Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Volume 5

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National Academy of Sciences, 1919
The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) publishes research reports, commentaries, reviews, colloquium papers, and actions of the Academy. PNAS is a multidisciplinary journal that covers the biological, physical, and social sciences.

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Page 88 - To promote cooperation in research, at home and abroad, in order to secure concentration of effort, minimize duplication, and stimulate progress; but in all cooperative undertakings to give encouragement to individual initiative, as fundamentally important to the advancement of science.
Page 479 - Attaches are continued. (Adopted.) Moved: That Mr. Donald J. Cowling, President of Carleton College, be nominated to represent the Association of American Colleges in the Division of Educational Relations in the National Research Council, with recommendation to the President of the National Academy of Sciences that Mr. Cowling be appointed a member of the National Research Council and assigned to the Division of Educational Relations. (Adopted.) The meeting adjourned at 10.45 am PAUL BROCKETT, Assistant...
Page 188 - Governmental and other agencies and to render such information available to duly accredited persons. Effective prosecution of the Council's work requires the cordial collaboration of the scientific and technical branches of the Government, both military and civil. To this end representatives of the Government, upon the nomination of the...
Page 187 - Council,rand other matters which, in the judgment of the President of the National Academy, require the attention of both bodies. Article VII. Publications and Reports Section 1. An annual report on the work of the National Research Council shall be presented by the Chairman to the National Academy...
Page 191 - Council to persons who have demonstrated a high order of ability in research, for the purpose of enabling them to conduct investigations at educational institutions which make adequate provision for effective prosecution of research in physics or chemistry.
Page 88 - The work accomplished by the Council in organizing research and in securing cooperation of military and civilian agencies in the solution of military problems demonstrates its capacity for larger sendee.
Page 88 - To gather and collate scientific and technical information, at home and abroad, in cooperation with governmental and other agencies, and to render such information available to duly accredited persons.
Page 184 - Council shall be composed of 1. Representatives of national scientific and technical societies. 2. Representatives of the Government, as provided in the Executive order. 3. Representatives of other research organizations and other persons whose aid may advance the objects of the Council.
Page 485 - The Editorial Board reports as follows regarding its activities during the past year: Volume 4 of the PROCEEDINGS has been completed, and the numbers of Volume 5 are being regularly issued each month. The articles in Volume 4 of the PROCEEDINGS may be summarized as follows: Mathematics, 9...
Page 188 - Sciences is therefore requested to perpetuate the National Research Council, the duties of which shall be as follows: 1. In general, to stimulate research in the mathematical, physical and biological sciences, and in the application of these sciences to engineering, agriculture, medicine and other useful arts, with the object of increasing knowledge, of strengthening the national defense, and of contributing in other ways to the public welfare.

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