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TI UTTERLY disapprove of the common prac

tice of adopting references after verifying them, without naming the source whence they are taken ; and, tedious as the double reference is, I never allow myself to dispense with it. When I cite a passage simply, I have found it out myself. He who does otherwise assumes the appearance of more extensive reading than belongs to him. Others may be less strict: nor should I blame them for it, if I can imagine that, it is really altogether indifferent to them whether they are believed to have engaged in more profound researches than they have done; or if, like some persons, they supposed it taken for granted that references are mostly borrowed. — NIEBUHR, Selected Letters, by the Rev. T. Chamberlain.


IN the lowest chamber there is a romance, if

we knew all hearts. — RAHEL VARNHAGEN, Quarterly Review, vol. lxxiii, p. 156.

Cursus est certus ætatis, et una via naturæ, eaque simplex ; suaque cuique parti ætatis tempestivitas est data ; ut et infirmitas puerorum, et ferocitas juvenum, ut gravitas jam constantis ætatis, et senectutis maturitas, naturale quiddam habeat, quod suo tempore percipi debeat. — CICERO, De Senect. x.

The Education and Studies of early years are considered, before the Plan of Life is laid down.

In Childhood the delay of hope is only the prolongation of enjoyment; and through life indeed, hope, if it be of the right kind, is the best food of happiness. The house of Hope,' says Hafiz, ‘is built upon a weak foundation. If it be so, I say, the fault is in the builder : build it upon a rock, and it will stand. - SOUTHEY, The Doctor, Interchap 2o.

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