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Codet's Commentary on Luke.
A Commentary on the Gospel of St. Luke. By F. GODET, Doctor and Professor of

Theology, Neufchatel. ì'ranslated from the Second French Edition. With Preface and Notes by John Hall, D.D. New edition, printed on heavy paper. 2 vols., paper,

584 pp. (Standard Series, octavo, Nos. 51 and 52), $2.00; 1 vol., 8vo, cloth, $2.50. Howard Crosby, D D., LL.D., says:-“I consider mentary is one for which Christian scholars should Godet a man of soundest learning and purest or- everywhere be grateful. It is full and refreshing." thodoxy. His Luke would be a most acceptable

The Advance, Chicago, III., savs: “Prof. Godet is publication in the form you suggest."

abundantly learned, thoroughly devout and sound. Wm. M. Taylor, D.D., says: “I consider Godet His style is fresh and often highly sugges ive." an admirable commentator for clearness and sug- The Central Christian Advocate, St. Louis, Mo., gestiveness."

says: "In Godet we find the highest crirical skill Lyman Abbott, D.D., editor Christian Union, says; and a devout spirit. We can commend it without “Godet's Commentary combines the critical and reserve to teachers and students." the spiritual, perhaps more effectually than any The Zion's Herald, Boston, Mass., says: "As a other with which I am acquainted "

commentator. Godet is eminently clear, orthodox The Congregationalist, Boston, says: "A book of

and suggestive. He meets all the destructive critirichest and most permanent value to aid in study.

cism of the hour upon the sacred text and its ing Sabbath-school lessons-clear, thorough, criti

authenticity, with a firmness of conviction and cal, suggestive, inspiring

fullness of learning which are refreshing while in

exegetical and homiletical notes he leaves nothing The Sunday School Times, Pa., says: “Godet's Com. to be desired.Gospel of Mark. From the Teacher's Edition of the Revised New Testament, with Harmony of the

Gospels, List of Lessons, Maps, etc. Paper, 15 cents; Cloth, 50 cents. Half-Dime Hymn Book. Standard Hymns. With Biographical Notes of their Authors. Compiled by Rev.

EDWARD P.THWING. 32mo, paper, 96 pp. Each, 6c.; in lots of fifty or more, 5c. Hand-Book of Illustrations. The Preacher's Cabinet. A Hand-Book of Illustrations. By Rev. EDWARD P. THWING,

author of “Drill-Book in Vocal Culture,” “Outdoor Life in Europe.” etc. Fourth

edition. 2 vols., 12mo, paper, 144 pp., 50 cents. Home Altar, The Home Altar : An Appeal in Behalf of Family Worship. With Prayers and Hymns

for Family Use. By Rev. CHARLES F. DEEMS, LL.D., pastor of the Church of the

Strangers. Third edilion. 12mo, cloth, 281 pp., 75 cents. Bishop McTyeire says: “ This little volume we Rev. W. H. Hunter, Pittsburgh, says: “ The aphave read again and again, and cannot speak too peal contained in it for family worship is the most well of it. There will be hardly any need of preach- powerful and persuasive we have ever read, and, it ing on family prayers where it circulates."

seems to ns, must be irresistible." Rev. Dr. Summers says : “ It seems impossible to Rev. Dr. Crooks says: “It is one of the ablest rea i it, and continue delinquent in regard to the essays on the subject we have ever read." duty in question. The prayers are all catholic and Rev. Dr. Wellons says: “The argument in favor scriptural

of family worship is perfecăly irresistible." Homiletic Monthly. The Homiletic Monthly. A Magazine of Sermons and other matter of Homiletic in

terest and instruction. (Subscription price, $2.50 per year ; single numbers, 25

cents.) Vols. III., IV., V., each 8vo, cloth, 724 pp., $3.00. The N. Y. Christian Intelligencer says: "The powerful utterances of the American and foreign editor has made this monthly a necessity to thou. pulpit." sands of ministers"

John Greenfield, D.D., British Chaplain of Rouen, Hrward Crosby, D.D., LL.D., Chancellor of the

France, says: “ We have nothing in England half University of New York, says: " It furnishes a

so good, in form or contents." library of sermons.'

Sylvester F. Scovel, D.D., Pittsburg, Pa., says: “I Joseph 1. Duryea, D.D., says: “A service to us

am delighted with the deatness, compactness and all. Am grateful for it."

richness of the MONTHLY. Success to its truthZion's Herald, Boston, says: “This periodical freighted, suggestive and comprehensive pages." presents, from month to month, far the best col.

The St. Louis Observer says: “ This monthly is of lection of sermons that is published."

wonderful value to ministers. The Chicago Advance says: “ Valuable addition to gestions and thoughts are the finest of the living the homiletic literature of our times."

ministry to day." The Christian Advocate, Buffalo, N. Y., says: "A The Central Methodist says: "The most complete rich treasury of the ripest thoughts and the most publication of its character in the country.The Homilist. By DAVID THOMAS, D.D., author of "The Practical Philosopher,” “ The Philosopby of

Happiness,” etc., etc. Vol. XII. Editor's Series (complete in itself). 12mo, cloth,

368 pp. , printed on tinted paper, $1.25. The Homilist is a very popular English work. It ume which we have published is the twelfth of the was originally issued in serial form, and afterward editor's series. bound in volumes; over forty volumes have been The great popularity of the Homilist may be seen published. Each vol ime is entirely separate from in the fact that more than 140,000 volumes have the others, and is sold as a distinct book. The vol- been sold in England.

The above works wili be sent by mail, postage paid, on receipt of the price.

The sug

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How to Pay Church Debts.
How to Pay Church Debts, and How to Keep Churches out of Debt. By Rev. SYLVANDS

STALL 12mo, cloth, 280 pp., $1.50.
The Appeal, Chicago, Ill., says: "The author has

The Lu heran Obserort, Philadelphia, saya : "The given the subject much study, and the book prom. book contains plans and methods whics have been ises to be of great value to the thousands of churches to-day burdened with debt, or struggling

successfully tried by pastors and congregations all to meet current expenses."

over the country."

The Prrsbyterian Journol, Philadelphia, Pa., aye: The Christian Union, New York, says: "To any " It gives an abundance of plans and methods for troubled church or rastor, pining away under pe- raising money for each and every department of cuniary difficulties, the suggestions here made can- church work, and will be invaluable for all denonnot fail to bring relief.”

inations." Metropolitan Pulpit. Metropolitan Pulpit, The. Containing carefully prepared Condensations of Leading

Sermons, preached in New York and Brooklyn, Outlines of Sermons preached elsewhere, and much other Homiletic matter. Vol. I. Royal 8vo, cloth, 206 pp., $1.50. Vol. II., cloth, enlarged. (Metropolitan Pulpit and Homiletic Monthly.) Royal 850,

388 pp., $2.75. Per set, Vols. I, and IL, $4.00. Murphy's Commentary. A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Book of Exodus. With a New Translation

By JAMES G. MURPHY, D.D. New edition, unabridged. With preface and Notes by

Dr. John Hall. 2 vols., 8vo, paper, 233 pp., $1.00; 1 vol., cloth, $1.50. Pastor's Record. The Pastor's Record for Study, Work, Appointments and Cboir for one year. Pre

pared by Rev. W. T. WYLIE. 12mo, paper, 50 cents; clotb, 75 cents; leather, $1.00. Popery, Popery the Foe of the Church and of the Republic. By Rev. JOSEPH S. VAN DYKE,

author of "Throngh the Prison to the Throne," etc. 8vo, cloth, 304 pp., $1.00. The Rev. Alexander T. McGill, D.D., Protessor in tral Congregational Church, Boston, Mass., sage: the Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey, " I have read with interest and profitthe work ensays: " I most earnestly commend it as an effort titled, “ Popery the foe, etc. It is an excellent of great merit, in the diligence and skillful array of summary of principles and facts bearing upon the the facts which are of such fearful moment to the controversy with the Papal Church. The arrangeChurch and to the country at this hour. This book ments and appeals are sound and strong. It is a will do great good in awakening the apathy, and timely contribution to the cause of true religion engaging a more earnest inquiry among Protestant and civil liberty.”. people respecting the insidious, busy, and baleful The Rev. M. C. Sutphen, D.D., says: “Eminently advances of this anti-Christian power."

able and timely. It will go like fire, and I hope

will be a part of the brightness of that coming The Rev. Joseph T. Duryea, D.D., Pastor of Cen. which will destroy the man of sin."" Studies in Mark. A Critical, Exegetical and Homiletical Treatment of the S. S. Lessons for 1882 for tbe

use of Teachers. Pastors and Parents. New, Vigorous, Practical. By Rev. D. C. HOGHES, Editor of the International Sunday-School Lesson Department of " The

Homiletic Mon'hly.Evo, cloth, $1.00. Teacher's Edition of the Revised New Testament. With New Index and Concordance, Harmony of the Gospels, Maps, Parallel Passages in

full, and many other Indispensable Helps. All most carefully Prepared. For Full P-rticulars of this Invaluable Work, send for Prospectus. Price in Cloth, $1.50. Other Prices from $2.50 to $10.00. (See, on another page. what eminent

clergymen and others say of this work.) Geo. 1. Pentecost, D.D, Brooklyn, says:


inherit every good thing which has been done for short of indi-pensable to every Minister, Teacher the Authorized Version from 1611 down." and Bible Student."

James McCosh, D.D, LL.D. Princeton College, Wm. M. Taylor, D.D., New York, says: "A valu

says: "Admirably suited to teachers." able, comprehensive and easily intelligible aid.”

Henry Ward Beecher says: "Many of its features J, O. Peck, D. D., Brooklyn, N. Y., says: “The are improvements upon any other edition I have margin is rich in wealthy things, and the whole seen." work is worthy of its comprehensive designs. I Dr. Leonard Baron, D D.,Yale College, says: "More nominate it to a grand success."

help in the right understanding of the sacred S. S. Scov ll, D.D., Pittsburgh, Pa., says:

** Your text than is given by many a voluminous Com. • Teachers' Edition' will make the Revised Version | mentary." These Sayings of Mine. “These Sayings of Mine." Pulpit Notes on Seven Chapters of the First Gospel. By

JOSEPH PARKER, D.D. With an introduction by Dr. Deems. 8vo, cloth, 320 pp., $1.50. Dr. Holme, in Hom. MONTHLY says: “We especially lead a storming party rather than Mr. Spurgeon: congratulate ourselves that these sermons he has more enthusiasm, and imparts more to his printed essentially as they were delivered; they followers at a given charge than the other great have not been retouched nor polished : they London preacher. Seeming to forget all rules, Dr. are here just as they fell on the ears of the masses | Parker rushes forward with resistless energy, and who listened to them at their delivery, in their thrusts the bayonet point of truth right into the native roughness and brokenness. Dr. Parker al- heart of his antagonist.” ways has a clear apprehension of the point ne The London Christian World Pulpit says: "We would make, and he makes' directly at it with have no hesitation in describing these 'expositions, the boldness and dash of a soldier when storming for such they really are, as most luminous in their a fort. We think we would select Dr. Parker to interpretation of the Divine sayings. they glow

The above works will be sent by mail, postage paid, on receipt of the price.




with hcly fire, and they are in pira'ional alike to make sturlier efforts in Christ's name.. The intellect, conscience and heart. It is pre-eminently prayers which accompany them are ramarkable a book for preachers. We pity the Christian who for tenderness and power." is not stimulated and helped by this volume, placed so easily within the reach of all The volume has

The St. Louis Presbyterian says : " The reader interested us beyond measure at times; it has

will find much to delight, much to instruct, much thrilled us with vital convictions of truth, and, at

to edify." the last page, like 'Oliver Twist.' we want more.” The Syracuse Northern Christian Adrocate says:

The Boston Congregationalist says: “ They are ex- "For richness, originality and vividness of thought, ceedingly stirring sermons in the best sense. . and for force of expression, these sermons are not They rouse the reader to take fresh courage and surpassed by any in the English language." Through the Prison to the Throne. Through the Prison to the Throne. Illustrations of Life from the Biography of

Joseph By Rev. JOSEPH S. VAN DYKE, author of “Popery the Foe of the Church

and of the Republic." 16mo, cloth. 254 pp., $1.00. Van Doren's Commentary. A Suggestive Commentary on Luke, with Critical and Homiletical Notes. By W.

H. VAN DOREN, D.D. Edited by Prof. James Kernaban, London. 4 vols., paper,

1104 pp. (Standard Series, octavo, Nos. 54–57), $3 00; 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, $3.75. Spurgeon says: " It teems and swarms with homi. Bishop Cheeny says: “I know of no volume in my letic hints"

library I could not consent to spare sooner.' Canon Ryle says: " It supplies an astonishing Dr. Chrever says: “It is the best Multum in Parvo amount of thought and criticism."

I have ever seen.' Young's New Version of the Holy Bible. Translated according to the Letter and Idioms of the Original Langnages. By ROBERT

YOUNG, LL.D., Author of the “ Analytical Concordance to the Bible," etc. Second

revised edition. 8vo, cloth 782 pp., $4.00. The Rev. W. Orme, London, writes: "Your labors

a translation of the Scriptures would be of invaluable I regard as furnishing a most valuable contribution to use to ordinary readers, inot as superseding our timea better knowledge of the Word of God."

honored version, but as supplementary to it), that The Rev. Adam Stuart Muir, D.D., Leith, writes :

would be an exact counterpart of the Hebrew-ren" Having examined, with much care. the New

dering the Hebrew words and phrases uniformly, or as Translation of the Holy Scriptures by Mr. Robert

nearly so as possible, by the same English words and Young. I have much pleasure in testitying to its close

phrases, giving the tenses and moo is exactly as they

are in the original; in a word causing the Scriptures to adherence to the original Hebrew. The style throughout is strikingly picturesque and frequently dramatic,

present to the English reader not only the sime gen

eral meaning, but even the same minute shades of while many of the emendations are peculiarly felicit

thought and feeling which they present to those faous."

miliar with the original tongues. Mr. Young's translaThe Rev. W. G. Blaikie, D.D., F.R.S.E., of the tion seems to be admirably adapted to meet this want, North British Review, writes : “ I have often felt that and I hope to see it become a Standard Work."


Leila ; 'or, The Siege of Granada; and, The Coming Race; or, The New Utopia. By

EDWARD BULWER, Lord Lytton. 12mo, leatherette, 284 pp., 50 cents; cloth, 75 cents. Carlyle's Sartor Resartus,

Sartor Resartus; The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdrockh. By THOMAS CAR. LYLE. Paper, 176 pp. (Standard Series, octavo, No. 60), 25 cents; 8vo, clotb, 60 cents. Dr. John Lord says: “ Every page is stamped with philosopher, and on the homely topic of the phil. genius. It shows pictures of the struggle of the osophy of clothes, he has brought together much of soul which are wonderful."

the deepest speculation, the finest poetry, the no. Applelon's Encyclopædia, 1860 edition, "Carlyle,” blest morals, and the wildest humor that his or page 413, says: " In the course of the year 1833-4, any age has produced." he published in Froser's the most peculiar and re- The B'p'ist Remew of his book says: “You find markable of all his works-the quaint, the whim- passages brimful humor, scathing in their sarsical, the profound, the humorous, and the poetic casm, crystalline in their simplicity, tearful in

Sartor Resartus,' into which he seems to have their pathos, splendid in their beauty. You meet
poured all the treasures of his mind and heart. a freshness like that of a spring morning, a suggest-
Under the eccentric guise of a vagabond German iveness that is electric to the soul."
Communism not the Best Remedy. A pamphlet for the times containing the following

three great discourses in full: “Social Inequalities and Social Wrongs." by J. H. Rylance, D.D.; "* How a Rich Man may become Very Poor, and a Poor Man Very Rich," by Theodor Christlieb, D.D.; “Vanities and Verities,” by Rev. C. H. Spur

geon. 8vo., paper, 10 cents. Dickens' Christmas Books. A Christmas Carol, The Chimes, The Cricket on the Hearth, The Battle of Life, The

Haunted Man. By CHARLES DICKENS. 2 vols., paper, 270 pp. (Standard Series, octavo, Nos. 48 and 49), 50 cents; 1 vol., 8vo, cloth, 75 cents. Beach The above works will be sent by mail, postage paid, on receipt of the price.

Disraeli's Lothair.
Lothair. By Rt. Hon. B. DISRAELI, Earl of Beaconsfield. 2 vols., paper, 256 pp.

(Standard Series, octavo, Nos. 61 and 62), 50 cents: 1 vol., 8vo, cloth, $1.00. Drill Book in Vocal Culture: Drill.Book in Vocal Culture and Gesture. By Rev. Prof. EDWARD P. THWING. Sixth

edition. 12mo, manilla, 115 pp., 25 cents. Five Remarkable Discourses. “The Voice of God in us," by R. S. STORRS, D.D.; “Jesus as a Poet;" by Thomas

ARMITAGE, D.D. “Protestantism a Failure"-two lectures delivered by F. C. EWEE; “The Signs of the Times—Is Christianity Failing?" by HENRY WARD BEECHEB. 8vo.

paper, 66 pp., 15 cents. Cuizot's Life of Calvin. John Calvin. By M. Guizot, Member of the Institute of France. Áto, paper (Stand

ard Series, No. 47), 15 cents; cloth, 12mo, 160 pp., 50 cents. How to Enjoy Life Clergymen's and Students' Health; or, Physical and Mental Hygiene, the Trae Way

to Enjoy Life. By WILLIAM MASON CORNELL, M.D., LL.D., Fellow of the Massa chusetts Medical Society, Permanent Member of the American Medical Association.

Fifth Edition. 12mo, cloth, 360 pp., $1.00.
In Memoriam.-William Cullen Bryant.

A Funeral Oration. By HENRY W. BELLOWS, D.D. 8vo, paper, 10 cents.
Knight's History of England.
The Popular History of England. A History of Society and Government from the

Earliest Period to our own Times. By CHARLES KNIGHT. Tables of Contents. Index, Appendix, Notes and Letterpress unabridged." 8 vols., 4to, paper, 1370 pp. (Standard Series, Nos. 12–19), $2.80 ; 2 vols., 4to, cloth, $3.75 ; 4 vols., $4.40; 1 vol.,

sheep, $4.00; 2 vols., $5.00 ; 1 vol., Fr. im. morocco, $4.50; 2 vols., $5.50. This is the most complete, and in every way the most desirable History of England ever written. The former price of this History was $18.00 to $25.00.

Lord Brougham says: Nothing has ever ap- or for frequent reading, it is to be preferred to every peared superior, if anything has been published equal, to the account of the state of commerce, ** The very thing required by the popular taste government and society, at different periods.'

of the day."-Euinburgh Revier. Nrah Portor, D.D., LL.D., says:

"The best history extaut, not only for, but also tory of England, for the general reader, is Knight's of the people."-AU the Year Round. Popular History. For a single history which may “This work is the very best history of England serve for constant use and reference in the library, that we possess.''-London Standard, Lectures by Pere Hyacinthe.

Respect for the Truth,' The Reformation of the Family," The Moral Crisis."

Translated from the French by Rev. LEONARD WOOLSEY Bacon. 8vo, paper, 15 cents. Leech's Reply. A Magnificent Reply to Ingersoll's Attack on the Bible. By S. V. LEECH, D.D. Svo,

paper, 10 cents, Robert Raikes Centennial Addresses. The Addresses delivered at the Robert Raikes Centennial Celebration in New York,

by Rev. Drs. J. P. Newman, Thos. Armitage, Rufus W. Clark, Chas. S. Robinson,

R. S. Storrs, and others. 8vo, paper, 10 cents. 1 Standard Series-Class A, Fifteen Volumes by the most eminent Authors. Being Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6 and 7, 9 and

10, 11, 20 and 21, 32, 40, 41, 42, 43 of Standard Series. 15 vols., paper, 670 pp., $2.52.

1 vol., 4te, cloth, $3.50. Talks to Boys and Girls about Jesus. Edited by Rev. W. F. CRAFTS. Contains one or more sermons on each of the Interna

tional S. S. Lessons for 1882, by more than thirty of the world's ablest preachers to children. An excellent book for holiday presents; finely illustrated by twenty fall page engravings. 400 pages 12mo, cloth, $1.50.

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The above works will be sent by mail, postage paid, on receipt of the price.




of his age."


10 cents.


1. John Ploughman's Talk; or, Plain Ad- the English-of the people, as well as of their kingsvice to Plain People. By Rev. CHARLES

of the customs of the fireside, as well as the intrigues H. SPURGEON. On the Choice of Books. complishment of our wash in the History of England'

of the court-we acknowledge with gratitude the acBy THOMAS CARLYLE. Both in one. 12 by Charles Knight, one of the first literary benefactors

cents. 2. The Manliness of Christ. By Thomas 20 and 21. Letters to Workmen and HUGHES, author of Tom Broun at Rugby,

Laborers: Fors Clavigera. By John

RUSKIN, LL. D. In two parts. 30 cents. 3. Macaulay's Essays: Milton, Dryden, 22. Idyls of the King.. By Alfred Bunyan, History, Samuel Johnson (two

TENNYSON, Arranged in the order de. essays), Athenian Orators, and Robert

signed by the author. . 20 cents. Montgomery's Poems. By LORD MA- 23. Rowland Hill-His Life, Anecdotes CAULAY

15 cents.

and Pulpit Sayings. By Rev. VERNON 4. The Light of Asia; or, The Great Re

J. CHARLESWORTH. With introduction nunciation. Being the Life and Teach.

by Charles H. Spurgeon . ...15 cents. ing of Gautama, Prince of India and

24. Town Geology. By CHARLES KINGSFounder of Buddhism, as told in verse

LEY, Canon of Chester . 15 cents. by an Indian Buddhist. By EDWIN ARNOLD

.. 15 cents.
25. Alfred the Great.

By THOMAS The New York Tribune says: “Mr. Arnold has

HUGHES, author of Tom Brown at Rugby, constructed a poem, which, for affluence of imagina.


20 cents. tion, splendor of diction, and virise descriptive power, will not be matched among the most remarkable pro- 26. Outdoor Life in Europe. Sketches of ductions in the literature of the day.”

Men and Manners, People and Places, 5. Of the Imitation of Christ. By THOMAS during Two Summers Abroad. By Rev. à KEMPIS.

15 cents.

E. P. THWING. Illustrated. . . 20 cents. Canon Farrar says: “Among religious books con.

The Christian Intelligencer, N. Y., says: " While fessedly human, the Imitation of Christ' stands, for

on a level with the popular taste, and full of the au. diffusion and popularity, alone and unparalleled.

thor's characteristic vivacity, it is done in the style of The sweetest and humblest of books."

practical literary workmanship tur which he is dis.

tingiushed." 5 and 7. The Life of Christ. By F. W. 27. The Calamities of Authors. Includ.

FARRAR, D.D. Without Notes. Con. tents and Index in full. Two parts. 50 cts.

ing some inquiries concerning their

Moral and Literary Characters. By Isaac This is the most popular “ Life of Christ" which has been writen since

DISRAELI, author of Curiosities of Literathe Gospels were closed. Over 300.000 copies have been sold. It should be in ture, etc.

. 20 cents, every family. This Life, and the companion one of St. Paul, are of great value to the Sabbath-school 28. The Salon of Madame Necker teacher and all lovers of the bible.

(Mother of Madame De Staël). Taken 8. Carlyle's Essays: Goethe, Burns, from Documents among the Archives of

Luther's Psalm, Schiller, Memoirs of Coppet. Collected and edited by OTHEN. Mirabeau, Death of Goethe. By THOMAS IN D'HAUSSONVILLE. Translated from CARLYLE.

20 cents. the French, for the Standard Series, by 9 and 10. The Life and Work of St.

Mary Stuart Smith. Part I. (containing

Parts I. and II. of the original). 15 cents Paul. By F. W. FARRAR, D. D. Without Notes. Contents and Index in full. 29. Ethics of the Dust; or, The Elements In two parts .

50 cents. of Crystallization. By JOHN RUSKIN, The Congregationalist, Boston, says: “We think LL.D. Revised edition ..15 cents. that few will deny this to be probably the most interesting life of Paul ever published.”

30 and 31. Memories of My Exile. By

LOUIS KOSSUTH. Translated from the 11. On Self Culture : Intellectual, Physical and Moral. By Prof. JOHN STUART

original Hungarian by Ferencz Jausz. BLACKIE. .

Complete in two parts .. 10 cents

40 cents, 12 - 19 The Popular History of Eng. 32. Mister Horn and His Friends; or, land: A History of Society and Govern.

Givers and Giving. By MARK Guy ment from the Earliest Period to our

PEARSE. Illustrated with numerous EnOwn Times. By CHARLES KNIGHT

gravings and Character Sketches. 15 cents, Complete in eight parts.

This book is written in a masterly style, and is deBound in two vols cloth

signed to promote systematic giving in the church. It 3 75.

should be placed in the hands of every church memAilibone says: "Having long earnestly desired the ber. It is full of religious humor and satire and re. appearance of a complete History of England and of markable spiritual fervor.

The above works will be sent by miril, dostage paid, on receipt of the price.


$2 80

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