Works, Volume 4

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Talboys and Wheeler, 1825

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Page 233 - ... agitated by violent passions, broke out on many occasions with an impetuosity which astonishes men of feebler spirits, or such as are placed in a more tranquil situation. By carrying some praise-worthy dispositions to excess, he bordered sometimes on what was culpable, and was often betrayed into actions which exposed him to •censure. His confidence that his own opinions were well founded, approached to arrogance ; his courage in asserting them, to rashness ; his firmness in adhering to them,...
Page 144 - In the solitude and silence of the cloister, the monk is called to work out his own salvation by extraordinary acts of mortification and piety. He is dead to the world, and ought not to mingle in its transactions. He can be of no benefit to mankind, but by his example and by his prayers. On the contrary, the Jesuits are taught to consider themselves as formed for action. They are chosen soldiers, bound to exert themselves continually m the service of God, and of the pope, his vicar on earth.
Page 147 - As it was the professed intention of the order of Jesuits to labour with unwearied zeal in promoting the salvation of men, this engaged them, of course, in many active functions. From their first institution, they considered the education of youth as their peculiar province ; they aimed at being spiritual guides and confessors; they preached frequently in order to instruct the people ; they set out as missionaries to convert unbelieving nations. The novelty of the institution, as well as the singular!
Page 233 - But these indecencies of which Luther was guilty, must not be imputed wholly to the violence of his temper. They ought to be charged in part on the manners of the age. Among a rude people, unacquainted with...
Page 145 - Such a singular form of policy could not fail to impress its character on all the members of the order, and to give a peculiar force to all its operations. There...
Page 232 - ... merited as the restorer of light and liberty to the Christian Church, ascribed to him perfections above the condition of humanity, and viewed all his actions with a veneration bordering on that which should be paid only to those who are guided by the immediate inspiration of Heaven.
Page 149 - Such was the tendency of that discipline observed by the society in forming its members, and such the fundamental maxims in its constitution, that every Jesuit was taught to regard the interest of the order as the capital object, to which every consideration was to be sacrificed. This spirit of attachment to their order, the most ardent, perhaps, that ever influenced any body of men...
Page 295 - Charles was allured by the prospect of its turning to his advantage. The degree, however, of their comparative merit and reputation has not been fixed either by a...
Page 234 - In passing judgment upon the characters of men, we ought to try them by the principles and maxims of their own age, not by those of another: for although virtue and vice are at all times the same, manners and customs vary continually.
Page 148 - Before the expiration of the sixteenth century, the Jesuits had obtained the chief direction of the education of youth in every Catholic country in Europe. They had become the confessors of almost all its monarchs, — a function of no small importance in any reign, hut, under a weak prince, superior even to that of minister.

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