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The glorious Name of God,

Opened in two


At MIC HÀ ELS Cornhill,

Vindicating the Commission from this Lord of Hofts,
:: to Subjects, in some case, to take up Arms.


Briefly Answering

By Henry FERNE, D.D.
By Jer. Burroug He s.1512-||

PS A L. 48. 8. :
As we have heard, so have we seen, in the City of the Lord of Hofts.

L O N D. ON,
Printed for R Dawlman. 1643.

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To bis Excellencie, ROBERT

Earle of Essex, Viscount Hereford, ... Baron Ferrars of Chartley, Lord Bourchier and

Lovaine,one of His Majefties molt Honourable Pria
i vie Counsel, and General of the Army raised
. .. by the Parliament in defence of the true

Protestant Religion, His Maje .
fties Perfon, the Laws and
Liberties of the Kingdum,
and the priviledges .

of Parliamont..
Na H ere is no man this day upon

the face of the earth whom it

more concernes to have this 44 16 name of God The Lord of Hosts T Y LKO presented to him in the due lu

We l itre & glory of it, then your Excellencie, whom the Lord hath not onely honoured to stand up even in the fore-front to maintain his cause, and the cause of his people, but he hath even put upon you this his owne name,he hath made you the Lord of his Hofts. It is that which every Souldier may justly glory

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