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A TABLE to find Easter-Day, from the year 1900, to

the Year 2199, inclusive.

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Golden Dayof the Sunday||Golden Day of the Sumay THE

Gol. Num. Month. Leuer. Num. | Mouth. Letter.

den Num.

bers in the 14 March 22 D

7 Avril


foregoing Ca3 23

9 A

will 24 F 15

10 B

point out the 11 25

11 с

days of the 26

12 D

Paschal Full 19 27 12


Moons, till the 8 28


year of our 29


Lord 1900 ; at 16 30


which time,in 5 31 17

17 B

order that the April 1


Ecclesiastical 13 2

19 D

Full Moons 2 3

20 E 21 F

may fall near.

ly on the same 10 5

22 G

days with the 6

23 A

real Full 18 7

24 B

Moons, the 25 с

Golder Numbers must be removed to different days of the Calendar, as is done in the annexed table, which contains so much of the Calendar then to be used, as is necessary for finding the Paschal Full Moons, and the Feast of Easter from the year 1900, to the year 2199, inclusive. This Table is to be made use of, in all respects, as the first Table, before inserted for finding Eau er, till the year 1899.

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GENERAL TABLES for finding the Dominical or Sunday Letter

and the places of the Golden Numbers in the Calendar.

TABLE I. 6 5 4 3 2 1 0

To find the Dominica! or SunBC D E F G A day Letter any given Year

of our Lord, add to the Year its

1600 1700 1800 fourth part, omitting fractions, 1900

2700 and also the Number, which, in 2100 2200

2300 2000


2500 2600 2800 Table 1. standeth at the top of 31001


the column wherein the number 2900 3000 3300 3400 3700 of hundreds contained in that giy. 3200


in Year is found ; Divide the sum 3900

4300 3800 4100 4200 14500 4600 by 7, and if there be no remain4000 4400

der, then A is the Sunday Letter; 4700 51001

5500 but if any Number remain, then 4900 5000 4800

5300 54001 5200


the Letter which standeth under

that Number at the top of the 5700 5800

16100 6200


6500 Table, is the Sunday Letter. 6000

16400 6700

7100 6600

6900 7000 6800

7300 7400

7200 7500 7900

9304 7700 7800


8100 8200 7600

18400 85001&c.




10 find the Month and day of the 2 301 2 311 2 3

Month to which the Golden

Nog. ought to be prefixed in the CalA. D. A. D. A. D endar in any given year of our Lord,

consisting of entire hundred years, 13 1600 0B 4000 101 B 6400 20 and in all the intermediate years

1700 1 4100U 6500 21 Detwixt that and the next hundredth 1900

4200 12 6600 22 year following, look in the second 1900 2 4300 12 6700 23 column of Table Il. for the given B 2000 2 B 4400 121B 6800 22 year, consisting of entire hundreds ;

2100 2 4500 13 6900 23 and note the number or cypher 2200 3 4600 13 7000 24 which stands against it in the third

2300 4 4700 114 710024 column; then in Table III. look for B 2400 3 B 4800 14 B 7200 24 the same number in the column un2300

4900114 7300 25 der any given Golden No, which 2600

5 5000 15 7400 25 when you have found, guide your 2700 51 5100 16 75002 eye sideways to the left hand, and B 2800 5B 5200 15|| B 7600 26 in the first column you will find the

5300 16 7700 26 month and the day to which that 3000 6 5400 17 78007 Golden No. ought to be prefixed in

3100 7 5500 17 7900 28the Calendar, during that period of B 3200 7 B 5600 17||

B5000 7 one hundred years. 3300

7 5700 S 810028 The Letter B prefixed to certain 3400) 8 5800 18 8200 29 hundredth years in Table II. denotes 3500

9 590019 8300 2) those years which are still to be acB 3100

SIB 6000 191B 8100 29 counted Bissextile or Leap Years in 3700 9 6100 19 85000 the new Calendar ; whereas all the 3800 101 62002)

&c. other hundredth years are to be ac. 3900 11011 6300

counted only common years.

TABLE III. Paschal Sun

THE GOLDEN NUMBERS. F. Moon.Let. 112/31 41 51 61 71 61910111112113114115116117118119 Mar. 21 C

81191011213141516171231 9120, 1, 12,231 415,26 22 D 9/20111223 4 15 26 7 18 29 10121 2 13 24 5 16 23 E 10121 21324 1627 819 011.2 31425 617 24 F 1122 31425 61728 920 1|1223| 415|26| 71829 251 G 12123i 4'151261718129110121 2131211 5116271 8119 0 13124 5116127

0111122 3114125 6:17,28, 9120 1728 1 920 112/23 15 26 7 18 29 10 21 2 15

1324 51627 8119 0111223 1627 819 011 14251 6 17 23 920 12123 30 17'251 9120 12

26 711812910121 213124 5 311 F F

819 Olli) 14,251 6 April 1G

1723 920 1/12 23 15/2017 21 A 201 112

182910121 2 13:24 5 16 278 212 516 8191 Ou 314

1728 141251 61171231 912011121314151617118

1812910121 2113121 5116,271 S119, 0,11

0122 3 11 25 611791201 112 17291 920 11223 415 718 10121 2 13 16129101221 213121 516127 819 011

3/14 19

311425 61171281 91201 12123) 4115 9120

151261 7181291021 2,13127 5,16 16

19 0 1 221 311425 617 011122

17281 9120 12 23 415 26 18 11223

18291012 2113241 51627 819 141 F 20131241 5116 S1191 0

3114125 6117128 9120 15 G 3/141251 61171281 9120 12,23 4,1526, 7,18,29, 10 А 415261 7118 29 1021

19 ou 17 B 5161271 8194 01122 31425 6117281 91201 112 27 B

71812910121 | 2/13/24 18 C 61171281 91201 11:21231 4151261 19] C|7|18|29|10211 2113 211 5|16|27| 8190|11|223114 125

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The Minister shall begin the Morning Prayer, by reading one or more

of the following Sentences of Scripture. TE Lord is in his holy temple ; 119 be called thy sori. St. Luke, xv.

let all the , 19 fore him. Hab. ii. 20.

Enter not into judgment with thy From the rising of the sun even servant, O Lord; for in thy siglit unto the going down of the same, shall no man living be justified. Psal. my name shall be great among the cxliii. 2. Gentiles; and in every place incense If we say that we have no sin, we shall be offered unto niy name, and deceive ourselves, and the truth is a pure oflering : for my name shall not in us; but if we confess our sins, be great among the heathen, saiti God is faithful and just to forgive us the Lord of hosts. Mal. i. 11. our sins, and to cleanse us trom all

Let the words of my mouth, and uurighteousness. Loni, 8, 9. the meditation of my heart, be al- 1 Then the Minister shall say, way acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, DEARLY belovec! brethren, the my strength and my Redeemer.

scripture moveth us, in sundry Paal, xix. 14.

places, io acknowledge and confess When the wicked man turueth our manitok! siis and wickedness, away from his wickedness that he and that we should not dissemble hath committed, and doeth that nur cloak thein before the face of which is lawful and rigtit, he shall Almighty God, our heavenly Father, save his soul alive. Ezek, xviii. 27. but confess there with ani humble, I acknowledge my transgressions ; lowly, penitent, and obedient heart; and my sin is ever before me. Psal. to the end that we may obtain forli.3.

giveness of the same, by his infinite Hide thy face from my sius; and goodness and mercy. And although Slot out all mine iniquities. we ought, at all times, humbly to acThe sacrifices of God are a broken knowledge our sins before God; yet spirit; a broken and a contrite heart, ought we chiefly so to do, when we O God, thou will not despise. Psal. assemble and meet ingether, to ren li. 17.

der thanks for the great benefits that und your heart and not your gar. have received at his hands, to ments, and turn unto the Lord your set forth his inust worthy praise, to God; for he is gracious and merci- hear his most holy word, and to ask ful, slow to anger, and of great kind those things which are requisite aud ness, and repenteth him of the evil. necessary, as well for the body as the Joel ii. 13.

soul. Wherefore. I pray and beTo the Lord our God belong mercies seech you, as many as are here preand forgivenesses, though we have sent, to accompany ine, with a pure rebelled against him ; neither have heart and huinble voice, unto the we obeyed the voice of the Lord throne of the heaveuly grace, say. our God, to walk in his laws which iughe set before us. Dan. ix. 9, 10.

1 A general Confession, to be said by O Lord, correct me, but with judg- the whole Congregation after the ment; not in thine anger, lest thou Minister, all kneeling. bring me to nothing. Jer. x. 24.

A LMIGHTY am most mercifus Psal. vi. l,

Father ; We have erred and Repent ye; for the kingdom of strayed from thy ways like lust sheep heaven is at hand. St. Mai. iii. 2. We have followed too much tby deI will arise, aud go to my father,vices and desires of our owu hearts. nad will say unto him; Father, 1 We have offeaded against thy huly have sinned against heaven, and be- laws. We have left undone those fore thee, aud am no more worthy things which we ought to bave de pe ;

shall say,

And we have done those things which Kingdom come ; Thy Will be done we ought not to have done: And on Earth, as it is in Heaven ; Give there is no health in us. But thou, us this day our daily bread; Aod O Lord, have mercy upon us, mise- forgive us our trespasses, as we forrable offenders. Spare thou those, o give those who trespass against us ; God, who confess their faults. Re. And lead us not into tenptation ; store thou those who are penitent; But deliver us from evil : For thine According to thy promises declared is the Kingdum, and the Power, and unto mankind, in Christ Jesus our the Glory, for ever and ever. Amen. Lord. And grant, О most merciful 1 Then likewise he shall say, Father, for bis sake; That we may O Lord, open thou our lips; hereafter live a godly, righteous, and Ans. And our mouth shall show sober life ; 'l'o the glory of thy holy forth thy praise. name. Amen.

91 Here, all standing up, the Minister I The Deciaration of Absolution, or Remission of Sins; to be inale by Glory be to the Father, and to the :he Priest alone, standing; the Son, and to the Holy Ghost; People still kueeling.

Ans. As it was in the beginning, is A LMIGHTY Gol, the Father of now, and ever shall be, world with

our Lord Jesus Christ, who dle- ou emt. sireth not the death of a sinner, but Min. Praise ye the Lord. rather that he may turn from his Ans. The Lord's name be praised. wickedness and live, hath given". Then shall be said or sung the folpower and commandment to his lowing Authem; except on those ministers to declare and pronounce days for which other Anthems are to his people, being penitent, the Ab- appointed; and except also, when it solution and Remission of their sins. is used in the course of the Psaime, He pardoneth and absolveth all those on the nineteenth day of the month. who truly repent, and unteignedly Venile, exultemus Domino. believe his holy Gospel. Wherefore, O Come, let us sing unto the Lord, .et us beseech him to grant us true let us heartily rejoice in the wepentance, and his Holy Spirit ; strength of our salvation. that those things my please him Let us come before his presence which we do at this present, and with thanksgiving, and show ourwhat the rest of our lite hereafter may selves glad in him with psalms. be pure and holy ; so that at the last For the Lord is a great God; and a we may come to his eternal joy, great King above all gods. through Jesus Christ our Lord. in his hand are all the corners of The People shall answer here, and the earth; and the strength of the a: the end of every Prayer, Amen. hills is his also. 1 Or this.

The sea is his, and he made it ; and A LMIGHTY God, our heavenly his hands prepared the dry land.

Father, who, of his great mercy, O come, let is worship, and fall hath proinised forgiveness of sins to down ; and kneel before the Lord our alt those who, with hearty repent-Maker. ance and true faith, turn unto him ; For he is the Lord our God; a:d have mercy upon you, pardon and we are the people of his pasture, and cleliver you from all your sins, cun- the sheep of his hanıl. firm and strengthen you in all good worship the Lord in the heauty of ness, and bring you to everlasting holiness ; let the whole earth stand life, through lesus Christ our Lord. in awe of him. Amen.

For he cometh, for he cometh to 1 Then the Minister shall kneel, and judge the earth; and with righteous. say the Lord's Prayer; the People ness to judge the world, and the stili kneeling, and repeating i! with people with his truth. him, both here, and wheresoever It Theu shall follow a Portion of the else it is used in Divine Service. Psalms, as they are appointed, or OUR. Father,

who art in Heaven, one of the Selections of Psalms set Hallowed be why Name; Thyl forth hy this Church: and at the

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end of every Psalm, and likewise at The glorious companv of the Apose the end of the Venite, Benedicite, tles praise thee. Jubilate, Benedictus, Cantate The goodly bellowship of the ProNomino, Bonum est confiteri, phets praiec thee. Deus mis :reatur, Benedic Anima The noble army of Martyrs praise inert-MAY be said or sung the thee. Gloria Patri; and at the end of The holy Church, throughout all the the whole Portion, or Selection of world, doth acknowledge thee, Psalms for the day, SHALL be said The Father, of an intinile Majesty ; or sung the Gloria Patri, or else Thinc adorable, true, and only Soc', ihe Gloria in Ercelsis, as fol- Also the Holy Ghost, the Comforter loweth:

Thou art the king of Glory 0 Gloria in Ercelsis.

Christ. GLORY be to God on high, and on Thou art the everlasting Sor (? Le earth peace, good will towards Father.

We praise thee, we bless When thou tookest upon thee to de :lee, we worship thee, we glorify liver man, thou didst humble thyse!! chee, we give thanks to thee for thy to be born of a Virgin. great glory, O Lord God, heavenly When thou hadst overcome the King, God the Father Almighty. sharpness of death, thou didst open O Lord, the only begotten Son, the kingdom of heaven to all beJesus Christ; O Lord God, Lamb of lievers. God, Son of the Father, that takest Thou sittest at the right hand of away the sins of the world, have God, in the Glory of the Father. mercy upon us. Thou that takest We believe that thou shalt come, Rway the sins of the world, have to be our Judge. mercy upon us. Thou that takest We therefore pray thee, help thy away the sins of the world, receive servants, whom thou hast redeemed our prayer. Thou that sittest at the with thy precious blood. righi hand of God the Father, have Make them to be numbered with mercy upon us.

thy saints, in glory everlasting. For thou only art holy; thou only O Lord, save thy people, and bless art the Lordthou only, o Chrisi, thine heritage. with the Holy Ghost, art most highi Govern them, and lift them up for in the glory of God the Father. ever. Amen.

Day by day we magnify thee; Then shall be read the first Lesson, And we worship thy naine ever according to the Table or Calen-world without end. dar; after which shall be said or Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep irs Unis song the following llymn.

day withoui sin. I Nole, That before every Lesson, the O Lord, have mercy upon us, have Minister shall say, Here beginneil mercy upon us. such a Chapter, or Verse of such a O Lord, let thy mercy be upon us, Chapter, of such a Book: And as our trust is in thee. after every Lesson, Here endeth the O Lord, in thee have I trusted let first, or the second Lesson. me never be confounded. Te Deum laudamus.

1 Or this Canticle. WE praise thee, O God; we ac- Benedicite, omnia opera Domini.

kuowledge thee to be the Lord. O All ye Works of the Lord, bless All the earth Joth worship thee, the ye the Lord; praise him, and Father everlasting.

magnify him for ever. To thee all Angels cry aloud ; the Oye Angels of the Lord, bless ye Heavens, and all the Powers therein. the Lord; praise him, and magnify

To thee, Cherubim and Seraphim him for ever. continually do cry,

Oye Heavens, bless ye the Lord. Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God of praise him, and magnify him for over Sabaoth.

O ye Waters that be above the Fir Heaven and Earth are full of the mainent, bless ye the Lord ; prais Alhjeety of thy Glory.

him, and magnify him for ever:

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