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A Word against a new Election, that the People of England may see the happy Difference between English Liberty and French Slavery, and may consider well before they make the Exchange. 1710. Octavo.

The Judgment of whole Kingdorns and Nations concerning the Rights, Power, and Prer-gative of Kings, and the Rights, Privileges, and Properties of the People, &c. 1710. Octavo.--This has been ascribed to and lately printed as a work of Lord Somers. The title-page says it was written by a True Lover of the Queen and Country, who wrote in 1690 against absolute Paflive Obedience, &c.

A new Test of the Sense of the Nation : being a modest Comparison between the Addresses of the late King James and those to her present Majesty, in order to observe how far the Sense of the Nation may be judged by either of them. 1710. Octavo.

The Character of a Modern Addresser. J. Baker, ist May, 1710. On a half sheet. Quarto.

Some Thoughts upon the Subject of Commerce with France.

1713. Octavo. Les Soupirs de la Grand Bretaigne, being the Second Part of the Groans of Europe. 1713. Octavo.

Whigs turned Tories; and Hanoverian Tories, from their avowed Principles, proved Whigs; or each Side in the other mistaken: Being a plain Proof that each Party deny that Charge which the others bring against them and that neither Side will disown those which the other profess. With an earnest Exhortation to all Whigs as well as Hanoverian Tories, to lay aside those uncharitable Heats among such Protestants, and seriously to consider and effectually

to provide against those Jacobites, Popish and conforming Tories; whose principal Ground of Hope to ruin all sincere Protes, tants, is from those unchristian and violent Feuds among ourselves. London. J. Baker, 1713. Octavo.

Hanibal at the Gates; or, the Progress of Jacobitism, with the present Danger of the Pretender : and Remarks on a Pamphlet now published, intitted Hanibal not at our Gates, &c. London. J. Baker, 1714. Octavo. ,

Some Account of the two Night's Court at Greenwich, wherein may be seen the Reason, Rise, and Progress, of the late unnatural Rebellion. 1716. Octavo.

Remarks upon Remarks; or, fome Animadversions on a Treatise wrote by one who calls himself Dr. Gardner, others



say Daniel De Foe, intitled Remarks on Febrifugium Magnum, wrote by the Reverend Dr. Hancock for the general Good of Mankind. Oetavo.

Chriftian Conversation, in fix Dialogues: 1. Between a doubting Christian and one more confirmed about Assur2nce;

--2. Between the farne Persons, about Mortification; --3. Between Eudoxius and Fidelius, about Natural Things spiritualized ;-4. Between Simplicius and Conscius, about Union ;--- 5. Between Thipfius and Melaudius, about Afflictions ;--6. Between Athanafius and Bioes, about Death. By a Private Gentleman. Entered at Sationers-Hall, for W. Taylor, 2d November, 1720. Octavo.

Every Body's Business is no Body's Business; or, private Abuses public Grievances : Exemplified in the Pride, InColence, and exorbitant Wages of our Women Servants, &c. By Andrew Moreton, Esq. Fourth Edition, corrected. 1725. Octavo.

The Protestant Monastery; or, a Complaint against the Prutality of the present Age, particularly the pertness and infolence of our Youth to aged Persons. With a Caution to People in Years how they give the Staff out of their own Hands, and leave themselves at the mercy of others. Concluding with a Proposal for erecting a Protestant Monastery, where Persons with small Fortunes may end their Days in Plenty, Ease, and Credit, without burdening their Relations or accepting Public Charities. By Andrew Moreton, Esq. 1727. Octavo.

Parochial Tyranny; or, the Housekeeper's Complaint against the Exactions, &c. of Select Vestries, &c. By Andrew Moreton, Esq. (no date.) Octavo.

Second Thoughts are best, or a further Improvement of a late Scheme to prevent Street Robberies: by which our Strcets will be so strongly guarded and so gloriously illuminated, that any Part of London will be as safe and pleasant at Midnight, as at Noonday, and Burglary totally impracticable. With some Thoughts for suppressing Robberies in all the public Roads of England, &c. Humbly offered for the gool of his Country, submitted to the Consideration of Parliament, and dedicated to his Sacred Majesty King George II. By Andrew Moreton, Esq. 1729. Octavo.

Augusta Triumphans; or, the Way to make London the moft Hourishing City in the Universe, &c. By Andrew Moreton, Efq. Second Edition. 1729. Octavo.


Speedily will be published, by Subscription,
A complete Collection of the Works of

In Six large Vols. 8vo.
Printed for JOHN STOCKDALE, Piccadilly.
MR. STOCKDALE will thankfully receive the Names of such Noble-

men and Gentlemen as wish to be possessed of that great Author's Works.

Books printed for John STOCKDALE, Piccadilly.

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*I The History of the Progress and Termination of

the Roman Republic. By Adam Ferguson, L.L. D. Profeffor of Moral Philofophy in the University of Edinburgh.

In three Vols. 4to. illustrated
with Maps. Price in Boards
*2 Anecdotes, &c. Ancient and Modern, with Ob-

fervations. By James Pettit Andrews, F. A. S.
A new Edition with Additions. In one large
Vol. 8vo. Price in Boards
THE History of the Union between England

and Scotland; with a Collection of Original Papers relating thereto, by the celebrated Daniel De Foe. With an Introduction, in which the Consequences and Probability of a like Union between this Country and Ireland are considered, by John Lewis de Lolme, Author of the Work on the Constitution of England. To which is prefixed a Life of the Author, by George Chalmers, Efq. and a copious Index. In One large Volume,


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1 10

I 15

2. A

Quarto, containing One Thousand Pages, with
an elegant Engraving of the Author. Price, in
N. B. A few Copies are printed on Royal Paper

The Union between England and Scotland, being an extremely interesting Event, has led the Publisher to imagine, that a new Edition of this Work of De Foe, which is grown very scarce, would be acceptable to the Public, especially at the present Time, when the Situation of Affairs in Ireland induces many Persons to with that a fimilar Union between Great Britain and that Kingdom nay

take Place; as it may cause such an Union, if not to be effected, at least to be proposed, and to become, for a Time, the Subject

of Debate in both Countries.
2 Historical Tracts. By Sir John Davies, Attor-

ney-General, and Speaker of the House of Com,
mons in Ireland; consisting of, 1. A Discovery of
the true Cause why Ireland was never brought
under Obedience to the Crown of England.
Letter to the Earl of Salisbury, on the State of
Ireland in 1607. 3. A Letter to the Earl of Sa-
litbury in 1610, giving an Account of the Plan-
tation in Ulster. 4. A Speech to the Lord Depu-
ty in 1613, tracing the ancient Conftitution of
Ireland. To which is prefixed, a new Life of the
Author, from authentic Documents. In One
Volume, 8vo. Price, in Boards.
Calf or lettered.

* The above Work is spoken of hy Mr. De Lolme, in the highest Terms, in his Essay on the

Union. 3 The Voyage of Governor Phillip to Botany-Bay ;

with an Account of the Efiablishment of the Colonies at Port Jackson and Norfolk Island: Compiled from Authentic Papers, which have been received from the several Departments. To which are added, the Journals of Lieut. Shortland of the Alexander ; Lieut. Watts of the Penrhyn ; Lieut. Ball of the Supply; and Capt. Marshal of the Scarborough; with an Account of their new Discoveries. The Maps and Charts taken from actual Surveys, and the Plans and Views drawn on the Spot, by Capt. Hanter, Lieut. Shortland, Lieut. Watts, Lieut,


5 O

6. s. d. Dawes, Lieut. Bradley, Capt. Marshall, &c. and engraved by Medland, Sherwin, Mazell, Harrison, &c. Infcribed, by Permission, to the MARQUIS of SALISBURY. In One large Volume, Quarto, printed on fine Paper, and embellished with Fiftyfive fine Copper-plates ; Second Edition, in Boards I II 6

The following is a List of the Engravings which are in this Work. I Head of Governor Phillip, from a 21 Caspian Tern

Painting in the polleffion of Mr. 22 The Kanguroo Nepean, by 7. Wheatley; engraved 23 The Spotted Opossum by Sherwin

24 Vulpine Opossum 2 Head of Lieut. Shortland, engraved 25 Norfolk Island Flying Squirred

by Sherwin, from a Painting of 26 Blue-bellied Parrot Shelley's

27 Tabuan Parrot 3 Head of Lieut. King, from a Paine- 28 Pennanthian Parrot ing by Wright

29 Pacific Parrot A View of Botany-Bay, with the Sup. 30 Sacred King's Fisher

ply and Sirius at Anchor, and the 31 Superb Warbler, male Transports coming in

32 Superb Warbler, female 5 A large Chart of Port Jackson 33 Norfolk Island Petrel 6 A View in Port Jackson, with the 34 Bronze-winged Pigeon

Natives in their Canoes trouling 35 White-fronted Hern 7 View of the Natives in Botany-Bay 36 Wattled Bee-eater : Map of Lord Howe liland, and 37 Pfittaceous Hornbill View of ditto

38 Martin Cat
9 Head of Lieut. Watts, drawn by 39 Kanguroo Rat

Shelley, and engraved by Sherwin 40 A Dog of New South-Wales
IO View of Natives and a Hut in New 41 The Black Cuckatoo
South Wales

42 Red-shouldered Paraquet II View of New South Wales

43 Watt's Shark 12 A large Plan of the Establishment 44 'The Laced Lizard

at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson 45 New Holland Goat Sucker 13 A large Chart of Norfolk Island 46 White Gallinule 14 View of Ball's Pyramid

47 New Holland Cassowary 15 Chart of Lieut. Shortland's New 48 Port Jackson Shark Discoveries

49 Yellow Gum Plant 16 Track of the Alexander from Port 50 Axe, Baket, and Sword Jackson to Batavia

51 Bag-throated Balistes 17 Chart of Captain Marshall's New 52 Fiil of New South Wales Discoveries

53 Great Brown King's Fisher 18 View of the Natives in their failing 54 Black Flying possum

Canoe at Mulgrave Islands 55 Skeleton of the Head of a Kangn19 View of Curtis's Island

roo and Vulpine Opossum 20 View of Macaulay's Island N. B. A few of the first Edition, with fine Impressions, and the Natural History.

beautifully coloured, may be had of Mr. Stockdale, price 2l 12s 6d in boards. 4 A Third Edition of Governor Phillip's Voyage, is

elegantly printed in One large Volume, Royal Oc-
tavo, in Boards, containing the whole of the Let-
ter Press, with the following Copper-plates,

0 10 6 I Frontispiece, Head of Gov. Phillip 5 Natives of Botany-Bay 2 Title Page, with a beautiful Viga 6 Map of Norfolk Island

7 Lieut. King 3 View of Botary-Bay

8 View of a Hut in New South A View in Port Jackson



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