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AGRICULTURE, DEPT. OF-Contd. Federal Horticultural Board-Con.

maica (91814); young banana opossum (91773); 40 mollusks from Turks Island and 3 isopods from Venezuela (92145); 6 mollusks from Sweden and Australia (92146); shell from Bush Hill Park, England, and an isopod from Enfield, England 92203); 3,500 adults and 100 vials of larvæ and pupæ of insects, mostly Diptera, collected in Panama by C. T. Greene; also 2 iguana eggs (92366). Forest Service: Plant from Alaska

(88830); photograph of a type specimen of a plant (89589); a map showing National and State forests, national parks, etc. (91755).

Bureau of Plant Industry: 46 plants collected in Haiti by James R. Weir (87998); (through Dr. A. S. Hitchcock) fern from China; 21 plants from Straits Settlements; and 5 plants from Uruguay (87999, 89886, 89817); (through Dr. C. L. Shear) 64 cryptogamic plants from Colorado (88000); 20 ferns from China (88608, 88758); plant from North Carolina (88001); 41 plants (88087, 89514); 739 plants from Utah and Nevada (88136); (through H. C. Skeels) 20 ferns from Manchuria and a plant from Brazil (88481, 91745); plant from Iowa (88625); 3,918 plants collected in Brazil by Mrs. Agnes Chase (88757, 88970, 89019, 89711, 90650, 90671, 90802); 26 plants from Java (89025); plant from Long Island, N. Y. (89534); 42 plants from western Canada (89590); plant from Oregon (89591); 5 plants from Florida (89730); (through Dr. S.. F. Blake) 22 plants from Peru, collected chiefly by Weberbauer (90367); plant from Kansas (90392); (through Dr. F. V.

AGRICULTURE, DEPT. OF-Contd. Bureau of Plant Industry-Contd.

Coville) plant; 325 plants from California, chiefly Grossulariaceæ, collected by Dr. Coville; 4 plants from California; 2 plants from the western United States (90461, 91401, 91665, 91743); (through Mr. Perley Spaulding) 2 plants from Swit zerland (90605); plant from Missouri (90794); 2 specimens and 7 photographs of palms (90801); (through Dr. O. F. Cook) 5 type specimens of new species of cotton plants from Mexico (91652); 10 photographs and 7 fragmentary specimens of plants (91657); plant from New Mexico (91656); plant from West Virginia (91878). Office of Foreign Seed and Plant Introduction. (See under T. E. Payne.)

AGUIRRE, Rev. S. MARTINEZ, S. J., Sisoguichic, Mexico: 14 plants (90018).

AITCHESON, SAMUEL, Laurel, Md.: Skin and skull of a weasel, 2 weasel skulls, skull of a gray fox, all from Maryland (90616).

ALDRICH, TRUMAN H., Birmingham, Ala.: 11 Miocene mollusks from Bowden, Jamaica (89722). ALEXANDER, Miss ANNIE M., Suisun, Calif.: 5 skins with skulls of small mammals (88707).

ALFARO, Señor DON ANASTASIO, San Jose, Costa Rica: 41 orchids and ferns; 29 orchids from Costa Rica (88514, 88869); 98 plants, chiefly orchids, from Costa Rica (88727, 88976, 89994); 30 orchids (88131); fern from Costa Rica (90370); (through Charles Schweinfurth, Boston, Mass.), 2 plants from Costa Rica (91704).

ALLEMAN, CHARLES D., Argos, Ind.: Туре of fresh-water mollusk (89261).

ALLEN, Professor Paul, Schaffhausen, Switzerland: 4 plants (92241). Exchange.

AMERICAN COLORTYPE CO., Chicago, Ill. 2 copies of a reproduction of a painting by the Russian artist, Demishoff Uralsky, entitled "The Forest Fire" (92247). AMERICAN FORESTRY ASSOCIATION, THE, Washington, D. C.: 6 colored cartoon posters showing results of carelessness with fires in the forests (91733), also an animated model of a forest fire made by Scenein-Action Corporation (91874). Loan. AMERICAN GEM AND PEARL CO., New York City: A cut gem of moss agate (89631). AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, New York City: Cast of a fossil skull from Mongolia, casts of 2 meteorites, cast of a humerus of a fossil bird (88224, 89813, 90581). Exchange.

AMERICAN NUMISMATIC ASSOCIATION, New York City (through Moritz Wormser); Proof sheet showing the obverse design of one $500 and two $100 bills of the Bank of St. Thomas, Danish West Indies (90827).


Dr. Riley D. Moore, Washington, D. C.): Copy of volume 2, Osteopathic Magazine, for exhibit, illustrating the principles of osteopathy, also a Post instrument used by osteopathic physicians in treating flat feet (88754, 88945). AMERICAN

PHOTO-ENGRAVERS ASSOCIATION, Chicago, Ill. (through Edward Epstean): 2 sets of three-color half-tone proofs; 4 sets of progressive three-color halftone proofs, and 3 extra-finished prints after the painting "A Bashi Bazouk," by Charles Bargue (88525, 88803).


TION, Boston, Mass.: 6 specimens of serum albumin, haemoglobin, and beef fibrin, products derived from beef blood, and a cake made with serum albumin instead of eggs (92346).

AMERICAN RAILWAY ASSOCIATION, SIGNAL SECTION, New York City (through H. S. Balliet, secretary) Original jackknife signal used on the Smithers Creek branch of the New York Central Railroad, near Smithers, W. Va., from 1901 to 1925, donated to the association by B. J. Schwendt, superintendent of signals, at Columbus, Ohio (90672). AMERICAN RED CROSS, THE, Washington, D. C. (through Miss Irene Givenwilson): 16 child-welfare panels (88139). AMERICAN TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO., New York City (through F. W. Jewett): 24 specimens relating to the Bell system of transmitting pictures over telephone wires (89921).

AMES, ARTHUR M., Santa Barbara,

Calif. Tooth of a fossil from Riverside County, Calif. (89024). AMET, E. H., Redondo Beach, Calif.: 3 motion-picture machines and 11 samples of motion-picture film, made 1896-1898 (90393). AMINOFF, Prof. G. (See under Riksmuseets Mineralogiska Avdelning.) AMSTUTZ, N. S., Valparaiso, Ind.: 2 early specimens of sending photographs by wire (90413). ANDERSON, CHARLES, Washington, Va. Skeleton of a barn owl from Virginia (91658).

ANDERSON, C. (See under Australian Museum, The.)

ANDERSON, JOHN, Valparaiso, Chile: 2 specimens of marsupial (90741). ANDERSON, JOHN, Washington, D. C.: Bat (90443). ARCHAEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON, Washington, D. C. (through Dr. George Grant MacCurdy, New Haven, Conn.): Collection of 803 paleolithic stone implements and 173 animal bones and teeth from Castel Merle at Sergeac, Dordogne, France (90005). Deposit. ARGENTINA, AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, TUCUMAN: 40 insects from South America (87494).

ARIZONA, UNIVERSITY OF, Tucson, Ariz. (through Prof. J. J. Thornber): Plant from Utah (88808).

ARMITAGE, H. M. (See under Los Angeles County Horticultural Commissioner.)

ARMOUR & CO., Chicago, Ill.: 3 specimens of whole and prepared lamb intestines and a plate-glass case containing 34 specimens of finished catgut strings for musical instruments, tennis rackets, bead stringing, and surgical use; also 15 tubes of sterilized surgical catgut, 5 each of plain, chromic, and iodized (92212).

(See also under F. J. Bancroft Co., and Jackson Guldan Violin Company.)

ARMS, JOHN TAYLOR, Fairfield, Conn.: 3 etchings in line; 4 aquatints, 3 of them printed in color (88798).

(See also under Arthur W. Heintzelman.)

ARMS, W. S., Glenside, Pa.


barreled Marston pistol made in 1857 (90722). ARNOLD, Lieut. Los LESLIE P., Angeles, Calif.: Original diary kept by Lieut. Leslie Arnold, observer of the flagplane Chicago during the round-the-world flight April 5-September 28, 1924 (89934). Loan. ARSENE, Rev. Brother G., Covington,

La. 78 specimens of mosses and hepatics from Louisiana (88145). ASCHEMEIER, C. R., United States

National Museum: Skeleton of a barred owl from Washington, D. C. (92252); human skeletal material from a shell mound at Cedar Key, Fla. (92345).

ASHE, W. W., Washington, D. C.: 9
plants (91381).

(Inc.), Milwaukee,
Model of the sewage-disposal system
used in the city of Milwaukee

ney, New South Wales, Australia
(through C. Anderson): 6 crabs
(87678); (through Frank A. Mc-

20583-27- -10

AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM, THE-Con. Neill) 2 crabs collected in Australia (91331).

BABB, Mrs. E. LOUISE, East Lynn, Mass.: Pair of bugler's epaulets worn during the Civil War by George F. Butler and his honorable. discharge from the Fifth United States Infantry (91464).

BACON SCHOLARSHIP. (See under Walter Rathbone Bacon Scholarship).

BAILEY, Dr. L. H., Ithaca, N. Y. :
Fern from Florida (89858); 3 plants
from Texas (90450) exchange:
(through E. S. Steele) photograph
of type specimen of a plant; 2 plants
(91281, 91436).

BAILEY, VERNON, Washington, D. C.:
Crab collected in Cameron County,
La. (91359).

(See also under Agriculture, De

partment of, Bureau of Biological Survey.)

BAILLIE, WILLIAM E., Bridgeport,
Conn. 13 book plates and 1 pre-
sentation card (90371).

BAKER, Dr. F. H., Richmond, Vic-
toria, Australia: Insect (90649); 30
mollusks from San Remo and Nor-
folk Island; also 2 starfishes
(91309). Exchange.

City: 2 copies of bookplate by Alexander Hess (88472). Exchange. BAKER, H. D., American consul, Trinidad, British West Indies: "Chanilla" caterpillar from Trinidad (91446).

BALL, Dr. C. R., Washington, D. C.:
4 plants from Alberta (90466).
BALL, Prof. O. M., College Station.
Tex. (through Prof. O. P. Hay):
Crocodile and 4 fishes from the
Green River oil shales near De
Beque, Colo. (89516).
BALLIET, H. S. (See under Ameri-
can Railway Association.)
BALLIET, LETSON, Tonopah, Nev.: 10
slabs of sandstone with jellyfish-
like fossils from Nevada (88889).
BALME, Prof. JUAN, Mexico City,
Mexico: Package of seeds (88158).

BANCROFT CO., F. J., Pawtucket, R. I. (through Armour & Co., Chicago, Ill.): 2 tennis rackets strung with the best grade of gut strings (92371).


Wilmington, Del.: Series of specimens showing the manufacture of sun-fast window hollands (88156). Deposit. BANFIELD,

ARTHUR C., London, England: 93 portrait and landscape prints (90429, loan); 6 mounts with a collection of photographic harmonographs on each (40 specimens) (90587); 5 pictorial photographs (92274).

BANN, JAMES, Cincinnati,


Wood engraving entitled "The Daughter of Herodias" (91349). BARBER ASPHALT CO., THE, Philadelphia, Pa.: Model illustrating application of asphalt laid over ก concrete floor slab, with a cove laid against a concrete wall (90664). BARBER, H. S., Washington, D. C.: Shrew from Prince George County, Md. (90641); 6 fresh-water amphipods, 1 fresh-water shrimp, and 100 fresh-water copepods and cladocera from the Shaw Lily Pond, D. C. (91315).

BARBER, H. S., and C. R. SHOEMAKER, Washington, D. C.: 11 fresh-water shrimps, 6 fresh-water amphipods, 1 flatworm, and many copepods and cladocera from Shaw Lily Pond, D. C. (91384). BARBOUR, Dr. THOMAS. (See under Harvard University, Museum Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass.).


BARCLAY, Capt. HUGH, United States States Embassy, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 3 manganese minerals from Brazil (88133).

BARMSTADT, W., Holst, Germany: 2 commemorative German medalets (91279).

BARTLETT, Capt. R. A., care National Geographic Society, Washington, D. C.: 50 fishes, 36 stomachs (mostly cod), 3 fish roe, crusta

BARTLETT, Capt. R. A.-Continued. ceans, holothurians, worms, 1 bird, and 77 plants, all from Labrador (89320); skeleton of a hooded seal from the Gulf of St. Lawrence (92205).

BARTRAM, EDWIN B., Bushkill, Pa.: 26 plants and 50 specimens of mosses from Arizona (88194, 88809, 91321).

BARTSCH, Dr. PAUL, United States
National Museum: 2 shrews from
Chesapeake Beach, Md. (88185).
BATES, FREDERICK J., Washington,
D. C. Specimen of calcite (Iceland
spar) from Yocsina, Sierras of Cor-
doba, Argentina (89758).
BATSON, C. O., Perkinston, Miss.:
Plant (90760).

BEAN, B. A., United States National
Museum: 5 birds from Seaside Park,
N. J. (88629).

BEAULIEU, GERMAIN, Montreal, Quebec, Canada: 5 marine shells (89245).

BECKER, Dr. GEORGE F. (through Mrs. Florence Campbell Forrester): Polished flint celt from south Sweden (87881).

BEECROFT, W. I., Escondido, Calif.: Plant (91375).

BELANSKI, C. H., Nora Springs. Iowa: A collection of invertebrate fossils, 7 of which are paratypes, from the Devonian of Iowa (90702, 91837).

BENEDICT, Rev. Bro. A., Santa Fe,

N. Mex.: 393 plants from New Mexico (89902).

BENEDICT, Dr. J. E., United States National Museum: 3 short-tailed shrews (89021).

BENEDICT, J. E., JR., Washington, D. C. Fish and a lamprey eel from Tall Timbers, Md. (90377, 92302); 35 isopods and 5 amphipods from a small pond on the farm of E. W. Birgfeld, Maryland, near the District of Columbia (90588); 35 amphipods, 108 isopods, 2 beetles, and 3 salamanders collected by the donor (90685); 35 salamanders, 2 toads, 5 crayfishes, and 20 discodrilled

BENEDICT, J. E., JR.-Continued. parasites therefrom, also a collection of 17 insects, including 7 rare fireflies, all collected by the donor in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina (92325). BENINGHAM MACHINE CORPOR

ATION, Washington, D. C.: 3 original tire machines and parts (88148). BENJAMIN, Dr. MARCUS, U. S. National Museum: 15 Bible plants from Palestine (89851).

(See also under Government Printing Office.) BENNETT, H. H., Washington, D. C.: 6 plants from Costa Rica (88155). BENNETT, Mrs. Louis, Weston, W. Va. Commemorative scroll, letters, photographs, and newspaper clippings concerning the death in action during the World War of Lieut. Louis Bennett, jr., 40th Squadron, Royal Air Force (88843). BENNETT, WILLIAM GAGE, New York City: Typewritten manuscript of Kingsbury's translation of Rostand's "Cyrano de Bergerac" as played by Richard Mansfield at the Garden Theater, New York, 1898 (90386). BENTON, Dr. A. W., Neosho, Mo.: Miscellaneous fossil bones from Neosho (86315).

BENZON FLUOSPAR CO., Cave-inRock, Ill.: An unusually large and specially fine crystal of fluorite from the Spar Mountain mine of the Benzon Fluospar Co. (91985). BEQUAERT, Dr. J., Boston, Mass.: 23 insects (89542). Exchange. BERNICE PAUAHI BISHOP MUSEUM, Honolulu, Hawaii (through Edwin H. Bryan, jr.): 40 determined flies (90511).

REZZI, Prof. M., Turin, Italy: 4 flies (87866). Exchange.

[blocks in formation]

BLACKWOOD LUMBER CO.-Con. Memphis, Tenn.): Large specimen board of red oak (89728). BLAKE, Dr. S. F., Washington, D. C.: Nest and 5 eggs of a bird-the migrant shrike, from Maryland; also a purple grackle from Washington, D. C. (90395, 91876).

(See also under Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry.) BLATCHLEY, W. S., Indianapolis, Ind.: 8 named bugs from Florida (88922).

BLUM, J. D., Wray Col. (through In

terior Department, U. S. Geological Survey): 9 specimens, 2 species, of land shells from Wray, Colo. (88490).

BLY, Mrs. CHARLES, Kingman, Ariz.: 3 plants (91679, 91732). Exchange. BODDING, P. O., Mohulpahari, India: 100 stone implements and a lot of beads from around Mohulpahari (90169).

BODEKER, FR., Cologne, Germany: Plant (88948). Exchange. BOGERT, Prof. M. T., New York City: 50 chemical specimens (88051).

BOGUE, R. H. (See under Portland Cement Association Fellowship.) BOGUSCH, E. R., Austin, Tex.: 96 plants (91727).

BOLTON, THEODORE, Brooklyn, N. Y.: Photogravure in colors, after Whistler (92312). Loan. BORDEN SALES CO. (INC.), New York City: Model of a dairy farm and milk-condensing plant (86554). BOSCHMA, Dr. H., Leyden, Holland: 17 small crustaceans (89664). BOSTON SOCIETY OF NATURAL HISTORY, Boston, Mass. (through C. W. Johnson): 9 specimens of flies (88132).

BOTANIC GARDENS, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: 100 plants from Queensland and New Caledonia (91781). Exchange. BOTANISCHER GARTEN UND MUSEUM, Berlin-Dahlem, Germany: 11 photographs and 13 fragmentary specimens of plants, largely repre

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