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Waren, soft, penetrable, i. 452.

Way of life, periphrasis for life, iii. 511.
Wealth, weal, advantage, i. 435.

Wear, the fashion, ii. 615.

Wearing the hat at meals, i. 439.

Web and pin, the cataract in the eye, iii. 89.

Wee, diminutive, i. 647.

Weed, robe or garment, iii. 740, 771.

Week, in by the, a saying, i. 85.
Weening, thinking, imagining, ii. 302.

Weep a good, to cry in good earnest, i. 35.
Weet, to wit, to know, iii. 530.

Weigh out, outweigh, ii. 671.
Weird, prophetic, fatal, iii. 474.

Welkin eye, sky-coloured eye, iii. 200.

Well, an expression applied to the dead, iii. 243.
Well appeared, rendered apparent, iii. 168.
Well-liking, in good bodily condition, i. 89.

Well said, well done, i. 601, ii. 143, 349, iii. 625.
Well seen, well versed, i. 238.

Westward ho! a cry of the Thames watermen, and the title of

a comedy, ii. 279.

What, for what? why? iii. 601.

What make you? what do you? i. 674.

What the good year! an exclamation, i. 701.
Wheel, refrain, burden of a ballad, iii. 382.
Whelked, having protuberances, iii. 101.

When! an exclamation of impatience, i. 449, ii. 443. iii. 13, 422.
When Arthur first in court began, a ballad, i. 626.
When? can you tell? a proverbial query, i. 127, 521.
When griping grief, &c. the beginning of an old song,
i. 205.

When that I was and a little tiny boy, ii. 281.

Whenas, when, i. 140.

Where, whereas, i. 21, 424, ii. 324, 345, 371.

Where is the life that late I led, i. 257, 622.

Wherein, in that, ii. 133.

Whifler, a fifer, or piper, ii. 120.

Whiles, until, ii. 270.

Whipping-cheer, flogging, i. 622.

Whipstock, the handle of a whip, or the whip itself, ii. 195, 246.

Whist, silent, at peace, hushed, iii. 15.

White, to hit the, in archery, i. 273.

Whiting-time, bleaching time, i. 666.

Whitster, a bleacher of linen, i. 663.

Whittle, a clasped knife, ii. 501.

Whoobub, hubbub, iii. 238.

Whoop, do me no harm, a tune or burden, iii. 232.

Whooping, out of all, ii. 150.

Wicked, baneful, iii. 13, 48.

Widow-hood, a dower, i. 243.

Widows' and widowers' vows of chastity, i. 44.

Wilderness, wildness, ii. 613.

Wild-goose chase, a sort of barbarous horse-race, or steeple
chase, i. 217.

Wild mare, the game of see-saw, i. 598.

Willow, song of, a ballad, iii. 718.

Will you take eggs for money? proverbial for will you suffer

yourself to be cajoled? iii. 202.

Wilson, John, the composer, i. 742.

Wimpled, hooded, veiled, i. 67.

Winchester goose, a venereal pustule, i 293.

Wincot, the ale-wife of, i. 229.

Wind, to scent, iii. 622.

Window-bars, lattice-work across the bosom of a woman's

dress, ii. 490.

Windows, eye-lids, i. 200, ii. 570, 723, iii. 726.

Winking-gates, gates closed, i. 294.

[blocks in formation]

Wis, I, certainly, truly, i. 275, 413.

Wise-woman, a witch, i. 678.

Wish, to commend, i. 234, iii. 534.

Wisp of straw, a punishment for a scold, ii. 417.
Wistly, wistfully, i. 490.

Wit, knowledge, wisdom, i. 400, 712, ii. 301, iii. 349.
Wit, whither wilt? a proverbial saying, ii. 160.
Wit-cracker, a joker, i. 739.

Wit-snapper, one who affects repartee, i. 423.

Witches sailing in sieves, iii. 517.

With himself, not beside himself, iii. 603.

With the manner, in the fact, i. 54.

Withering of bay trees, an evil prognostic, i. 499.

Without, beyond, i. 371, ii. 23, iii. 45.

Witnessed, evidenced, iii. 508.

Wits five, the five senses, i. 696.

Wittol, a contented cuckold, i. 658.

Witty, discerning, judicious, ii. 405.

Woman-tired, henpecked, iii. 213.

Woman of the world, a married woman, i. 707, ii. 11, 166.
Wood, mad, crazed, wild, i. 13, 353, ii. 321, iii. 729.
Woodcock, a simpleton, i. 733.

Wooden, blockish, ii. 326.

Woodman, cant term for a wencher, ii. 627.

Woodman, huntsman, ii. 741, iii. 744.

Woolward, wearing a woollen garment next the skin, going
shirtless, i. 96.

Woosel-cock, or oosel-cock, the blackbird, i. 359.
World to see, a, wonderful to see, i. 246, 722.

World, to go to the, to get married, i. 707, ii. 11, 166.
Worm, a serpent, ii. 735, iii. 583, 584.

Worth, wealth, fortune, ii. 258.

Worts, coleworts, cabbages, i. 641.

Would I were dead! an imprecation, iii. 250.

Wound, encircled, iii. 23.

Wreak, vengeance, iii. 170.

Wrest, an instrument for tuning the harp, iii. 292.

Wretch, a term of endearment, iii. 676.

Writ, truth, gospel, ii. 623.

Write, to proclaim, ii. 32.

Writhled, wrinkled, ii. 298.

Wroth, calamity, misfortune, i. 413.

Wrying, deviating from the right path, ii. 753.

Wry-neck'd fife, fife for fifer, i. 406.

YARE, brisk, nimble, ii. 262, 622, iii. 5, 558.

Yaw, a sea term, to stagger and vacillate, iii. 393.

Ycleped, called, named, i. 55, 94.

Year, what the good! an exclamation, i. 701.

Yearn, to grieve, to vex, i. 670, ii. 78, 100.

Yellowness, jealousy, i. 647.

Yellows, a disease of horses, i. 250.

Yellow starch, ii. 45.

Yeoman, a sheriff's officer, i. 581.

Yerk, to jerk, to thrust with a quick motion, ii. 104, iii. 651.

Yes; keep you warm, i. 245.

Yet, now, i. 346, ii. 8, 44, 319, 355, iii. 74, 235, 579.

Yexen, or waxen, to hiccough, i. 351.

Yield, reward, ii. 168, iii. 567.

Yield, to report, iii. 545.

You may, you may, you have full liberty to divert yourself,

iii. 149, 288.

Youngest wren of nine, ii. 258.

Younker, a youngling, i. 407.
ZANY, a fool or gull, i. 92, ii. 241.
Zealous, pious, ii. 549.

Zed, an unnecessary letter, iii. 75.




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