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page woodcuts, several touched with colour, historiated woodcut initials, a leaf defective, calf gilt, gauffred edges, Venetiis, Luc. Ant. de Giunta, 1503, 8vo. (32)

Maggs, £6 18s. [The first of the illustrated Giunta editions of the Bre

viary.- Catalogue.] 1676 Breviarium secundum morem Romane curie, lit. goth., double

columns, in red and black, printer's mark in red at end, ornamental initials in colours, wanted title and Calendar, the latter supplied from January to October by 6 leaves of contemporary MS., morocco, g. e., Venetiis, J. de Colonia N. Jenson Sociorumque, 1481, 8vo. (33)

Olschki, £ 5 12s. 6d. 1677 Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius, Statius, roman letter, long

lines, large copy, with the 2 blank leaves, old morocco, gold borders, Vincentiæ, J. Renensem et D. Berthochum, 1481, folio (40)

£12 25. 6d. [A very rare and important edition. The editor, Colphurnius, boasts to have so corrected the text, as compared with the edition of 1475, that the poets might seem to be published for the first time. As usual, wanted the 3 leaves of verses by the editor, which, according to Brunet, some copies have. The Sunderland copy, similar to this, sold

for £12 55.-- Catalogue.] 1678 Chiarini (G.) Questo et el libbro che tracta di mercatanti et

usanze de paesi (Hain, No. 4955), roman letter, long lines, outline woodcut on title of money-changers, touched with red and outer border cut into, two printer's marks at end, original limp vellum, Impresso in Firenze appetitione di ser Piero da Pescia, g. a. (ante 1500), 8vo. (43) Maggs, £8 1os.

(This interesting volume is the first work printed on Italian commerce, and is of great importance for the his

tory of trade and banking in the middle ages.- Catalogue.] 1679 Cicero. M. T. Ciceronis ad Quintum. Fratrem. In Libros

de Oratore prefatio incipit foeliciter, roman letter, illuminated initials, morocco, g. e., by Belz-Niedrée, Sine nota (Venet., Vindelin de Spira, late 1470), sınall folio (45)

Olschki, £9 [A very rare edition, printed in the same style as the Plutarch of 1471, but with an older fount of type.-Cata

logue.] 1680 Crescentio (Piero). De Agricultura Istoriato, woodcuts of

agricultural and country life scenes, hole in title, library stamp, date altered in ink to 1461, large copy, vellum, Impresso in Venetia, 1504, 4to. (51).

Voynich, 410 (The second illustrated Italian edition, containing a large woodcut not found in the first edition. Some of the woodcuts are from the Malermi Bible of 1490 and the Tite-Live

of 1493, the rest are original.- Catalogue.] 1681 Dante. La Commedia col commento di Christ. Landino,

with 100 woodcuts, 3 leaves supplied from a shorter copy, some margins at beginning soiled, water-stain at end, limp

vellum with tie strings, Impresso in Vinegia per Pietro Cremonese dito Veronese, 18th November, 1491, small folio (54)

Quaritch, £14 55. (A rare edition, remarkable for its woodcuts. It is the better of the two illustrated editions printed in 1491. The designs are similar in both, but in the technical execution the woodcuts of Pietro Cremonese are far superior to those of the Benali edition.Catalogue. They are also larger in

size.--Ed.] 1682 Dante. La Commedia col commento di Christ. Landino,

woodcuts and ornamental initials, border on A ii., 3 leaves defective, i mended, some wornholes, Impresse in Venetia per Pietro de Zuanne di quarengii de palazago bergamasco, 1497, small folio (55)

Olschki, £5 1683 Dante. La Commedia, col expositione di Christophoro Landino,

títle in red and black, gothic letters, within woodcut border, with Junta's red Aeur-de-lys beneath, portrait of Dante on the reverse, 99 woodcuts throughout the text, fine copy, in contemporary binding of white calf, gaufré edges, slightly repaired, Venetia, Jac del Burgofranco, ad instantia di L. A. Junta, 1529, folio (56)

Ellis En Elvey, £35 1os. [The woodcuts were executed from designs of superior character, and may rank among the more important examples of Italian book-illustration of the period. The binding is an interesting and very uncommon example of the art.

This volume realised £19 at the Gaisford sale in 1890.---Catalogue.] 1684 Diodorus Siculus. Historiarum libri vi. lat. Franc. Poggio

interprete, Accedit Corn. Taciti Germania, roman letter, long lines, few wormholes, the original MS. signatures, old half calf, Bononia, impressum 1472 (Bologna, Baldassare Azzoguidi, 1472), small folio (60)

Olschki, £4 45. [The rare editio princeps.-Ed.] 1685 Euclides. Preclarissimus liber elementorum Euclidis perspi

cacissimi in artem Geometrie, editio princeps, lit. goth.. long lines, title in red, arabesque woodcut initials (white on black), woodcut border at beginning, margins filled with geometrical figures, library stamp, wanted leaf A 1, half vellum, Venetiis, E. Ratdolt, 1482, 8vo. (62) Olschki, £6 1os.

[The first appearance of Euclid in print, and the earliest book with a continuous series of geometrical illustrations.

Catalogue.] 1686 Euclidis Magaresis Philosophi platonii Mathematicaruz dis

ciplinarum Janitoris, etc., ornamental xylographic title, with woodcut of S. John the Baptist beneath, signed d. M., border (white on black), with heading and large initial S in red on first page of text, numerous initials, printer's mark at end, mathematical figures in the margins, vellum, Venetiis, in ædibus Jo. Tacuini, 1517, folio (64)

Quaritch, £,4 25. 6d. 1687 Euclides. Prelar. liber elementorum Euclidis in artem Geo

metrie, lit. goth., long lines, woodcut diagrams, Per Am

brosius lache de Wersperg, small 4to. (66) Quaritch, £9 155. 1688 Florus (L. A.) Epitoma id est abbreuiato de cursu ac statu

romanorum a fundatione urbis per Romulum usque ad Augustum, lit. goth., long lines, MS. notes, large copy, from the Didot Library, morocco, by Duru, Sine nota, sed Colonia, Arnoldus Ther Hoernen, circa 1471, small folio (68)

Maggs, £8 25. 6d. (One of the earliest books printed by Ther Hoernen at

Cologne.--Catalogue.] 1689 Fueros de Aragon. Omnus fori aragonum tam antiqui qz

nouissimi usque ad Ferdinandum secundum regem aragonum et castelle nunc feliciter regnantem, etc., lit. goth., double columns, full-page woodcut of the arms of Aragon supported by an angel, large printer's mark on. verso of folio 56, some MS. notes, good copy with the blank leaf, calf, Apud urbem Cesaraugustū, impensis Pauli hurus, 1496, folio (69)

Quaritch, £27 10s. 1690 Glanvil (Bart. de). De proprietatibus rerum fratris Bartho

lomei Anglici, lit. goth.. double columns, illuminated initial and border in gold and colours on first page of text, original stamped pigskin, Nürnberg, Ant. Koburger, 1483, small folio (72)

Olschki, £6 155. 1691 Herbolarium de virtutibus herbarum, roman letter, long lines,

woodcuts of plants, all free from colour, wormholes, tall copy, old calf, Vincentiæ, L. de Basilia et G. de Papia, 1491, 4to. (73)

Quaritch, £4 55. 1692 Hieronymus (S.) Epistole, pars prima, lit. goth.. double

columns, illuminated border, with large initial surrounding the whole of the first page, containing medallions of animals and birds and coat-of-arms of the original owner, executed in gold and colours, other ornamental initials in red and blue, wanted 4 leaves, some blank margins injured, large copy, old half binding, Venetiis, Antoninus Bartolomeus, 1476, large folio (75)

Quaritch, £10 15s. 1693 Hieronymus (S.) Vitas patrum sanctorum, lit. goth., long

lines, boards, Ulm, Johann Zainer, s. a. (circa 1478), small folio (76)

Olschki, £5 155. 1694 Horæ. Heures a lusaige de Romme, etc., nouuellement im

primees a Paris par Gillet Hardouyn pour Germain Hardouyn, lit. goth.. printed upon vellum, with 19 full-page woodcuts within gold architectural borders and 30 of smaller size, initials and finials, all illuminated in gold and colours, large copy, morocco, tooled in gold to a contem-, porary design, g. e., by Chambolle-Duru, Paris, Gillet Hardouyn pour Germain Hardouyn, s. d. (circa 1510), 8vo. (81)

Olschki, £35 [A very fine copy of an excessively rare edition, not recorded by Brunet. The miniature work is exceptionally well executed ; altogether a very beautiful and desirable

example of Hardouyn's Horæ.- Catalogue.] 1695 Horæ.

Ces presentes heures a lusage de Paris tout au

long sans riens requerir avec les grās suffraiges ont este nouuellemēt imprimees a Paris pour Guillaume Eustace libraire, lettres bâtardes, finely printed, with 19 full-page woodcuts of scenes in the life of Christ and the Virgin, etc., within gold architectural frames, 16 small woodcuts, all coloured and illuminated as miniatures, a few of the gold borders cut into at the top, large copy, old French morocco, gold borders and centres, g.e., Imprimees a Paris, par Gille couteau l'an mil cinq cens et treize pour Guillaume Eustace (1513), 8vo. (82)

Olschki, £42 [Printed upon vellum. A remarkably fine copy of an extremely rare edition, unrecorded by Brunet. The woodcuts are unusually well illuminated in gold and colours by

a first-rate artist.-Catalogue.] 1696 Hore Beate Marie Virginis secundum usum romanum, lit.

goth., title in red and black within woodcut border, 15 large woodcuts, the last representing three deaths, an ornamental border to every page, some containing Dance of Death figures, contemporary calf binding, richly tooled in gold, g. e., Parisiis, ex officina liberaria Katherine de Paris vidue spectabilis viri Germani Hardouyn, 1541, 8vo. (83)

Olschki, £9 155. 1697 Horatius. Opera (edidit Jac. Locher), woodcuts, free from

colour, large copy, calf, Argentina, J. Reinhardus, cognomento Gurninger, 1498, folio (84)

Olschki, ku 1698 Hortus sanitatis [Kaub (Johannes)). De herbis, plantis, ani

malibus, reptilibus, avibus, piscibus, etc., lit. goth.. double columns, woodcut border to title, 3 large and 1058 small woodcuts, few leaves with wormholes, chiefly in the back margins, old vellum, tie strings (one gone), Impressum Venetiis per B. Benalium et J. de Cereto de Tridino alias Tacuinum, 1511, small folio (86)

Quaritch, £19 1699 Jacobus Magnus. Sophologium, lit. goth.. double columns,

large printer's mark on title, ornamental initials, Lugduni,

Joh. de Vingle, 1495, 4to. (89) Quaritch, £6 25. 6d. 1700 Lamento di nostra donna, lit. goth.. double columns, five

leaves, large outline woodcut of the Virgin and dead Christ on title, within a border containing the signature“ Zanolo,” Senza nota, 4to. (97)

Quaritch, £8 155. 1701 Libro de Abbaco che insegna a fare ogni ragione mercadan

tile, etc., roman letter, full-page woodcut on verso of title, woodcuts, ornamental borders and details, cuts of hands, etc., the Yemeniz copy, with ex-libris, morocco, g.e., by Capé, Stampato nell' Inclitta Citta di Milano per lo. Antonio Borgo, s. A., 8vo. (99)

Olschki, £13 [Fine copy, with rough leaves, of an extremely rare edition of this celebrated arithmetic, remarkable for its woodcuts, published early in the sixteenth century.-Cata

logue.] 1702 Livius (T.) Decades cum notis M. Ant. Sabellici, roman

letter, with 3 full-page woodcuts within ornamental borders, 171 smaller woodcuts, all executed in outline, woodcut

initials, printer's mark in red, few sinall wormholes, large copy, half vellum, Venetiis, per Philippum Pincium, 1495, small folio (100)

Pickering, £35 1os. 1703 Lopez de Gomara (Francisco). La Historia de las Indias y

Conquista de Mexico, 2 vol. in 1, lit. goth.. long lines, with numerous woodcuts in the Historia part illustrating the voyages and battles of the Conquistadores, titles in red and black, armorial device, 5 leaves defective, water-stained, large copy, original limp vellum, Ciudad de Caragoça en casa de Augustin Millan, 1554, small folio (101)

H. Stevens, £16 1704 Missale Secundum Ordinem Carthusiensium, lit. goth., in red

and black, double columns, full-page and other woodcuts and ornamental initials, coloured, MS. notes, large copy, original stamped binding (broken), Exaratum Parisiis arte et industria Thielmanni Kerver, 9 August, 1520, 8vo. (114)

Olschki, £4 5s. 1705 Missale Pataviensis (Passau) cum additionibus Benedictionum

Cereorum Cinerum Palmarum Ignis Paschalis, etc., lit. goth., red and black, the canon printed on vellum with fullpage woodcut of the Crucifixion, woodcuts, Leichtenstein's armorial device in red and black at the end, musical notes, original stamped pigskin with arms and initials V. E. P. on sides, Venetiis in ædibus P. Liechtenstein impensis L.

Atlanse, 1522, small thick 4to. (115) Olschki, £10 ios. 1706 Officium Beatissime virginis Mariæ secundum consuetudinem

romane curie, printed in large and small, red and black gothic letter, long lines, printers mark at end, margins soiled by use and strengthened (in the sixteenth century), large copy, old calf, Bologna per me Ugo di rugerii da rezo, 1498, folio (127)

Quaritch, £14 ios. 1707 Ovidii Metamorphoses, roman letter, long lines, title in red

and black, with 60 outline woodcuts, printers mark at end, margin of title and last leaves slightly mended, large copy, old stamped calf, Venetiis, G. De Rusconibus, 1509, folio (131)

Bain, £10 1os. 1708 Ovidius. Epistole Heroides, roman letter, title in gothic,

outline woodcuts, border to a i on black ground, very slightly cut into on fore-margin, printer's mark at end, unbound, Venetiis, per Jo. Tacuinum de Tridino, 1512, folio (132)

Quaritch, £4 15s. 1709 Oviedo y Valdes (Gonçalo Hern. de). La Historia general

de las Indias (on reverse) Primera parte dela historia natural y general delas indias, yslas & tierra firme del mar oceano, with the Carta Missiva, lit. goth., title in red, with woodcut border in black, several woodcuts and the author's full-page armorial device on last page, lower blank corners of a number of leaves mended, some damp-stains, but generally a good, sound and large copy, vellum, Seuilla enla emprenta de Juan Cromberger, 1535, 'small folio (134)

Rylett, £13 [The first edition of Oviedo's historical work, though XVI.


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