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Alph Abetical List of BANKRUptcies and Divide NDs announced between the 20th of july, and the 20th of August, extracted from the London Gazettes.

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Hielet, J. Tallerton, coal and lime-merchant. (Mr. Lock

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gay maker. (Mr. Bol-
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(Messrs. whishaw and

Phillips, R. **** vićtualler. (Mr. Twycross-
Thay '-inn). -

Round, ... Wargrave, malster. (Messr. Clev, and Blua',
Qld Pfly-office)

c ).

Stephenton, A. Kewcastle, ship-owner. (Mr. R. Wilson, 1 incoln's-inn).

Smith, R., iigaue Novko drvoir (Qw; on Temple).

ply; PEN IA$

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