Charles II. in his Passage through London to his Coronation, folding plates, old calf, 1662, royal folio (500) Tregaskis, £4 7s. 6d. Le Plan en Perspective de la Ville de Paris, 21 folding plates by Bretez et Claude Lucus, old French calf, with arms on sides, gilt borders, with French bookplate, Paris, 1739, atlas folio (294) Edwards, £5 1806 Pater (W.) Essays from the "Guardian" (100 copies printed), boards, uncut, For private circulation, 1896, 8vo. (567) Denham, £6 IOS.

1807 Pater (W.) Works, portrait, edition de luxe, 8 vol., art cloth, 1900, 8vo. (673) Dobell, £5 10S. 1808 Penrose (F. C.) Principles of Athenian Architecture, numerous plates (some coloured), half morocco, gilt top, 1888, imperial folio (932) Hill & Son, £4 12s. 6d. 1809 Perelle. Views of Paris and its Environs, 116 old prints, calf (no title), Paris, oblong 4to. (295) Maggs, £5 2s. 6d. 1810 Perrault (C.) Les Hommes Illustres, qui ont paru en France pendant ce Siecle, portraits (including those of Arnauld and Pascal), engraved by Lubin, Edelinck, etc., 2 vol., calf, Paris, 1697-1700, folio (293) Sotheran, £2 16s. 1811 Porter (Hierome). The Flowers of the Lives of the Saincts, engravings, half morocco, Doway, 1632, small 4to. (541) Maggs, £3 1812 Pugin (A. W.) Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume, numerous coloured plates heightened with gold, half morocco, gilt top, 1868, royal 4to. (915) Maggs, £2 9s. 1813 Raphael. Loggie nel Vaticano, 2 titles and 43 large plates by Ottaviani and Volpato (many not folded), in 3 parts, boards, uncut, Roma, 1776, folio (297) Howell, £2 10s. 1814 Richardson (G.) Book of Ceilings, 48 designs (coloured

copy), with Descriptions in English and French, boards, uncut, 1776, imperial folio (599) Quaritch, £5 5s.

[The ceilings are in the style of the antique grotesque. This was a perfect copy.-ED.]

1815 Robson (T.) The British Herald, or Cabinet of Armorial Bearings, numerous plates, 3 vol., half morocco, gilt top, Sunderland, 1830, 4to. (928) Shepherd, £2 1816 Sandby (P.) A Collection of One Hundred and Fifty Select Views in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, Descriptions in English and French (a few plates stained and wormed), 2 vol., morocco, by Deschlein, Boydell, 1783, folio (291) Daniell, £2 45., 1817 San Pedro (Diego de). Carcel de Amor Compuesto por Diego de sant Pedro, woodcuts, gothic letter, vellum, Zaragoza, 1523, 12mo. (536) Quaritch, £8 5s. 1818 Sauvan (M.) Picturesque Tour of the Seine, from Paris to the Sea, map and 24 coloured engravings after drawings by Pugin and Gendall, with Descriptions, LARGE PAPER, half morocco, Ackermann, 1821, atlas 4to. (594) Pickering, £10 1819 Shirley (James). Poems, etc., with the Triumph of Beautie, first edition (no portrait), calf, 1646, 8vo. (229) Quaritch, £15 5s.

1820 Shirley (James). The Traytor, a Tragedie, first edition, half morocco, 1635, small 4to. (233) Quaritch, £4 1821 Shirley (James). The Lady of Pleasure, a Comedie (title cut into), first edition, half morocco, 1637, small 4to. (234) Quaritch, £15s. 1822 Spalding Club. Sculptured Stones of Scotland, by John Stuart, numerous plates, 2 vol., half roan, 1856-67, folio (934) W. Brown, £8 1823 Stebbing (E.) The Holy Carpet of the Mosque of Ardebil, 5 hand-coloured and 3 other plates (limited to 50 copies), Privately printed, 1893, atlas folio (930) Quaritch, £3 1s. 1824 Suckling (Sir J.) The Discontented Colonell, half morocco, Printed by E. G. for Francis Eagles-field [1639], small 4to. (235) Quaritch, £7 Comic Tales and Sketches, illustrations by the Author, first edition, 2 vol., cloth, uncut, a soiled copy, 1841, 8vo. (510) Tregaskis, £7 5s.

1825 Thackeray (W. M.)

1826 Thomson (J.) Agamemnon, first edition, calf extra, edges uncut, 1738, 8vo. (562) Sabin, £5 1827 Tracts and Pamphlets. Wilson (S.) Account of the Province of Carolina, 14 leaves, G. Larkin, 1682—Prynne. On Church Government, 1644-Narrative of the Engagement between General Blake and Admiral Tromp, 1652-Observations on the Extraordinary Frost, 1684, and others (18), in I vol., 8vo. (399) Sotheran, £12 15s. 1828 Tudor Translations, edited by W. E. Henley, a complete set, including Florio's Montaigne, Adlington's Apuleius, North's Plutarch, Berners' Froissart (the concluding 3 vol. to be delivered as issued), 29 vol., half buckram, uncut (not a very good set), D. Nutt, 1890-1901 (839)

J. Bumpus, £35 10s. 1829 Vale Press. The Life of Benvenuto Cellini, translated by J. A. Symonds, 2 vol., boards, cloth back, 1900, 8vo. (669) Tickell, £3 12s. 6d. 1830 Villon Society. The Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, translated by John Payne (500 copies, Privately printed), 9 vol., vellum, 1882-4 (779) Tregaskis, £9

1831 Villon Society. Tales from the Arabic, translated by John Payne (limited edition, Privately printed), 3 vol., vellum, 1884 (780) Tregaskis, £3 55. 1832 Villon Society. Poems of Master François Villon (limited edition, Privately printed), vellum, 1892 (781) Tregaskis, £1 125. 1833 Villon Society. The Decameron of Boccaccio, translated by John Payne (limited edition, Privately printed), 3 vol.,

1834 Villon Society. The Novels of Bandello, translated by John Payne (limited edition, Privately printed), 6 vol., vellum, 1890, small 4to. (783) G. H. Brown, £5 10s. 1835 Villon Society. Chap-Books and Folk-Lore Tracts, edited by Gomme and Wheatley, first series, 5 vol., vellum, Privately printed, 1885, small 4to. (784) Shepherd, £2 5s.

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