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[DECEMBER 4TH, 5TH AND 6TH, 1901.]



(No of Lots, 891 ; amount realised, £936 125.)

1429 Arber (E.) Transcript of the Stationers' Registers, 1554-1640,

5 vol. (limited edition), cloth, uncut, Privately printed, 1875-94, 4to. (575)

Maggs, 29 175. 6d. 1430 Behmen (Jacob). Works, portrait and folding plates (a few

coloured), 4 vol., old calf, 1764-81, 4to. (166) Sotheran, £9 1431 Blagdon (F. W.) A Brief History of Ancient and Modern

India, coloured portraits and vignette title, Hunter's Views in the Mysore, 41 coloured plates, and Daniell and Ward's Views in Hindostan, 24. coloured plates, in i vol., half

morocco, E. Orme, 1805, imperial folio (626) Sabin, £5 1432 Boccaccio.

The Decameron, translated by John Payne (with the additional plates), 2 vol.-Rabelais. , Works, translated by Urquhart and Motteux, 2 vol.–Straparola, Masuccio and Ser Giovanni, translated by Waters, 5 vol., limited editions, illustrations by Louis Chalon and Hughes, complete set, 9 vol., cloth, Lawrence and Bullen, 1892-7, imperial 8vo. (720)

Banks, kui 55. 1433 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Illustrated Catalogue of Works

of the School of Ferrara-Bologna (1440-1540), cloth, 1894, atlas 4to. (831)

Quaritch, £3.155. 1434 Champlin (J. D.) Cyclopedia of Painters and Paintings,

numerous illustrations, 4 vol., leather backs, gilt tops, 1886-91, 8vo. (548)

Temple, £3 6s. 1435 Colynet (Antony). True History of the Civill Warres of

France, from 1585 to 1591, engraved title, black letter, London, by T. Orwin for T. Woodcock, 1591, small 4to. (+88)

Pickering, £2 25. 1436 Edgeworth (Miss). Works, viz. : Parents' Assistant, frontis

pieces, 6 vol.-Leonora, 2 vol.---Popular Tales, 6 vol.- Tales of Fashionable Life, 6 vol.- Patronage, 4 vol.-Harrington and Ormond, 3 vol., and others, 35 vol., calf (a few vol. binding broken), 1800-19, 8vo. (94) Quaritch, £7 ios.

everal of the above were first editions, and in son cases presentation copies “To Miss Lawrence from the

Author."--Catalogue.] 1437 Gailhabaud (Jules). L'Architecture du ve au xvije Siècle

et les Arts qui en dependent, plates (coloured and heightened with gold), 4 vol., half morocco, gilt top, Paris, 1869-72, royal folio (857)

G. H. Brown, £5 155. 1438 Gambado. An Academy for Grown Horsemen and Annals

of Horsemanship, 29 coloured plates by Rowlandson, boards, uncut, 1809, 8vo. (101)

Denham, £5 55. 1439 Gerarde (J.) The Herball, or Generall Historie of Plantes, enlarged by T. Johnson, engraved title and woodcuts,

original calf, London, 1633, folio (601) Quaritch, £7 5s. 1440 Gower (Lord R. S.) Sir Thomas Lawrence, with Catalogue

of the Artist's Works, by A. Graves, coloured frontispiece and numerous other plates (some tinted), sewed, uncut, Goupil and Co., 1900, 4to. (56

Maggs, £5 1441 Grimm (M. M.) German Popular Stories, translated from

the Kinder und Haus Märchen, plates by G. Cruikshank, 2 vol., first editions, but not first issues, with the half titles, uncut, C. Baldwyn and J. Robins, 1823-6, 8vo. (524)

Sabin, £37 ios. 1442 Higgins (G.) The Celtic Druids, maps and plates, cloth, uncut, 1829, folio (586)

W. Brown, £2 12s. 1443 Hunter (The), a Discourse of Horsemanship, 98 pages, calf,

Oxford, 1685, 8vo. (sold Dec. 13), (498) Dobell, £3 125. 6d. 1444 Jones (T.). History of the County of Brecknock, plates (some

coloured), pedigrees, etc., 3 vol. in 2, boards, uncut, 1805-9, royal 4to. (284)

G. H. Brown, £6 ros. 1445 Knapp and Baldwin. Newgate Calendar, plates, 6 vol., half calf neat, J. Robins, 8vo. (520)

Sotheran, £4 6s. 1446 Maw (G.) Monograph of the Genus Crocus, 81 coloured plates and woodcuts, cloth, gilt top, 1886, 4to. (843)

Wesley, £6 5s. 1447 Middleton (T.) Works, edited by Bullen, portraits, LARGE PAPER (120 so printed on laid paper), 8 vol., half morocco,

8 gilt tops, 1885, 8vo. (270)

Quaritch, £10 1448 Morland (G.) Sketches of Animals and Rustic Figures, etc., 33 plates, signed, and dated 1792-1807, sewed, oblong (254)

Mason, £3. 155. 1449 Pope (A.) The Rape of the Lock, frontispiece and plates,

first edition, in 5 cantos, 1714, 8vo. (272) Pickering, 450

[No cover, and apparently in the original sewed condition as issued. Colonel Grant's copy, in half calf, realised £ 5 7s. 6d. See BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, vol. xiv., No. 5055. The above was sold by Messrs. Hodgson on Dec. 12th.

Ev.] 1450 Propert (J. L.) A History of Miniature Art, with Notes on

Collectors and Collections, illustrations, cloth, uncut, Macmillan and Co., 1887, 8vo. (563)

Parsons, £17 5s. 1451 Revoil (H.) Architecture Romane du Midi de la France,

numerous plates (a few coloured), 3 vol. (vol. 1, 4 leaves wanting), half morocco, gilt top, Paris, 1873, royal folio (858)

G. H. Brown, £5 1452 Rows Rol, by Courthorpe, coloured plates, heightened with

gold, half roan, gilt top, a clean copy, Pickering, 1845, folio (584)

Hamm, £2 6s. 1453 Shakespeare (W) Works, Cambridge edition, edited by W.

Aldis Wright, edition de luxe, 40 vol., printed on handmade paper and limited to 500 copies, cloth, uncut, 1893-5, 8vo. (497)

Bumpus, £9 25. 6d. 1454 Somers (Lord). Collection of Scarce and Valuable Tracts, edited by Sir W. Scott, folding plates, 13 vol., half morocco,

gilt tops, uncut, 1809-15, 8vo. (577) W. Brown, £9 Ios. 1455 Stuart and Revett. Antiquities of Athens, with supplementary

volume, plates, 5 vol., 1762-1816, 4to. (294) Batsford, £5 1456 Stevenson (R. L.), Virginibus Puerisque, and other Papers, first edition, original cloth, uncut, 1881, 8vo. (467)

Longhurst, £2 18s. 1457 Symonds (J. A.) Renaissance in Italy, Italian Literature, first edition, portrait, 2 vol., cloth, uncut, 1881, 8vo. (529)

Maggs, £IT Ios. 1458 Vidal (E. E.) Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and

Monte Video, 24 coloured plates, LARGE PAPER, cloth, gilt

edges, Ackermann, 1820, royal 4to. (564) Sabin, £ 5 125. 6d. 1459 Westwood (J. O.) Palæographia Sacra Pictoria, numerous

facsimiles of illuminated manuscripts in gold and colours, half morocco, gilt edges, 1843-5, folio (585)

W. Brown, £3 125. 1460 World in Miniature, edited by Frederic Shoberl, viz. :

Turkey, 6 vol.-Africa, 4 vol.--Russia, 4 vol.- Persia, 3 vol.—China, 2 vol.--Spain and Portugal, 2 vol.–Austria, 2 vol.--Illyria and Dalmatia, 2 vol.-Japan, etc., numerous coloured plates, 37 vol. (2 vol. of text faulty), original boards,

uncut, Ackermann, 1820, 8vo. (110) Spencer, £6 25. 6d. 1461 Yarrell (W.) History of British Birds, with Supplement,

illustrations, LARGEST PAPER, 4 vol., uncut, 1843-5, 8vo. (792)

Brigg, £5 55.




(No. of Lots, 610; amount realised, £1,287 5s.)

(a) A Gentleman's Library. 1462 Ackermann (R.) Westminster Abbey, its History, Antiqui

ties and Monuments, 2 vol., with coloured engravings after Pugin, Mackenzie, etc., a nearly uncut copy, half bound, 1812, 4to. (81)

E. Parsons, £3 35. 1463 Aesop. Fables, with Life, Stockdale's edition, 2 vol., engrav

ings by Blake, Stothard, Landseer, etc., calf, 1793, imperial 8vo. (82)

Sotheran, 3 1464 Angas (G. F.) South Australia Illustrated, 60 large coloured

plates, with letterpress, half morocco, g. e., M'Lean, 1847, folio (168)

Thorp, 49 1465 Angelo. L'Ecole des Armes, avec l'explication des Attitudes

et Positions concernant l’Escrime, with 47 engraved plates, title and a few leaves of text damaged, but an uncut copy,

Londres, 1763, oblong folio (169) W. Daniell, £2 125. 1466 Archæologia Scotica. Sculptured Monuments in Iona and

the West Highlands, by James Drummond, the numerous drawings reproduced by W. Griggs in photo-chromolithography, half bound, t. e. g., Edinburgh, 1881, 4to. (86)

Batsford, [2 45. 1467 Architectural Publication Society. Detached Essays and

Illustrations, published during the first five years, 1848-52, numerous plates, 1853–Dictionary of Architecture, complete, 8 vol. in 5-Illustrations to the Dictionary of Architecture, vol. i., A-C, numerous finely-executed plates and woodcuts, 1853, etc., half morocco gilt, 4to. (87)

Batsford, £9 Ios. 1468 Art of Ancient Egypt, a series of Photographic Plates repre

senting Objects from the Exhibition of the Art of Ancient Egypt at the Burlington Fine Arts Club in 1895, Privately

printed for the subscribers, 1895, 4to. (88) Baer, ki 165. 1469 Babelon (E.) Description des Monnaies de la République

Romaine, vulgairement appelées Monnaies Consulaires, 2 vol., illustrations, half morocco gilt, t. e. g., 1885-86, 8vo. (19)

Quaritch, £1 125. 1470 Boetius de Consolatione Philosophiæ. The Boke of Bæcius,

called the comforte of philosophye or wysedome, etc., translated out of Latin into the Englyshe tounge by George Colvile, black letter (with the Latin text in italics), first edition of this version, title and a few leaves written on, morocco, g. e., Imprynted in Paules' Churche Yarde at the syne of the Holy Ghost, by John Cawoode, 1556, 4to. (94)

Maggs, £5 125. 6d. 1471 Borlase (W. C.) The Dolmens of Ireland, their Distribution,

Structural Characteristics and Affinities in other Countries, etc., 3 vol., with 4 maps and 800 illustrations, including two

coloured plates, uncut, t. e. g., 1897, 8vo. (22) Ridler, £2 25. 1472 British Theatre, with Biographical and Critical Remarks by

Mrs. Inchbald, 25 vol., character portraits, half bound, 1808, 8vo. (24)

G. H. Brown, £i 16s. 1473 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Catalogue of a Collection of

European Enamels, from the earliest date to the end of the Seventeenth Century, plates, a few in gold and colours, 1897, imperial 4to. (174)

Sotheran, £9ios. 1474 Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of Bookbindings,

edited by E. Gordon Duff, 113 plates of rare and beautiful bindings, uncut, 1891, super imperial 4to. (173)

Sotheran, £1 5s. 1475 Cohen (H.) Description Historique des Monnaies frappées

sous l'Empire Romain : Médailles Impériales, 8 vol., illustrations, half morocco gilt, t. e. g., 1880-92, 8vo. (28)

Quaritch, £16 1476 Chantre (Ernest).

Recherches Anthropologiques dans le Caucase, 4 vol., maps, portraits and plates, half morocco, t.e.g., 1885-87, 4to. (103)

Quaritch, £5 1477 Cipriani (G. B.) Sketches and Drawings, portrait of Cipriani,

and 50 reproductions, engraved by Richard Earlom, original

impressions, J. and J. Boydell, 1789, folio (177) Bihn, £u 1478 Collection Spitzer (La). Antiquité, Moyen Age, Renaissance,

numerous large plates, many illuminated in gold and colours, and numerous woodcuts, with Text, limited to 600 copies, in 6 large portfolios, 1890-92, folio (234)

Maggs, £28 ios. 1479 Delectable Demandes and Pleasant Questions, with their

seuerall Answers, in matters of Loue, translated out of the French into English, printed in black and roman letter, some leaves stained, and one or two wormed in the margins, a few headlines shaved, old morocco, g. e., T. Creede, 1596, 4to. (106)

Ridler, £5 5s. 1480 Dollman (F. F.) Examples of Antient Domestic Architecture,

2 vol., numerous plates, 1858-63, 4to. (108) Thorp, £ I 135. 1481 Freeman (E. A.) History of the Norman Conquest of Eng.

land, third edition, revised, 6 vol., maps, uncut, 1877-79, 8vo. (37)

j. Bumpus, £9 Ios. 1482 Gerarde (John). The Herball, or Generall Historie of

Plantes, engraved title (mended), portrait and numerous woodcuts, wormed at end, portion of page missing, original

calf, John Norton, 1597, folio (189) Quaritch, £8 155. 1483 Griffiths (John). The Paintings in the Buddhist Caves,

Temples of Ajantâ, Khandesh, India, 2 vol., pictorial subjects and decorative details, large plates, many in colours, Printed in facsimile by W. Griggs, 1896-97, folio (190)

Quaritch, £7 1484 Havell (R.) Picturesque Views of Noblemen's and Gentle

men's Seats, large coloured plates, with Historical and Descriptive Accounts, half morocco gilt, t.e. g., two extra plates, coloured and mounted, inserted at end, 1835, folio (192)

Thorp, £14 1485 Head (Barclay V.) Historia Numorum, a Manual of Greek

Numismatics, illustrations, half bound, uncut, t. e. g., 1887, 8vo. (40)

Maggs, £i 5s. 1486 Histoire des Peintres de toutes les Ecoles, par Ch. Blanc.

Ecole Anglaise, Française (3 vol.), Florentine, Venitienne, Milanaise, Lombarde, etc., Espagnole, Bolonaise, Ombrienne et Romaine, Allemande, Flamande, Hollandaise (3 vol.), illustrations, together 14 vol., uncut, 1868-83, 4to. (127)

G. H. Brown, £3 1487 James (Captain). The Military Costume of India, Manual

and Platoon Exercises for the use of the Native Troops and the British Army in General, full-length coloured figures in the style of Rowlandson, margins of several leaves stained, unbound, uncut, 1814, imperial 4to. (194)

Bihn, £4 145. 1488 Jones (Inigo). Sketch Book (1614), facsimile reproduction,

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