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and well-informed man, and much addićted to study. But his natural genius has probably been over rated. From an accurate analysis of his works, it may easily be gathered, that his predominant intellectual power was memory; that his powers of imagination were not vigorous; that his want of strićt method betrays a defect of analytical investigation; that he was rather a judicious student and compiler of the observations of others, than an original writer; that he made no extensive researches beyond the common knowledge of his contemporaries; and that his style is phlegmatical, and the arrangement of his ideas innmethodical. The uncommon success of his works among the bulk of the people in Italy, was perhaps not a little owing to personal and local circumstances. A young man, scarcely of the age of thirty, a nobleman, a lord of the court, a religious knight, and yet capable of philosophical investigations, was, at that time, deemed a prodigy. And if his writings met with equal approbation in England, France, Germany, and America, it might be partly attributed to the prewailing disposition of men's minds, which, previously to the convulsions of the French Revolution, were wholly engrossed with tubjects of political economy; and partly to the interested precautions of booksellers and librarians, who very frequently, in their line of trade, vamp the merit of foreign publications; or (what is no less probable) to the ignorance of the language,

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Extrao's from the Port-Folio of a Man of Letters, &c. &c.

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Including Notices of Works in Hand, Domestic and Foreign. o *** Authensic Communications for this Article will always be than filly received. ~

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Dr. BAILLIE will very soon publish the fecond fasciculus of a series of engravings, accompanied with explanations, which are intended to illustrate the morbid anatomy of some of the most important parts of the human body; this fasciculus comprehending the chief morbid appearances of the lungs, and of the parts intimately conneéted with them.

SoNNIN1’s “ Travels in Upper and Lower Egypt,” are announced for publication in London. This work cannot faii to excite a general interest throughout France, not only on account of the well known abilities of the author, but from the circumstance of his having penetrated farther into Upper Egypt than any other European traveller; while his local knowledge of, and long residence in, a country so inperfectly known, have enabled him to throw new light on the celebrated expedition of Buonapatte.

Mr. Be N's LEY is now printing, in a very superior manner, “ The Wreath;”


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*The Cardinal died at Rome in 1794, that is to say, about 16 years after Voltaire. He had resided in that city since 1769, under the characters

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