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a fine copy, with the plates printed in colours and heightened with gold, 2 vol., calf, Paris, 1802, folio (142)

Bumpus, £9 ios. 100 Bentham (G.) Handbook of British Flora, 2 vol., cloth, 1865, 8vo. (51)

Wheldon, £1 125. 101 Booth (E. T.) Rough Notes on the Birds observed during

Twenty Years' Shooting and Collecting in the British Isles, with coloured plates from drawings by E. Neale, 15 parts,

in paper boards, Dulau, 1887, folio (148) Quaritch, £13 102 Buckler (W.) Larvæ of the British Butterflies and Moths,

vol. I to 5, 86 coloured plates, Ray Society, original cloth (86)

Bumpus, £4 ios. 103 Buller (W. L.) History of Birds of New Zealand, with 50

plates, in 13 parts, published at 1/2 guineas each, 1887-88, large 4to. (156)

Pearson, £8 104 Butler (A. G.) Foreign Finches in Captivity, 60 coloured plates, maroon cloth, gilt tops, royal 4to. (82)

Quaritch, £2 12s. 6d. 105 Couch (J.) History of the Fishes of the British Islands, 4 vol., coloured plates, original blue cloth, 1877, 8vo. (58)

Jones, £1 7s. 106 Curtis (Jno.) British Entomology. Illustrations and Descrip

tions of the Genera of Insects found in Great Britain and Ireland, containing coloured figures, from nature, of the most rase and beautiful species, and, in many instances, upon the plants on which they are found, 770 coloured plates, 16 vol. in 8, half calf, 1824-39, 8vo. (84)

Sotheran, £1 5s. 107 David et ustalet. Les Oiseaux de la Chine, with atlas of

coloured plates, 2 vol., original red cloth, Paris, 1877, 8vo. (115)

Bumpus, £5 108 Des Murs (O.) Iconographie Ornithologique, Nouveau Re

cueil Général de Planches peintes d'Oiseaux, first part, 72 coloured plates, half calf, Paris, 1849, 4to. (136)

Bumpus, £3 125. 6d. 109 D’Orbigny (Alcides). Aves de la Isla de Cuba, illustrated with

a number of water-colour drawings of birds by Edouard

Travies, half calf, Paris, 1839, folio (133) Bumpus, £3 5s. 110 Dresser (H. E.) A Monograph of the Meropidae, or Family

of Bee Eaters, 34 coloured plates, half morocco, 1880-86, folio (153)

Wheldon, £2 ios. u Gray (R.) Birds of the West of Scotland, including the Outer Hebrides, original cloth, illustrated, Glasgow; 1871, 8vo. (18)

Wheldon, L2 112 Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Britannica, or History of British

Seaweeds, containing coloured figures and descriptions of all the species of Algæ inhabiting the shores of the British Islands, new edition, 4 vol., 360 coloured plates, original brown cloth, 1846-51, royal 8vo. (105)

Quaritch, £3 113 Harvey (W. H.) Phycologia Australica, a History of Austra

lian Seaweeds, comprising coloured figures and descriptions of the more characteristic Marine Algæ of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western

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Australia, and a Synopsis of all known Australian Algæ, 5
vol., 300 coloured plates, original green cloth, 1858-63 (106)

Bumpus, £3 5s.
114 Harvie-Brown and Buckley. Vertebrate Fauna of Sutherland,

Caithness and West Cromarty, plates, original cloth, 1887,
8vo. (20)

Wesley, £4 4s.
115 Harvie-Brown and Buckley. Vertebrate Fauna of the Outer
Hebrides, plates, original cloth, 1888, 8vo. (21)

Sotheran, £2 5s.
116 Harvie-Brown and Buckley. Vertebrate Fauna of the Orkney

Islands, plates, original cloth, 1891, 8vo. (22) Sotheran, 135.
117 Harvie-Brown and Buckley. A Fauna of the Moray Basin, 2

vol., plates, original cloth, 1895, 8vo. (23) Levi, £i 18s.
118 Hewitson (W. C.) Coloured Illustrations of the Eggs of
British Birds, third edition, calf gilt, 2 vol., 1856 (40)

Quaritch, £4 4s.
119 Hooker (W. J.) Filices Exoticæ. Coloured Figures and

Description of Exotic Ferns, 100 coloured plates, original
green cloth, 1859, royal 4to. (91)

Quaritch, £2 4s.
120 Humphreys and Westwood. British Butterflies and Moths

and their Transformations, 3 vol., coloured plates, original

red cloth (stained), 1857, 8vo. (65) F. R. Jones, £2 155.
121 Ibis (The), complete from third series, vol. 1, to eighth series,

vol. 1, 1871 to 1901, 29 vol., half calf and 2 unbound-alsó
the Indexes to series i to 6, General Subject Index and List
of British Birds, 4 vol., half calf, uniform, 8vo. (38)

Sotheran, £36
122 Lang (H. C.) The Butterflies of Europe, 2 vol., 82 coloured
plates, containing upwards of 900 figures (85)

Bumpus, £2 ios.
123 Le Maout and Decaisne. General System of Botany, De.

scriptive and Analytical, with Additions, etc. by Hooker,

original purple cloth, 1876, 4to. (69) Quaritch, £2 ios.
124 Lee. Among British Birds in their Nesting Haunts, illus-

trated by the Camera, vol. I to 4, in 16 parts as issued,
1896-99, folio (75)

Lewis, £5
125 Levaillant (Francois). Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets,

coloured plates (a few inlaid), 2 vol., half calf, Paris, 1801-5,
folio (138)

Bumpus, £3 3s.
126 Linnæan Society. Zoology. Transactions, vol. 1 to 7, com-
plete in parts (87)

Pearson, £6 ios.
127 Linnæan Society. Zoology. Journal, vol. 11 to 27 in parts,
wanted No. 163 in vol. 25 (88)

Pearson, £2 155.
128 Linnæan Society. Botany. Transactions, vol. I to 5 in parts,
wanted parts i to 5 of vol. 1 (89)

Fitzgerald, £4
129 Linnæan Society. Botany. Journal, vol. 16, Nos. 95 and 96

only ; vol. 17 to 34 in parts, wanted vol. 25, and 9 numbers,

2 of which are not yet published (90) Fitsgerald, £4
130 Macgillivray (W.) History of British Birds, 5 vol., original
cloth, 1837-52, 8vo. (12)

Thurgate, £5 1os.
131 Millais (J. G.) Game Birds and Shooting Sketches, coloured

and other plates, half roan, 1892, 4to. (77) Quaritch, £5

132 Moore (F.) The Lepidoptera of Ceylon, 3 vol., 215 coloured plates, maroon cloth, gilt tops, 1880-87, 4to. (83)

Bumpus, £9 ios. 133 Muller (Baron J. W.) Ornithologie Africaine, coloured plates,

half bound, Stuttgart, 1853, 4to. (129) Bumpus, £i ros. 134 Natural History Society of Northumberland and Durham and

the Tyneside Naturalists' Field Club Transactions, vol. i to

10, half calf gilt, 1865-1900, 8vo. (35) Sotheran, £4 155. 135 Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society. Transactions, vol. I to 6, half calf gilt, and 2 parts, 1869-1900, 8vo. (34)

Sotheran, £3 136 Nicholson (G.) Illustrated Dictionary of Gardening, 4 vol.,

original green cloth, 1885-89, 4to. (68) Sotheran, £2_55. 137 Orchid Album (The), comprising coloured Figures and De

scriptions of new, rare and beautiful Orchidaceous Plants, conducted by Robert Warner and Benjamin Samuel Williams, the Botanical Descriptions by Thomas Moore, the coloured figures by John Nugent Fitch, publishers original brown cloth gilt, gilt edges (except vol. 10, which had plain edges), in fine condition, as new (except vol. i and 10, the binding of the former being a little worn and that of the latter injured), 10 vol., published at £30, 1882-93, royal 4to. (111)

Bumpus, £15 138 Reeve (Lovell). Conchologia Iconica. Figures and Descrip

tions of the Shells of Mollusks, with Remarks on their Affinities, Synonymy and Geographical Distribution, by Lovell Reeve, F.L.S. and G. B. Sowerby, F.L.S., 20 vol., with 2,727 coloured plates, half red morocco, uncut, 1845-78, 4to. (80)

Gaskell, £84 139 Reeve (Lovell). Elements of Conchology, an Introduction

to the Natural History of Shells and of the Animals which form them, 2 vol., 62 coloured plates, original purple cloth, 1860, royal 8vo. (81)

Quaritch, £! 155. 140 Reichenbachia. Orchids, illustrated and described by F.

Sander, with the assistance of scientific authority, text in English, French and German, coloured illustrations (both printed and hand-painted), St. Albans, Sander and Co., and London, Sotheran and Co., published at £40, as follows, in I bound volume and 36 parts : first series, vol. 1, 1888, in half brown morocco gilt, with green morocco sides and hinges, gilt edges, in fine condition ; vol. 2, parts 1 to 12 unbound, 1890-second series, vol. 1, parts 1 to 12 unbound, 1892 ; vol. 2, parts 1 to 12 unbound, 1892, folio (112)

Gregory, £19 [In some cases the covers of the parts were loose, but the condition was generally as new, and the title-pages, dedica

tion and contents were complete.-ED.) 141 St. John (C.) A Tour in Sutherlandshire, 2 vol., original cloth, 1849, 8vo. (9)

Hunter, 16s. 142 Sclater' (P. L.) Monograph of Birds forming the Tanagrine

Genus Calliste, coloured plates, M. Verreaux's copy, with notes by him, half bound, 1857, 8vo. (122) Sotheran, £2 Sotheby, Wilkinson and Hodge, October 28th, etc., 1901.


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143 Sclater and Hudson. Argentine Ornithology, 2 vol., coloured

plates, original slate boards, 1889, 8vo. (60) Quaritch, £ 1 6s. 144 Seebohm (H.) Siberia in Europe, first edition, presentation

copy from the author, cloth, 1880, 8vo. (8) Sotheran, £2 145 Shelley (G. E.) A Monograph of the Nectariniidae, or Family

of Sun Birds, 121 coloured plates, half morocco, 1876-80, 4to. (149)

Edwards, £3 146 Sowerby (James). English Botany. Coloured Figures of British

Plants, edited by Boswell Syme, third edition, 12 vol.,

original green cloth, 1863, 8vo. (63) Sotheran, £14 147 Stevenson (H.) Birds of Norfolk, 3 vol., cloth, 1866-90 (15)

Sotheran, £3 35. 148 Thompson (W.) Natural History of Ireland. Birds, Mam

malia, etc., 4 vol., original cloth, 1849-56 (14) Quaritch, £2 149 Voyage autour du Monde sur la Frigate “La Venus,” com

mandée par Abel du Petit-Thouars (Zoologie, Mammifères, Oiseaux, etc.), 8vo. text, and large folio atlas of coloured plates, 2 vol., half calf, Paris, 1846-55, folio (139)

Bumpus, £3.55. 150 Wilson (O. S.) Larvæ of the British Lepidoptera, and their

Food Plants, coloured plates, original green cloth, 1880, 8vo. (62)

£I 125. 6d. 151 Yarrell (Wm.) History of British Birds, fourth edition, revised

by Newton and Saunders, 4 vol., half morocco, some correc

tions in ink, 1871-85, 8vo. (24) Fitzgerald, £3 12s. 6d. 152 Zoologist (The), third series, vol. 1 to 20—fourth series, vol. 1 to 3, half calf, 1877-99, and 8 numbers of 1900 (36)

Wheldon, £1 155.



(No. of Lots, 1585; amount realised, £1,659 is.)

153 Ackerman's Repository of Arts, Literature, Fashions, etc.,

second series, vol. iii. xiv. (wanted vol. x.)—third series, vol. i.-xii

. (in 17 vol.), together 28 vol., numerous coloured plates of costumes, furniture, etc., half calf, 1817-28, 8vo. (1435)

Rimell, £6 ios. 154 Adolphus (J.) The British Cabinet of Portraits of Illustrious

Personages, 2 vol. in 1, 50 portraits by Harding, russia (one

cover loose), 1799-1800, royal 4to. (1570) Maggs, £3 35. 155 Akerman (J. Y.) Tales of other Days, illustrated by G.

Cruikshank, first edition, calf extra, uncut, t. e.g., by Rivière, 1830, 8vo. (75)

Řidler, £i 2s.

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156 Anderson (J.) Constitutions of the Antient Fraternity of Free

and Accepted Masons, new edition, revised by J. Noorthouck, frontispiece, calf rebacked, 1784, 4to. (324)

Ridler, £3 35. 157 Bacon (Sir F.) The Twoo Bookes of the Proficience and

advancement of Learning, first edition, stained and title written on, 1605–Essays and Counsels, 1625—Remaines, 1648-Certaine Miscellany Works, 1629, in 1 vol., some leaves injured, sold not subject to return, old calf, 1605-48, 4to. (1109)

Richards, £25 158 Bacon (Francis, Lord). Essaies, newly written, some leaves

stained, original binding (broken), J. Haviland, 1625, 4to. (626)

Quaritch, £10 5s 159 Behn (Mrs. A.) Plays, Histories and Novels, with Life and

Memoir, 6 vol., LARGE PAPER, portraits and plates, J. Pearson, 1871, 8vo. (799)

Hitchman, £2 16s. 160 Bewick (T.) Poems of Goldsmith and Parnell, cuts by Bewick, first issue, half morocco gilt, g. e., 1795, 4to. (304)

Walford, Li 6s. 161 Boord (A.) The Breviarie of Health, 2 vol. in 1, black letter,

half calf, T. East, 1575, 4to. (1097). Pickering, 2 8s. 162 Brassey (Sir Thomas). The British Navy: its Strength,

Resources and Administration, 5 vol., illustrations, 1882-3, 8vo. (87)

Edwards, fi 163 British Essayists (The), with Prefaces, historical and bio

graphical, by A. Chalmers, 30 vol., portraits, half bound, Boston, 1856, 8vo. (260)

Ridler, £1_75. 164 British Essayists (The), edited, with Prefaces, by James Fer

guson, vol. i. to xliv. (should be 45 vol.), morocco gilt, g.e., 1819, 8vo. (64)

Edwards, 64 165 British Musical Miscellany, or the Delightfull Grove, a Col

lection of English and Scotch Songs, with Music, frontis

pieces, 6 vol. in 3, calf, circa 1730, 4to. (297) Ridler, £2 2s. 166 Byble (The), that is to say all the Holy Scripture . . . truly

and purely translated into English, and nowe lately with greate industry and diligence recognized, black letter, with all the woodcut titles, the first being in facsimile, last leaf of text mended and half supplied in MS. facsimile, leaf of table and colophon in facsimile, also wanted two leaves of calendar, otherwise good copy, oaken boards, metal bosses, Day and Seres, 1549, folio (765)

Bull, £5 7s. 6d. [Matthew's version, produced under the editorship of Edmund Becke, by whom the dedication was written, as well as many notes, which are to be found in no other edition of the Bible.' This Bible has five title pages, and is illustrated with woodcuts that begin each Gospel, each

being a figure of the Evangelist with his emblem.-ED.] 167 Byron (Lord). Letter to ****

****** (John Murray) on Bowles Strictures on Pope, first edition, 1821-and others on the same subject, in i vol., calf-Sheridan (R. B.) An Ode to Scandal, 1819– Don Juan, Canto III., first edition, uncut, 1821 – Clark (E.) Miscellaneous Poems, uncut,

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