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At Kendal, Captain P. Jackson, to Miss At Halifax, Mr. Hall, of Leeds, merchant,
Clark. Mr. J. Chriftian, of London, to Miss to Miss Butterfield. Mr. Lord, of Roffen
Scales, daughter of the late J. Scales, esq. of dale, to Miss Oldfield.

At AiNaby, the Rev. J. Petch, of Kirby-
Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. Thomas Irving. moor-lide, to Miss J. Hayes.
At Kendal, aged 88, Mrs. Benson. At Otley, Mr. John Cawood, of Leeds, to

At Whitehaven, Mr. James Ormston. Miss Ann Holmes. Aged 16, Mr. Richard Corkbill, son of Cap At Harewood, Mr. Lightfoot, of Leeds, to tain W. Corkhill. Mr. John Durham. Mr. Miss C. Barrett. William Thompson. Aged 38, Mrs. Kell At Pocklington, Mr. George Bagley, to wick, wife of Captain Kelswick. Mrs. Mrs. Ruston. Mountsey, wife of Mr. Mountsey.

At Hatfield, J. M. Jenkins, efq. Captain At Cockermouth, aged 83, Mr. T. Botton. and Adjutant of the West-Middlesex Militia, At Keswick, Mrs. Fisher.

to Miss Kitson, daughter of G. Kition, esq. Within a few days of each other, Mrs. At Tickhill, near Doncaster, Mr. John Watson, wife of Mr. Watson, parith clerk; Hebblewhite, of Hull, woollen-draper, to and aged 30, Miss Watson, their daughter. Miss Dawson.

At Woodside, near Carlife, Mrs. Losh, At Sprotbrough, near Doncaster, Mr. John wife of J. Losh, efq. Aged 26, Mr. William Talbot, of Leeds, to Miss E. Neville. Robinson.

At Hutton-Bushel, near Scarborough, M. At Mount Pleasant, near Carlisle, aged 81, S. Hepper, of Doncaster, hosser, to Miss A, Mrs. Hogarth, reliet of the late J. Hogarth, Elmes. efq.

Died.] At York, Mrs. Coates, reli&t of the At Mains, near Wigton, aged 68, Mr. late Mr. George Coates. Aged 32, Mr. John Dand.

Good, coal merchant. Miss Barwick, daughAt Workington, aged 37, Mr. John Dick ter of Mr. Barwick, farrier. Aged 60, Mr inson. Mrs. Hayston, wife of Mr. Hayston. Thomas Stothard. Aged 26, Mifs F. Thompson.

At Clifton, near York, aged 82, Mrs. At Parton, near Whitehaven, Mr. Tho. Lund. mas Eilbeeck; and, a few days after, Mrs. At Hull, Miss Ann Baker, daughter of Eilbeeck, his wife.

Mr. Baker, of the Cross-Keys-inn. At Newbiggin Hall, near Penrith, aged At Beverley, Mrs. Hall, wife of Mr. Halk. 57, C. C. Crackenthaop, esq.

At Whitly, suddenly, Mr. Samuel Castle,

formerly Adjutant of the Durham Militia. At the late Seslions for the West-Riding, At Killinghall, near Ripley, Mr. John held at Leeds, there was not a single felon Strother. for trial.

At Wetherby, Mr. Place, tobacconift. The rates of land-carriage to and from At Wakefield, Mr. Hill, formerly a linenYork and London have been raised two-pence draper. per stone, in consequence of a representation At Catwick-in-Holderness, the Rev. Mr. made by the carriers to the Magiftrates of the Paul, many years vicar of that place. county of the extraordinary high price of hay, At Sparrow, near Ripon, Mrs. C. Kettlecorn, &c.

well. The Thew of cattle at Soulmas fair, held at At Market-Weighton, aged 68, Ms. A. York the 13th of November, was the thin- North. neft ever remembered.

At Pontefract, Mr. Richard Horncastle, On the morning of the 10th of November, At Squire-Pasture, near Leeds, MissTurner, the corn, oil, and scribbling mills at Kerkstal, At Huddersfield, Mr. D. Crossland, at. near Leeds, occupied by Mr. Charles Wood, torney. were wholly destroyed by fire.

Married.] At York, Mr. Skapper, attor. A meeting of the inhabitants of Manchester ney, to Miss Benson. J. Walker, esq. of has lately been held, to take into confideraLeeds, to Miss Otbie, of Scarborough. Mr. tion the necessity of continuing and extending William Batty, to Miss Hessay.,

the establishment for distributing loup to the At Doncaster, Mr. Malatrott, of the poor during the present winter: this meeting White Hart-inn, Worksop, to Miss Stanuel. was very numerously attended, and, under the

At Leeds, Mr. E. Burnett, of Manchester, direction of the respectable gentlemen of the to Miss Sayner. Mr. Reade, merchant, to committee, must be productive of the greatest Miss Pajey.

benefit. At Hull, Ensign Robinson, of the East Very considerable damage has been occa. Suffolk Militia, to Miss Ellis.

fioned by a fire which lately happened in At Sheffield, Mr. Alderman Goodman, of Wapping. The ropery-warehouses of Messrs. the Park, to Miss Shore, daughter of Mr. Molyneux, S.ase' and Greetham, were enShore, banker.

tirely consumed. At Beverley, Mr. William Richardson, On the 12th of November a violent hurrimercer, to Miss Wise, of Meaux, in Hol- cane commenced at Liverpool, which did conderivats,

fiderable damage: two vesels, the Hope and




Mr. J.


the Belfast, which failed tlrat morning from At Wigan, suddenly, the Rev. R. Barrow Liverpool, were both lost, and the crews pe- Mr.'J. Bird, of the Eagle and Child Inn. sithed.

At Kirby, near Ulverstone, Miss E. PearFrom the late heavy rains many of the fon, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Pearson. roads of Lancashire, as well as several other At Warrington, Mrs. Lapton. Mr. Wilparts of the kingdom, are rendered as inipafl- liam Ruth. able as during the heaviest inows.

AC Rochdale, Mrs. Wordsworth, of the Fifty-two veftels cleared out from the port Roebuck-inn. Suddenly, Mr. A. Whitof Lancaster for the West-Indies between the worth.

5th of July, 1798, and 5th of July, 1799; At Long-mill-gate, Mr. T. Walker, ron carrying merchandize to the value of of Mr. Walker, inn-keeper. 2.2,500,000. The port of Lancaster is rif At Withy Grove, Mr Albiston. ing into considerable consequence.

At Orton, near Ormskirk, aged go, the Married.] At Lancaster, Thomas Potter, Rev. S. G. Bondley. esq. of Ardwick-green, to Miss Moore,

CHESHIRE. daughter of the late Mr. Moore.

Married.] At Chester, Mr. R. Dutton, Baldwin, attorney, to Miss Saul, daughter of cabinet-maker, to Miss S. Harrison. Mr. the late G. Saul, esq.

John Knott, to Miss Ann Walker. Mr. At Manchester, Mr. W. Bateman, to Miss Chesters, to Mrs. Mostyn. Mr. Haile, to M. Swire, of Ashton-under-Line. Mr. J. Miss Leadbetter. Gregory, to Miss Ann Barnes. Mr. Leigh, At Albury, William Stedman, efq. to to Miss Smith, Mr. T. Best, to Mrs. Cat. Mrs. Ford. trall. Mr. S. Mills, of Blackwood, to Miss At Doddleston, Mr. T. Wilbraham, to Barlow.

Miss Cliff, of Burton. At Liverpool, Mr. Yaniewicz, to Miss E. Died.] At Chester, Mr. Webster. Mrs. Breeze. John Hext, efq. to Miss Staniförth. E. Bateman." Mrs. Coddington, wife of Mr. M:. W. Raleigh, to Miss Moss. C. Small, Coddington, printer. Mrs. Wilkinson. esq. to Miss Stewart. Mr. T. Penny, to At Nantwich, Mrs. Smith, relict of the Miss Brennand. J. Gregson, efq. 1o Miss , late Rev. Mr. Smith. Rigg: Mr. T. Metcalfe, to Miss Hodson. Mr. William Varley, of London, to Miss Mr. Browne, the Mayor, and Messrs. Hopa Newby Mr. W. Jones, to Miss M. Holden. and Edwards, Magistrates of Derby, have Mr. W. Aspinall, merchant, to Miss Leather. given public notice that all inn-keepers and Mr. James, of Birmingham, to Miss Wilson. publicans shall be deprived of their licenses Mr. R. Burrowes, to Miss Whaley. Mr. who permit any person to drink in their Walthew, to Mrs. Wardley. Mr. S. Hatton, houses after eleven o'clock on Saturday night, to Miss Young, Mr. Elliott, surgeon, to or during Divine Service on Sunday. Miss Rathbone

Twenty gallons of good and nourishing At Standish, Mr. J. Shaw, jun. to Miss meat - soup have been made for the small, ex. Suddall. Mr. Robert Smith, to Miss Hart. pence of six shillings, in All Saints' poor.

At Rochdale, Nr. T. Littlewood, of Town- house, Derby. end, to Miss Edenir, of Manchester,

Died.] At Derby, aged 50, Mrs. Hughes: At Warrington, Mr. Leigh, to Miss Aged 66, Mrs. Whiterall. Aged 60, Mr. R. Turner.

Lathbury. Aged 82, Mr. J. Stenfon. At Ulverstone, Mr. George Coward, to At Ashbourne, aged 45, Mrs. Harlow, wife Miss Hartley. Mr. E. Burton, to Miss M. of Mr. S. Harlow. Taylor.

At Ilkestone, aged 80, Mr. Samuel Filh ; At Prescott, Mr. Wight, of Liverpool, he was found dead in the road. to Miss Ward.

At Eccles, Mr. Gardrer, merchant, to An Agricultural Society has been formed Miss Anderson, of London.

at Retford, under the patronage of Colonel Died.] At Manchester, Mr. R. Marriott. Eyre, the Marquis of Titchfield, Viscount Aged 70, Mrs. Barton. Mr. Richard Robin- Newark, and other persons of consideration. fon, of Leeds. Mr. H. Aspimll. Mrs. El At the first meeting on the oth of November, Jiott.' Mrs. Mayers. Mr. Sanuel Norris. fundry premiums were offered for cows and Mrs. M. Harrison. Miss Dawson, daughter calves, tups, ewes, &c. &c. of the late Mş. Dawson. Age 85, Mrs. A new chapel has been opened by the Gene. Lowe. Mrs. Pilling. Nathan Cronpton, esq. ral Baptists in Stoney-street, Nottingham.

At Liverpool, aged 73, Mrs. Dali, wife of Two persons have been committed to NotMr. Dale. Aged 66, Mr. D. Mic Clure. tingham gaol for uttering forged Bank-notes. Aged 23, Mr. L. Wright, son of he late Others have been committed to Warwick gaol Mr. Wright. Aged 29, Mr. Farrall, attor. for the same offence; and there is scarcely a ney. Aged 43, Captain J. Harrison. Aged gaol in the kingdom that does not contain of. $2, Mr. T. Hulker. Aged 65, Nr. T. fenders guilty of this increasing crime. Holt. Mrs. Mac Kee, widow. Mr. John Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. Drury, Rimmer.

hosier, to Miss James. Mr. T. Smith, hulier, At Preston, Mrs. Preston.

to Miss Howitt, daughter of the late Alder6 B 2




920 Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire. [December, man Howitt: Mr. F. Shuttleworth, to Miss mate of the comparative advantage between Rawson. Mr. B. Churchill, of Sheepthead, horned-cattle and horses for the purposes of to Mrs. Atlifton.

huibandry. At Retford, Mr. Bowmer, to Miss H. Ma Married.] At Wanlip, Mr. J. Cropper, on, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Maron, of Loughborough, to Miss Allop.

At Balderton, Mr. G. G. Gill, of Navenby, At Kibworth, the Rev. J. Goodman, to to Miss A. Pearson.

Miss A. Haymes. Died.] Ať Nottingham, aged 44, Mrs. At Lutterworth, Mr. T. Reader, to Miss Swann, wife of Mr. Swan, grocer. Mrs. Cotton. W. Haymes, esq. of Kibworth, to Cartwright, wife of Mr. Cartwright, hofier. Miss L. C. Browne, of Strettmen-le-Field,

At Stanford Hill, the lady of C. A. Dash- Derbyshire. wood, efq. of the Horse-guards.

Died.] At Leicester, Mr. Alderman At Knighton, Mr. Richard Hirst, groom Drake ; he served the office of Mayor in the to Mr. Lammin; his death was occasioned by year 1775. a fall from his master's gig.

Aged 74, Mr. Bankart, an eminent wool. At Bingham, aged 85, Mrs. Jane Flower, stapler. At Morgreen, Mr. Samuel Nix, farmer. At Wymondham, Richard Day, esq. ,

At Red-Stile, Ratcliffe-upon-Soar, Mrs. At Hinckley, Mr. C. Sansome, if Leicester, Chamberlin, wife of J. Chamberlin, efq.

hosier. At Thurgaston, near Southwell, the Rev. At Bardon Hall, aged 79, Mrs. Hood, reK. Mawer, curate of that place.

liet of the late John Hood, esq. At Newark, Mr. Wm. Renshaw, butcher. At Witherley, Mrs. Wilson, wife of Mr.

J. Wilson. Married.] At Stamford, Mr. F. Aveling, At Loughborough, aged 84, Mr. Thomas jun. of Whittlesea, in the Ise of Ely, to Warner. Miss Hotchkin.

STAFFORDSHIRE. Died.] At Lincoln, aged 36, Mr. J. Croft. The white-painted tin spire of WolverAt Billingborough, Mr. Ellington. hampton, with its gilt vane and cross, fet up

At, Edenham, Mr. William Belton, mason; 25 years, looks as well at this time as it did he was discovered drowned in a river near ' when first erected. This successful experithat place.

ment of a spire made of tin, and painted so as At Donnington, Mrs. Harvey, wife of Mr. to represent stone, deserves notice and imiHarvey, shop-keeper.


Married.] At Milwich, M. William A very capital hotel, with aliembly-room, Gould, of Hanson, to Miss Rimardfon. play-house, news-room, &c. has recently At Wolverhampton, Mr. William Tombeen built at Leicester, by public subscripti kys, to Miss A. Poole. Mr. J. Parsons, of on, upon the fcite of the Saracen's Head-inn; Hales-Owen, to Miss J. Adhead. on a plan which, with the addition of a pube Died.] At Stafford, aged 27, Mrs. Hørlic library, deserves to be imitated by all the ton, wife of Mr. J. Hortos. first and iecond-rate towns in the kingdom, At Wolverhampton, Captain Makin, of the not already provided with those desirable 29th regiment of Light Dragoons. Aged 74, luxuries. The architect was Mr. Johnson, of Mrs. Smart. Mr. Thonas Gower. the house of Dorset, Johnson, and Co. New At Makeway House Mr. Ward, attorney, Bond-ftreet.

of Cheadle. The plan which was mentioned some At Stoke-in-the lotteries, Mrs. Booth, months ago for establishing in Leicester an wife of Mr. Booth, asylum for female children, is now about to At Walsall, MB. Rutter, relict of the late be carried into effect, several respectable per- vicar of that plac. fons having promised their patronage to this benevolent and extensively useful institution. A young lady of the name of Bawcort, and

A numerous and respectable anniversary her servant niid, were lately suffocated at meeting of the Leicester Agricultural Society Radway, near Kineton, by the careless introwas held on the 23d of October at Leicester, duction of a pan of burning coke, or charcoal, when the Earl of Moira presided. A letter into a clofeoed-chamber. from the president of the Board of Agricul The workshops of Mr. Grew, buttonture was read, in which he requested the af- maker, of Birmingham, have been destroyed listance of the Society towards the formation by fire. of five or more small agricultural societies in On Tuesday morning, November 12, be. the county of Leicester ; but the meeting tween ive and fix, a meteor, accompanied by were of opinion, that local circumstances pre a trair of fire, was visible for about a minute vented this Society from affording any afsift in tle neighbourhood of Coventry.

The ance in establishing these separate societies. guars of the mail-coach says, that while paffThe several premiums and rewards of last ing through Woodstock it seemed to him to year were adjudged; and others offered for fal'on the roof of the coach, and that the the enfuing year: the principal of which is, hat was Atrong that he put his hand to a premium of ten guineas for the best efti- His head, fancying it had finged his hair. It





almost immediately disappeared in a bluish nager of the poor-house in that place more smoke, leaving a smell of sulphur, which than 40 years. continued for the distance of 100 yards.

At Belton, the Rev. George Scott. Married.] At Warwick, Mr. A. Holt, to At Bishop's Castle, Mrs. Griffiths, of the Miss Bruce.

Three Tuns.' At Birmingham, Mr. Sargant, jun. to Miss Chance, daughter of Mr. Chance, merchant. A man of the name of Newton, of old John Thompson, efq. of Lye Hall, Shrop- Swinford, was lately convicted of running Thire, to Miss M. Glaver, daughter of S. away from his wife and family, and leaving Glaver, esq. Mr. Dovaston, jun. attorney, them chargeable to the parish; and was den. to Miss Wilde, of Cru Green, Montgomery, tenced to be transported for seven years. Thire.

The beautifullpire of St. Andrew's Church, At Afton, Mr. T. Middleton, to Mrs. M. Worcester, has been much damaged by the Britt, both of Birmingham.

late high winds; and it was at one time At Stratford-upon-Avon, Mr. Pritchard, feared that the greater part of that 'admired furgeon, to Miss M. Barkę, of the White Aructure would have fallen. Lion-inn.

Married.) At Worcester, Mr. Walker, At Alcester, Mr. W. Hemming, to Miss tanner, of Stratford-upon-Avon, to Mifs. Greathead.

Allies. Mr. T. Hampton, of Upton-uponDied.) At Birmingham, Mrs. Roberts, Severn, to Miss Y. Fitzer, daughter of Mr. 'wife of Mr. J. Roberts.

Mr. E. Wallin. U. Fitzer. Mr. J. W. Romney, iron-master, Mrs. Durnall, wife of Mr. Durnall, brazier. of Old Swinford, to Miss Davis. Mr. John Stead, engineer.

At Woodside, Mr. Richard Burrow, to At Coventry, Mrs. Teafdale, wife of Mr. Miss S. Baker. Teasdale, chemift and druggist. Mrs. Rey At Severn Stoke, Richard Nash, esq. of nolds, fifter of Mr. Alderman Clark.

Worcester, to'Mrs. Brown, of Bromsgrove. At Sumner Hill, near Birmingham, Master At Stone, near Kidderminster, Mr. W.. William Mac Korkell, son of Mr. Mac Kor. Lucas, of Hanbury, to Miss Hill, daughter kell.

of Mr. Hill, of Hoo Farm. At Spring Hill, near Birmingham, Mrs. At Piston, Mr. B. Hodson, of Worcester, Kempson, wife of Mr. Kempson, furveyor. glover, to Miss Quarrell, daughter of Mr. At Hurst Hill, Mrs. 'Allcock.

Quarrell, of Fladbury. At Round Green, aged 83, Mr. William Died.] At Worcester, Miss S. Gardner, Milis, needle-maker.

daughter of Mr. Gardner. Mr Stables, jur. At Stratford-upon-Avon, aged 7.5, Mr. T. of the Strand, London. Mrs. Everton, of Sharp, clock and watch maker; he was the "the Dolphin. Aged 76, Mr. J. Stevens. purchaser of the celebrated mulberry-tree Mr. T. English, feeds-man. Mrs. Harris, said to have been planted by Shakespeare. relict of the Rev. T. Harris. Miss Hoorn.

Mr. William Boulter, As a considerable number of working peo At Evesham, Mr. Whittell, attorney. ple, belonging to Rose and Co.'s china-works At Dudley, Mrs. Spurdle, wife of Mr. - at Coalport, were lately returning to their Spurdle, of the hotel.

bomes across the river in a boat kept for that At Abberley, aged 55, Mrs. Mills, wife of purpose, by some imprudence of the man Mr. Mills. who steered it, the boat unfortunately over At Droitwich, aged 29, Miss A. Gale. fet, near the iron bridge; by which accident At Mathon, Mr., B. Smith, farmer. 20 men and 8 women were drowned.

At Kidderminster, aged 102, Thomas Married.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Williams, Lamh, a labourer. draper, to Miss M. Lomax. Mr. E. Row

At Leighlington, aged 17, Miss E. Hickox. land, merchant, to Miss C. Jones, daughter At Shipston-upon-Stour, Miss H. Wright, of the late J. Jones, efq. of Tyddyn. Mr. R. daughter of Mr. Wright, Baugh, to Mifs.M. Stanton. Mr. R. Poole, At Redmarley, Mr. Thomas Goode; he currier, to Miss Hand. Mr. Davies, shoe was thot ai by some villain as he was return; maker, of Montgomeryshire, to Miss An- ing to his home; and was afterwards shockthony.

ingly bruised on the head with the muíket. At Market Drayton, Mr. B. Hadley, of The murderer is suspected to be a relation to Wolverhampton, to Miss Peak, of Colehurst. the deceased.

At Wellington, the Rev. T. Browne, of Bradley, to Mifs Cartwright, daughter of Mr. On Tuesday morning, the 12th of NovemCartwright, of the former place.

ber, about a quarter before fix, a large meAt Shrewsbury, Miss Gardner, teor palled over Hereford with great velocity fifter of J. Gardner, erg. of Swansea. Aged in a direction from north to south. It occa80, Mrs. Proffer, relict of the late Mr. Prof- fioned great alarm at Rofs, and in the forest of fer, druggift. Mrs. Higgins. Aged 71, Mr. Dean. For several hours previously to its M. Lowe. Aged 85, Mr. James Webiter. · appearance there were flashes of vivid, but

At Whitchurch, the Rev. Mr. Harper. filent lightning, at intervals of half an hour. At Bridgenorch, Mr. J. Jolly; he was ma The floods occafioned by the heavy rains







have done considerable damage in Hereford At Berkeley, Mrs. Hickes, reli&t of l. fhire, and generally through the kingdom. Hickes, esq. The roads are universally in a very bad condition.

An agricultural correspondent of the Oxford The anniversary meeting of the Hereford- Fournal states, as the result of repeated expeshire Agricultural Society was held on the rience, that grain, shrivelled from being cut 22d of October at Hereford. Several pre. unripe, may be used as, feed with as much miums for improvements in agriculture were certainty and advantage, as that which is ripe distributed į among which was one to Mr. and plump. Knight, for ploughing with oxen worked Married.] At Oxford, Mr. Richard Treadfingly. Rewards for the encouragement of well, farmer, to Mrs. A. Freehorn. industry were also bestowed on several candi "At Chipping-Norton, Mr. E. Matthews, dates. Several new-invented implements of attorney, to Miss S. Hart. husbandry, and a variety of communications At Bloxham, the Rev. J. Jesam, to Mrs. on subjects connected with agriculture, were Wire, presented to the Society; which will be taken At Adderbury, Mr. W. Davis, of Milcomb, into consideration at the next meeting in to Miss Gardner, daughter of Mr. R. Gardner. March 1800.

At Banbury, Mr. W. Dunckley, of PautesMarried.] At Eardisley, the Rev. John pury, Northamptonshire, to Miss Grimsdale, Huish, of Pembridge, to Miss Harris, of late of Northafton. Kington.

Died.] At Oxford, Mr. William Hughes, Died.]. At Hereford, aged 81, Mrs. Bad- cooper; he was accidentally drowned in the ham, wife of Mr. C Badbam, bookseller. canal.

At Rofs, Mr. A. Seymour; he was for Mr. T. Selston. Miss Frederica Spencer, merly steward to the celebrated Duchess of eldest daughter of the Honourable John Kingston, who bequeathed him a very con- Spencer. fiderable legacy.

At-Banbury, Mrs. Devensire, wife of Mr. At Bromyard, Mr. J. Taylor, of the King's A, Devenshire. Mr. William Hill, son of Arms.

the late Alderman Hill.

At Henley, Rev. S. Nicho!. Some remarkable meteors were observed on On Thursday morning, the 14th, in the Tuesday morning, the s2th of November. A 16th year of his age, William James Mavor, ball of fire, as large as the moon, was visible eldest son of Dr. MAVOR, of Woodstock. for ten minutes between 4 and 5 o'clock, The complaint, which brought on his unleaving behind it a train of luminous matter. timely diffolution, was a consumption, arifing About an hour afterwards a second was seen; from a neglected cold; and when his situation and whilst this was visible the atmosphere was was discovered by his affected father, no exapparently filled with shooting stars. This pedient known, or resorted to, in fucla cafes, was seen also at Worcester, Hereford, Wood under the best medical advice, was found Itock, and the Forest of Dean. Both of them availing to restore him. The elegance of his were accompanied by lightning, and they dif- form, and the sweetness and regularity of his appeared in a bluish smoke, leaving a trong features, though universally allowed, were Smell of sulphur.

but a faint index of his lovely and well-regu. For orber particulars relative to these meteors lated mind. After a domestic education, in fee DURHAM, WARWICKSHIRE, and HERE- which a disposition the most amiable, and ta

We earnestly intreat of intelli- lents the most promising, were cultivated gent persons, in various parts of the kingdom, all with a fond assiduity, he was entered on the ibe corret information they are able to collect re foundation of the Charter House, on the no. jpečling tbese phenomena, whose cause and nature mination of the Duke of Marlborough. .His

present su little understood by natural philo- judgment was mature beyond his years, and fopbers.

his several acquirements in literature such as Married.] At Gloucester, Mr. D. A. warranted an abundant future harvest. But Saunders, to Miss Rudhall.

death has closed those prospects once so fair ; At Charlton, near Tetbury, T. Tolboys, and his disconfolate father, who has loft in esg. of Doughton, to Miss E. Corbeit. him the friend of his leisure, and the compa

At Uley, near Durley, Mr. Watts, sur- nion of his studies, can only cherith the regeon, to Mrs. Richards, relict of the Rev. membrance of his worth, and indulge the Mr. Richards, of Tetbury.

soothing hope of rejoining him in a better Died.] At Gloucefter, Mr. George Wash- world. His taste in every branch of natural bourn, fon of the late Mr. W. Chemist. history was correct, and his researches confi

At Drusley, Mrs. Elliott, relict of Mr. S. derable. To him his father dedicated a voElliott.

lume lately published* ; and during his lingerAt Painswick, aged 28, Mr. John Adey, ing illness, he suggested the plan of a Betania clothier.

cal Pocket-book, now in the press, whose utje At Chipping-Sodbury, Dr. G. Hardwicke. lity to students in that enchanting science

At Buscot, Mrs. Reynolds, wife of Mr. R. Reynolds.

* Natural History, for the Use of Schools.


are at

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