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£. s. d. 56 The Universal Gardener's Calendar, and System of

Practical Gardening, &c. by John Abercrombie,
12mo. bound

5 0 57 The Complete Kitchen Gardener, and Hot-Bed Forcer, by John Abercrombie, 12mo. bound

5 O 58 The Garden Vade-Mecum ; or, Compendium of

General Gardening, &c. by John Abercrombie,
12mo. bound

40 59 The History and Practice of Aeroftation, by T. Cavallo, Esq. F. R. S.

o 6 o 60 The History of Greenland, by David Crantz, 2

Vols. 61 The History of the Brethren, by D. Crantz. Translated by the Rev. B. Latrobe

o 66 62 Spangenberg's Christian Doctrine. Translated by

B. Latrobe 63 Natural Curiosities of Malham, in Craven, Yorkshire, by Thomas Hurtley

o 50 64 The Works of the late Dr. John Jebb, by John

Disney, D. D. F. S. A. 3 Vols. 8vo. 65 The London Calendar for 1790, 2s.

With an Almanack, 2s. gd. Or, complete, including the Bengal Calendar

5 O Or complete, with the Arms, &c.

8 6 66 Eden Vale, a Novel, by Mrs. Catharine Parry,

2 Vols. 67 The Ring, a Novel, 3 Vols.


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68 The History of Sandford and Merton, by Thomas

Day, Efq. In Three Vols. with Frontispieces,



69 The

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69 The History of Little Jack, who was found by ac

cident, and nursed by a Goat. By Thomas Day,

Esq. Ornamented with Twenty-three beautiful Cuts. 70 The New Robinson Crusoe ; an instructive and en

tertaining History for the Use of Children of both Sexes. Translated from the French. Embellished with Thirty-two beautiful Cuts, each Cut the Size

of the Page. In two Vols, 12mo. bound 71 The above Work is printed complete, in a small

Letter, with 32 Cuts, in One Vol. bound 72. The same Work abridged, with 32 Cuts, bound 73 A Sketch of Universal History; to which is added,

a Brief Chronology of the most remarkable Events in the History of England. Embellished with Thirty-fix Heads of the Kings, from Egbert to George

III. inclusive 74 The History of Three Brothers; to which are ad

ded, Gray's Elegy in a Country Church-Yard, Pope's Universal Prayer, and the History of John

Gilpin. Embellished with Five beautiful Cuts 75 The History of a Schoolboy, with other Pieces,

bound 76 The Children's Miscellany, in One Volume, illustrat

ed with 29 beautiful Cuts, bound 77 Select Stories, for the Instruction and Entertain

ment of Children. By M. Berquin. Inscribed to Mr. Raikes. Neatly printed in One Volume, con. taining 300 Pages of Letter-press, illustrated with

Four Copper-plates. Price bound, only 78 The Children's Friend, Translated from the French

of M. Berquin; complete in Four Volumes, and ornamented with Four beautiful Frontispieces.

Price bound, only 79 L'Ami des Enfans, par M. Berquin ; complete in

Four Volumes, with Frontispieces. Price bound,

only 80 The Friend of Youth, translated from the French

of M. Berquin ; complete in Two Volumes, and ornamented with beautiful Frontispieces. Price bound,

only 81 Sandford et Merton, Traduction libre, de l'Anglois,

par M. Berquin. Embelli de Frontispices. In Two Volumes, Price bound

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82 The Adventures of Numa Pompilius, Second King £. s. d. of Rome. In Two Volumes. Price, in Boards

6o 83 Captain Cook's Third and Laft Voyage to the Pa

cific Ocean, in the Years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779, and 1780. Faithfully abridged from the Quarto Edition, published by Order of His Majesty. Illuftrated with Copper-plates. Price bound

04 The Vision of Columbus. By Joel Barlow, Esq. Price bound

30 84 Nootka Sound, and Spanish War. On Saturday last

was published, dedicated, by Permission, to his Majesty, Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. and the Lords of the Admiralty No. I. ( to be continued Weekly) Price One Shilling, embellished with a beautiful View on the North-West Coast of America, and a Head of Captain Portlock, of A Voyageround the World, but more particularly to the North-West Coast of America, the great Mart of the Fur-Trade. Embellished with Forty-two Charts, Views, and other Copper-plates, representing the Discoveries by Captains Portlock and Dixon. Which contains a full and authentic Account of the Rise and Progress of the Fur-Trade at Nootka Sound, and on all the North-West Coast of America, our Right to which is disputed by the Court of Spain.

In this Work is given a particular Account of the Natives, their Disposition, Ornaments, Dress, and Language; together with an Account of the Advantages likely to accrue from a Settlement on that Coaft.

The whole will be completed in Forty-two Numbers, in each of which will be given one Copper-plate, making Two handsome Volumes in Quarto.

London : Printed for John Stockdale, Piccadilly; and sold by all the Booksellers in Great-Britain.

♡ The Publisher has already expended, for the Embellishments, &c. of this Work, near Two Thoufand Pounds.

A List of the Subscribers will be printed in the last Number. 85 Governor Phillip's Voyage to Botany Bay. Infcribed, by Permiffion, to the Marquis of Salisbury.

On Saturday last was published, No. I. (to be continued Weekly) Price One Shilling, embellished with a Head of Governor Phillip, painted by Wheatley, and engraved by Sherwin; a Copper-plate Title, with a beautiful Vignette, from a Medallion

of Mr. Wedgwood's, engraved by Medland; and a View in New South-Wales, by R. Clevely, Esq. engraved by Medland: The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany-Bay; with an Account of the Establishment of the Colonies at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island : Compiled from authentic Papers which have been received from the several Departments. To which are added, the Journals of Lieutenant Shortland, of the Alexander; Lieut. Watts, of the Penrhyn ; Lieut. Ball, of the Supply ; and Captain Marshall, of the Scarborough ; with an Account of their New Discoveries, and an alphabetical List of the Convicts sent out to Botany-Bay. To which will also be added, the History of New Holland, from its Discovery in 1616, to the present Time, and a Discourse on Banishment, by the Right Hon. Lord Aukland.

London: Printed for John Stockdale, Piccadilly ; and fold by all the Booksellers in Great-Britain.

o The above Work is elegantly printed on a fine Royal Paper, and will be compleated in Twentyone Numbers, making One large handsome Volume in Quarto. Embellished with Fifty-five Copperplates, consisting of Maps, Charts, Views, Inhabitants, &c.

Two Plates, and sometimes three, will be given in each Number. The Maps and Charts are taken from actual Surveys, and the Plans and Views drawn on the Spot, by Captain Hunter, Lieut. Shortland, Lieut. Watts, Lieut. Dawes, Lieut. Bradley, Capt. Marshall, &c. and engraved by Medland, Sherwin, Mazell, Harrison, &c.

*** It may with Truth be asserted, that the above will be the cheapest Work ever published in GreatBritain.

A List of the Subscribers will be printed in the last Number.

The following is a List of the Engravings which are in this work. I Head of Governor Phillip, from a 8 Map of Lord Howe Íland, and

Painting in the Possession of Mr. View of ditto Nepean, by F. Wheatley; engraved 9 Head of Lieut. Watts, drawn by by Sherwin

Shelley, and engraved by Sherwin. 2 Head of Lieut. Shortland, engraved. 10 View of Natives and a Hut in New

by Sherwin, from a Painting of South-Wales Shelley's

II View of New South Wales 3 Head of Lieut. King, from a Paint- 12 A large Plan of the Establishment ing by Wright

at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson. 4 View of Botany-Bay, with the Sup- 13 A large Chart of Norfolk Hand

ply and Sirius at Anchor, and the 14 View of Ball's Pyramid Transports coming in

15 Chart of Lieut. Shortland's New 5 A large Chart of Port Jackson

Discoveries 6 A View in Port Jackson, with the 16 Track of the Alexander from Port Natives in their Canoes trouling

Jackson to Batavia 7 View of the Natives in Botany-Bay.

17 Chart

17 Chart of Captain Marshall's New 37 Pfittaceous Hornbill Discoveries

38 Martin Cat 18 View of the Natives in their sailing 39 Kanguroo Rat Canoe at Mulgrave Illands

40 A Dog of New South-Wales 19 View of Curtis's Island

41 The Black Cockatoo 20 View of Macaulay's Island

42 Red-shouldered Parakeet 21 Caspian 'Tern

43 Watt's Shark 22 The Kanguroo

44 The Laced Lizard 23 The Spotted Opossum

45 New Holland Goat Sucker 24. Vulpine Opossum

46 White Gallinule 25 Norfolk Island Flying Squirrel 47 New Holland Cassowary 26 Blue-bellied Parrot

48 Port Jackson Shark 27 Tabuan Parrot

49 Yellow Gum Plant 28 Pennanthian Parrot

50 Axe, Basket, and Sword 29 Pacific Parrot

51 Bag-throated Balistes 30 Sacred King's Fisher

52 Fish of New Scuth-Wales 31 Superb Warbler, male

53 Great Brown King's Fisher 32 Superb Warbler, female

54 Black Flying Opoflum 33 Norfolk Illand Petrel

55 Skeleton of the Head of a Kangu34 Bronze-winged Pigeon

roo and Vulpine Opossum 35 White-fronted Hern

56 A Large Map of New-Holland. 36 W'attled Bee-eater

N. B. A few of the forft Edition, with fine Impressions, and the Natural History, beautifully coloured, may be bad of Mr. Stockdale, Price 21. 125. 6d. in Boards.

Mr. STOCKDALE having purchased a confideralle number

of the new edition of Camden’s Britannia, (which
will soon be very scarce) Gentlemen may be supplied
with Copies in various Bindings.

£. s. d. 1 BRITANNIA; or, a Chronological Description of

the Flourishing Kingdoms of England, Scotland,
and Ireland ; and the Illands adjacent. From the
earliest Antiquity : by William Camden. Trans-
lated from the Edition published by the Author in
1607; enlarged by the latest Discoveries, by
Richard Gough, T. A. and R. S. S. In Three
Volumes, illustrated with Maps, and other Copper-

plates. Price, in Doards
2 Buck's Antiquities; or, Venerable Remains of

above Four Hundred Castles, Monasteries, Palaces,
&c. &c. in England and Wales. With near One
Hundred Views of Cities and chief Towns. Three
Volumes. Price
The Impresions in the above Book are remarkably
fine; and it may be considered as a proper

panion to Camden.

3 A gene.



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