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asd plenty of fine water: it is level, very fertile, and woody, and produces every sort of grain, particularly wheat, in abundance: farms are rather larger than in some counties that I have lately passed. But this county is most noted for the great quantity and good quality of its cyder and Ferry: it is selling this year at from 30s. to 42s. per hogshead of 11o to 1zo gallons; it is found cheaper than malt iiquor, and forms the common drink of all ranks of people. It is certainly an overfight in the people of landed property that apples, &c. are not more cultivated in other parts of the kingdom: the notion of their not succeeding is in my opinion a great mistake. Presleign is a small, ancient looking market town; the furrounding country hilly, but pleasant enough, and the soil good. Farms are from 521. to 3col., a year, and rent per acre ros. to 60s. : it is neither a manufac*uring nor a commercial country but chiefly inhabited by farmers.

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P. S. I have been assured, by a French emigrant, of honourable as well as literary character, that the particulars relative to the death of Voltaire, D'Alembert, and Diderot, given by a certain author, and lately copied into a certain Magazine, are to his personal knowledge, totally and circumstantially faise, and never intended to be otherwise, than corveniertly true. Being in need of farther information on this head, I should feel myself highly obliged by the communications of any correspoudcat of the Montuly Magazine. T & To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. SIR,

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PRoc EED IN GS at large of the NATIONAL INSTITUTE of France, os the 4th of july, 1798, as published by the Secretaries.

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We learm, from a very extensive memoir on the organ of the voice, by Citizen CUv1}R, that most birds have, independently of an inferior glottis, which is the rincipal organ of the voice, a superior

ynx; a mechanism, which enables them to vary their tones with the more facility, as they can, by means of it, easily change the state of their glottis, the length of their trachea, and the aperture of their upper larynx. It results from this organization, that the deepest tones, and the harmonics of the same tones, are produced by the allongation of the trachea, and the o relaxation of the glottis; whilst, by the contrastion of the trachea and the condensation of the glottis, the bird produces tones higher in proportion to the shortness of the trachea, together with all the harmonics of the tone, which corresponds to that degree of contraćtion.

Some observations, which confirm the utility of mild mercurial muriate, or calomel, in the treatment of the smallpox, by Citizen DEs Essak rs, together with some profound researches by Citizen HUzARD, on a malady which affects the organs of generation in horses, have also been the objećt of the attention of the class. Many of its members have been principally occupied with the care of ascertaining by a multiplicity of experiments, the phenomena of Galvanilin. This name is given to a discovery which Jr. GALv ANI, a member of the Institute of Bologna, made many years ago, and from which it results, that when a contiguous series of metals, commonly different from one another, are put into conta&t on the one fide with a nerve, and on the other with a muscle, or even with different and distant parts of the same nerve, at the instant of the double contact, a rapid and convulsive motion takes place in the muscle into which the nerve is distributed. This phenomenon seems to present to the mind the idea of a circle, a portion of which is formed by the exciratory metals, and the other by the nervous and muscular organs. Different substances may concur to form this circle, and to excite its effects. Other different ones may break the circle, and suspend or intercept those eff. Sts. It has been remarked, that there are substances which sven to extinguish this linguiar faculty in the animal, whils; others excite and re establish it when it appears dead or dormant. The rapidity of the cffect, and the prompwitude of the conmunication, the nature and the participation of the exciting and

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