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To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. S1 R, NE of the Monthly Magazines of about a year back or more (not having the number by me, I cannot precisely say) mentioned that a collection of Latin Poems, written by various persons, natives of Scotland, was made by a clergyman, with a view of convincing the world, that the Scots have surpassed all other nations in writing Modern Latin Poetry; and which would in a short time be published. If any of your readers can inform me whether the work is printed, or likely to be so, they will oblige, Sir, Your humble Servant, GeoRCE FABR1cius. August 21, 1799

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* The following notes were occasioned by reading a little work, “ The familiar Letters of a Dane,” and afterwards ‘‘ Riem’s Travels through Holland.” Amongst the many observations made by these travellers during their very rapid journey, are some precipitate and but half true. Against this error I am perhaps protected by a nine years' residence in Holland, 'till the spring of 1798. what will ensure credibility to my affertions, George Forster, who of all travellers has most profoundly and occurately examined the claracter of the Dutch, as well as of other nations, and w irose “ lot wo' I had the

in eans of comparing with the following re

marks, immediately after they were written, has in many points established the same conclosions. D. EINs.

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