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Histo R Y. ISTOIRE SECRETE, &c. Secret History of the French Revolution, from the Convocation of the Notables to the Capitulation of Malta, the Cessation of the Conferences at Seltz, &c. by FRAN cis PAG is, three volumes. 8vo. The third volume of this work, which has just appeared, contains, among other interesting matter, a detail of the campaigns of Buo N A PARTE in Italy, the campaigns in Switzerland and Germany, a geographical sketch of the French republic, including the cession of the left bank of the Rhine, the new denomination of weights and measures, all the treatics of peace, concluded since the revolution, &c. &c. Annales Maritimes et Coloniales, &c. Maritime and Colonial Annals, containing Discussions concerning the Navy, Navigation, Construction of Ships, &c. Voyages into Asia, Africa, and America; memorable Aëtions of French Seamen; Laws and Décrees relative to maritime and colonial Administration; Analyses of new Works on these Topics; List of Prizes, &c. A leading objećt of this work is to regenerate and render flourishing the French navy; for which purpose the author dwells upon its importance, and has collected many instances, to prove that the French sailors are not inferior in courage

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