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THIS piece first appeared in a collection issued by Robert Chester, in 1601, with the title :—


'Love's Martyr; or Rosalin's Complaint. Allegorically shadowing the truth of Love, in the constant Fate of the Phoenix and Turtle. A Poem enterlaced with much Varietie and Raretie; now first translated out of the venerable Italian Torquato Cæliano, by Robert Chester. With the true legend of famous King Arthur, the last of the nine Worthies, being the first essay of a new British poet; collected out of diverse authentical Records. To these are added some new compositions, of several modern writers whose names are subscribed to their several works, upon the first subject: viz. the Phoenix and Turtle.'

The interest of the collection is confined to these additions, which include verses by Marston, Chapman, Ben Jonson, and Ignoto. They are introduced by a new title-page, which furnishes some fresh details :

'Hereafter follow diverse poeticall Essaies on the former subject, viz. the Turtle and Phoenix. Done by the best and chiefest of our modern writers, with their names subscribed to their particular works: never before extant: And now first consecrated by them all generally to the love and merit of the true

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