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KUGLER, Dr. H. G., Puerto Cabello, Venezuela (through Dr. W. P. Woodring): A collection of late Tertiary fossils from Trinidad (90473). KUMMEROW, E., Brandenburg

(Havel), Germany: 42 species of Ordovician and Silurian ostracods from Germany (88005). Exchange. LAING, GEORGE S., Santiago, Chile: Shoulder insignia of the 89th Division American Expeditionary Forces, during the World War (89998). LANGRIDGE, J., Wellington, New Zealand: 9 eggs and 1 skeleton of a bird from New Zealand (88751). Exchange.

LEUDERWALDT, H. (See under Museu Paulista, Sao Paulo.) LEVY, MAX, Philadelphia, Pa. (through Mr. Howard S. Levy): An Ives Kromskop; 5 Kromegrams, and a handbook (London, 1894) (92240), Loan.

LEWIS, Rev. C. S., Trenton, N. J.: 4 ferns (86347).

LEWIS, Miss STELLA M., Watertown, N. Y. 2 ferns from New York (88738, 89264).

LEWTON, F. L., Washington, D. C.: Specimen of bird (red-eyed vireo) collected locally, and 2 plants from Africa (88529, 89856).


under Mrs. John Willard.) LANKESTER, C. H., Cartago, Costa

Rica: 68 plants from Costa Rica (88173, 88735, 92322).

LAWRENCE AND CO. (See under Pacific Mills, Lawrence, Mass.) LEACH, J. G. (See under Minnesota,

University of.)

LECOMTE, Dr. H. (See under Museum d'Histoire Naturelle, Botanique, Paris, France.)

LEDING, A. R., Sacaton, Ariz.: 2 plants from Arizona (90689); plant and photograph of a plant (91378). LEIM, A. H., St. Andrews, New Bruns

wick, Canada: 2 specimens of amphipods, one representing a new genus, both collected at Campobello Island, Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia (88702).

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LENNON, Mrs. MARY, N. Y. City: English "Tower musket of the period of the Civil War (89002). LEON, Bev. Bro., Havana, Cuba: 142

plants collected in Querétaro, Mexico, by Bro. Basile (92321). LEONARD, Prof. A. G. (See under North Dakota, University of.) LEONARD, CLIFFORD SHATTUCK, New Haven, Conn.: 2 specimens of chemicals for Loeb collection of chemical types (88683).

LEONARD, EMERY C., Washington, D.

C.: 107 plants from Ohio and 24 from Elk Neck, Maryland (88946, 89033).

D. C.: Italian faience platter with relief figures (91776).

LIGON, J. STOKLEY, Fort Stockton,

Tex. Set of 3 eggs of the spotted owl, from New Mexico (88009); skeleton of a hawk from Texas (90686),

LILJESTRAND, Dr. S. H. Chengtu,

Szechuen, China: 12 plants from
China (86466).

LILLY, WILLIAM, N. Y. City: 5 specimens of chalk and flint from the island of Sjaelland, Denmark (89701).

LINCOLN, Dr. F. C., Washington, D. C.: 18 mollusks from Beaver Islands, Michigan (88989).

LINK, THEODORE A., La Porte, Ind.: Approximately 1,300 mollusks, 11 barnacles, 25 corals, and about 125 specimens of fossils from South America (86091); 14 specimens, 8 species, of land and fresh-water mollusks from the United States of Colombia (90715).

LINN, Dr. H. H., Kalamazoo, Mich.: 8

psychid cases from India (91451). LITTMANN, EDWIN ROBERT, Terre

Haute, Ind.: Sample of chemical for the Leob collection of chemical types (88810).

LLOYD, Prof. F. E., Montreal, Canada: 3 plants (88180, 89304). LONG, CHARLES, Columbus, Ohio: Approximately 200 fresh-water mollusks from Ohio (90464).

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LONG, The Misses, Washington, D. C.: Pair of Chinese hair ornaments brought from China in 1835 by Capt. Benjamin Bradford, son of John Bradford, Esq., of Mount Hope, R. I. (88929); candelabrum, 2 candlesticks, 2 china plates, tile, fan, and a ribbon belt, also 2 mahogany ottomans (89733). Loan. LOS ANGELES COUNTY HORTICULTURAL COMMISSIONER, Los Angeles, Calif. (through H. M. Armitage): 7 specimens of flies (90484).

LUCAS, A. M., St. Louis, Mo. (through

Prof. Harry M. Miller, jr.): 8 crustaceans from Woods Hole, Mass. (89282).

LUKE, MONTE, Sydney, Australia: 4 portraits and 2 landscape prints (90770).

LUNDBECK, Dr. WILL, Copenhagen, Denmark: 2 specimens of flies and 2 specimens of pupae (87761). change.


LUSBY, G. B., Olivet, Md.: 2 crabs (89532).

LYON, Dr. MARCUS W., Jr., South Bend, Ind.: 4 ferns from Indiana (89692).

(See also under Dr. H. T. Montgomery.)

LYON, W. I. (See under Inland Bird Banding Association.)


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MCADOO, Hon. WILLIAM, Blue Hill, Me.: Plant from Maine (88512). MCATEE, W. L., Washington, D. C.: 23 unidentified insects, of which 21 are Diptera (91896).

MCCAUSLAND, THOMAS G., Philipsburg, Pa.: Cast of a seed of a fernlike plant (89502). MCCLELLAN, GEORGE B., Washington,

D. C.: Confederate flag captured at Philippi, W. Va., June 3, 1861, by Company E, 7th Indiana Volunteers (91395).

MCCULLOCH, WALTER S., Albany, N. Y.: 2 United States flags flown on the locomotive which drew the fun20583-27-11

MCCULLOCH, WALTER S.-Continued. eral train of President Abraham Lincoln from Albany to Utica in April, 1865 (90668).

MACCURDY, Dr. GEORGE GRANT, New Haven, Conn.: 2 paleolithic stone implements from the surface at Sambariyeh, near Mutallah, headwaters of the Jordan, Palestine (92141).

(See also under Archæological Society of Washington.) MCEWEN, ALFRED, New York City: 5 microengravings and 6 microphotographs of microengravings and the original lead-pencil writing of a letter, of which a microengraving had previously been supplied and 2 photographs of the pantograph (89548).

McGRATH, JOHN. (See under Treasury Department.) MCGREGOR, A. G., Chicago, Ill.: Book entitled "U. S. Patent Office; Interference No. 17403, James W. McDonough v. John Joly" (91855). MCGREGOR, R. C. (See under Philippine Islands, Government of.) MCGUIRE, JAMES C., New York City: Ivory-headed cane made from a piece of the U. S. frigate Constitution and presented by Commodore J. D. Elliott to President James Madison; also 2 documents describing the history of the cane (89744). Loan.

MACKAY & DIPPIE (LTD.), Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Fossil shell from Alberta (89564). MCKELWAY, Dr. GEORGE I., Washington, D. C.: British saber of the latter part of the eighteenth century (90441).

MALLOCH, J. R., Washington, D. C.: Specimen of fly (89274).

MCNEILL, FRANK A. (See under Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia.)

MANDA, ROBERT F., West Orange, N. J.: 3 plants (cacti) from Oklahoma (91756). Exchange.

MANSFIELD, W. C. (See under Interior Department, United States Geological Survey.)

MARCUCCI, Sr. DON FRANCISCO, Moyuta, Guatemala: Seeds of plants (88135, 88872).

MCRAE, JOHN, Coatbridge, Scotland: 3 bromoils, "The Arch," "Ebbtide," and "Corner-Old World Garden" (88093). MARINE FISH HATCHERY AND BIOLOGICAL STATION, Dunedin, New Zealand (through Prof. M. W. Young) Marine plankton, mostly crustaceans, tunicates, and 4 fishes collected off the coast of New Zealand in the vicinity of the marine station (90716).

MARLOTH, R., Cape Town, Union of South Africa: 12 plant bulbs (87996). Exchange.


MARSHALL, BYRON C., Imboden, Ark. 5 insects; 13 isopods from Taylor Spring, southwest of Imboden; head of mongrel buffalo fish; small collection of insects; amphipods and 30 isopods all from York Spring, 8 insects and 4 spiders from Arkansas; 50 amphipods and 75 isopods collected by the donor near Imboden; 36 specimens of blind subterranean isopods collected at Imboden; 50 blind subterranean isopods from Imboden; 17 insects from Imboden; 2 camel crickets from Arkansas; cricket from Imboden; 22 plants from Arkansas; 10 insects, including 2 crickets and 8 roaches; 3 insects, Hemiptera, and 100 amphipods; 4 insects from Arkansas (87427, 87985, 88102, 88190, 88223, 88524, 88694, 88900, 89642, 89754, 89824, 89869, 90431, 90593, 91334).


6 birds, 17 skulls and 3 skins of small mammals, and an opossum ; all from Maryland (89596, 90501, 90638, 91710, 91877).

MARSHALL, GEORGE, Washington, D.

C.: Plant; 2 barred owls and a short-eared owl, all from Maryland (88171, 89593, 89747); 3 specimens of Bonaparte's gull (91746).

MARSHALL, HENRY R., Wilson, N. C.: Bird (surf scoter), and 5 birds from North Carolina (90500, 91025); skulls of 5 muskrats (90640). MARTINEZ, Sr. DON MAXIMINO, Mexico, Mexico: 180 plants (90001).

(See also under Mexico, Government of.) MARYLAND, UNIVERSITY OF, College Park, Md. (through Ernest N. Cory, State entomologist): 4 specimens of black flies (88038). MASARYK UNIVERSITY, BOTANICAL INSTITUTE OF, Brno, Czechoslovakia (through Dr. J. Podpera) 100 specimens (Century I) of plants from Czechoslovakia (89686). Exchange.

MASON, HENRY H., East Pensacola, Fla.: 32 specimens of fossil plants and a collection of Indian artifacts (89843).

MASSACHUSETTS MOHAIR PLUSH CO., Boston, Mass.: 9 samples of mohair pile upholstery fabrics (88049).


City: Nesting of a bird from Haiti (88924).

MAYER, Dr. EMIL, Vienna, Austria: 70 bromoils and bromoil transfers (89626). Loan.

MEINSHAUSEN, GEORGE, Norwood, Ohio: 11 wood engravings (88170). MELANDER, Prof. A. L., Pullman, Wash. 4 flies (89634). Exchange. MELBOURNE TECHNICAL SCHOOL, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia: Ordovician, Silurian and Tertiary fossils, and recent shells from Australia (84566). Exchange. MELLON INSTITUTE, THE, Pittsburgh, Pa.: Specimen of synthetic methanol and 6 specimens of derivatives therefrom (88996).

MERRILL, E. D. (See under California, University of.)

MERRILL, Miss KATHARINE, New York City: 78 etchings for special exhibition (90405). Loan.

METCALF, Dr. MAYNARD M., Baltimore, Md.: 128 frogs, a spider, and some fishes from South America (91668).


Direccion de Estudios Biologicos (through Maximino Martinez): Plant from Socorro Island, Mexico (88491); 70 plants collected on the islands off the western coast of Mexico (89266, exchange); (through A. L. Herrera) crayfish from the River Cupatitzie, State of Michoacan, Mexico (90633).

Department of Public Education (through Manuel C. Tellez, Ambassador of Mexico, Washington, D. C.): Bronze medal commemorating the celebration of the first centennial of the National Museum of Mexico (89708).

MICHELSON, Dr. TRUMAN, Washington, D. C.: Human skull found in the Sangell Valley, Oreg., by David B. Turner, and 3 complete skulls and 6 lower jaws of Hawaiians (91751).


Arbor, Mich. (through Norman A. Wood): One alcoholic and one body in alcohol of the Kirtland's warbler from Michigan (88064); (through Prof. G. M. Ehlers) approximately 100 specimens of Middle Devonian fossils from Ohio, and Mississippian fossils from southern Kentucky 150 specimens representing 30 species of Mississippian fossils from Kentucky (89765, 90581). Exchange.

MILLARD, Dr. F. P., Toronto, Ontario, Canada (through Dr. Riley D. Moore, Washington, D. C.): Copy of Millard's "Applied Anatomy of the Lymphatics" for the exhibit illustrating the principles of osteopathy (88870). MILLER, GERRIT S., Jr., Washing

ton, D. C.: Small collection of potsherds, etc., from Barbados, B. W. I. (88930).

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MILLER, Prof. R. C. (See under Washington, University of.) MILWAUKEE, WIS., SEWERAGE COMMISSION OF THE CITY OF: 13 photographic views and a booklet entitled "Description of Milwaukee's Activated Sludge Sewage Disposal Project" for exhibition with the sewage-disposal model presented by Auer (Inc.), of Milwaukee (91420).

MINER LABORATORIES, THE, Chicago, Ill.: A series of 39 specimens pertaining to the manufacture of furfural, etc. (89016). MINNESOTA, UNIVERSITY OF, Minneapolis, Minn. (through J. G. Leach) 4 specimens of flies, reared from diseased celery plants (88863); (through Dr. Frederick V. Coville) 5 plants (91347, exchange); plant (91439, exchange).

MINTON, Dr. HENRY B. (See under Dr. J. Perry Seward.)

MIRGUET, C. E., Washington, D. C.: Skeleton of a bat (88172).

MISER, H. D., Nashville, Tenn.: Ordovician and Silurian fossils from Tennessee (90767).

MISSOURI BOTANICAL GARDEN, St. Louis, Mo.: 3 plants (89844, 90365). Exchange.

MITCHELL, H. W. S., Anaradhapura, Ceylon (through Dr. Casey A. Wood): 2 birds, pheasant-tailed jacanas, from Ceylon (90832). MITCHELL, T. B. (See under North

Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering.)

MIYAZAKI COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE, Miyazaki-shi, Japan: 170 plants from Japan (92308). Exchange.

MOELLER, A. F., 10 plants (88044, 88183).

MOGLIE, A. F., Washington, D. C.: 52 specimens showing the manufacture of a violin (92339).

MOND NICKEL CO. (LTD.), THE, London, England: A nickel medal commemorating the twenty-fifth

anniversary of the Mond Nickel Co., 1925 (90753).

MONROE, PERCY R., Lynchburg, Va.:
plant (89269); plant (89301). Ex-
Caracas, Venezuela: Spider (89802).
MONTGOMERY, Dr. H. T., South
Bend, Ind. (through Dr. M. W.
Lyon, jr.): 7 shells (89823).
Montreal, Canada (through Brother
Victorin): 440 plants from Canada
(91292, exchange).


MOORE, D. MCFARLAN, Harrison, N. J.: 3 pieces of historical electrical apparatus-a vacuum tube, a vacuum-tube vibrator, and a telorama lamp (89571); a group of seven pieces of apparatus and 4 photographs illustrating stages in the development of the Moore gaseous and vacuum lamps (89990). MOORE, Dr. RILEY D. (See under American Osteopathic Association; Dr. George T. Hayman; Dr. F. P. Millard; A. T. Still Research Institute; Dr. Joseph Swart; Dr. G. C. Taplin; Dr. D. L. Tasker; Dr. William West.)

MORELLE, Capt. C. J., Washington, D. C. Engraving by J. C. Armytage (89552).

MOREY, Mrs. MILO, Gainesville, Fla. : Mounted black squirrel (89693). MORGAN, BRENT M., Washington,

D. C.: 5 bird skins from Neabsco, Virginia (89919, 92266).

MORGANS, A. E., Perth, Australia: 2 eggs of an emu from western Australia (89992).


ton, D. C.: Photo enlargement of one of the Atlantean figures which supported the alter of the Temple of the Warriors at Chichen Itza (89763).

(See also under Sr. Emilio Mosonyi.)

MORRILL, Dr. A. W., Los Angeles, Calif.: 5 grasshoppers (88845). MOSES, Mrs. RADFORD, Washington, D. C. Letter addressed to Dr. Henry King and bearing New York and St. Louis postmarks of 1843 (88698). MOSONYI, Sr. EMILIO, Mexico City,

Mexico (through Dr. Sylvanus G. Morley, Washington, D. C.): A jadeite carving probably from Oaxaca, southern Mexico (89553). MOTION PICTURE PRODUCERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF AMERICA (INC.). (See under R. L. Giffan, and Mrs. Eberhardt Schneider.) MOULTON, DUDLEY, San Francisco, Calif.: 25 slides representing 21 species of Thysanoptera (91865). MULFORD BIOLOGICAL EXPLORATION OF THE AMAZON BASIN (through Dr. H. H. Rusby, New York City): 369 plants from South America (89685).

MULFORD CO., H. K., Philadelphia,

Pa.; Replica of the gold medal presented by the H. K. Mulford Co. to the 18 drivers of the dog teams which carried diphtheria antitoxin from Nenana to Nome, Alaska, January-February, 1925, to relieve the scourge of diphtheria then raging in Nome (88822).

MULLAN, JOHN, Washington, D. C.: Bat (88182).

MUNDER, NORMAN T. A., Baltimore, Md. A broadside entitled "Wish," with a portrait of Benjamin Franklin, printed from wood blocks, engraved by Percy Grassby (89835); book, "The Story of Alexander Brown & Sons," an example of letterpress printing (90833). MUNRO, DANA G., Panama City, Panama: Mounted specimen of a bird (Quetzel) from Guatemala (88176).

MUNZ, Dr. PHILIP A. (See under Pomona College, Claremont, Calif.) MURIE, O. J., Washington, D. C.: 3 feet of willow ptarmigan from Alaska (90837).

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