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The Pastoral Care. By the late Alexander Gerard, D. D. 7s. boards. Cadell and Davies. A Sermon Preached at Heytesbury, 29th November, 1798, by David Williams, Curate. Williams. Two Sermons before the University of Oxford, 10th February, 1799, on the Seven Vials mentioned in Revelations : and an Enquiry into the signification of the word “Bara.” By G. S. Faber. Is. 6d. Riyington. The Payment of Tribute, a duty of firićt moral Obligation ; a Discourse delivered at Sheffield, 30th January, 1799. With obfervations on the word “Loyalty.” By George Smith, A. M. 6d. Mathews, A Sermon on Death, preiched at St.

Giles's in the Fields, Dec. 9th, 1798 (Probationary Sermon}. By the Rev. t. Deacon. 1s. Rivingtons.

A Sermon preached before the Lords, Fe

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