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Red. See Table C 7. ... From the Experiments B 1 to B 7, which prove that any intermediate fastitious prismatic colour, may be composed of the two immediately contiguous, it follows: that if any four following colours in the spectrum be taken, a tint or shade intermediate to the second and third colours will be produced. For the 1st, and the 3d, produce the 2d, which is intermediate; and the 2d, and 4th, produce the 3d, which is intermediate to them; consequently the tint, shade, or colour, produced by all the four, will be the same, as would have been produced by combining only the 2d, and 3d, or the two intermediate colours. From the Experiments C 1 to C 7, it may be inferred, that white or the same effect which is produced by the combination of the seven colours, will be produced by beginning with any colour in the spectrum, and combining a quantity of the 2d colour equal to the 1st, 2d, and third; with a quantity of the 5th colour equal to the 4th, 5th, and 6th, and by adding to those "... colour?"

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360 See Table D 2.
- ExPERI Ment xviii. .

Green 168 - Blue 60 + Green 60 + Yellow 48. See C4.
Red 152 = Orange 27 + Red 45+ Violet 8o, See C 7.
Indigo 4o See the Spectrum.

360 See Table D 3.

- Experiment xix.- .

Yellow 135 = Green 60 + Yellow 43 + Orange 27. See C ;.
Violet 165 = Red 45 + Violet 80 + Indige 43. See C. 1.
Blue 60 = See the Spectrum.

360 See Table D4.

Experime Nt xx.

Orange 12o = Yellow 48 + Orange 27 + Red 45- See C 6.
Indigo 18o = Violet 8o + Indigo 40 + Blue 69. See C 2.
Green 60 = See the Spectrum. - -

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360 See Table D 6. * -
Violet 165 = Red 45 + Violet 80 + Indigo 40. See C 1.
Green 168 = Blue 60 + Green 60 + Yellow 48. See C 4,
Orange 27 = See the Spectrum.

360 See Table D.7.

It follows from what has preceded, that the following combination of colours will produce white; viz. begin at any colour in the spectrum, and take of the ad a proportion * *ity = to the, oft, 2d, and 3d ; of the 5th a proportion = to the 4th and 6th, and of the 6th = 5th and 7th. - ExPERIMENT xxi II. Indigo 180 = to Violet 80 + Indigo 40 + Blue 60 Yellow 87 = Green 60 + Orange 27 Orange 93 = Yellow 45 + Red 48. Produce 360 White. See Table E 1.


9range 120 = to Yellow 48 + Orange 27 + Red 45
Indigo 140 = , Violet 80 + Blue Öo
Blue 100 = . Indigo 40 + Green 60
Produce 360 White. See Table E 2.

-- 3 U 2 Experiment

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Produce 360 White. See Table E 3. . . t

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360 White. See Table F 5- ExPERIM. En r

- Red Violet 192

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imense with the light proceeding immediately from the more distant candle; one of these shadows will be of the colour of the glass, the other will be the opposite. , cclour, or that colour which combined with the transnitted colour would produce white. The two shadows ploduced by two candies, one transnitting the light through a coloured glass, the light of the other failing immediately on the object will be, If the glass beViolet —Violet and green yellow Indigo –Indigo and yellow orange Blue—Blue and orange red Green –Green and red violet Yellow—Yellow and violet indigo Orange—Orange and indigo blue Red Red and blue green. These Experiments, which are easily made, and very amusing,. coincide with those from F 1 to F 7, No. 30 to 36, and with the Experiments on the Ocula, Spectra, made by Dr. Robert Darwin, and referred to in Dr. Darwin's Zoonomia; a work which may be confidered as one of the first productions of the human mind. Fig. 3. Is a table shewing the numeral relation which the several colours, bear to each other, beginning with any colour in the prismatic spectrum. Birmingham. S. GALTon, Jun. To the Editor of the Monthly Magazine. sl R, - - o UPPOSING the National Debt to be NY equal to four hundred millions (or more of 3 per cent. Annuities, of the va: lue of 50 per cent. that is, two hundred millions sterling; fifty millions, or more if it can be enployed, of this property, may be put into circulation, in the following manizer. Let any stockholder, who would wish to circulate some part of his stock, without selling it, transfer a certain quantity of it, suppose twenty thousaid pounds 3 per cents. to the Governors and iXirectors of the Bank, who are then to deliver to him fifty certificates, or notes of transfer; each of them to be marked as of the value of Iool. or a greater quantity in number, and of loss - value

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