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[June 30, 1925]

CHARLES D. WALCOTT, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, keeper ex officio.

ALEXANDER WETMORE, Assistant Secretary, Smithsonian Institution.
WILLIAM DEC. RAVENEL, Administrative Assistant to the Secretary.



Walter Hough, head curator.

Division of Ethnology: Walter Hough, curator; H. W. Krieger, curator; H. B. Collins, jr., assistant curator; J. W. Fewkes, collaborator; Arthur P. Rice, collaborator.

Section of Musical Instruments: Hugo Worch, custodian.

Division of American Archeology: Neil M. Judd, curator; R. G. Paine, aid. Division of Old World Archeology: I. M. Casanowicz, assistant curator. Division of Physical Anthropology: Aleš Hrdlička, curator; P. C. Van Natta, aid.

Collaborator in Anthropology: George Grant MacCurdy.

Associates in Historic Archeology: Paul Haupt, Cyrus Adler. DEPARTMENT OF BIOLOGY:

Leonhard Stejneger, head curator; James E. Benedict, assistant curator.

Division of Mammals:-Gerrit S. Miller, jr., curator.

Division of Birds: Robert Ridgway, curator; Charles W. Richmond, associate curator; J. H. Riley, aid; Bradshaw H. Swales, honorary assistant curator; Edward J. Brown, collaborator; Alexander Wetmore, custodian of alcoholic and skeleton collections.

Division of Reptiles and Batrachians: Leonhard Stejneger, curator; Doris M. Cochran, aid.

Division of Fishes: Barton A. Bean, assistant curator.

Division of Insects: L. O. Howard, honorary curator; J. M. Aldrich, associate curator; William Schaus, honorary assistant curator; B. Preston Clark, collaborator: J. T. Barnes, collaborator.

Section of Hymenoptera: S. A. Rohwer, custodian; W. M. Mann, assistant custodian.

Section of Myriapoda: O. F. Cook, custodian.

Section of Diptera: J. M. Aldrich, in charge; Charles T. Greene, assistant custodian.

Section of Coleoptera: E. A. Schwarz, custodian.

Section of Lepidoptera: Harrison G. Dyar, custodian.

Section of Orthoptera: A. N. Caudell, custodian.
Section of Hemiptera: W. L. McAtee, acting custodian.

Section of Forest Tree Beetles: A. D. Hopkins, custodian.


Division of Marine Invertebrates: Waldo L. Schmitt, curator; C. R. Shoemaker, assistant curator; James O. Maloney, aid; H. K. Harring, custodian of the rotatoria; Mrs. Harriet Richardson Searle, collaborator; Max M. Ellis, collaborator.

Division of Mollusks: William H. Dall, honorary curator; Paul Bartsch, curator; William B. Marshall, assistant curator; Mary Breen, collaborator.

Section of Helminthological Collections: C. W. Stiles, custodian; B. H.
Ransom, assistant custodian.

Division of Echinoderms; Austin H. Clark, curator.

Division of Plants (National Herbarium): Frederick V. Coville, honorary curator; W. R. Maxon, associate curator; J. N. Rose, associate curator; P. C. Standley, associate curator; Emery C. Leonard, aid; Ellsworth P. Killip, aid.

Section of Grasses: Albert S. Hitchcock, custodian.

Section of Cryptogamic Collections; O. F. Cook, assistant curator.
Section of Higher Algae: W. T. Swingle, custodian.

Section of Lower Fungi: D. G. Fairchild, custodian.

Section of Diatoms: Albert Mann, custodian.

Associates in Zoology: C. Hart Merriam, W. L. Abbott, Mary J. Rathbun,

David Starr Jordan.

Associate Curator in Zoology: Hugh M. Smith.

Associate in Botany: John Donnell Smith.

Associate in Marine Sediments: T. Wayland Vaughan.

Collaborator in Zoology: Robert Sterling Clark.


George P. Merrill, head curator.

Division of Physical and Chemical Geology (systematic and applied):
George P. Merrill, curator; E. V. Shannon, assistant curator.

Division of Mineralogy and Petrology: F. W. Clarke, honorary curator;
W. F. Foshag, assistant curator; Frank L. Hess, custodian of rare
metals and rare earths.

Division of Stratigraphic Paleontology: R. S. Bassler, curator; Charles E.
Resser, associate curator; Jessie G. Beach, aid.

Section of Invertebrate Paleontology: T. W. Stanton, custodian of
Mesozoic collection; William H. Dall, associate curator of Cenozoic

Section of Paleobotany: David White, associate curator; F. H. Knowlton, custodian of Mesozoic plants; Edwin R. Pohl, aid.

Division of Vertebrate Paleontology: Charles W. Gilmore, curator; James

W. Gidley, assistant curator of mammalian fossils.

Associates in Paleontology: Frank Springer, E. O. Ulrich.

Collaborator in Paleontology, Richard M. Field.

Associate in Petrology: Whitman Cross..


William deC. Ravenel, director.

Division of Mineral and Mechanical Technology: Carl W. Mitman, curator; Paul E. Garber, assistant curator; F. A. Taylor, aid; Chester G. Gilbert, honorary curator of mineral technology.

DEPARTMENT OF ARTS AND INDUSTRIES, AND DIVISION OF HISTORY-Continued. Division of Textiles: Frederick L. Lewton, curator; Mrs. E. W. Rosson, aid. Section of Wood Technology: William M. N. Watkins, assistant curator.

Section of Organic Chemistry: Aida M. Doyle, aid.

Division of Medicine: Charles Whitebread, assistant curator.

Division of Graphic Arts: R. P. Tolman, assistant curator; Ralph C. Smith, aid.

Section of Photography: A. J. Olmsted, custodian.

Loeb Collection of Chemical Types: O. E. Roberts, jr., curator.


T. T. Belote, curator; Charles Carey, assistant curator; Mrs. C. L.
Manning, philatelist. Hortense Hoad, aid.


Chief of correspondence and documents, H. S. Bryant.
Superintendent of buildings and labor, J. S. Goldsmith.
Editor, Marcus Benjamin.

Engineer, C. R. Denmark.

Disbursing agent, N. W. Dorsey.

Photographer, A. J. Olmsted.

Property clerk, W. A. Knowles.

Assistant Librarian,

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