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Is. 6d.


Is. 60.

Anecdotes of his Life and Character: trans A Concise Practical Grammar of the Ger. lated from the German of F. Anthing. 2 vols. man Tongue, by the Rev. W. Render, Teacher 8vo. 1os. (without the plates). Wright. of the German Language in the University of The Military Library, or Journal; Cambridge. 12mo. 6s.

Symonds. comprehending a complete Body of modern

POETRY. Military Knowledge, especially designed for

The Annual Anthology. Vol. 1. 12mo. the use of the Officers of the British Army, 6s. boards.

Longman and Rees. and of those Gentlemen Volunteers who are Aphono and Ethina, including the Science desirous of attaining the higher Military Tac- of Ethics, founded on the Principles of Unitics: decorated with Copper plates of Uni- nyersal Science; a Poem, by George Nafom. forms, Plans, new Military Music, &c. Vol.

Longman and Rees. 1, 4to. II. IIs. 6d. in bds. Carpenter and Co.

Plan of Union for the Military Volunteer Substance of the Speech of His Royal HighAssociations, acting without pay: by an Of- ness the Duke of Clarence, in Parliament, on ficer of an Asociation. 6d. Robinson. the Slave Trade Limitation Bill, 15th of

July, 1799

Rivingtons. The October Fashions of London and Paris ;

The Failure of the French Crusade, or containing Twelve beautifully coloured Fi- The Advantages to be derived by Britain gures of Ladies in the actually prevailing from the Restoration of Egypt to the Turks; and most favourite Dresses of the Month ; in- by Eyles Irwin, Esq. Is. 61.

Nicol. tended for the use of milliners, &c. and of

Substance of the Bishop of Rochester's ladies of quality and private families residing Speech in the House of Peers in the Debate in the country; to be continued monthly.

on the Slave Trade, July 5, 1799. Robson. Phillips.

A Method of increasing the Quantity of A Letter to the Rev. Robert Hawker, Circulating Money upon a new and folid Prin. D. D. Vicar of Charles, Plymouth; occa- ciple, in Two Letters (No publisher's name). fioned by his late Expedition into Cornwall: by the Rev. R. Polwhele.


An Apology for the Priesthood ; exempliGleanings in England, Descriptive of the fying that its establishment in this kingdom Countenance, Mind, and Character of the is not burthensome, but the reverse, - in a Country; by Mr. Pratt. 8vo. 8s. boards. Sermon, by the Rev. 7. Hare, A. M. is. 6d. Longman and Rees.

Rivingtons. Columbus, or the Discovery of America ;

A Discourse on the Advantages which redesigned for the instruction of Youth. Tranf- fult from Christianity, and on the Influence lated from the German of Campe, by Elizabeth

of Christian Principles on the Mind and ConHelme. 2 vols. in one, 12mo. 35. 6d. boards.

duet ; in several Sermons, preached at Sun

Low and Law. bury by James Cowe, M. A. No. XCII. of the Copper-Plate Magazine ;

Robson. consisting of Picturesque Views in Great Bri Christian Institutes ; Illustrations of the tain; engraved by W. Walker. IS, each. Creed, Lord's Prayer, Ten Commandments,


. Baptism, and the Lord's Supper: by a ClergyA Letter to Hannah More on her late Stric

man of the Church of England. tures on Education. To which is subjoined,

Rivingtons. a Discourse on Genesis, chap. xv. 6, preach

A Vindication of the Calvinistic Doctrines ed at Bath; by the Rev. Charles Daubeney. 25.

of Human Depravity, the Atonement, DiHatchard.

vine Influences, &c. in a Series of Letters to The London Catalogue of Books, corrected the Rev. T. Belsham: by Thomas Williams, to September 1799. 45.


Author of the Age of Infidelity, &c. 45. An Arrangement, under diftinct Titles, of boards.

Chapman. all the Provisions in Force, of all the Acts Cheap Religious Trafts, 12mo. relative to the Alleled Taxes; by Stewart

No. 1. An Address to Christians, recomKyd, Barrister. 65. boards. Hurst. mending the Circulation of cheap Religious

Tracts: id. or gs. 68. per 100. No. 2. Vi

vian's Dialogues on the Principles of ReliRomulus; a Tale of Ancient Times, trans- ligion : 140. or 75. 6d. per 100. lated from the German of that esteemed wri: Subjects för Confideration: one half-penny, ter, Auguftus La Fontaine, by the Rev. P. Will.

or 33. per 100. No. 4. The End of Time; 2 vols, 12mo. 8s. boards.

Phillips. from Dr. Watts: Id. or 3s. per 100. No. 5. The Natural Daughter; with Portraits of Watt's Divine Songs for Children: 1. the Leadenhead Family: by Mrs. Robinson. No. 6. Conversion and Death of Lord Rochef2 vol. 78. boards. Longman and Rees.

ter: one half-penny. No.7. On the Fourth Sigevart, translated from the German, by Commandment: one farthing, or is. 60. per A. LL. Erq. 2 vols. 12mo. 55. boards.

No. 8. Address to a Youth: one half.

penny, or 3s. per too. Geiriadur Sretneg a Chymraeg, an English The Assembly's Catechism, with the Proofs and Welsh Dictionary; by William Richards, at length: 1d. or 7s. 6d. per 100. M. A. 12m0. gs. boards.

Hurft. Watts's First Catechisa: one half-penny, Polidori, &c.


Is. 6d.

12mo. 29.


No. 3.



Vol. I.

12 mo.


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Phillips. 11. 105.

Watts's Prayers for Children, Alphabet of Rosenmüller, Handbuch der Litteratur. Prudence, &c. one farthing. Williams. ' 3 vols. Il. is.

A Picture of Christian Philosophy, by Ro Heeren, Claffische Littératur. bert Fellowes, A. B. Oxen. Second Edition, 78. with Corrections and considerable Additions. Heeren, Ideen der Politic. 2 vols. Ili Is.

White. Soergels Europäische Kriege. Vol. 1.

Marerolls Predigten. 2 vols. I2s.
The Fourth and laft Volume of Halfted's Buchenröders Signal-Kunst.
History of Kent. 31. 1os.

Emmerlings Mineralogie. 3 vols.
Simmonds and Kirby, Canterbury. Lowths Heilige Dichtkunst.

Schloetzers Geschichte der Deutschen in

Siebenbürgen. Vol. I. Travels through the United States of North

Untersuchungen über Jesum. 55. America, the Country of the Iroquois and

Ebers Englische Sprachlehre. 45. 6d. Upper Canada, in the Vears 1796, 7, and 8, with an Authentic Account of Upper Canada;

Brackenbergs Kriegs-Wissenschaft.

Sonntag, Geschichte des Russischen Reichs. by the Duke de la Rochefoucault Liancourt. Vo

2 vols. lume the Second and Last, with Maps, Ta

Salzmann, Carl von Carlsberg. 6 vols. bles, &c. 4to. il. 75. boards. IMPORTED BY J. HOOK HAM.

Geschichte Carls v, Burgheim, &c. 4 vols. L'Histoire des Campagnes du Comte Alex

Henrietta, oder der Hussaren Raub. andre Suwarrow Rymnikiki, Général Feld.. Marechal au Service de la Majesté l'Empereur

Betrachtungen über die Kriegs-Kunst.

Meifters Helvetische Haupscenen. de toutes les Ruffies. 2 tom. 8vo. avec un Portrait, Ios. 6d.

Majer, Geschichte der Ordalien.

Woltmanns Aeltere Menschengeschichte. IMPORTED BY T. BOOZE Y.

Woltmanns Neuere Meschengeschichte. Linnæi Species Plantarum, 2 Parts, 1798, Benniagsen, Reuterey, 4to. 2000 pages, 18s. 60.

Hoyers Neues Militairisches Magazin. Linnæi Systema Naturæ, 9 vols. 41. 45.

Subms Geschichte der Entstehung der Dictionnaire Portatif Allem. et Franç Völker. 78. Franç. et Allem. 2 vols. Rabenhorst, 1798,

Dornedden Phamenophis. 6s. 108. 6d.

Scopoli, Flora Carniolica.

2 vols. 125. Dessinateurs des Fleurs, 2 cahiers, coloured Les Væux Temeraires. 2 vols. Ios. 68. plates, 1799, 1os. 6d.

Les Petits Emigrés. 2 vols. ios. 6d. Restes d'Architecture Egyptienne, par

Eckhold ûber das Ausziehen frembder Grohmann, 4to. fine plates, 1799, 158.

Körper ; fine prints, vellum paper. Recueil des Idées Nouvelles, pour les Ama IMPORTED BY BRENMEK, Successor to teurs des Jardins, 24 cahiers, coloured plates,

Elmsley, Strand. 1799, 71. 45.

Lettre aux Auteurs Juifs d'un Mémoire Cappel de Pneumonia Typhode, 1799, adressé à M. Teller, Conseilleur du Consistoire 25. 6d.

Superieur, et Prévôt, à Berlin: par 7. A. De Kolpin's Opuscula Chirurgica, cum Tab. Luc. tom. 1, 1799, 35. 6d.

Mémoires de l'Academie Royale des Sci.. Væux Temeraires, par Madame Genlis, 2 ences et Belles Lettres de Berlin, pour les vols. 8vo. 1799, 8s.

Années 1792, 1793, 1794, et 1795.

2 vols. Waaren-Lexicon, in Zwölf Sprachen, Svo. 4to. 1os. 6d.

Pindari Carmina, cum Letionis Varietate Nouveau Théatre, 3 vols. 1798, 12s.

& Adnotationibus iterum curavit Chr. Gottl. Shraud's Aphorismi de Politia Medica. Heyne.

5 vols. 8vo. 25. 6d.

Alciphronis Epiftolæ, ex Fide aliquot CoShraud's Primæ Lineæ dii Medici. dicum recensitæ, cum Steph. Borgleri Com

mentario integro, cui aliorum Criticorum et (Euvres de St. Pierre, 7 vols. 175. 6d.

fuas Notationes, Versionem emendatam, India Schillers Cabal und Liebe.

culumque, adjecit Joan. Aug. Wagner. Schillers Don Karlos. 55.

vols. 8vo. Schillers Räuber.

Fabricii Bibliotheca Græca, editio nova, Schillers Fiesco.

variorum curis emendatior atque auctior, curante Gottl. Chr. Harles,


Jacob's Anthologia Græca, 8 vols. 8vo. Melchior Striegel, ein Heroisches Gedicht, Effai concernant les Armateurs, les Prises, vellum paper, with fine plates, elegantly et sur tout les Reprises, d'après les Loix, les printed.

Traités, et les Usages des Puissances MariMüllers Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft. times de l'Europe. Par M. Martens. 8vo. 4 vols.

Histoire de la Campagne des Prussiens en Lindenau, Tactic. 2 vols.

Hollande en 1787, fous les Ordres du Duc de Lindenau, Winterposten.

Brunswic, enrichie de Plans et de Cartes : Beccaria, Ueber Verbrechen. 2 vols. 125.

par le Général Pfau. 4to. MONTHLY MAG. No...




35. 60.

23, 6d.

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25. 6. 25. 60.


MR. WILKINSON'S PATENT BOILER. fore. The advantage in these boilers con(With a Plate.)

fifts in their being of greater lengths than. WILKINSON, FSQ. of Wilkinson's without flues on the outside ;-the fire Wharf, Rotherhithe, obtained a Patent being applied solely to the bottom in the for his newly invented Boilers.

one case, and in the other with the return These Boilers, instead of being made through the water ; which admits the boiler either round, or of a short oblong Square, to be made of half the breadth. - The with flues round the outside, and the fire length and breadth of thefe boilers, and applied as in the common method, are by number of fire-places, mạy be varied at nie made of great length, without any flues pleasure. round the outside, and 'the fire more uni Reference to Fig. 1 and 2. formly applied, as Mewn by the annexed Fig. 1, is a horizontal sectioil, and Fig. drawings.--Fig. 1, is a horizontal fe&tion, 2, a vertical section of a covered boiler 60 and fig. 2, a vertical lection of a boiler, feet in length and 6 feet in breadth; —Q, 60 feet in length, and 6 feet in breadth. fhews the situation of the fire-grates ; The heat from the flues, passing uniformly be the flues which convey the heat through along the bottom, rises up at one end, and the water, and go to the chimney C ; -7, returning by flues passing through the wa- d, the capacity in the boiler for water and ter to the other end, opens into the chimney fteam;--, divisions into which liquids which carries off the smoak.-Fig. 3. is a are conveyed to supply the boiler, and to horizontal sestion of another boiler 60 feet defend thote parts from the fire. in length and 12 feet in breadth, with two

Reference to Fig. 3. partition walls underneath, dividing its Fig. 3, is a horizontal section of an bottom longitudinally into three spaces. open builer, 60 feet in length and 12 feer The heat from the fires, which are placed in in breadtlı ;-a, the fire-grates ; -- be the the two outer spaces, passing along the fue under the builer, that receives the bottom to one end, returns back through heat from the grates, and goes to the the middle space, under the bottom, to the chimney c. other end, opening into the chimney as be


Account of Diseases in an Eastern District of London, from 20th of Aug. to 20th of September.

3 4

3 2


2 3 1



No. of Cafes. Gastrodynia
Y PHus gravior

2 Diarrhea
Typhus mitior

4 Dysenteria Quotidian

1 1 Colica Pneumonia

3 Colica Pictonum Catarrhus

Hæmorrhois Measles

2 Dolor Nephriticus Acute Rheumatisın


Prolapsus Vagina Asthma


Dysmenorrhæa Cough

Amenorrlica Dyspnea

Cancer in Utero

9 Phtbilis Pulmonalis


5 Pleurodyne


Dysuria Cephalæa


4 Epilepsia

i Hysteria Vertigo

4 Scrophula Syncope

3 Herpes Palpitatio

Lichen Dyspeplia

6 Plora

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