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ed with its contents. Let them know therefore that it is a directory to every tavern, coffee-house, eating-house, bun-house, within the metropolis and its environs, bestowing upon all alike the most unequivocal, impartial, and unprovoked commendation. One would really imagine from this universal panegyric that such things as greasy chops, grimy table cloths, stinking fish, poison

ous port, and pert waiters, were unknown in the Elysian eating

houses of the metropolis. Sometimes our author indulges in a vein of poetical imagination. - - - -

“Richard’s Tavern and Chop-House.

“No. 8, Fleet Street, almost facing Chancery Lane, up a passage, is Richard’s Tavern and Coffee-House. It is a very retired,

comfortable, and highly respectable place; and is frequented by gentlemen of serious dispositions from the universities, on their oc

casional visits to town. Here sequestered they almost forget the Jumum et opes, strepitumque Roma, and transport themselves in

fancy to the groves of Isis and of Cam.” P. 77. Again we find the same animated description. . . . “ LEICESTER SQUARE.

“Now, reader, after toiling down Piccadilly, if your appetite be either sharp-set, or delicately urgent, be you peckish or half famished, only go with us through Sidney Passage, and a field shall

burst on your view to which the Elysium of the Heathens has no

thing fit to be compared. Leicester Square how many noble and right honourable bowels yearn at the sound ! Leicester Square!. once the residence of the great Sir Isaac Newton, now the theatre

of Miss Linwood’s incomparable talent for picturesque needle-work, . the spot which Catalani’s seraphic or rather angelical notes and trills, a

have consecrated Leicester Square the mirror in which the

great cities, islands, sieges, battles, bombardments, sea-fights, and

volcanoes, have been panoramically represented. Leicester Square :

the very stones of which have trembled and turned pale under the

marshal tramp and Tartarian mustachios of Ferdinand, Baron Ge-, .

ramb, as he strode into the hotel à-la-Sablonière, curling up the said mustachios, and uttering a peremptory and irrevocable decree

for dinner and wine, selon le bulletin de son excellence le restaurateur.”

P. 149. . . . . ...

Much information however may be picked up by the experi

- - - - - - * -

enced Epicure from this little volume respecting sauces and sea- .

sons, markets and provisions, to whose study we therefore seri

ously recommendit,

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* - - MONTâly

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- Dr v1.NITY. On Terms of Communion, with a particular View to the Case of the Baptists and Poedobaptists. By Robert Hall, M.A., 5s. The Responsibilities of the Pastoral Office: a Sermon preached in the Church of Aylesbury, on Thursday, June 1, 1815, on the Triennial Visitation of the Right Rev. Father in God George, Lord Bishop of Lincoln. By the Rev. C. J. Bloomfield, Rector of Dunton, Berks, &c., 4to. 2s. 6d. - A Brief Answer to the Charge against the Bible Society, recently delivered at Bedford by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln. 1s. The Restoration of Israel. By R. Joseph Crool, Teacher of the Hebrew Language in the University of Cambridge, &c. and an Answer by the Rev. T. Scott, Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks, and a Sermon preached before the London Society, May 5, 1815, in the Seventh Year of their Establishment. By the Rev. William Dealtry, B.D. F.R.S. Rector of Clapham, and Examining, Chaplain to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Bristol. 10s. An Analysis of the Sixth Chapter of the Revelation of St. John. Illustrated by Extracts from Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Emire. 7s. P The Character of Moses established for Veracity as an Historian, recording. Events subsequent to the Deluge. By the Rev. Joseph Townsend, M.A. Rec

tor of Pewsey, Wilts, 4to. vol. II. 11. 16s.

Essays on the Mythology, Theology, and Morals of the Ancients, accompanied with a Brief Outline of the respective Tenets of the Grecian Sectarian Philosophers. By G.S. Weidemann. 8vo, 7s. Twelve Lectures on the Prophecies relating to the Christian Church, and especially to the Apostacy of Papal Rome, preached in the Chapel of Lincoln's Inn, from 1811 to 1815, being the Ninth Portion of those founded by the Right Rev. W. Warburton, Lord Bishop of Gloucester. By Philip Allwood, B.D. Fellow of Magdalen College, Cambridge. , 2 vols. 8vo." 11. 4s. Baxteriana: containing a Selection from the Works of Baxter. In Seven Books, collected by Arthur Young, Esq. F.R.S. 12mo, 5s. 6d. .. - - : An Inquiry into the Integrity of the Greek Vulgate, or Received Text of the , New Testament; in which the Greek MSS. are new classed, the Integrity of the Authorized Text vindicated, and the Various Readings traced to their Origin. By the Rev. Frederick Nolan, a Presbyter of the United Church. , 8vo. 16s. Strictures of Eternal Import and Universal Concern. By the Author of the Temple of Truth. 5s. - - - - : A Sermon preached on Sunday, Aug. 6, in the Church of the United Parishes

of St. Mary Aldermary, and St. Thomas the Apostle, previous to a Collection

for the Rehef of the Families of those who fell in the Battle of Waterloo. By the Rev. W. Parker, B.D. Curate. 1s. 6d. . . . . . - A Sermon in the Parish Church of Richmond in Surrey, on Sunday, July 30, : in Behalf of the Families of those who fell, or were disabled in the same Battle. By the Rev. Edward Patterson, M.A., 1s. 6d. - A Sermon preached in St. Edmund's Church, Dudley, on Sunday, August 20, 1815, in Behalf of the Waterloo Fund. By the Rev. P. Robinson, A. M. 8vo. 18, 6d. The Reasons of the Protestant Religion, considered in relation to the Present State of the Roman Catholic Church, a Discourse delivered to an Association of , Dissenting Ministers, &c. at Islington, May 4, 1815. By John Pye Smith, I}.D. 2s. * . . . . . • . . . . . . Discourses, Doctrinal and Practical, partly Occasional, chiefly Common, deliwered in different Country Churches. By the Rev. John Morley, Rector of Bradfield Combust, and Curate of St. Clement's, Ipswich. 8vo. 10s. 6d. Some Remarks on the Unitarian Method of Interpreting the Scriptures, as lutely exhibited in a Publication, under the assumed Title of an Improved Version of the New Testament; to which are added, Considerations on the Manner in

which the Gospel should be preached, to be rendered essectual to its intended

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Purpose. Partly delivered in a Charge, in June, 1815. And the Whole; with the Notes, respectfully Addressed to the Younger Clergy. By the Rev. Charles Daubeny, Archdeacon of Sarum. 2s. o Remarkable Sermons, by Rachael Baker, delivered during Sleep; with devotional Exercises and Reularks, by Dr. Mitchill and others, 4s. 6d. - Strictures of Eternal Import and Universal Concern. By the Author of Temple of Truth, &c. 5s, fine. 3s. 6d. common.

- T.A. W. An Account of the Names, Trades, and Description of the several Persons who have applied to be discharged under the Acts of Parliament of the 53d and 54th Years of his present Majesty’s reign, “for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in England,” with the Amount of the Debts for which they were arrested, and also the whole Sums due and owing by them respectively, &c. &c. 8vo. 9s. Genuine Trial of Eliza Fenning, for Poisoning her Master, &c. By Job Sibley, Short Hand Writer to the Court. 1s. The Law of Carriers, Innkeepers, Warehousemen, and other Depositaries of Goods for hire. By Henry Jeremy, Esq. of the Middle Temple, 8vo. 7s.


An Essay on the Prevention and Cure of Insanity: with Observations on the Rules for the Detection of the Pretenders to Madness, By George Nesse Hill, Medical Surgeon, and Surgeon to the Benevolent Institution for the Delivery of Pour Married Women in Chester. 8vo. 12s. - -

A Treatise on Forensic Medicine, or Medical Jurisprudence. By O. W. Bartley, M.D. Bristol. 12mo. 4s. .

A General System of Tosicalogy: or a Treatise on Poisons, drawn from the Mineral, Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms, considered in their Relations to Physiology, Pathology, and Medical Jurisprudence. By M. P. Oreila, M.D. Professor of Chemistry and Natural Philosophy. Part I. 9s.

A BriefTreatise on the Prevention and Cure of Disease (as well Physical as .

Surgical) by an entirely new Method of promoting and assisting Nature in the

Performance of Various Functions essential to Health, without using any Prepa-...

ration to be found in the present Pharmacopoeia, as successfully practised. B H. Salemi, Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London, and the University of Palermo. 12mo. 2s. -

Observations on Gun Shot Wounds: being the General Result of the Practice of the whole of the Peninsular War. By G. J. Guthrie, of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, &c. 12s.

Reports of the Pestilential Disorder of Andalusia, which appeared at Cadiz in . the Years 1800, 1804, 1810 and 1813, with a detailed Account of that fatal Epidemic as it prevailed at Gibraltar, &c. &c. By Sir James Fellowes, M.D. 8vo. 15s. - - - - -

A Critical Inquiry into the Pathology of Screphulas, in which the Origin of that Disease is accounted for on new Principles; and a new and much improved Method is recommended and explained on the Treatment of it. By George Henning, M.D. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Commentaries on some of the most important Diseases of Children. Part I.

Containing Observations on the Mortality of Children, on Diet, Dentition, &c, &c. By John Clark, M.B. 8vo. 10s. 6d. -:

Facts and Observations on Liver Complaints and Bilious Disorders in general;

prescribing a new and successful Mode of Treatment; illustrated and confirmed by a numerous Selection of Cases; with Remarks not noticed by former Writers, being the Result of long and extensive Practice in various Climates, particularly directed to these Diseases. By John Faithhorn, of Berner's-street, formerly Surgeon in the Hon. East India Company's Service, 8vo. 7s.

HISTORY. The Culloden Papers; comprising an Extensive Correspondence from the

Year 1625 to 1748, which throws much light upon that eventful Period of Bri. . .

tish History; but particularly regarding the Rebellions in 1715 and 1745, &c. The whole published from the Originals, in the Possession of Duncan George Forbes, of č. Esq. To which is prefixed, an Introduction, including Mc

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l moirs of the Right Hon. Duncan Forbes, many Years Lord President of the Court of Session in Scotland. 8vo. 3. 3s. A. Cursory Account of Bordeaux. Taken from Dom de Vienne's History of Bordeaux. By her Serene Highness the Margravine of Anspach. 1s. A History of the British Islands (Great Britain and the Islands which with it compose a Geographical Groupe) from the earliest Accounts to the Year 1807, including the French Revolution, and its portentous Consequences. By the Rev. James Gordon, Author of a History of lreland. 4 vols. 8vo. 21.5s. 6d. The Travellers New Guide through Ireland, containing a New and Accurate Tescription of the Roads: Present State of Agriculture, Manufactures, &c. and Plates. 8vo. 1]. 1s. An Account of the Battle of Waterloo. By a British Officer on the Staff, who held a Command on that Memorable Day. 6s. A Descriptive Account of St. Helena, from Personal Examination, with an Inquiry into the Degree of Security which that Island is calculated to afford for the Person of Napoleon. By James Johnson, Esq. Surgeon to the Duke of Clarence's Household, &c. 2s. A Narrative of Buonaparte's Journey from Fountainbleau to Frejus, in April, 1814. By Count Truchses Waldburg, Attendant Prussian Commissary. From the German. 3s. . . 4. BIOG R A PHY. The Biographical Dictionary, Vol. XXIII. Edited by Alexander Chalmers, F.S.A. 8vo. 12s. Observations on the Writings and Character of Mr. Gray. Originally subjoined to the Second Volume of the Complete Edition, in 1814, of all his Works, in 2 vols. 4to. By Thomas James Mathias. 8vo. 7s. - The Life and Campaigns of Field-Marshal Prince Blucher: Translated, in part, from the German of General Count Gneissenau, Quarter-Master-General to Prince Blucher's Army, with considerable Additions. By J. E. Marston, Esq. , of the Hamburgh-Burger Guard. 8vo. 18s.


Interests of Ireland: a New Method, with confident Hopes to attach the Lower Classes to the Laws and Constitution, by Means which cannot possibly interfere with Church or State. By John Edwards, Esq. of Old Court, in the County of Wicklow. 3s. 6d. - -

Political Reflections, addressed to the Allied Sovereigns, on the Re-entry of Napoleon Bonaparte in France, and his Usurpation of the Throne of the Bourbons. By the Rev. Edward Hankin, M.D. 8vo. 2s. .

L'Angleterre; or England at the beginning of the Nineteeuth Century. From the French of M. de Levis, Duke and Peer of France. 8vo, 12s. 6d.

Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System : with Hints for the Improvement of those Parts of it which are most injurious to the Health and Morals; dedicated most respectfully, to the British Legislature. By Robert Owen, of New Lanark. 1s.

-Considerations on the Present Political State of India, intended chiefly as a Manual of Instruction in their Duties for the Junior Servants of the Company, By Alexander Fraser Tytler, late Assistant Judge of the 24 Pergunnahs, Bengal Establishment, 2 Wols. 8vo. 18s.

- , POETRY. The Heroes of Waterloo. An Ode. By W. S. Walker, of Trinity College, Cambridge. 1s. 6d. Time, or Light and Shade: in Six Parts. By Mr. Gompertz, 4to. 21, 2s. The Life Boat: or Dillon O’Durre. By the Rev. William Liddiard. 4s. Ode to the Duchess of Angouleme. 1s. 6d. h Miscellaneous Poems. By John Byrom, M.A., F.R.S. some time Fellow of

Trinity College, Cambridge. To which are added, his Life and Notes by the Editor. 2 vols. 8vo. 12s. -

Original Poems on Various Subjects. By Benjamin Goulston. 12mo. 5s. A Collection of Ancient and Modern Scottish Ballads. Tales and Songs, with Explanatory Notes and Observations. By John Gilchrist. 2 vols, 12mo. 12s.



- DRAMATIC. . . My Wife? What Wise a Comedy in Three Acts. By E. S. Barrett, Esq. 2s. 6d. - - The Descent of Liberty, a Mask: to which is prefixed, an Account of the Origin and Nature of Masks. By Leigh Hunt. , 6s. Kenilworth, a Mask, or Three Days Entertainment, given by Lord Leicester to Queen Elizabeth ; together with Farley Castle, selected from a private Edition of Mr. Liddiard's Poems. 8vo. 7's. Living in London, a Comedy in Three Acts, as now performing at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket. 2s. 6d. - in over.s. Bardouc.; or the Goather d of Mount Taurus, an Eastern Tale. By Adrien de Sarazin. Translated from the French, 5s. 6d. Lady Jane's Pocket. By the Author of Silvanella, or the Gipsey. 4 vols. 12mo, 1]. 2s. . . • Theresa; or the Wizard's Fate. 4 vols. 12mo. 11. 2s. The Family Estate; or Lost and Won. By Mrs. Ross. 3 vols. 12mo. 15s. Memoirs of the Villars Family, or the Philanthropist. By Har. Waller Weeks. 3 vols. 12mo, 18s. - Donald Monteith, the Handsomest Man of the Age. By Selina Davenport. 5 vols. 12mo. 11. 5s. - * * Zeluca, or Educated and Uneducated Women. 3 vols. 12mo, 11. 1s.

MISCE L L ANIES. s. - A Letter from Rome, addressed to M. de Fontanes by the Wiscomtes de Chateaubriand. Translated from the French by W. Jos. Walter, late of St. Edmund's College. 8vo. 2s. 6d. An Address to the Nobility and Gentry upon the Necessity of using every Exertion at the present to promote the Education of the Poor in Ireland. By H. Mason, Esq. 3s. 6d. Illustrations of English Philology. By Charles Richardson, Esq. consisting of a Critical Examination of Dr. Johnson's Dictionary. 1%. 5s. A Treatise on the Dry Rot in Timber. By the late Thomas Wade, 5s. a Edinburgh Fugitive Pieces: by the late William Creech, Esq. F.R.S. Edin. To which is prefixed an Account of his Life. 8vo. 12s. The Works of Alexander Pennecuik, Esq. of New-Hall, M.D. Containing the Pescription of Tweeddale, and Miscellaneous Poems. A new Edition, with copious Notes, forming a complete History of the County to the present Time. To which are prefixed Memoirs of Dr. Pennecuik, &c. 12s. * * Exercises in Latin Prosody and Versification; or, an Iatroduction to scanning and writing Latin Verse. 4s. - o r

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE, works IN THE PREss. 2 A Life of Jeremy Taylor, Chaplain to King Charles I. and Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore, &c. including a chronological and analytical account of all the writings of this dis

tinguished prelate, with specimens of the most striking beauties of

his stile. By the Rev. H. K. Bonney, Prebendary of Lincoln. The collected works of the Rev. Francis Wrangham, consisting of Sermons, Dissertations, Essays, and Poems, to which will be added a translation of Milton's Defensio Secunda. A new edition of the British Plutarch, with considerable additions, in six octavo volumes, by Mr. Wrangham. - : - -Motives

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