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1 Then the Bishop may say, man, I restore four-fold. St. Luke Hear also what our Lord Jesus xix. 8. Christ saith :

Who goeth a warfare at any time THOU shalt love the Lord thy God at his own cost? Who plauteth a

with all thy heart, and with all vineyard, and eateth not of the fruit Hy soul, and with all thy mind : thereof? or who feedeth a flock, and This is the first and great command- eateth not of the milk of the flock? ment. And the second is like unto 1 Cor. ix. 7. it; Thou shalt love thy neighbour If we have sown unto you spiritual as thyself. On these two command-things, is it a great matter if wo ments hang all the law and the pro- shall reap your worldly things? phets.

1 Cor. ix. 11. 1 Let us pracy

Do ye not know, that they who O Almighty Lord, and everlasting minister about holy things, live je

God, vouchsafe, we beseech thee, the sacrifice; and they who wait at to direci, sanctify, and govern, both the altar, are partakers with the our hearts and bodies, in the ways altar? Even so hath the Lord alvo of thy laws, and in the works of thy ordained, that they who preach the commandm nts; that, through thy ospel, should live of the Gospel. Inost inighty protection, both here 1 Cor. ix. 13, 14. and ever, we may be preserved in He that soweth little, shall reap body and soul, through our Lord and little ; and he that soweth plente. Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen ously, shall reap plenteously. Le ! Then shall be read the Collect, every man do according as he is dis

Epistle, and Gospel, as they are posed in his heart, not grudgingly, or appointed:

cf necessity; for God loveth a cheer 4 Then shall be read the Apostles' ful giver. 2 Cor. ix. 6,7

or Nicene Creed; unless one of Let him that is taught in the world, them have been read immediately ininister unto him that teacheth, ia

before, in the Morning Service. all good things. Be not deceived 11 Then shall the Bishop begin the God is not inocked : For whatsoever

Ofertory, saying on or more a man soweth, that shall he reap of these sentences following, as Gal, vi. 6, 7.

he thinketh most convenient. While we have time, let us do good) LET your light so shine before unto all men: and especially into

men, that they may see your them that are of the household of good works, and glorify your Father faith. Gal. vi. 10. which is in heaven. St. Matt. v. 16. Godliness is great riches, if a man

Lay not up for yourselves treasures be content with that he hath: For we npon earth, where moth and rus: brought nothing into this world, nei. doth corrupt, and where thieves ther may we carry any thing out. 1 break through and steal : But lay up Tim. vi:6, 7. for yourselves treasures in heaven, Charge them who are rich in this where neither moth nor rust cloth world, that they be ready to give, ani! corrupt, and where thieves do not glad to distribute ; laying up in store break through nor steal. St. Mart. for themselves a good foundation vi. 19, 20.

against the time to come, that they Whatsoever ye would that men may attain eternal life. 1 Tim. v. should do to you, even so do to them : 17, 18, 19, for this is the law and the prophets. God is not unrighteous, that he will St. Mait. vii. 12.

forget your works, and labour that Not every one that saith unto me, proceedeth of love, which love je Lord, Lord, shall enter into the have showed for his name's sake, kingdom of heaven; but he that who have ministered unto the saints, dnech the will of my Father which is and yet do minister. Heb. vi. 10. in heaven. St. Matt. vii. 21.

To do good, and to distribute, forget Zaccheus stood forth, and said not ; for with such sacrifices God is umto the Lord, Behold, 'Lord, the well pleased. Heb. xiii. 16. half of my goods I give to the poor ; Whoso hath this world's good, and if I have done any wrong to any seeth his brother have need, and she

'eth up his compassion from him, how and impartially administer justice, to Iwelleth the love of God in him? 1 the punishment of wickedness and John iii. 17.

vice, and to the maintenance of thy Give alms of thy goods, and never true religion and virtue. Give grace, kurn thy face from any poor man; O heavenly Father, to all Bishops and and then the face of the Lord aball other Ministers ; that they may, both not be turned away from thee. Tobit by their life and doctrine, set forth iv, 7.

thy true and lively Word, and rightly Be merciful after thy power. If and duly administer thy holy Sacra thou hast much, give plenteously; if ments. And to all thy people give thou hast little, do thy diligence glad thy heavenly grace ; and especially to ly to give of that little: for so gather this congregation here present; the est thou thyself a good reward in the with meet heart, and due reverence, day of necessity. Tobit iv. 8, 9. they may hear and receive thy holy

He that hath pily upon the poor, Word ; truly serving thee in holiness lendeth unto the Lord: and look, and righteousness all the days of what he layeth out, it shall be paid their life. And we most humbly behim again. Prov. xix. 17.

seech thee, of thy goodness, O Lorsi, Blessed be the man that provideth to comfort and succour all those who, for the sick and needy: the Lord in this transitory life, are in trouble, shall deliver him in the time of trou- sorrow, need, sickness, or any other ble. Psalın xli. 1.

adversity. And we also bless thy holy 1 Whilst these sentences are in read-name, for all thy servants departed

ing, the Deacons, Church War. this life in thy faith and fear; beseech dens, or other fit persons appointing thee to give us grace so to fo How ed for that purpose, shall receive their good examples, that with them, the alms for the poor, and other we may be partakers of thy heavenly devotions of the People, in n de kingdom : Grant this, o Father, for cent Basin, to be provided by the Jesus Christ's sake, our only MedinParish for that purpose; and re- tor and Advocate. Amen. verently bring it to the Bishop, T The Bishop shall then say this who shall humbly present and

Exhortation, place it upon the Holy Table.

DEARLY beloved in the Lord, ye 1 And the Bishop shall then place who mind to come to the Holy

upon the Table so much Bread and Communion of the Body and Blocel Wine as he shall think sufficient; of our Saviour Christ, must consider after which he shall say,

how St. Paul exhorteth all persons Let us pray for the whole state of diligently to try and examine them Christ's Church militant.

selves, before they presume to eat of A

LMIGHTY and everliving God, that Bread, and drink of that Cup.

who by thy holy Apostle, hast For as the henefit is great, if with a laught us to make prayers and sup- true penitent heart and lively faith plications, and to give thanks, for all we receive that holy Sacrament; so is men: We humbly beseech the most the danger great, if we receive th: mercifully [*10 accept our alms and same unworthily. Judge therefor oblations, and] to receive these our yourselves, brethren, that ye be not prayers, which we offer unto thy di-judged of the Lord; repent ye truly vine Niajesty; beseeching thee to for your sins past; have a lively and inspire continually the universal steadfast faith in Christ our Saviour; Church with the spirit of truth, uni- amend your lives, and be in perfect ty, and concord; and grant that all charity with all men ; so shall ye be those wao do confess thy holy name meet partakers of those holy Mystenay agree in the truth of thy holy ries. And, above all things, ye must word, and live in unity and godly give most humble and hearty thanks love.' We beseech thee also, so to di- to God the Father, the Son, and the rect and dispose the hearts of all! Holy Ghost, for the redemption of Christian rulers, that they may truly the world by the death and passion

If there be no alms or oblations, then shall the words, to accept onr almis aud oblations, and, be left unsaid.

of our Saviour Christ, boh God and Have mercy upon us, have mercy man ; who did humble himself even upon us, most merciful Father ; for to the death upon the cross, for us thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ's sake, niserable sinners, who lay iu dark- forgive us all that is past ; and grant, ness and the shadow of death; that that we may ever hereafter serve anú he might make us the children of please thee in newness of life, to the God, and exalt us to everlasting life. honour and glory of thy name, through And to the end that we should al- Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. ways remember the exceeding great 1 Then shall the Bishop stand up, love of our Master and only Saviour and, turning to the People, say, Jesus Christ, thus dying for us, and! ALMIGHTY God, our heavenly the innumerable benefits which by his father, who, of his great mercy, precious blood-shedding he hath ob- bath promised forgiveness of sins to lained for us, he hath instituted and all those who with hearty repentanco ordained holy Mysteries, as pledges of and true faith turn unto him, have his love, and for a continual remem- mercy upon you ; paruon and deliver brance of his death, to our great and you from all your sins; confirm and endless comfort. To him, therefore, strengthen you in all goodness; and with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, bring you to everlasting life, through let us give, as we are most pounden, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. continual thanks; submitting our 1 Then shall the Bishop say, selves wholly to his holy will and Hear what comfortable words our pleasure, and studying to serve him Saviour Christ saith unto all who a true holiness and righteousness, all truly turn to him. the days of our life. Amen.

COME unto me, all ye that travel 1 Then shall the Bishop say to and are heavy laden, and I will

those who come to receive the refresh you. St. Matt. xi. 28. Conimunion,

So God loved the world, that he YE E who do truly and earnestly re- gave his only begotten Son, to the end

pent you of your sins, and are in ihat all that believe in him should not love and charity with your neigh-perish, but have everlasting life. Si. vours, and intend to lead a new life, John iii. 16. following the commandments of God, Hear also what St. Paul saith. and walking from henceforth in his This is a true saying, and worthy holy ways; draw near with faith, and of all men to be received, that Christ take this holy Sacrament to your com- Jesus came into the world to save sinfort, and make your humble confes-ners. 1 Tim. i. 15. sion to Almighty God, devoutly koeel Hear also what St. John saith. ing.

If any man sin, we have an Advo. Then shall this general Confes-cate with the Father, Jesus Christ the sion be made by the Bishop and righteous; and he is the propitiation all those who are minded to re- for our siris. 1 John ii. 1, 2. ceive the Holy Communion, hum- 1 After which, the Bishop shall pro. bly kneeling.

ceed, saying, ALMIGHTY God, Father of our Lift up your hearts.

Lord Jesus Christ, Maker of all Answer. We lift them up untn things, Judge of all men; we ac- the Lord. knowledge and bewail our' manifold

Bishop. Let us give thanks unto sins and wickedness, which we from our Lord God. time to time most grievously have Answer. It is meet and right so committed, by thought, word, and to do. deed, against thy divine Majesty; Then shall the Bishop turn to the provoking most justly thy wrath and Lord's Table, and say, indignation against us. We do ear: IT is very meet, right, and our nestly repent, and are heartily sorry for these our misdoings; the remem- all times, and in all places, give thanks Trance of them is grievous unto 118 ; unto thee, O Lord, (* Holy Father, ! * barthen of them is intolerable. Almighty, everlasting God.

These words, Holy Father must be omitted on Trinity Surulay.

! Here shall follow the proper Pre-Ivers languages, and also boldness face, according to the time, if with fervent zeal, constantly to preach there be any specially appointed; the Gospelunto all nations whereby or else immediately shall be said we have been brought out of darkness or sung by the Bishop and People, and error, into the clear light and true THEREFORE with Angels and knowledge of thee, and of the Son

Archangels, and with all the Jesus Christ: Therefore with ancompany of heaven, we laud and gels, &c. magnify thy glorious name ; ever- i Upon the Feast of Trinity only, more praising thee, and saying, Holy,

may be sard, holy, holy, Lord God of Hosts ; hea: WHO art one God, one Lord; not ven and earth are full of thy glory: one only person, but three perGlory be to thee, O Lord Most High. sons in one substance : For that which Amen.

we believe of the glory of the Father, 1 PROPER PREFACES. the same we believe of the Son, and 1 Upon Christmas Day, and seven of the Holy Ghost, without any dif. Days after.

ference or inequality : Therefore with BECAUSE thou didst give Jesus angels, &c.

Christ, thine only Son, to be born T or else this may be said, the words as at this time for us ; who by the Holy father being retained in the operation of the Holy Ghost, was introductory Address. made

very man, of the substance of FOR the precious death and merits the Virgin Mary his Mother; and of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, that without spot of sin, to make us and for the sending to us of the Holy clean from all sin : Therefore with Ghost the Comforter; who are one angels, &c.

with thee in thy eternal Godhead: 1 Upon Easter Day, and seven Therefore with angels, &c. Days after.

1 Then shall the Bishop, kneeling BUT chiefly

are we bound to prcise down at the Lord's Table, say, in thee for the glorious resurrection the name of all those who shall reof thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord : ceive the Communion, this pray. For he is the very Paschal Lamb, er following: which was offered for us, and hath We do not presume to come to this taken away the sin of the world; who thy Table, 0 merciful Lord, by his death hath destroyed death, trusting in our own righteousness, aand, by his rising to life again, hath but in thy manifold and great mercies. restored to us everlasting life: 'There. We are not worthy so much as to gafore with angels, &c.

ther up the crumbs under thy Table. Upon

scensio Day, and seven But thou art the ame Lord, whose Days after

property is always to have mercy: THROUGH

thy most dearly belov. Grant us therefore, gracious Lord, bu ed Son Jesus Christ our Lord; to eat the flesh of thy dear son Jesug who, after his most glorious resurrec-Christ, and to drink his blood, tha: tion, manifestly appeared to all his our sinful bodies may be made clean Apostles, and in their sight ascended by his body, and our souls washed up into heaven, to prepare a place for through his most precious blood, and us; that where he is, thither we might that we may evermore dwell in him, also ascend, and reign with him in and he in us. Amen. glory: Therefore with angels, &c. I When the Bishop, standing, be1 Upon Whitsunday, and six Days fore the Table, haih so ordered tre after

"Bread and Wine, that he may THROUGH Jesus Christ our Lord; with the more readiness and de

according to whose most true pro cency break the Bread before the mise, the Holy Ghost came down as People, and take the Cup into his ut this time from heaven, with a sud hands; he shall say the Prayer of den great sound, as it had been a Conseciation, as followcth : mighty wind, in the likeness of fiery ALL glory be to thee, Almighty tougues, lighting upon the Apostles, God,our heavenly Father, for that to teach thern and to lead them to all thou, of thy tender mercy, didst give u uth; giving them both the gift of di-thine only Son Jesus Christ to suite)

leath upon the croes for our redemp-holy institution, in remembrance of tion; who made there, by his one ob- his Death and Passion, may be par. iation of himself once offered, a full, takers of his most blessed Body and perfect, and sufficient sacrifice, ob- Blood. And we earnestly desire thy lation, and satisfaction, for the sins fatherly

, goodness, mercifully to ac. of the whole world ; and did insti- cept this our sacrifice of praise and tate, and in his holy Gospel com- thanksgiving; most humbly beseechmand us to continue a perpetual ing thee to grant, that by the merits memory of that his precious death and death of thy Sou Jesus Christ, and sacrifice until his coming again: and through faith in his blood, we For in the night in which he was and all thy whole Church, may obhetrayed, (a) he took (a) Here the tain remission of our sins, and al' bread; and when he Bishop is to other benefits of his passion. Ang had given thanks, (6) take the Pa- here we offer and present unto thee he brake it, and gave ten into his O Lord, ourselves, our souls, and boit to his disciples, say- hands. dies, to be a reasonable, holy, and li. ing, Take, eat, (c) (b) And here ving sacrifice unto thee'; humbly be. this is my Body, to break the seeching thee, that we, and all others which is given for you; Bread. who shall be partakers of this holy Do this in remem- (c) And here Communion, may worthily receive brance of me. Like- to lay his the most precious Body and Blood of wise, after supper, (d) hand upon thy Son Jesus Christ, be filled with he took the cup; and all the bread. thy grace and heavenly benediction, when he had given. (d) Here he and made one body with him, that he thanks, he gave it to is to take the may dwell in them, and they in him them, saying, Drink Cup into his And although we are unworthy, ye all of this; for (e) hand. through our manifold sins, to offer this is my Blood of the (e) And here unto thee any sacrifice ; yet we beNew Testament, which he is to lay seech thee to accept this our bounden is shed for you, and his hands up- duty and service, not weighing our for many, for the remis- on every Ves- merits, but pardoning our offences ; sion of sins : Do this as sel in which through Jesus Christ our Lord; by oft as ye shall drink there is any whom, and with whom, in the unity it in remembrance of Wine to be of the Holy Ghost, all honour and

consecrated. glory be unto thee, O Father AlmighThe Oblation. WHEREFORE, O ly, world without'end. Amen.

Lord and hea- 1 Here shall be sung a Hymn, or venly Father, according to the insti Part of a Hymn, from the Selectution of thy dearly beloved Son our tion for the Feaste and Fasts, &c. Saviour Jesus Christ, we, thy hum- 1 Then shall the Bishop first receive ble servants, do celebrate and make the Communion in both kinds him. here before thy divine Majesty, with self, and proceed to deliver the Lhese thy holy gifts, which we now of same to the Bishops, Priests, ana fer unto thee, the memorial thy Son Deacons, in like manner, and, af. hath commanded us to make; having ter that, to the People also in or. in remembrance his blessed passion der, into their hands, all devoutly and precious death, his mighty resur kneeling: And when he delivered rection and glorious ascension; ren the Bread, he shall say, dering unto thee most hearty thanks THE Body of our Lord Jesus for the innumerable benefits procured Christ which was given for thee, unto us by the same.

preserve thy body and soul unto ever The Inrocation.

And we most hum-lasting life : Take and eat this in re

bly beseech thee, O membrance that Christ died for thee, merciful Father, to hear us; and and feed on him in thy heart by faith, of thy Almighty goodness, vouch with thanksgiving. sate to bless and sanctify, with thy T And the Bishop, delivering the Word and Holy Spirit, these thy gifts

Cup, shall say, sad creatures of bread and

wine; THE Blood of our Lord Jesus at we, receiving them according to

thee chy Son our Saviour Jesus Christ's preserve thy body and soul unto ever


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