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American Philosophical Society Vol. I. (von HECKEWELDER). Phila

delphia, 1819. 248. Collections of the Virginia Historical and Philosophical Society

Vol. I. Richmond, 1833. * 249. Proceedings of the Antiquarian and Historical Society of Illinois

at its first Session. Edwardwille, 1826. . *250. Papers on Agriculturas Subjects and Prof. Olmsted's Report on

the Geology of North Carolina. IV Parts. Raleigh, 1825-29. *251 –52. Journal of the Proceedings of the Legislative Council of the

State of New Jersey at the 57 and 58th Session. Camden and Somer

ville, 1833 u. 34. *253. Rapport du Comité choise sur le Gouvernement civil du Canada.

Quebec, 1829. *254. Report of the Special Committee, to whom was referred that

part of His Exellencys Speech which referred to the Organization of

the Militia. Quebec, 1829. 255. HENRY WHEATON the Case of Gibbons agoinst Ogden in the Su

preme Count of the United States. Newyork, 1824. 256. Report of the Trial before the United States Circuit Count on an · Act of Piracy. Boston, 1834. 257. Tyson Annual Discourse before the Historical Society of Penn

sylvania. Philadelphia, 1831. 258. BEAUMONT and TOCQUEVILLE on the Penitentiary System of the United States, translated with Introduction Notes and Additions by

F. Lieber. Philadelphia, 1833. 259. Abstract of the Massachusetts School Returns for 1840-41. Bo

ston, 1841. 260—74. The Missionary Herold. Vol. 17–31. Boston, 1821 — 35.

incl. Lederband. 275-90. First to Thirteenth and Fifteenth to Twenty Sixth Annual

Report of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mission.

Boston, 1810-35. Vergleiche unten No. 345 — 48. 291. Fourth Report of the American Temperance Society. Boston, 1832. 292—93. Zwei Packete mit Berichten, Flugschriften, Bildern u. s. w.

der amerikanischen, englischen und irischen Nüchternheits-Vereine. *294. Laws of the General Assembly of Pennsylvania, 1826 - 28. Har

risburgh, 1829. *295—96. Journal of the 43d and 44th House of Representatives of · Pennsylvania. Vol. IId. Harrisburgh, 1832-34. . 297. Letters of Nova-Scotian and of Scaevola on Canadian Politics.

Quebec, 1828. 298. HEREY Commentaire et Observations sur la Constitution du Bas

Canada. Montreal, 1832. * 299. Rapport des Comunissaires pour explorer le Sagueroy. Quebec,

1829. mit Karten. *300. Reports and Evidence of the Committee of the House of Assem

bly of Lower Canada on Grievances. (Quebec) 1829. *301. Rapport du Comité special de la Chambre d'Assemblée du Bas

Canada sur l'Education dans la Province. (Quebec) 1824. * 302. Report from the Committee on various Grievances. (Quebec)

1830., Englisch und Französisch. 303. Du Ponceau brief View of the Constitution of the United States, · Philadelphia, 1834.

+Revenueincluding Bahatistical View 183

504. TIM. Flist History and Geography of the Mississippi Volley.

Ird Edition. II Vols. Cincinnati, 1832. Lederband. *305. Tim. PITKIN Statistical View of the Commerce of the United

States, including Banks, Manufacture, Internal Trade, Improvements, - Revenues and Expenditures. New Haven, 1835. *306. 2. M. PIKE Account of Expeditions to the Sources of the Mis

sissippi, Louisiana and New Spoin in 1805–7. Philadelphia (1808).

Lederband. NB. Der Atlas fehlt. : 307. Second and Sixth to Fifteenth Report of the Prison Discipline So

ciety. Boston, 1827 — 40. mit Holzschn. 308—10. St. H. Long Account of on Expedition to the Rocky Moun

toins. Compiled by Edw. James, II Vols und 1 Band Atlas in 4. Phi

ladelphia, 1823. Lederband. 311. F. A. Michoux Voyage à l'O'nett des Mónts Alléghanys. Paris,

1804. m. 1 Karte. 312. Ordinances of the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, passed

1832–33. Baltimore, 1833. 313. American Slavery as it is: Testimony of a Thousard Witnesses.

Newyork, 1839. 314. Wright the Sin of Slavery and its Remedy. Newyork, 1833. 315. Ein Packet Schriften über amerikanische Collegien und Univer

sitäten. 316–17. The American Jurist N. 30 and 32. Boston, 1836–37. 318—19. The North American Review N. 86 and 87. Boston, 1835. 320. The American Quarterly Review N. 27. Philadelphia, 1833. 321 – 23. Voyages from Montreal through the Continent of North

America to the Trozen and Poinfic Oceans 1789 and 1793. 2 Vols.

1 Vol. Atlas. London, 1802. 524–25. SILLIMANS American Journal of Science and Arts. Vol. 17.

No. 1. und Vol. 29. No. 1. New Haven, 1829 u. 35. m. Kupfern. 326-30. The New York Review No. 4. 5. und 8—10. Newyork,

1838–39. 331. Ein Packet mit 21 Heften des American Monthly Magazine aus den

Jahren 1835–38. Newyork. NB. 6 Hefte in einem Bande. 332. TĦAMTON's Cadmus: a Treatise on the Elements of Written

Language. Philadelphia, 1793. 333. Ein Päckchen Berichte über amerikanische Blinden-Anstalten. 334. BURNET Tales of the Deaf and Dumb. Newyork N. J., 1835. mit

Kupfern. 335. The United States Catholic Almanac. 1837. Baltimore. 12. 336. Picture of Baltimore. Baltimore (1832). m. Kpfrn. u. 1 Plan. 12. 337. The United States Catholic Almanac for 1836. Baltimore. 12. 338. BOKUM the Strangers Gift, a Christmas and New Years Present.

Boston, 1836. m. 1 Kupfer. 339. TREDIBAY Statistics of the United States of America. London , : 0. J. 12. *34044. The Works of CHARLES FOLLEN, with a Memoir of his life.

In five Volumes. Boston, 1842. 345 -- 48. The Missionary Herold. Vol. 35–38. Boston, 1839—42.

NB. Januar und Februar 1839 fehlen. 349. Thirty third Annual Report of the American Board of Foreign.

Missions. Boston, 1842.

350. Report of the Commissioners exploring the Riwers St. Maurice and

Ottawa. Quebec, 1830. Englisch und Französisch. 351. Hawes Address at the Close of the Second Century at Hartford.

Hartford, 1835. 352. (ALIOTT) Record of a School for Spiritual Culture. Boston, 1836.

Leder. 353. GRISCOM Monitorial Introduction. Newyork, 1825. Lederband. 354. ALEXANDER Letters on the Slave Trade. York, 1842. 355. Recueil des Chansons choisies. Montreal, 1821. 12. Leder. 356. Le Passe - Temo ou Nouveau Recueil de Chansons. Montreal,

1830. 12. 357. The Quebec Almanac 1834. Quebec. 12. 358—60. PERROULT Abrégé de l'Histoire du Canada 1ème, zème et 4ème

Partie. 3 Vols. Quebec, 1832. 12. 361. The Picture of Quebec and its Vicinity. Quebec, 1831. mit

Kupfern. 12. 362. Life of Alex. HAMILTON by his Son J. C. Hamilton. Vol. I. New

york, 1834. 363-67. The Works of CHARLES FOLLEN with his Life in 5 Volumes.

Boston, 1842. :. 368. Notes and Observations on the Pine Lands of Georgia by Sibbold.

Augusta, 1801. 369–74. Sechs Packete Congress - Dokumente blos für dessen Mitglie

der gedruckt, eins vor 1830 und fünf aus den Jahren 1832—36.

Washington. 375. MRS. SIGOURNEES Letters to Young Ladies. Hartford, 1835. 376. First to Tenth Annual Report of the Boston Prison Discipline So

ciety. Boston, 1830. Lederband. 37778. Zwei Packete mit amerikanischen Flugschriften über Erziehung. 379. THOMPSON History of the State of Vermont. Burlington, 1833. 380. (GODEFFROY) Beiträge zur Theorie des Armenwesens. Hamburg, 1834. 381. PAILLARDS Histoire Statistique du Choléra en France en 1832.

Paris, 1832. ! 382—83. Zwei Packete mit für die Congressglieder gedruckten Dokų

menten. Washingtori. 384. TOWNSEND Account of the Yellow Fever in New York. New

york, 1823. *385. POTTER Memoir on Contagion especially in Yellow Fever. Bal

timore, 1818. 386. HELMUTH Mort Account of the Yellow Fever in Philadelphia,

Philadelphia, 1794. 387. TARTINI Analisi della Memoria del Palloni se la Febbre Giolla sia

ono un contagio. Pisa, 1826. 388. Coxe Inquiry into the Claims of Harvey to the Discovery of the

Circulation of the Board. Philadelphia, 1834.

Amerikanische Indier. (Aborigines Americae.) 400—2. Long's Account of an Expedition to the Rocky Mountoins

1819-20, compiled by James. II Vols and Atlas. Philadelphia,

1828. Leder. 403—4. Long's Expedition to the Source of St. Peters River etc. by

Keating. 1823. II Vols. Philadelphia, 1824. m. Kupfern.

405-6. Pike Expeditions to the Sources of the Mississippi etc, and

through New York in 1807. I Vol. and Atlas. Philadelphia, 1810.. 407. SCHOOLERAFT Travels to the Sources of Mississippi River in 1820.

Albany, 1821. mit Kupfern. Leder. 408: Th. L. MIKENSEY Sketches of a Tour to the Lokes and of the Chip

peway Indians. Baltimore, 1827. mit Kupfern.. 409. Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement upon the

Red River. London, 1817. mit 1 Karte. * 410. MORSE Report to the Secretary of War on Indian Offairs, com

prising a Narrative of a Tour performed 1820. New Haver, 1822.

mit Kupfern. Lederband. *411. Ross Cox Adventures on the Columbia River among various

Tribes of Indians hithertounkrown. Newyork, 1832. *412. Alex. Henry Travels and Adventures in Canada and the Indian

Territories in 1760 and 1776 n. c. Newyork, 1809. ** 413. FAUCHERE Relation d'un Voyage à la Côte du Nord-Ouest de

l'Amerique septentrionale 1810– 14. Montreal, 1820. 414. SAM. PARKER Journal of an Exploring Tour beyord the Rocky

Mountoins in 1835 - 37 w. a. Mapof the Oregon Territory. Ithaca,

1838. *415. D. W. HARMON Journal of Voyages and Travels in the Interior

of North America between the 47th and 58th Degree. Andover, 1820.

mit Kpf. und Karte. Lederband. 416. J. D. HURTER Memoirs of a Captivity among the Indians from

Childlood to the Age of Nineteen. London, 1823. *417. Narrative of the Captivity and Adventures of John Tanner dų

ring 30 years residence prepared by James. Newyork, 1830. mit

Holzschn. und 1 Kpfr. Leder. * 418. The Personal Narrative of J. O. PATTIE during an Expedition

from St. Louis,, to the Pacific, Mexico etc. edited by T. Flint. Cin

cinnati, 1833. Lederband. 419. (S. G. DRAKE) the Book of the Indians of North America. Bo

ston, 1837. mit Holzschn.. 420—21. W. L. Stone Life of Joseph Brant – Thayendanegea. Il Vols.

Newyork, 1838. init Kupfern. 422. A.' Narrative of the Early Days and Remembrances of OCEOLA

NIKKOROCHEE, a young Semirole Indian written by his Guardian.

London, 1841. mit 1 Kupfer. * 423. S. L. METEALF Narrative of Indian Warfore in the West, con- .

taining an Account of the Adventures of Daniel Boone etc. Lexin

gton K-y, 1821. . 424. E. Hoyt History of the Indian Wars. Greenfield, Mass., 1824. 425. H. TRUMBULL History of the Discovery of America, Engagements

with the Indians etc. Boston, 1831. mit Holzschn. 426. Church History of Philips War of 1675 and 1676 etc. w. Notes

and Appendix by DRAKE. Id Edition. Exeter, 1834. Lederband. 427... Dasselbe Buch. Lederband. *428. Jos. DoDDRIDGE Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of

Virginia and Pennsylvania. Wellsburgh, Va, 1831. Lederband. *429. A. S. WITHERS Chronicles of Boarder Warfare in North Western

Virginia. Clarksburg, Va, 1831. Lederband. *430. S. KERCHEVAL History of the Valley of Virginia. Winchester

(Ving), 1833. Lederband.

*431. CHAPMAN Sketch of the History of Wyoming. Wilketborre,

Penns. 1830. Lederband. * 43233. The True Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captaine

JOHN SMITH in Europe, Asia, Africke and America 1593— 1629. From the London Edition of 1629. II Vols. Richmond (Ving), 1819. mit

Kupfer. Lederband. 434. Indian Wars of the West by F. FLINT. Cincinnati, 1833. Lederbd. 435. Life of MAKATOIMESHEKIAKIAK or Block Howk, dictated by himself.

Cincinnati, 1833. 436. The Old Indian Chronicle with Notes by DRAKE.. Boston, 1836.

mit Holzschn. *437. The Writings of CALEB ATWATER (on Indian Antiquities) Co

lumbus, Ohio, 1833. mit Kpf. Lederband. *438. Biographical Memoir of D. Boone, the first Settler in Kentucky

by Flint. Cincinnati, 1836. mit Holzschn. *439. J. A. M'CLUNG Sketches of Western Adventure etc. Maysville,

Ky, 1832. Lederband. 440. Researches on America being an Attempt to settle some points

relative to the Aborigines of America etc. Baltimore, 1816. 441. J. H. M'Culloh Researches Philosophical and Antiquarian, con

cerning the Aboriginal History of America. Baltimore, 1829. 442. BENJ. SMITH BARTON New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and

Nations of America. Philadelphia, 1797. 443. BENJ. SMITH BARTON New Views of the Origin of the Tribes and

Nations of America. Ild Edition greatly enlarged. Philadelphia, 1798. *445. J. HECKEWELDER Narrative of the Mission of the United Brethsen

among the Delaware and Mohegan Indians. Philadelphia, 1820. 446. LOSKIEL Geschichte der Mission der evangelischen Brüder unter

den Indianern in Nordamerika. Barby, 1789. Leder. 447. Archaeologia Americana Transactions of the American Antiquarian

Societry. Vol. IId. (Gollatin on the Indian Tribes). Cambridge,

Mass., 1836. 448. Collections of the Virginia Historical Society. Vol. 1st. Richmond,

Ving. 1833. 449. Jon. Carver thirty Years throughout North America. Walpole,

1815. Lederband. * 450-51. G. IMLOY and J. Filson History of Kentucky. II Vols.

Newyork, 1793 mit Karte. Lederband. *452. (W. H. SIMMONS) Notices of East Florida with an Account of the

Seminole Indians. Charleston, 1822. *453. (General Cass, Schooleraft etc.) Historical and Scientific Sketches

of Michigan. Detroit, 1834. 454. View of the Valley of the Mississippi. Philadelphia, 1834. m. Karten. *455. W. HUBBARD Narrative of the Indian Wars in New England. · Norwich s. a. - . *456–61. Sechs Packete mit 76 blos für die Congressmitglieder ge

druckten, auf die Indier bezüglichen Dokumenten von 1822-36, 2 über Bedrückungen der Cherckees, 2 über die andern Stämme und

ein Packet vermischte indische Angelegenheiten. . * 462. Ein Packet mit Dokumenten der gesetzgebenden Versammlungen

von Georgien, Massachusetts und von New-York über die Indier. 463. Rich. Peters the Case of the Cherckee Nation against the State

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