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in, that God himselfe seems to affect the glory of Arms, when he causeth himselfe to be as it • were sir-named The Lord Of Hosts. The beams of this glorious name puts some lustre upon the meanest in an Army; What a luftre then doth it put upon your Excellencie, who stand so neare it? Happy the time that ever you were borne to be made use of by God and his people in so noble and honourable a service as this. We reade Zech.3.3. of Joshua, that great instrument of Reformation, in the returne of Judah from her Caprivity that he stood in filthy garments, but the Angel spake to those who stood before him, saying, Take away the filthy garments from him : and unto him he said, Behold, I have caused thine iniquity to passe from thee, and I wil cloathe thee with change of raymenf., Those who stand up most eminent and forward in the cause of God and his people,shal ever have some who wil seek to stain their glory by slanders and reproachfull names, to put them into vile garments : what viler garment can there be then the garment of Treason and Rebellion ? But the Angel stands by to take off these vile garments, and to clense his servants, even from this nominall iniquity : he will put


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change of rayment upon them, he will one day
make it appeare that there were none so faith-
fullto God, their King and Countrey, as they :
The Lord that hath chosen Jerusalem, saith the
Text,ver.2.wil rebuke them who thus stand up
against his servants. The Lord who hath set his
heart to bring mercie to Jerusalem, to his
Church, will certainly rebuke such as stand to
resist the great instruments thereof. Wherefore
that which the Angel of the Lord protested to
Joshua,v.6.I may in the name ofthe Lord with
a liţile change protest unto your Excellencie,
Thus faith the Lord of Hosts, if you will walke in my wayes,
and if you will keepe my charge, then you shall have an emi-
nencie in my house, and I will give you places among these
that stand by. That is among the blessed Angels in
the heavens. Ifa cup of cold water shall not go
without a reward, surely then the venturing e-
state, liberty,limbes, honour, bloud, life for the
cause of Christ, shall not goe without its re-
ward. Een

Wherefore most noble Lord of our Hosts,
yea of the Hosts of God, Goe on with true He-
roicke magnanimity and prosper, in the name
of this glorious Lord of hosts. The prayers of
the Churches are for you, the blessings of the


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Saints are upon you. I beleeve never any Generall upon the earth hath been mentioned more • in heaven then your Excellencie hath been, and yet is in this cause.

That which is storyed of the Croffe appeara ing to CONSTANTINE, with these words, Hoc VINCES, I may with far more confidence apply to this name of God, The Lord of hofts. This I present unto your Excellence, with this Motto, Hoc vinces : The name is in it felfe a box of sweet ointment, give me leave to open it before your Excellencie that it may be fragrant indeed, and adde quickning and strength. To that true noble heroick spirit fit for great actions, that God hath honoured you withall,I here humbly prefent it opened and poured forth. The blessing of it be upon you and those great things undertaken by you, which is and shal be the prayer of

Your Excellencies
in all humble fer-

vice and duty,

Jer. Burroughes.

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To the Reader
So n He neceßity of the time put me to preach upor

this subje&t ,the City being in great feare of a t o great Army comming against it in the name M i s of the King, and the necessity of the subject

So for this time made me not unwilling to geeld to the making my meditations upon this subjelt, get more publike. Something I have enlarged', especially in the argument of justifying the present taking up armes so much cryed down as if it were against the King, to be by commission from the Lord of Hosts,which is discussed page 27 and foon: the satisfation of the consciences of men in this thing is of fo great consequence in this time that every man is bound to afford what help hereunto he is able. I should bave had guilt be grating spen mine enn confcience if I had fifted what I might afford to the bolping towards the farsfaction of coher s; although therefore I am nos ignorant, but fenfible enough that it is an argument wherein a man runs hazardenough ; yet whatsoever i fuffer in it, may rke usefull I.have enough. Thus i can say, if I ever did, or ami

like to publish any thing in the uprightnes of my heart, aim:ing at ihe glory of God,and thy good, I blelse God I have cornfortinthis, and in this (whatsoever the Ialrejoyce. Certainly things had never come to that passe they are at if mens consciences had bin rightly.informedın the libere ties God'hatb given them.The infusing contrary principles, and making men beleeve tharthe Søbjeftimustand would Suffer any thing rather then rise up to mainiaine his own.



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right hath beene the cause of the bold adventures.of many amongst us.

What I have said is breife, comming to you as a Sermon, - it could not admit of larger discourse, but if there be need it would not be very difficult to enlarge these things in another way. Read for thý profit, and I have my end.

Yours to serve for Christ,

fer: Burroughes.

TT is ordered this first day of December, 1642. by the ComI mittee of the Housc of Commons in Parliament, concern-:; ing Printing, That this Beok entituled [The glorious Namo of God, The Lord of Hofts] be printed by Robert Danimar, appointed thereunto by M. Ieremy Burroughes, the Author thercof.

Fobn White,

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