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g-ai-t n-o-t d-e-bt b-a-d d-i-g

g-o-d d-u-b f-a-te g-o-t p-e-t m-a-d f-i-g n-o-d

t-u-b b-a-sely d-o-tted b-e-tter s-a-dden g-i-ggle b-o-dy b-u-bble W-a-kefulc-o-ttage p-e-ttish m-a-ddest d-i-gger s-o-dden d-o-uble


1.— Long Quantities,and IndefiniteSyllables. [The object in view in these exercises, is, to enable the student to trace distinctly the wide scope of " expression ” afforded by “ indefinite” syllables, for the full prolongation of all elements which imbody the sounds of passion and emotion. " Time,” in elocution, is the opportunity of effect, which inattention and rapidity throw away. Young readers, in particular, need much practice in this department; as they incline to haste and slight“ expression.'

The mode of performing these exercises, should be regulated with a view, at first, to the fullest effect of expressive sound. Afterwards, the style may be reduced in effect, as the consecutive reading of whole pieces may require. In vocal training, as in athletic exercise, the object of practice is, sometimes, to execute a given feat, with a view to its effect on habit, - to gain the power of putting forth, on requisite occasions, a maximum of effort, in an easy, graceful, and appropriate manner.] Grief:-"Oh! I have lost you all!

Parents, and home, and friends."
Courage:- " Come one, come all !— this rock shall fly

From its firm base as soon as I.”
Awe :-“ My heart is awed within me, when I think

Of the great miracle that still goes on

In silence round me.”. Sublimity : -" Hail! holy Light! offspring of Heaven first

born.” Disdain : -“None left but by submission; and that word

Disdain forbids me." Shouting : -“. To arms! to arms! to arms !' they cry.” Regret :-"Ah! why will kings forget that they are men,

And men that they are brethren ?" Delight :-“ The balmy breath of incense-breathing morn"

O my soul's joy!Fear :-“While the deep thunder, peal on peal, afar"Triumph : Io! they come, they come!”

Misery :-“ Wailing and woe, and grief, and fear, and pain." Horror : .“ He woke- to die- midst flame and smoke

And shout and groan and sabre stroke". Calling : :-“ Awake! arise! or be forever fallen!" Defiance : -" Thy threats, thy mercy, I defy!

“I give thee, in thy teeth, the lie!Denial : .“ The truth of his whole statement I do most per

emptorily deny." Challenge :-“Pale, trembling coward! there I throw my


“ Draw, villain, draw, and defend thy life!” Exultation :-" Poison, and Plague, and yelling Rage are

fled!” Adoration :-“Air, earth, and sea, resound His praise

abroad!” Melancholy :-"Old Ocean’s gray and melancholy waste Grandeur :—“ Roll on, thou deep and dark blue ocean, roll!

Ten thousand fleets sweep over thee in

vain!Anger : .“ And dar’st thou, then,

To beard the lion in his den,

The Douglas in his hall ?
And hop'st thou hence unscathed to go ?-

No! by Saint Bride of Bothwell, no!
Pathos : “For I am poor and miserably old !”
Command: “ Chieftains forego!

The man who strikes makes me his foe."

Hold, hold! for your lives !”
“ Hold, hold! the general speaks to you;-

hold, for shame!”
Earnest Entreaty : :-“ Hear me! oh! hear me!”
Despair :

“ Farewell fear !

Farewell remorse!” Madness :

“Evil! be thou my good!” Pity: -- “ Sickness, and want, and feeble, trembling

age Distraction : “ Blow, wind, and crack your cheeks! rage!

blow !

Gloom :- “ Thou drear and howling wilderness !”
Vastness and Sublimity :-“ Boundless, endless, and sub-

Self-reproach :-“O fool! fool! fool!”
Commiseration :

:-"Poor fool and knave, I have one part in

my heart

That 's sorry yet for thee !
Imprecation : “ Strike her young bones,

You taking airs, with lameness !
You nimble lightnings, dart your blinding


Into her scornful eyes !Accusation : .“ Nathan said unto David, “Thou art the

“ All the treasons, for these eighteen years,

Complotted and concocted in this land,
Fetch from false Mowbray their chief spring

and head.”
Joy : ." Joy, joy! shout, shout aloud for joy!
Fear:-“ With noiseless foot she treads the marble floor."
Grief:— “ The Niobe of nations! there she stands

Childless and crownless, in her voiceless woe!“Oh! pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth,

That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!” Sorrow : “ Ah! lady, now full well I know

What 't is to be an orphan boy!Delight :

“Of pure now purer air

Meets his approach,"

“Of bloom ethereal the light-footed Dews.”2.- Short Quantities,and Immutable" Syllables. [The object in view, in the following examples, is to exhibit the

explosive” mode of utterance, and to impart the power of concentrating and condensing expression into the shortest sounds. Instantaneous execution is, in these examples, the point to be aimed at ; the voice to be charged with the utmost impetuous force of utterance, on every expressive syllable ; and any approach to prolongation to be carefully avoided, as tending to weaken the proper effect. The “explosion,” in many of these instances, should resemble the startling abruptness of a sudden and violent blow.)

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Wrath : :-“ Back to thy punishment! false fugitive." Maddened Resolve :- “I'll fight till from my bones my

flesh be hacked!" Reproach :- “Up! sluggards, up!”

Wicked, remorseless wretch !”

“O fickle fool!” Indignation :—" Thou impious mocker, hence!”

"Be ready, gods, with all your thunder

bolts !

Dash him in pieces!” Terror : “Whence is that knocking ?” Command :

:-“ Sound, tuckets !” Scorn:-“ You, wretch! you could enjoy yourself, like a butcher's dog in the shambles, battening on garbage, while the slaughter of the brave went on around you.” Contempt : “ Thou tattered starveling!”

“ The swaggering upstart reels!” Mirth : .“ Come, and trip it, as ye go,

On the light fantastic toe !" Boasting :-“I have seen the day, with my good biting


I would have made them skip!”. Threatening :-“ This day's the birth of sorrows: this

hour's work

Will breed proscriptions!” Scorn :

“Faithful to whom ? to thy rebellious crew!

Army of fiends!—fit body to fit head ! Amazement : “ What! fifty of my followers at a clap!” Revenge : “Batter their walls down, raze them to the

ground!” Shouting : Victory! victory! Their columns give

press them while they waver; and the day is ours !” Anger :--" Thou muttering, malapert knave !"

Derision :-“ Ay! sputter away, thou roasting apple !
Spit forth thy spleen! 't will ease thy heart.”
Horror :

· I could not say, Amen,
When they did say, God bless us !



“ Amen
Stuck in my throat!”
Warning:-"Bitterly shall ye rue your folly!”
Indignation : ." But this very day,

An honest man, my neighbor, — there he

stands, Was struck, -struck like a dog, - by one

who wore

The badge of Ursini,”Remorse :

Whip me, ye

devils ! From the possession of a sight like this."

3.-Variable Quantities," and "Mutable" Syllables. [The design of the following exercises, is to attract the student's attention to the partial change of " quantity,” which emotion produces on “mutable" syllables, according to the characteristic tone, in each instance. True, natural, and full “ expression,” requires, for example, that awe, solemnity, reverence, and similar feelings, should be uttered with a comparative prolongation of “ quantity," when the structure of syllables will admit the change, and that hurry, agitation, alarm, and other moods of mind tending to the same effects, should be expressed with a rapid enunciation, and “ quantities ”ren dered as brief as possible.]


1. —Impatience, and Revenge. [MACDUFF, AFTER HEARING OF

ORDER OF MACBETH.) - Shakspeare.

“But gentle Heaven,

Impatience : (S. q.")
“ Cut short all intermission : front to front,
Bring thou this fiend of Scotland and myself;

Revenge: (L. q.?)
“ Within my sword's length set him ; — if he 'scape,
Heaven forgive him too !”

1 Shorter quantity.

2 Longer quantity.

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