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which he as rted to have been taken from
a temple of Venus; but, besides the fačt
being doubtful, these fragments had no.
thing grand in their appearance.
Jumelin endeavours to reconcile the dif-
ferent opinions of travellers respe&ting the
Magniottes; who are maintained by some
to be a mild and hospitable people, and by
others a horde of robbers. He thinks
both opinions are correót, accordingly as
they are applied to the inhabitants of the
cape, or those that reside in the interior part
of the country. Cape Matapan, the ancient
Tenarus, is a sterile coast, crowded with
frightful rocks, and peopled with men in
all respests worthy of the soil; but fur.
ther in the country the Magniottes form a
nation, of uncultivated manners, and poor,
but frank, mild, and hospitable ; and this
difference is easily'explained, by the differ-
ent manner of living of one and the other;
the latter live on the produce of their
lands and flocks; the former have also
some flocks, but live principally on plunder.

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1793. ]

the evening, however, the breeze abated, and by 7 o'clock, on Sunday morning, when in latitude 49 deg. 53 min. longitude 9 deg. 38 min. she got up with us, and hoisting English colours saluted us with a gun. In obedience to the fignal, our ship lay to, and hoisted the thirteen stripes, the colours of the United States. A boat was immediately put out by the privateer, and very quickly conveyed to us, amidst the shouts of their companions, eignt or ten men armed with cutlasses and pistols. Our captain was immediately called upon to get out his own long boat, which he refused to do; alleging that he could not do it with convenience, and that, as he belonged to a neutral port, they had no right to expest it. He was asked for his papers to prove that he was an American, and was desired to accompany some of the party to the privateer, This he did, and whilst he was on board the ship, the English flag was taken down, and that of the French Republic was hoisted in its place. The men, in the mean time, who remained on board with us, behaved with perfeót decorum; and the officers apologized to us for the trouble and alarm they gave, saying, that what they did was not for the sake of plunder, but in conformity to the laws of war. We invited them into the cabin, placing wine and other refreshments before them, of which they partook very heartily. We informed them, that though we were born

in England, we were now becoming citi

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