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9 View in New South Wales 16 Bronze-winged Pigeon 10 Sketch of Sydney Cove

17 New Holland Caffowary II Kangaroo

18 Lieut. Shortland 12 Spotted Opossum

19 Canoe and Natives in Mulgrave 13 Vulpine Opollum

Range 14 Black Flying Opossum

20 Lieut, Watts
15 Great Brown King's Fisher
5 His MAJESTY, and his Royal Highness the Prince

of WALES, have been molt graciously pleased to per-
mit Mr. Stockdale to place their Naines at the Hicad
of the List of Subscribers to his Edition of

With a complete Index.

This Day is published, in one large Volume Octavo, ks. d.

containing near 1700 Pages, beautifully printed
upon a fine Royal Paper, and embellished with a
Head of the Author, from an Original, Price in

I II 6 S H A K S P E A RE, Including, in one Volume, the whole of his Dramatic Works; with explanatory Notes, compiled from various Commentators; to which is now first added, a copious Index to all the remarkable Passages and Words. Calculated to point out the different Meanings in which the Words are made use of by Shakspeare: By the Reverend Samuel Ayscough, F. A. s. and Afitant Librarian of the British Museuin. London: Printed for John STOCKDALE, Piccadilly.

The want of an Index to all the beautiful and remarkable Passages in Shakspeare, has long been regretted; but the Difficulty of the Undertaking has hitherto prevented every Attempt. Mr. Stockdale has already experienced a liberal Encouragement from the Public for his Edition of Shakspeare, in one Volume, 8vo. and to whom he begs Leave to return his grateful Acknowledgments.

For the Convenience of Ladies and Gentlemen that may think this Volume too large, a second Volume Title is printed, and a Title to the Index ; so that the Purchaser may either bind the above

Work in one, two, or three Volumes. 6 A Voyage Round the World, but more particularly

to the North-West Coast of America, the Great Mart of the Fur Trade. Embellished with Fortytwo Charts, Views, and other Copper-plates, repre


ko. so de senting the Discoveries. Dedicated, by Permission, to his Majesty, Sir Jofeph Banks, Bart, and the Lords of the Admiralty; by Captains Portlock

and Dixon. In two Vols. 4to. Price, in Boards 2 12 6 7 The History and Proceedings of the Lords and

Commons of Great-Britain in Parliament, with
regard to the Regency; containing a fuil Account
of all their Speeches on the proposed Regency Bill,
from November 20, 1788, to March 10, 1789,
when his Majesty's happy Recovery took place,
and put a stop to all further Proceedings on that
To which are added, The Three Reports of the
Physicians ; Mr. Pitt's Letter to the Prince of
Wales ; with his Royal Highness's Answer :

The Regency Bill, as it passed the House of Commons, and was carried to the Lords, and there read a fecond Time: And the Speeches of the Lords and Commons of Ireland, on appointing the Prince of Wales Regent without Restrictions; with a Copy of their Address; and the Prince's Answer.

In one large Volume Octavo, containing near One Thousand Pages, Price in Boards, only

OIO 6 8 The whole Proceedings on the Trial of an Infor

mation exhibited ex officio, by the King's AttorneyGeneral, againit john Stockdale ; for a Libel on the House of Commors, tried in the Court of King's-Bench, Westminster, on Wednesday the gth of December, 1789, before the Right Hon. Lloyd Lord Kenyon, Chief Justice of England. Taken in Short Hand by Joseph Gurney.

To which is subjoined, an Argument in Support of the Rights of Juries. In one large Volume, Royal Oétavo. Price, in Boards,

o 50 9 An Estimate of the Comparative Strength of Great

Britain during the present and four preceding
Reigns; and of the Lofles of her Trade from every
War fince the Revolution, by George Chalmers,

Eig. Price
10 A Sketch of the Lives and Writings of Dante and

Petrarch ; with some account of Italian 'and Latin
Literature in the Fourteenth Century. By a young
Gentleman of Oxford. Elegantly printed on a fine
wove Paper. Price, in Boards,

0 2 6 II The Hot-House Gardener, on the general Culture of the Pine-Apple, and Methods of forcing early



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Grapes, Peaches, Nectarines, and other choice Fruits,
in Hot-Houses, Vineries, Fruit-Houses, Hot-Walls,
&c. with Directions for raising Melons, and early
Strawberries. By John Abercrombie, Author of
Every Man his own Gardener; The Universal Gar.
dener's Calendar; The Complete Kitchen Gardener;
and the Garden Vade-Mecum.

Illustrated with five Copper-plates, representing
the Pine-Apple, Grapes, Peaches, Netarines, Cherries,
Melon, and Strawberries, coloured from Nature.
In one large Volume, Royal 8vo. Price, in Boards,

Or, with the Plates uncoloured, in Boards
12 The Letters of Simpkin the Second, Poetic Recor-

der of all the Proceedings upon the Trial of War-
ren Hastings, Esq. in Weitminster Hall.

One Volume, 8vo. in Boards
N. B. Please to enquire for that printed for
STOCKDALE, as it is the only one corrected by the
Author, and contains Ten Letters not in


other Publication. 13 Memoirs of the Mogul Empire. By Captain Jona

than Scott,
14 A Collection of Tracts on the proposed Regency,

chiefly written by the first Noblemen and
Gentlemen in the Kingdom. In Two large

Vols. 8vo.
15 Poems on various Subjects, by Henry James Pye,

Efq. 2 Vols. with Plates 16 The Poetic of Aristotle, tranflated from the Greek,

with Notes, and a Head of the Author by Med

landi By Henry James Pye, Esq. 17. T'he Spectre, 2 Vols. with a Frontispiece, by ditto 18 Observations on English and Eastern Hunting; by

Henry James Pye, William Blane, and William

Somerville, Esqrs. with an elegant Frontispiece 39 History of the Union, by Daniel De Foe, with an

Introduction by John Lewis De Lolme, Efq.

4to. with the Hiead of the Author 20 Royal Original Letters, with Five elegant Plates,

by Sir George Bromley, Bart. 21 History of Virginia, in One Volume, &vo. with a

large Map, by Thomas Jefferson, Esq. 22 History of the American Revolution, by Dr. Ramfay, with Maps, 2 Vols.

23 History

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f. s. d. 23 History of New Holland; to which is prefixed a

Discourse on Banishment, by the Right Hon. Lord
Aukland. Vol. 8vo. with Maps

o 60 24 Bonnet's Philosophical Enquiries on Christianity.

Translated by John Lewis Boislier, Esq. with a
Head of the Author, 8vo.

o 60 25 Tracts on various Subjects, by Thomas Day, Esq. O 10 6 26 Resolves of the Gloucestershire Committee, by. Sir Cecil Wray, Bart. 1 Vol. 8vo.

0 4 0 27 Anecdotes of the King of Prussia, by B. H. La

trobe, i Vol. 8vo.
28 History of Counts Struensee and Brandt, with

Notes; Translated from the German, by B. H.

4 O 29 A complete Geographical Dictionary, or Universal

Gazetteer, by John Seally, A. M. with Seventy
Maps, &c. 2 Vols. 4to.

I II 6 30 Historical Tracts relating to Ireland, by Sir John

Davies. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author, i Vol. 8vo.

o 50 31 A Collection of Tracts on East India Affairs, by Capt. Joseph Price, 4 Vols. 8vo.

I 80 32 A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, by Captain James

Cook, F. R. S. 4 Vols. 8vo. with Fifty-nine Plates 33 Beauties of the British Senate; containing a Selec

tion of the most remarkable Speeches from the Time of Sir Robert Walpole to the present, 2 Vols.

34 The Constitutions of the American States; with an

Introduction. By the Rev. William Jackson, i
Vol. 8vo.

o 60 35 A Treatise on the Alliance of Music, Poetry, and

Oratory, by Anselm Bayley, L. L. D. i Vol.

o 60 36 The History of the Turkish or Ottoman Empire, by A. Hawkins, Esq. 4 Vols. 8vo.

60 37 Debates in Parliament, during the Administration

of Sir Robert Walpole, by Dr. Samuel Johnson,

2 Vols. 8vo. 38 The Works of Dr. Samuel Johnson, Vols. 12, 73, and 14, 8vo.

O 19 N. B. Those

0 10 6

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N. B. Those Gentlemen who have not completed this great Author's Works, are humbly requested to

do it while they have it in their Power. 39 Confiderations on Commerce, by Richard Cham

pion, Esq. 8vo. 40 Sermons on various Subjects, by the Reverend Per

cival Stockdale ; with Head of the Author, 8vo.
41 Georgical Essays, by Doctor Hunter
42 Charges against Mr. Hastings, by Edmund Burke,

Answer to the above Charges, by Warren Haft-

ings, Esq.
43 Articles against Mr. Hastings, with Mr. Hastings's

Answer, 8vo. 44 Minutes of the Evidence on the Charges against Mr.

Hastings, 8vo. 45 Sir Elijah Impey's Defence before the House of

46 Stockdale's Parliamentary Guide, or Member's and

Elector's complete Companion: shewing the Right
of Election for the several Cities, Counties, and
Boroughs, in Great Britain, and the number of
Voters at each place, 8vo.

'N. B. This work is absolutely necessary for

every Gentleman concerned in Elections. 47 Stockdale's Debates in Parliament,

3 Vols. 8vo. 1784 48

3 Vols. 8vo. 1785 49

3 Vols. 8vo. 1786 50

3 Vols. 8vo. 1787 51

3 Vols. 8vo. 1788 52

3 Vols. 8vo. 1789 53

i Vol. 8vo. 1790 54 Godwin's Lives of the Bishops, by Richardson,

with a Head of the Author, and near Seventy Copper-plates, Folio, only

Or elegantly bound in Russia 55 Indian Vocabulary

N. B. This Book will be found of great utility to Gentlemen reading East India Publications.

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