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considering some of the unfulfilled prophecies,

NONCONFORMITY. especially those of the Apocalypse, and I find some instruction in the articles that have

DEAR SIR.-It has come to the ears of the peared under that head in your valuable Har- church, that some of its members have, of late, BINGER; but respecting the 20th chapter of covertly followed the corpses of their relations that mysterious Book of Hieroglyphics, I am

to the Church of England, and consequently not satisfied that either Mr. Campbell or any joined in the worship of that church on those writer that I have met with, has fully or cor

occasions. This matter has been considered by rectly explained the events contained in that us. The following are some of the observations chapter. There are things therein that I can

that were made in reference to it; and, as you not reconcile with Mr. C.'s view of it, as a mil- were absent at the time, they are written for lennium of gospel revival, in “the souls of those your instruction and admonition. beheaded sitting on thrones ;” and “the rest

Believing children among us are constantly of the dead,” meaning the wicked spirits living put in remembrance to show piety at home, again after the thousand years are finished. and to requite their parents; and others who Now, my dear sir, just refer to the 19th chap- have needy relations may do them good whenter, where we have a vision of the mighty soever they will

. Servants, also, are instructed conquests of Him who sat upon the white horse, to adorn the doctrine of God their Saviour in whose name implies the same King of Kings, all things; and we are taught that whatever be and Lord of Lords; and in connection with our condition in the world, we have to submit this John says, “I saw the beast, and the kings ourselves to every ordinance of man for the of the earth and their armies gathered together, Lord's sake. No one would be acknowledged to make war against Him that sat on the white by us who could speak lightly of his Sovereign, horse, and against His army. And the beast or of those who are sent by her for the punishwas taken, and with him the false prophet, and ment of evil doers, and for the praise of them these both were cast alive into a lake of fire that do well

. We render to our rulers the and brimstone. And the remnant were slain, tribute, custom, excise, or imposts, with all &c.” Is it possible, after these mighty con

rates and taxes which they demand of us, as quests (Babylon previously fallen, these two we would pay any other debt; and we honor all great deceivers cast into the lake, and Satan men, as made after the similitude of God, and bound) that there should be wicked spirits according to their rank and authority in civil numerous enough to justify the expression in society. But, in things pertaining to the the 8th verse of the 20th chapter, " The num- kingdom of God, we know neither Sovereign ber of whom is as the sand of the sea.” If so, nor rulers, nor father nor mother, nor brother all the mighty warfare of the white horse army,

nor sister, nor wife nor children; one is our and the restraining of Satanic influence for a Master even Christ, and all we are brethren. thousand years, seem to have failed, for there It is now near twenty years since we detercould not be a greater number of rebels at any mined to abide by the Scriptures only and time previous to that binding of Satan. The entirely, and to speak the things of God in the mighty number of the wicked, forbids the idea words of God, whether in preaching the gospel of so understanding it. But these few hints to our fellow men, or in building up ourselves are only by the way; perhaps at some not very

on our most holy faith. During this time we distant day I shall, if the Lord will, put my have affirmed constantly, that the connection thoughts in a more methodical form for your of "Church and State” is subversive of this publication.

most essential and fundamental truth, namely, Your respectful and sincere well-wisher,

that the kingdom of Christ is not of this world;

consequently our separation from the Church S. SHEPPARD. of England was complete at once; we expected

no favor at its hands, neither have we ever [We shall feel obliged if the writer of the sought any. When persons could not be foregoing-whom we are happy to know is one married in England, except by a Clergyman of of our constant readers — will inform us why the Establishment, we sent our members to no evangelist, deacon, or any other person, ever Scotland to be legally joined together by the ventured to lay-on hands at, or after baptism, civil magistrate. Our elders who conducted excepting the apostles of the Lord ? And what the education of youth, would not receive any reasons can be assigned why Philip the Evan- pupil on condition of taking him to the Church gelist did not attend to this ordinance, (if, in- of England. And though some of our sisters deed, it be one) rather than allow Peter and have lived for years in families belonging to the John to go down from Jerusalem to Samaria National Church, they have always, in meekness for that purpose ? Hitherto we have not been and fear, refused to join in their worship. For able to discover any evidence for the laying on this nonconformity we have suffered much loss, of hands after baptism, since the death of the inconvenience, and reproach ; and we foresee apostles, who were empowered to do it-or to by the sure word of prophecy, that the time perform it for the same purpose as that for is not far off, when we may be required to which they did it.-J. W.]

worship the beast or his image, or lay down our lives for the word of God, and for the tes- | temple of idolaters--or of their uniting in wortimony which we hold.

ship with them—he would have done more, in Such conduct as the above, therefore, on the the first instance, than admonish, and instruct part of some of our members shows, either an them into a more correct knowledge of the ignorance of the word of God, which is inex- truth. That the apostle would have excluded cụsable in believers who have long professed from the church all who conveyed their departsubjection to, it or a sinful compliance with “the ed friends to the grave-yard of Episcopalians, will of men” when an opportunity was given and ignorantly united in the burial service as for taking up the cross and confessing Christ by law established, is matter of some doubt before them. To offer any excuse for such with us. At the same time, it is practice behaviour is only to cloak the sin. For, in which we could by no means recommend to the whatever circumstances a member may, at any disciples of Jesus. time, be found, he has access to his brethren It must be admitted that, in the present day, for counsel; and we often admonish one another there is an absence of that adherence and deof the consequences that will assuredly follow votedness to the spirit of nonconformity which by taking a step in doubtful case without were so heroically exhibited by some of the advice. It is likely that an impression pre- ancient Prophets of God, and by the early disjudicial to the truth of God was made on the ciples of Jesus. Regard the Prophet Daniel ! minds of relations and friends who witnessed, Rather than bow at the shrine of the greatest or heard of, this inconsistency ; besides, as the monarch in the world, he preferred being cast whole church is honored or suffers loss by the into the den of lions which his enemies had aoings of its individual members, such going prepared for his destruction. But the divine aside from the laws of God's house, may undo mandate forbade it. “ Touch not mine anointthe work of the ministry for years in the eyes ed, and do my prophet no harm.” ‘My God," of those that are without. For when truth exclaimed the venerable prophet, “ hath sent is against men, men are against truth, and are his angel, and shut the lions' mouths, that they glad to see a defection among us, even so partial have not hurt me: forasmuch as before him as this, and to ask, “What do ye more than innocency was proved in me; and also before others ?” And let it not be forgotten, that all thee, oh king, I have done no harm.” This departures from the truth are small in their was the triumph of faith-not mere feeling beginnings. So, when Israel once forsook the and conscience, of which we hear so much in worship of the one God, who led them out of the present day. Nor would the apostles of Egypt, they never could settle upon the worship the Lord, in matters of religious faith and pracof any other, but lay open to all the innovations tice, do the bidding of any state priest or maof the neighbouring nations. Thus, again, gistrate of their day. When peremptorily infant baptism was the certain forerunner of commanded to speak no more in the name of all that has polluted the sanctuary of God from Jesus, or to preach through him the resurrecthe day “this pillar of popery” was set up to tion of the dead, mark the courageous response the present "perilous times ;” and if we let of Peter and his associates—“ Whether it be slip the word of God, though it be but like right in the sight of God to obey you rather leaking vessels, drop by drop, at length the than God, judge ye: for we cannot but speak world will hear us, and our glory shall depart. the things which we have seen and heard.”

Upon the whole, therefore, we cannot but “He that is ashamed of me and of my word,” say, that this conformity to the Church of said Jesus, “ of him will the Son of Man be England by some of our members has exceed ashamed, when He shall come in the glory of ingly grieved the church, weakened the hands his Father, and of his holy angels." of our elders, and so vexed the Spirit of God; Respecting the burial of the dead, it is well and consequently calls for repentance before known that in many towns, and even in entire the Lord, and an acknowledgment of the offence districts of the country, there are no places of before his saints. If God should grant this sepulture excepting those connected with the grace, then will the whole church again unite church as by law established; and, therefore, in its endeavour to maintain the authority of Nonconformists are compelled to make applithe Scriptures against the doctrines and com- cation there to deposit the remains of their demandments of men.

parted friends. Now in all such cases, let the Signed in behalf of the Church, dead be silently interred—dispense with all reBY ITS BISHOP. ligious exercises on the occasion; but, at the

same time, pay the clergyman his fee as by law [NOTE.—We cannot but highly esteem those established. This would surely satisfy all parwho firmly, intelligently, and perseveringly ad-ties, and exhibit that spirit of nonconformity here to the true spirit of nonconformity; more which the New Testament requires. The very especially if engaged in contending earnestly idea of not having performed what is improfor the faith formerly delivered to the saints. perly designated Christian burial, over the It admits of question, however, if, when the grave of the departed, is, to some men, even in Apostle of the Gentiles saw or heard of any of the nineteenth century, truly horrifying; and his weak or ignorant brethren entering the we fear that some of the disciples of Jesus would be ready to conclude that their deceased

WORTHY OF IMITATION. friends had not a proper passport to the invisi

DEAR BROTHER—It is now between 4 and 5 ble world, without the due performance of this Popish ceremony at the time of interment. years since I embraced the opportunity of reading Brethren, when the spirit of a saint has left its by my Brother Archibald. Since then I have

a copy of the then Christian Messenger, obtained tabernacle of clay, the body is done with for been a constant reader, and have been much ever. “ It is not that body that shall be." benefitted by the light and truth which pervade Dwell upon this thought, and then this Popish its pages. While residing in Glasgow, in the Christian burial, of which so much account is end of 1846, the Athenæum there was opened made in some districts by Dissenters, will sink of which I became a member; and being deinto utter contempt, when regarded in contrast sirous of doing any little in my power to convey with a Christian character through life, and a Christian resurrection at the last day. We are furnished their Reading Room with a copy,

the same knowledge and truth to others, I happy to know that, in these respects, society which was readily received until I left that is greatly improving. ]–J. W.

city. This is a means of spreading the truth which the brethren ought to embrace wherever

they can. Brother Paton commenced shortly DORCAS SOCIETIES.

after to furnish two other public rooms with a DEAR BROTHER--Respecting the queries on

copy each. Wishing you great success in your

labour of love, page 577 of the last number of the HARBINGER, we are not, in this northern latitude, acquainted

I remain, your Christian brother, with the nature of “Dorcas Societies," and are

G. S. D. therefore, not very competent to judge whether

Grangemouth, January 7th, 1849. much good is done by them amongst the poor ; but every disciplc either knows, or might know,

CO-OPERATION MEETINGS. whether there ought to be such a society in connection with every congregation of disciples.

LONDON DISTRICT ASSOCIATION. That there has been much good done by several societies, is what will not be denied; but, then,

REPORT OF THE FORMATION AND FIRST the question is, have any of these societies done MEETING OF THE LONDON DISTRICT ASSOCIAthat which the church cannot do? And so long TION OF CHRISTIAN CHURCHES, HELD IN as the church is the proper channel through PROVIDENCE CHAPEL, ST. PANCRAS, LONDON, which every thing that is great and good should on Monday, 25TH DECEMBER, 1848.-A flow, either to rich or poor, so long will every portion of time having been occupied in the society in connection with it be worthless, al presentation of praise and prayer to the Father though formed for a benevolent purpose. The of all Mercies, Bro. Black, of London, was call. individual who is a member of the body of ed upon to take the Presidency of the meeting, Christ, places himself in an unfavourable posi- and Bro. Johnson to act as Secretary, tion, by becoming a member of another society, The President, having made some remarks for the purpose of doing good to the poor; for, upon the purposes for which the meeting was by lending his assistance to another, he is convened, adverting particularly to the necesweakening the church, and burying his talent sity, utility, and paramount importance of in the earth, when he ought to be trading with Christian co-operation, it to his Master's account.

It was proposed, and unanimously agreed The best society for the suppression of evil 1. That this meeting adjudge that, in order (apart from the church) with which I am ac- to a full and proper manifestation of original quainted, is the Tea Total Institution; but of Christianity, it is requisite for all the known what use such a society could be to any Chris-Christian churches in the world to co-operate tian, I have never been able to learn ; neither for the purposes of aiding each other in times am 1 able to see how a Christian could be jus- of need, and for extending the reign of the tified in uniting with any such. There is no Messiah (see John 17); and that to advance provision made for expelling the profligate from this universal co-operation, it is requisite to their company, if he continue to abstain from form the churches into districts, which districts intoxicating drinks : so that the murderer, the must not in any case interfere with the internal adulterer, the fornicator, the thief, the false management of the individual churches forming witness, the blasphemer, and whosoever loveth the same. or maketh a lie, may find refuge among them.

2. That it is most desirable for the churches And I for one, would say, “My soul, come not holding one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and thou into their secret: with such an assembly, which are engaged in restoring the original mine honour be not thou united.”

order of the churches in or near London, to Your's, brother, in love and esteem,

co-operate for the purposes expressed in the

foregoing proposition--the following churches

R. M. being considered by the presence of their delePerth, December, 1848.

gate or delegates, or by their acknowledgment

of this meeting by letter or otherwise, to form, i recommend the establishment of Bible Classes, for the present, the London District. The for instructing the children of the saints and following is a list of the churches, alphabetically others. arranged :-Banbury, Brighton, Chalderton, 8. That the committee appointed be requestHammersmith, Lewisham, London, Maidstone, ed to correspond with any districts now formed, Merton, Vauxhall, and Wardington.

or which may be formed hereafter, that they The London District heing formed, the fol- may co-operate with this district. lowing resolutions were unanimously carried:- Minutes read and confirmed; meeting ad

1. That, in order to manifest Christian love, journed to Friday, 6th April, 1849, 11 o'clock. and demonstrate the unity of the family of

J. JOHNSON, Secretary. God, it is deemed most desirable, that should any one church find itself unable to meet the

MEETING AT CUPAR. necessities of an indigent member or members, APPROVING of the recommendation of the it (the church) shall make the circumstances meeting held in Glasgow in September last, to fully known to the churches of this district, form district associations, with a view to a (through the medium of a committee to be more perfect consolidation of their union toappointed by this meeting) in order that they gether as subjects of the Lord, having the same may contribute as the Lord enables them, the faith and hope, as well as to promote their efcontributions of the churches to be sent to some fieiency in the promulgation of the gospel and person or persons, to be appointed by this enlargement of the kingdom of our Lord Jesus meeting to receive the same, hand it to the Christ in the sphere of their more immediate church for which it is forwarded, keep a due influence. The brethren in the district of Fife account thereof, and read it at the next general and neighbourhood, on intimation given, came meeting of the churches.

together by delegation on New Year's Day, 1849, 2. That Brethren McIntire and Black, of in Cupar. There were present brethren mesHammersmith, and Brethren Black, Warren, sengers from the following congregations, Draper, and Johnson, of London, be appointed viz:- Cupar, Dundee, Kirkaldy, Auchterthe committee referred to in the foregoing muchty, Newburgh, Leslie, Crossgates, Dunresolution.

fermline, Peakie Mill, St. Andrews, and 3. That it is expedient to secure the labors Montrose, the congregation in Perth being reof an evangelist or evangelists, for the London presented by letter. District, to the fullest possible extent; and Brother Dowie, of Cupar, being called to the that such evangelist or evangelists, if provided, chair, the meeting was opened by prayer; after be under the direction of a committee to be ap- which, the chairman rose and briefly stated the pointed by this meeting, and be considered the object of the meeting, and the order in which evangelist or evangelists of this district (which the business of the day would be attended to-regulation is deemed strictly in harmony with when, the conclusions of the Glasgow Meeting, which 1. An opportunity was given for the brethassembly recommended district evangelists to ren present giving short addresses on the prinbe called out) ; and that immediate steps be ciples which ought to be observed in the intertaken to ascertain from each church what community of congregations, in order to their amount they can contribute weekly toward harmonious co-operation together in evangelical sustaining such evangelist or evangelists. labour.

4. That the committee referred to in the After several of the brethren had delivered foregoing resolution to superintend the opera- their sentiments it was found that there existed tions of the district evangelist or evangelists, a common understanding and conviction that, consist of Brethren McIntire and Black of as all had avowed their faith in, and allegiance Hammersmith, and Brethren Black, Warren, to Jesus, as their only Lord and Lawgiver, it Draper, and Johnson, of London.

was not the province of sueh a meeting or asso5. That Brother King be appointed an evan- ciation as this, to legislate for one another, but gelist to the London District.

simply to consult together on the way and 6. That should the committee find them- means of carrying into execution the laws that selves in a position to sustain and to require were. To recognise one another as of equal another evangelist, they shall call a district standing and parts of the one body of Christ ; meeting to appoint the same.

consequently, judging that what is right to be 7. That the various meeting-places of the done by one congregation in the name of the churches of the London District be advertised Lord, ought to be acquiesced in by all, and remonthly in the BIBLE ADVOCATE ; and this spected as much as if it were the deed of all; meeting recommend the printing of a large so, that when any are received into the fellownumber of bills, briefly explanatory of our ship of one congregation, they are to be held order and containing the addresses of all the as being received of all. And if, in order to meeting places of the district, to be supplied preserve the purity of the house of God it be at the lowest rate, and at the same cost per found necessary by any one congregation to hundred to the churches, whether in large or separate an individual from their fellowship, small quantities. And this meeting further' that individual is to be considered as separated from all that there may be no jarring or dis- a communication from London, giving a report agreement among the congregations, by counter- of the proceedings of a similar association in acting each other's acts and influence. But, as that quarter was read, with the spirit and it is quite possible that congregations may err, general arrangements of which the meeting so every one ought to hold themselves in readi. entirely concurred; and especial notice was ness to be corrected, and consider themselves taken of one of the resolutions of the London responsible to cach other as congregations, the brethren, to the effect, that if any of the consame as individual members of churches are to gregations of the saints are unable sufficiently each other, leaving it to the dictation of love to supply the wants of their poor brethren, on and the attending circumstances, to point out making their case known the surrounding conin any case that may occur, how interference gregations are bound to assist them. may be best gone about.

But, while entirely concurring in the spirit Now, as the above mentioned principles in of this, they did not conceive themselves at which all harmonized, had been much neglected liberty to embody it as a resolution, having and violated in certain quarters in times past, always considered themselves bound by the occasioning much disorder and alienation of authority and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ

, mind in the brotherhood, and hindering the to contribute of their substance to any of the work of the Lord—the brethren present found congregations so requiring it. themselves called on, in token of their perfect Before the meeting broke up it was suggested agreement in the principles above stated, and that it would be desirable that a declaration their determination to act upon the same, to should be made, as to which of the parties in give to each other the right hand of fellowship, the divided congregation in Edinburgh this which was promptly and cordially done. meeting would recommend the congregations

The next thing attended to by the meeting to fraternize with, when all present agreed to was to ascertain the whole number which the recommend the party at present meeting in congregations represented could supply, com

Oak Hall, as worthy of fellowship and conpetent to be employed occasionally in the fidence. proclamation of the word, when the following After the business was concluded, the meetwere nominated : Brethren A. Dowie; George ing was terminated by prayer. The time of and James Mill, of Cupar; George and John next meeting was left unfixed, but will be Dron and A. Forsyth, of Auchtermuchty; W. notified in due time. Anderson and T. McEwan, of Dundee; T.

ARCHIBALD DOWIE. Brown and John Taylor, of Kirkaldy; D.

W. MURRAY, Secretary. Lawson and P. Boyd, of Newburgh ; James After the meeting, the brethren sat down to Arbuthnot and J. Schwepe, of Montrose. It enjoy each other's company at dinner ; and in was then agreed

the evening the annual soiree, or social meeting, 1. That, in order that these local evangelists of the congregation was held in their place of may have at least their travelling expenses meeting, to which the brethren had the liberty paid, the congregations be recommended to of bringing their friends and acquaintances

, make contributions quarterly, or oftener if that they might see the innocent joys which necessary, for that purpose.

were the products of true religion, and which 2. That Brother" W. Beveridge, Cupar, be consequently could reign only among the appointed to receive the contributions, and act children of God. Throughout the day the as treasurer.

greatest harmony and good will prevailed, and 3. That a brother be appointed in each it is hoped that the proceedings of it will be congregation by the congregation of which he productive of an increase of brotherly love is a member, who shall make it his aim to amongst those who are within, and good also ascertain where, in his district, a hearing can be to those who are without.

W. M. had for a proclaimer, and who shall seek out places wherein meetings may be held, and give proper publicity by bill or otherwise of the time

ITEMS OF NEWS. and place of such meetings.

4. That, in addition to these, a central com- NOTTINGHAM, JANUARY 23RD, 1849.-On mittee of five be appointed in Cupar, to consist the 25th ult. the twelfth anniversary of the of treasurer Beveridge, and a secretary (W. congregation of disciples was held in NottingMurray) A. Mitchell, sen. Charles Duncan, and ham, agreeably to previous arrangement, in T. Porter ; that this committee, through their Barker-gate meeting-house, tea being ready at sectretary, shall hold correspondence with the five o'clock. There were brethren present from brethren to be appointed in the various con- Bulwell, Carlton, Hill-Top, (or Eastwood, as it gregations according to resolution 3-shall is sometimes called) Leicester, Loughborough, receive and attend to suggestions from them as &c. Nearly two hundred, united in faith, hope, to where in their respective localities there are and love, took part in the social engagements good fields for proclamation—and shall appoint of the evening; and a more harmonious meetproclaimers to visit these places.

ing, or one exhibiting more oneness of soul in At this stage of the business of the meeting things pertaining to the kingdom of Jesus, has

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