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HYLAND, JACK, Washington, D. C.: Approximately 50 specimens of minerals and ores from Bolivia (90615); a large collection of minerals from Bolivia (90692). Deposit.

IHERING, VON, Dr. H., Budigen, Germany: 52 marine and fresh-water shells from South America (90807). Exchange.

ILLINGWORTH, Dr. J. F., Honolulu, Hawaii: 29 insects (85885, 88461). ILLINOIS STATE NATURAL HISTORY SURVEY DIVISION, Urbana, Ill. (through Dr. T. H. Frison): Paratype of one species of braconid parasite (90475). Exchange.

ILLINOIS, UNIVERSITY OF, Urbana, Ill.: 3 specimens of freshwater shells from Lake Quamichan, British Columbia (89897). INDUSTRIAL FIBRE CO. (INC.) THE, Cleveland, Ohio: 25 specimens showing stages in the manufacture of viscose rayon (92198). INLAND BIRD BANDING ASSOCIATION, Waukegan, Ill. (through W. I. Lyon, president): 2 specimens of flies (bird parasites) (90430). INSTYTUT NAUK ANTROPOLOGICZNYCH, Warsaw, Poland (through Prof. K. Stolywho, president): Cast of a "Neandearthaloid" skull from Poland (88997).


National Park Service, Platt National Park, Sulphur, Okla.: 21 plants from Oklahoma (89928). Grand Canyon National Park, Ariz. (through J. R. Eakin): Invertebrate fossils from Grand Canyon National Park (90495). Patent Office: 416 models of fire kindlers, lighters, lamps, projectile weapons for killing whales, candles, and musical instruments (88881).

U. S. Geological Survey: Set of glauconite specimens representing a paper entitled 'Optical Properties and Chemical Composition of Glauconite,"


INTERIOR DEPARTMENT-Con. U. S. Geological Survey-Con. C. S. Ross (88043); specimens of tin ores and chalmersite from the United States and Alaska (88095); two boxes of mineral specimens (88160); Miocene and Oligocene cetacean bones obtained by H. W. Hoots in the San Emigdio foothills of southern California (88191); the reference collection, consisting chiefly of rarer metal minerals, assembled by F. L. Hess (88518); a collection of bones obtained by James Gilluly, Salt Lake Meridian, west side of San Rafael Swell, Utah (89032); fossil fish scales, reptile teeth and bones, obtained by Dr. J. C. F. Siegfriedt, in the Fort Union formation at the Eagle coal mine, Bearcreek, Mont. (89273); rock specimens from Guatemala (89310); geological specimens from New Mexico and California, collected by J. M. Hill (89315); 59 specimens of ores from the Homestake mine, South Dakota (89580); chromite ore from the Kenai Peninsula, and tin ore from Seward Peninsula, Alaska (89621); mammalian remains collected in the Elk Hills oil field, by W. P. Woodring, and part of a skeleton of a Mosasaur from Hempstead County, Ark., collected by Paul Torrey and C. H. Dane (89652); suite of 13 rock specimens to illustrate the igneous formations described in Professional Paper 140-A of the United States Geological Survey (90705); suite of 20 rock specimens to illustrate the formation described in Water Supply Paper 539 of the United States Geological Survey (90706); several small lots of problematic undetermined bones from the marine Triassic of the Hawthorne and Tonopah quad

INTERIOR DEPARTMENT-Con. U. S. Geological Survey-Con. Bangles, Nevada (89737); suite of 15 specimens to illustrate the manganese ores and associated rocks described in Bulletin 690-F, United States Geological Survey (90744); specimens of zinc, lead, copper, cobalt, and vanadium minerals of the Goodsprings district, Nevada (90745); 104 specimens, 30 species, of recent mollusks from northern Alaska (collected by Sidney Paige) (89746); specimens from southern Nevada containing carnotite, and sediments from Cretaceous and Tertiary beds of Bighorn Basin, Wyo., collected by D. F. Hewett (90000); collection of rocks from the Quarryville and McCalls Ferry quadrangles, Pennsylvania, made by Mrs. E. B. Knopf and Miss Anna Jones, to be described in a professional paper of the United States Geological Survey (90272); 4 specimens of Cretaceous ammonites described and figured by J. B. Reeside, jr., in Professional Paper 147-B (90432); 181 types, figured specimens, etc., used to illustrate two papers: "Cephalopods from the Cody shale of Oregon Basin, Wyo.," and Cephalopods of the Eagle sandstone and related formations in the Western Interior of the United States," by John B. Reeside, jr. (90816); collections made by R. W. Pack, W. A. English, and W. S. Kew from various quadrangles in California and described in Bulletins 581-D, 721, and Professional Paper 116 (90433); specimen of petrified wood from near Guadalupe, N. Mex. (90481); types, paratypes, and related specimens of fossil algae from the Jurassic Ellis formation of Montana (90643); 9 specimens of phosphate rock

U. 8. Geological Survey—Con.

and associated materials collect-
ed in Florida in 1924 (90666);
suite of 12 specimens to illus-
trate the manganese ores de-
scribed in Bulletin 690-E of the
United States Geological Survey
(90704); suite of 7 specimens of
chromite and associated rocks
from the State of Washington, to
illustrate part of Bulletin 725-A,
United States Geological Sur-
vey (90781); suite of 21 speci-
mens of manganese ores from
the Siegel, Ely, and Golconda
districts, Nevada, to illustrate
Bulletin 710-F, United States
Geological Survey (90782);
(through W. C. Mansfield) 25
specimens of marine shells from
Beaufort, N. C. (90800); miscel-
laneous potash samples, chiefly
from Texas (90817); suite of 63
specimens to illustrate a report
by F. L. Ransome on the Colo-
rado River dam sites (90831);
thin sections illustrating reports
by F. L. Ransome on the Oat-
man, Miami and Ray, and Tomb-
stone districts, Arizona, (90881);
27 miscellaneous rock specimens
(90836); 25 specimens of stron-
tium ores (91301); sample of
ozokerite from the vicinity of
Soldier Summit, Utah (91335);
rock specimens from the vicinity
of Melrose, Mont., illustrating
Bulletin 780-A (91341); baux-
ite specimens from Georgia
(91342); 2 small lots of De-
vonian fish remains collected by
Paul Torrey in the quarry of
the Bradford Pressed Brick Co.,
near Lewis Run, Pa. (91460);
53 specimens from the Michigan
copper district to be described
by B. S. Butler in a professional
paper of the United States Geo-
logical Survey (91870); 12 re-
lief models (92210); 31 boxes of
potash samples (92314); collec-
tion of Cambrian fossils ob-

U. S. Geological Survey—Con.

tained in 1925 by J. B. Mertie,
jr., on the Yukon River, north-
east of Eagle, Alaska (92337).
(See also under J. D. Blum

and California Academy of Sciences.)

INTERNATIONAL MUTOSCOPE REEL CO., Union Hill, N. Y. (through William Rabkin, president): 6 pieces of motion-picture apparatus, comprising 1 projector, 3 cameras, and 2 magazines (90396). Loan.

INTERNATIONAL PETROLEUM CO. (LTD.). (See under Tropical Oil Co.)

IOWA STATE COLLEGE (through Prof. H. H. Knight): 2 specimens of flies (91763); (through Dr. L. H. Pammel): 140 specimens of plants (91798).

IOWA, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF, Iowa City, Iowa (through Prof. Dayton Stoner): 2 specimens of moths (88977).

IRELAND, HOSEA A., Pleasantville,

N. J. Insect from New Jersey (88770).


Quebradillas, P. R.: Small collection of fossils found during excavations for the Guajataca Reservoir and Dam Site, Porto Rico (90885). ISRAEL, Dr. WILLIAM I., La Quemada, Jalisco, Mexico: Specimen of fern from Mexico (88072). IVES, Prof. J. D., Jefferson City, Tenn.: Small collection of insects and 2 bats from Indian Cave near Jefferson City (89735). JACKSON GULDAN VIOLIN CO., Columbus, Ohio (through Armour & Co., Chicago, Ill.): Violin strung to display the kinds of gut strings ordinarily used (92347).

JACKSON, Prof. H. B. (See under Purdue University Agricultural Experiment Station.)

JACKSON, RALPH W., Cambridge, Md.: 11 small mammals (90727).

JACOBSON, Dr. EDWARD, Fort de Kock, Sumatra: 28 beetles (88907); 195 specimens of insects from Sumatra and Java and 1 from Borneo (90346).

JACOT, ARTHUR P., Brooklyn, N. Y.: 36 frogs, 12 crabs, and 10 hermit crabs from Shantung, China (88091). JAEGER, EDMUND C., Riverside,

Calif.: Plant from Nevada (89305). JAHN, Dr. ALFREDO, Caracas, Venezuela (through Dr. H. Pittier): Plant from Venezuela (89673). JAMEISON, G. S., Washington, D. C.: Plant (88610).

JAPANESE BEETLE LABORATORY. (See under Agriculture, Department of, Bureau of Entomology.) JARDIM BOTANICO, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (through Mrs. Agnes Chase): 5 ferns (92323).

JAY, PETER AUGUSTUS, Washington, D. C.: Court robe worn by John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, 1789-1795 (84640); framed photograph of the portrait of John Jay by Gilbert Stuart (88631). Loan.

JAYNES, H. A. (See under Agriculture, Department of, Bureau of Entomology.)

JEFFERS, LEROY. (See under Glenn E. Thompson.)

JEWEL, LEWIS E., Rochester, N. Y.: 150 photomicrographs of meteorites (88829).

(See un

JEWETT, F. W. (See under American Telephone & Telegraph Co.) JEWETT, STANLEY G., Portland, Oreg.: 3 skeletons of the western grebe from Oregon (92140). JILLSON, WILLARD ROUSE. der Kentucky Geological Survey.) JOHANSEN, FRITS, Ottawa, Canada: 3 amphipods collected from a lake on the Athabasca River, Alberta, Canada (88092); isopod and a shipworm from Canada (88910); dried skeleton of a polar cod, collected by the northern party of the Canadian Arctic Expedition, 1913-1918

JOHANSEN, FRITS-Continued. (89695); 3 small crabs and 3 small shrimps from Florida (89704).

(See also under Canadian Government, Department of Marine and Fisheries.)

JOHANSEN, HOLGER, Summit, Canal Zone: 12 plants from the Canal Zone (90350, 91356); 26 plants (90622).


via Key West, Fla.: 22 birds from the Dry Tortugas, Florida (89005). JOHNSON, C. W. (See under Boston Society of Natural History.) JOHNSON, ELMER, Chesterton, Ind. : Skull of a skunk (88482). JOHNSON, JAMES WILLIAM, Washington, D. C.: A carpenter's brace of early type (90884). JOHNSON & JOHNSON, New Brunswick, N. J.: 2 panels, one containing 7 cut-out models describing first-aid and illustrating emergency treatment of cuts, fractures, burns, shocks, and wounds, and the other containing 3 cut-out models illustrating bandaging and the dressing of injuries of the upper and lower extremities (91418). JOHNSTON, EDWARD C., St. Paul Island, Alaska: 12 plants from Alaska (90632).

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JOHNSTON, Dr. GEORGE W., Washington, D. C. (through Mrs. George W. Johnston): Pair of Satsuma vases and a large Chinese porcelain bowl; silver pap bowl from Virginia of the period about 1850 (90876, 91706).

JOHNSTON, Dr. J. R., Boston, Mass.: Plant from Honduras (89297). JONES,

NEVILLE, South Rhodesia, South Africa (through Dr. A. Hrdlička): 13 stone implements from southern Rhodesia (89904). JORDAN, ERIC KNIGHT, San Francisco, Calif.: 7 fishes from Hawaii (85395).

JUDAY, Dr. CHANCEY, Madison, Wis.: Specimens of entomostraca and 15 amphipods from a spring near Madi

JUDAY, Dr. CHANCEY-Continued.

son, Wis., and 25 phyllopods from Alaska (89649).

JUDD, NEIL M., Washington, D. C.: Living spadefoot toads from Thoreau, N. Mex. (88769). JULIO, BROTHER, Cochabamba, Bolivia (through Department of State) : 197 plants, 4 lizards, a snake, small collection of insects, a small collection of mollusks, and a barnacle from Bolivia (88243, 92157).

JURICA, HILARY S. (See under St. Procopius College.)

KAIN, DWIGHT, Washington, D. C.: Portion of a fossil mammal from De Kalb County, Ind., containing a pair of upper incisors (88476). KAROLITH CORPORATION, THE, Long Island City, N. Y.: 262 specimens illustrating the manufacture and application of casein plastics made from skim milk (90755). KEELEY, R. L., Lynch, Nebr.: Specimen of fossil club moss (89240). KEEN, Mrs. HARRIET A., Washington, D. C. A straw hat owned by Henry Clay (92238).

KEISSLER, Dr. CARL. (See under Naturhistorisches Staatsmuseum, Vienna, Austria.)

KELLERS, Lieut. H. C., United States Navy, Hampton Roads, Va.: Bullfrog from Virginia (87256).

(See also under Doctor Goelam, and Navy Department.) KELLOGG, REMINGTON. (See under Smithsonian Institution, National Museum, collected by members of the staff.)

KELLY, W. T., Chicago, Ill.: Section of rail used on the first lines of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad (91383).

KELSEY, Mrs. A. WARREN, Philadel

phia, Pa.: Hat cord worn during the period of the Civil War by Maj. Gen. C. C. Washburn, United States Volunteers, and an engraved map of Worcester County, England, made during the latter part of the sixteenth century (89810).

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VEY, THE, Frankfort, Ky. (through Willard Rouse Jillson, State geologist): Approximately 35 specimens of fossil land shells collected by C. H. Richardson at Bellevue, Campbell County, Ky.; Covington, Kenton County, Ky., and Crane Run, Jefferson County, Ky. (88779). KEPPEL & CO., FREDERICK. (See under Arthur W. Heintzelman.) KERBEL GARAGE, Spencer, Nebr.: Parts of both lower jaws and fragteeth mentary mastodon (90814). KEYSER, E. W., Washington, D. C.: Small collection of ethnological specimens from Java, the Philippines, Africa, and the United States (89812). Exchange. KIDDER, Mrs. ANNA W. Berkeley, Calif.: 11 plants from California (90768, 91422). Exchange.



KING, B. H., Fort Meade, Fla.: Shell (90343).

KING, Dr. C. G., Pittsburgh, Pa.: Seeds and oil of a Brazilian tree (91884).

KING, Mrs. HARRY, Washington,

D. C.: 17 specimens of Indian pottery, an openwork basket, and a wooden spoon (89280).

KING, Mrs. ISABELLA G.: Bronze vase

of the latter part of the nineteenth century (91775). Bequest. KINTZ, A. W., Washington, D. C.: Beads from a cache in a cave located on the Rappahannock River, Westmoreland County, Virginia, 8 miles from Washington's birthplace (88016).

KINZIE, GEORGE, Fort Myers, Fla.: 2

ancient carved wooden objects, evidently taken from a swamp (89270).

KIRCHBAUM, Maj. CARROLL E., Upper Montclair, N. J.: German military helmet of the period of the World War (89660).

KIRK, Dr. EDWIN, Washington, D. C.: Baxter oil print, 1 pen and ink drawing (91802). Loan. KIRKWOOD, Prof. J. E., Missoula, Mont.: Specimen of cactus (89587). KLEE, KARL R., Washington, D. C.: Approximately 500 fossil animals and plants (88085).

KLETSCH, ERNEST, Washington, D. C.: Old engraved wood blocks which came from an old printer family in Leipzig (89252). KNIGHT, Prof. H. H.

(See under

Iowa State College.) KNULL, J. N., Harrisburg, Pa.: 114 specimens of unidentified Hymenoptera (88731, 89279).

KOBBE, FREDERICK W., New York City: Specimen of fern from New York (91377).

KOEHRING CO., Milwaukee, Wis. : Complete working model of the Koehring paver 13E, a concrete-mixing machine used in paving streets with concrete (89382).

KOELZ, Dr. W., Ann Arbor, Mich. : 2 trunk skeletons of the gyrfalcon from Greenland (90617).

KOFOID, Dr. C. A. (See under California, University of.) KORFF, Miss BARBARA, Ashland, N. H.: 2 newts from Ashland (88076). KOTO, Prof B. (See under Geological Institute, Imperial University, Tokyo, Japan.)

KRAUSKOPF, Dr. FRANCIS C., Madison, Wis.: 6 chemicals for the Loeb collection of chemical types (89278). KROYDON CO., THE, Hilton, N. J.: 19 specimens showing the manufacture of golf clubs (91482). KRUGER, Mrs. THEODORE, New York City: Plant (88209).

KRYNITSKY, Master JOHN I., Washington, D. C.: An abnormal egg of a domestic fowl from Virginia (91868).

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