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they be in the believer, yet they are not in his faith ; these things argue the infirmity of his faith indeed; but under all this, faith is fighting for the victory, and as much faith in Chrift as the man hath in exercise, so much confidence will he have anent the outmaking of the promise to him in particular ; and according to the degree of one's crediting the promise with application to himself, so much confidence and persuasion will he have.

But now, that I may clear this act of faith, or of trusting in the Lord Jesus, a little further to you, I fhall endeavour to il: Justrate it by two or three similitudes.

1. then, It is just such another trust, as when you trust a man of undoubted veracity and faithfulness. When an honest man gives you his word, his promise, whether it be a verbal word, or his written and subscribed word, for any thing, you all know what it is in such a case to trust him ; if a day of payment be specified in the promise, you are confident and persuaded of payment against that day ; if there be no day named, yet still you are confident, that in due time he will make out his promise. After this manner Abraham, the father of the faithful, believed the promise of God, Rom. iv. 20. “ He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief; but was strong in faith, giving glory :o God.” O Sirs, have you trust and confidence to put in the word of a man, will you take his promise, and rest upon it with assured confidence; and shall we have no trust to put in the man Christ Jefus, in whose mouth guile was never found, or in the report or record of God concerning him, for whom it is impossible to lie! Allow me to tell you, that every mere man, whom you have trusted since you came into the world, will stand in judgement and condemn you, saying you had confidence to put in me, but you had no confidence to put in a promifing God in Christ. Will not Christ say at the day of reckoning to unbelievers, You trusted such a man's word when he made a promise to you; but though you had my word, my cath, my covenant, sealed with my blood, and though the three that bear record in heaven attested the truth of the promise that I gave you ; yet you had no trust or credit to give unto me, I could never obtain that trust from you that you gave unto very ordinary persons, you treated me and my Father as though we had been liars, diffemblers, and dilingenuous ? O how will the unbeliever be confounded at the day of reckoning when this thall be laid home to his door, by the great Judge of all the earth, the man Christ Jesus, the bieffed Avenger of our blood upon Satan! he himielf will then“ whet his glittering (word, and render


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vengeance to all that know not God, and obey not the golpel."

2. This trusting in Christ, is just such a trust as a man hath in a strong-hold or hiding-place to which he betakes himself for shelter and safety; or such a trust as the chickens have under the wings of the hen, when she covers them with her feathers : Ruth ii. 12. “ The Lord God of Israel reward thee, under whose wings. thou art come to trust." Psal. xxxvi. 7. “ How excellent is thy loving.kindness, O God! therefore the sons of men shall put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.” Psal. xci. 4. “ He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust : his truth shall be thy shield and buckler." ( sinners, you lie exposed to the wrath of God, to the cruelty of Satan, that enemy and avenger, that “ goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may de, your ;" you are in danger of the curse of a broken law. Now, to trust in Christ, is just to run in under the covert of his blood and righteousness, as the young chickens run in under the wings of the hen, or as the manAayer under the law did run in to the city of refuge, and trusted that he was in safety there. O“ turn to your strong-hold, ye prifoners of hope;" for he is "à hiding-place from the storm and a covert from the tem. pest.” Confide in his love, his promise, his providence, his rightcousness, as a man doth in his house where he dwells, not being afraid of cold, or storm, or tempeft, when he has got in under the roof of it.

3. This trusting in Christ, our blessed Kinsman, is sometimes expressed by a leaning : Song viii. 5. " Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved ?" And so it alludes to a man laying his weight on a strong staff, which he knows will not bow or break, or a man leaning upon the ground, or upon a strong rock, which he knows is fully able to bear his weight, and will not sink under him.- Thus I have endeavoured a little to clear to you the nature of that trust which I would have you to put in Christ our blessed Kinsman and Avenger of our blood, who comes from Edom and Bozrah, travelling in the greatness of his strength for our redemption and salvation. So much for the first question in following out this exhortation, : Queft. 2. What-warrant or encouragement have I to trust him for my salvation ?

Arifw. 1. The near relation that he stands under to you. both by nature and office, may warrant and encourage you to trust in him. Will you not trust your Kinsman, who, in resentment of your quarrel, has avenged you upon the enemy that ruined you by bruising his head? But Oh! say you, is he my


Kinsman? I answer, He is; for he is “ God manifested in the fleth,” his name is “ Immanuel; God with man, God with us ;" he was made of a woman, and took part of our flesh, and by so doing has adorned our nature with a greater glory than ever it had, while it shined with all the beauties and glories wherewith it was adorned when it dropt out of the Creator's fingers in innocency, yea, to a greater glory than that of the angelical nature was ever advanced; for " he took not on him the nature of angels, but the seed of Abraham.” And upon this ground, let us claim him as our Lord Jesus Christ, our Brother, our elder Brother ; for “ he is not ashamed to call us brethren.” It is very remarkable, that Christ, while here in a state of humiliation, commonly gloried in that name of calling himself the Son of man, rather than that of being the Son of God. Why, what was the design of his making choice of that designation, but that he might inculcate his relation upon us as our Kinsman, by virtue of his assuming our nature, that so we might be encouraged to put our trust under the shadow of his wings ? But then, Sirs, consider that Christ is not only related to you by nature, but also by office, he is the Prophet, Priest, and King of the church, a Prophet to give wisdom to the ignorant ; a Priest to justify the guilty finner ; a King to subdue the enmity of the heart, and to deliver the devil's captives; he is presented to us in the gospel under each of these relative offices, that we in a way of believing may be encouraged to trust him. O Sirs, what is a Saviour for ? is he not for a lost anner? Yea, surely, he himself tells us, that this was his very errand, to “ seck and save that which was loft ; that he came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” What is a surety for, but for a broken bankrupt and dyvour? And are not you such? Yea surely, you and I are broken to all intents and purposes in the first Adam, and to you he is presented in this gospel upon this deGgn, that you may, by trusting in him, be put in a capacity to answer all the charges that either law or justice have against you. So then, I say, let the near relation he stands under to you, both by nature and office, encourage you to put your trust under the fhadow of his wings.

2. The express command of God may warrant and encou. rage you to trust this blessed Kinsman and relation of yours. The Father commands you by a proclamation from the excele tent glory, Taying, “ Hear ye him, for this is my beloved Son :" hence the apostle, 1 John iii. 23. speaks of this as the fum and substance of all commands, yea, as if this were the only command of God to finners, " This is his command.

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ment, that ye believe on the name of his Son Jefus Chrift:" now, to believe in Chrift, and to trust him with our salvation, is one and the same thing. How frequently is this command inculcate both in the scriptures of the Old and New Testa. ment; and what is called believing in Chrift'in the New Testa. ment; is called 'trafting in the Lord in the Old Testament: If. xxvi. 4. “ Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for with the Lord JEHOVAH is everlasting strength. Trust in him at all times; ye people, pour out your hearts before him: God is a refuge for us. Selah." O Sirs, what can be a warrant for any duty, if not the express command and authority of the great God? Do not imagine that it is presumption in you to believe, or trust in the Lord Jesus (as described before); no, no, a man can never be guilty of presumption in doing what God bids him do ; yea, not to do it; not to obey him in this matter, is to rush upon his neck, to trample upon his authority. Do not think that it is left optional to you, whether you trust him or not; no, the law is paffed, and you are concluded under its authority, and disobedience to it is as the sin of witch. craft: Do not imagine there is no danger in sitting the command of God in this matter ; no, it is a command fenced with the most severe penal sanction of any thing that ever God commanded the children of men: “ He that believeth not, is condemned already'; and the wrath of God abideth on him."

3. Let the promise annexed unto believing or trusting en. gage you to trust your Kinfman, “ He that believeth, shall be faved. Whosoever beliëves in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.” And therefore if you love your life, yea, the everlasting life of your souls, incline your ears, come unto your Kinsman, and intrust him with your everlasting all. This connection established between trusting and salvation, makes an open door to every hearer of the gospel ; for there is no doubt but faith is the duty of all by the command of God, otherwise unbelief could not be their sin; now seeing the duty is to all, the promise of life connected there with must be to all likewise: lo that is true of every son of Adam, that if he believe he shall be saved. But then consider, that the promise, yea, all the promises of this glorious testament are indorsed and directed to you as a warrant and encouragement for you to trust in our blessed Kinsman. “ To you is the word of this falvation sent. The promise is unto you, and to your feed, and to all that are afar off, and to as many as the Lord our God shall call." I do not think that the apostle's meaning was, that the promise was theirs in posrellion before they believed it; but it was theirs in the exhibition, as a letter directed to a person is his letter, because directed to him, even before it

home to his hand, or before he break it up, and read the contents of it.

4. To encourage you to trust this bleffed Friend, Kinsman, and Avenger, will you consider how pleasing and agreeable a thing it is to him to have poor Ginners putting their trust under the shadow of his wings for safety. John vi. 29. says Christ there unto a company of men who were fond to know what the works of God were, that they might do the things that I pleased him, " This (says he) is the work of God, that ye be. lieve in him, or trult in him, whom he hath sent.” As if he had said, God hath sent his Son upon an expedition unto this lower world, to satisfy justice, and to take vengeance upon the devil and his works, to rescue sinners from their bondage they are under to their enemies, and there is nothing so pleasing or Agreeable unto him, yea, nothing can be pleasing to him, un. less you believe or trust in him for salvation from sin, Satan, and wrath. O Sirs, never did a mother draw forth her breast to her sucking child with greater pleasure, when they were gorged and pained with great abundance of milk, than a God of loye doth draw forth his grace, and mercy, and love to sinners in the gospel, that they may fuck by faith, and be satisfied with the abundance of his grace. O how is he pained at the heart, till sinners come and suck the breasts of his grace, by putting their trust under the shadow of his wings ! ^ O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often would I have gathered thee, as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings ! How doth he expoftulate with linners for their averfion to come unto him ! so my people, what have I done unto thee? wherein have I wearied thee?” As if he had said, O what ails you at me ? what harm have I done you? was I ever a barren wilderness, or a land of drought to you?

5. To encourage our faith and trust in this glorious Kinsman, and the Avenger of our blood, will you consider, that this is to answer the end of all that ever he did or spake. Pray tell me, why did God send his only begotten Son into the world? Why did the only begotten Son of God come into the world? Why did he assume our nature, take our place in law? Why did he bruile Satan's head? Why did he die, rise again, and ascend, and fit down at the right hand of the Man jetty on high? Why did he fend forth his apoitles, and other ministers, as heralds to proclaim all his glorious atchievements unto a lost world? What is the design of a preached gospel ? Why has he given you his statutes and testimonies, opened to you the great things of his law and covenant, opened up the love of his heart ? And why are his bowels sending out a found to you who are running in the broad way to ruin, fayVOL. II. 3 R


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