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Ą Letter on the Game Laws. By a Country Gentleman, and Proprietor of Gamę. 2s.

Tlie Complete Trial of Marshal Ney, Prince of Moskwa, før High Tíčasot, &c. Cas.

A Treatise on the Law of Scotland, respecting Tilhes, and the Stipends of the Parochial Clergy, with an Appendix, containing various illustrative Documents

, 1105 before published. By John Connell, Esq. Advocate, Procurator for the Church of Scotland: 3 vols. 8vo. 21. 2s.


A Practical Treatise on the Virtues of the Gratiola Omicinalis, or Hedge Hys: sop: as a Remedy for Consumption of the Lungs, Asthma, and Constitutiona! Coughs

, &c. By Richard Reece, M.D. &c. 28. An Account of two successful Operations for restoring a lost Nose, from the Integuments of the Eorehead, in the Cases of two Officers of His Majesty's Army. By J. C. Carpue, Surgeon. 410. 15s.

An Inquiry into the Causes of the Motion of the Blood : with an Appendix, in which the Process of Respiration, and its Counection with and Circulation of the Blood are attempted to be elucidated. By James Carson, M.D. Liverpool: 8vo. 9s.


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History of Persia from the most early Period to the present Time; with an Account of the Religion, Government, Usages, and Character of the Inhabitantą of that Kingdom. By, Colonel Sir John Malcolm, K. C. R. and K. L. S. late Minister of the Court of Persia, from the Supreme Government of India. 2 vols.

8l. 8s. A History of the Western Division of the County, of Sussex, including the Rapes of Chichester, Arundel and Bramber, with the City and Diocese of Chichiese ter. By James Dallaway, B. M. F. 4. S. Prebeudary of Hora Ecclesia, aud Rector of Slynford. vol. 1. 4to. 8L &s.

Symbolical Illustrations of the History of England, fronu the Roman Invasion to ihe present Time, accompanied with a Narrative of the principal Eyents ; de signed more particularly for the Instruction of Young Persons By Mary Ann Kundell, of Bath. 4t0. 21. 2s.

BIOGRAPHY. . The Biographical Dictionary. Vol. XXY. Edited by Alexander Chaļimers, F. S. A. 8vo.

A Biographical Dictionary of the living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland, 8vo. 14s.

Lives of Topographers and Antiquaries, who have written concerning the Alle tiquities of England; with twenty-six Portraits of the Authors, and a complete List of their Works, &c. By J. P. Malcolin, Esq. F. 9. A. 4to. "21. 12s. Qd.

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NATURAL HISTORY. Mineralogical Nomenclature, alphabetically. arranged; with Synoptical Tap bles of the Chemical Aualysis of Minerals. By Thomas Allen. 8vo. 128.


The Substance of a Letter to Lord Viscount Melville, xritten in May, 1815 with the Outlines of a Plan to raise British Seamen, and to form their minds to Volunteer in the Naval Service, when required ; to do away with the Evifs.of In pressment, &c. By Thomas Urquhart. 1$.

Collections relative to the systematical Relief of the Poor, at different Periods, and in different countries ; with Observations on Charity, its proper Objects and Conduct, and its, Tnfyence on the Welfare of Nations & top 75.


Alan of Olway, a Tale of the 11th Century. By J. Bethune. 8vo. 35.

The Prince of the Lake ; or. O'Donaghue of Russe, iu Three Çantos. By M. J.
Sullivan, of the Middle Temple. Hvo. 7s.

Jonah; the Seatonian Prize Poen for the Year 1815, By James W. Bellamy,
M.A. of Queen's College, Cambridge. 8vo. 36. 6d.

Emilia of Lipdinau : or the field of eipsic, in Four Cantos, By M. A.
Houghton. 108. od.

The Lay of Mario. By Matilda Beatham. 8vo. 125.

Relicts of Melodino, a Portuguese Poet ; translated by Edward Lawson, Esq. from an unpublished MS. dated 1645. Bvo, 105,

Select Poems, of Synesius and Gregory Nazianzen; translated from the Greek
by Hugh Stuart Boyd, Esq. To which are added, some Original Poenis by the
Trauslator. hs.
Şir Bertraw, in Six Cantas. By J. Robý, Byo, 75.

What's a Man of Fashion ? a Farce in Two Acts. By Frederic Reynolds
Esq. 2s.

The Play of the Merchant of Bruges ; or Beggar's Bush : newly arranged, now performing at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. 35.

Şnsiles and lears, or The Widow's Stratagem, a Comedy in Five Acts, By Mrs. C. Ķeinble. 2s. 6d.

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Craigh Melrose Priory: or Memoirs of the Mount Linton Family, By *
Lady. 4. vgls. 8vo. 11. 45.

Headlong Hall. 65.
Diurnal Events : or the Antipodes to Romance. By the Author of the R Sailor
and Soldier Boy." 4 vols. 11.

Emma ; by the Author of Pride and Prejudice. 3 vols. 11. 18.
Husband Hunters !!! By the Aptbor of Diontreitfje. 4 vols. 11.

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Evening Amusements ; or the Beauties of the Heavens displayed & in which the striking Appearances tu be observed in various Evenings, during the Year 1816, are described. By William Frend, M.A. Actuary of the Rock Life Assu. rance Company, and late Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. 3s,

The Present of a Misiress to a young Servant; consisting of friendly Advice and real Histories. By Mrs. Taylor, of Ongar. 3s. 6d.

A Letter to the Hon, and Right Rex: the Lord Bishop. of Durham, on the Origin of the Pelasgi, and on the Original Name and Pronunciation of the Æolic Digamma, in Answer to Professor Marsh's " Horæ. Pelasgicæ." 25.

A Complete Key to the Almanack, explaining the Fastsy Festivals, Saints':
Days, and other Holidays in the Calendar, with the Astronomical and Chrong,
logical Terms, &c. &c. Alphabetically arranged for the easy Reference of
Eamilies and Individuals, and intended as a School Book for the Instruction of
Youth. By J. Banyantine. 28. 6d.

Postscript to the Reply, " Paint by Point;" containing an Exposure of the
Misrepresentation of the Treatment of the captured Negroes at Sierra Leone is
and other Matters arising from the Ninth Report of the African Institution. By
Robert Thorpe, Esq. L.L.D. 2$, 64.

The Counsels of a Father, in Four Letters of Sir Matthew Hale, to his Children;
to which is added, the practical Life of a true Christian, in the Account of the
Good Steward as the Great Mediator ; with a Mempir and a Portrait of the
Author, Foolscap, 8vo. 5s. in boards.

A popular Account of St. Paul's Cathedral ; with a Description of the Monu. meuis, and other interesting Particulars,


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Mr. Reginald Heber's Bampt Lecture Sermons will shortly appear.

A Volume of Letters on the constrained celibacy of the Church of Rome, is in the Press.

Mr. Sumner's Treatise on the Being und Attributes of God, which obtained the Premium of 4001. at Aberdeen, is printing in two octavo Volumes.

Dr. Henning of the Hot-wells Bristol, is preparing for the Press, a Work on Pulmonary Consumption.

Mr. Meadley, Author of the Memoirs of Algernon Sidney, and Dr. Paley, is collecting Materials for a Life of John Hampden.

A new Volume of Paris Chit-Chat, being a third, is in the Press, and also a new Edition of the preceding Volumes.

Mr. Ackerinann is preparing for publication, in imitation of Chalk, by Prout, representing the various Characters of Boats, Barges, and Rustic Cottages, designed to assist the young Student in Landscape and Marine Drawing.

Mr. John Varley has nearly completed a new System of Perspective.

Mr. Rowlandson is engaged in a new Work, entitled, the World in Miniature, containing Engravings of small Groups of Figures of every possible kind, for landscape decoration.

Mr. Booth has in the Press a Treatise on Flower Painting containing Instructions for acquiring a perfect Knowledge of the Art, also Directions for producing the various Tints, hy Brookshaw, Esq.



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ÆSCHYLUS, Porson not whollg

accountable for the Glasgow
Edition of

Affection, goddess of, apostrophe..
to the

Alfred and George JII. of the same
opinion as to education

Alps, geological description of the 155
America, state of parties in... 600
Ammonius the founder of the new

Amputation deprecated ........ 492
Anacreon, translation of an, ode

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"... 487

Andalusian horses, excellence of

........ 646
Antoninus, character of ...... 127
Arabjans, remarks on the learning
of the

Aspland, Mr. character of the work

-nuistatement by ib.
(Asyla abolished, and why

100 180

B. A. examination for, at Cam-
: bridge

Bailey, Miss, censure of the song
of ......

Bakers dependent on millers *iro 288
Barharians, their irruptions of two
- kinds

........ 132
Beauharnois, Eugene, gallantry-of-276
Bell, Mr. his merit,
Belsham, Mr. chastisement of 513

statement of Bishop.
Horsley's opinions

mistake. respecting
the Church at Ælia

* -516
Beresina, battle of the...

........ 410
Berington, Rev. J. merits of the
work of the

Berzelius, mineralogical theory of 213
Bible, necessity of comments on the 201
Bible, translation: of the, vindien

....*, 661
Bible Society, danger of joining





by the

on the


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...... 214

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Bible Society, allusion to the.... 120 Cain in hell, poetical description of 71

-, sot alluded to by Called and sent, who are really · 636

173 Calvin not one of the angels in the
the cause of division

in the Church... .....0.175, 459 Calvinism, the Reviewer's objec-
Mr. Gisborne's un.
tions to ........

fairness in defence of the 450 Cambridge, revival of the univer.
-, reasons against join-

sity of

ing the


-, examinations at..... 552
entirely unnecessary 461

, error of the Edinburgh
, enormous fonds of

Review respecting



- great men educated at 554
speech of the Bishop Canova, remarks on the Hercules
of Norwich on the
563 and Licha of

idle waste of money

-two sons of
570 Alcinous of

vindicated by Mr.
574 Magdalen of..

jutimidatory buster

of the forces of the
582 Hebe of

-, reports of the, com.

-, objections to some works
pared with Jehovah Jireh 584 of

...4.... 499, 501, 502
, language used by the

, merits of

partizans of the


Sonuet on the Hebe of .. 503
Biography, what it should be 304 Cappe, Mrs. good suggestions by 539
Blenheim, remarks on...

60% Carthage, speculations on ...... 12%
Blomfield, Rev. C.J. merits of the 46, 48 Castlereagh, lord, parliamentary
on the number of

portrait of...
the Greek Chorus.....

51 Charlemagne, the emperor, com.
specimen of the

puund character of .......... 138
glossary of .......


cause of
ce on the priesthood 86 the bad success of the establish-
Bonaparte, Lucien, poetical com-

ments of
plaint of his captivity


poem of, begun to
-, Napoleon, prophecies be translated by Mr. Maunde .. 65
applied to, by Mr. Frere..... 171

-, extracts
-, versatility of

.. 66-82
talent of

of the story of

mitted by..
269, 402 Catechizing children, daty of ..

Borodinn; affair prerious to the Chaucer, remarks on

.......... 375
battle of

.... 271 Christ omniscient and omnipresent 202
-battle of, account of the: 273

uniform belief of the primi-
Bread, remarks on the assize of .. .286 tive Church re-pecting.... 227, 229
Britain, present glory ot:....... 248 Christian family, description of a 120
; population of, at parious

Knowledge, Claims of
250 the Society for promoting

- progressive diminution of

defended 585
mortality in .io. .... 252 Christians protected by Hadrian.. 649
, profits from labour in

255 Church, fortitude aud perseverance
nomy value of foreign commerce

of the oricos.o



Communion, growing in-
, progressive'iucrcase of the

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difference to
revenue of
...... 391

mine; exhortation
increase of expenditure of 392 to, by Mr. Manti..ciricio....

public debt of...iodos 393 Circuland, definition of ....... 280
British empire, value of the pro- Clemens Alexandrinus, bynın by.• 231
perty in the ....

253 Clergy, the present, their writings
Brunck, character of
46 meritorious

Burke, character of the oratory of 29 Commercial nations, spirit of

Barlesque of serious subjects re- Commons, House of, stupid stories
642 of bribing the




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