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broken law, and the fentence of death, every moment lying upon the brink of utter destruction; and shall not such a creature as this hear and obty the voice of the great God, ifsued forth by the Angel of his prelence ? In short, there is not a soul hearing me, but the voice of the Angel is directed to you in particular, as much as though there were none hearing me but thyself; for we preach this gofpel, and found the trumper of the law, to every creature, every rational creature, on this fide of hell. Art thou a finner ? His voice to thee from mount Sinai is, “The foul that finneth, shall die :" but his voice from mount Zion is, He “came not to call the righteous, but Gina ners to repentance; he came not to condemn the world, but that the world through him might be saved." In fhort, let thy fins be never so many, and never so highly aggravated, yet his:voice, if thou be out of hell, to shee, is, I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be faved. . Whosoever cometh unto me, I will in no wise cast out." And where the Angel makes no exception, it is none of our business to except ourselves, or to score our own name out of his commisfion. And I know nothing that can exclude you out of his commilfion, but final unbelief: that doch it effectually ; for the Angel

Amself has said, “ He that believeth not, shall not fee life; but the wrath of God abideth on him."

Confider, 3. After what manner the Angel of God is crying to you in this gospel.

ift, He cries openly from the tops of the high places, and in the chief places of concourse.

2dly, He cries audibly; he does not mutter, or peep, but he {peaks up, he speaks out, he cries aloud, as with the found of a trumpet; he makes no secret of his commiffion to you. .

3dly, He cries importunately. O how loth is he to take a refusal at the hands of loft finners ! he beseeches you to be rem conciled to him, and to God through him; he cries and weeps over Jerusalem, Luke xix. 41.“ When he beheld the city, he wept over it;” and would as gladly have gathered them," as the hen gathereth her chickens under her wings.

4tbly, He cries with an alluring and charming voice: “We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented.” He, as it were, suits his voice unto the case of the finner, to fee if any way he may be allured, and drawn to him. Oh Sirs ! hear the voice of the charmer, charming never so wisely.

5thly, He is very conftant in his cry, 'he stretches out his hand all the day long, saying, “ Behold me, behold me. Bem hold, I land at the door, and knock: If any man will hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in and sup with him, and he with me." . Confider, 4. Who concurs with the voice of the great Angel of the covenant. His voice alone should command our at: tention; but there is a manifold concurrence of voices with his from heaven above, and from earth beneath, all inviting and requiring you to obey his voice. ..

if, The voice of the Father concurs, saying, Obey his voice, for my name is in him. Hear ge him, for this is my beloved Son. ; ... 2dly, The voice of the Holy Ghost concurs : Heb. iii. 7. " As the Holy Ghost faith, ye will hear his voice.” So that, in this respect, it is to sin against the Holy Ghoft not to hear the voice of the Son of God; and that is a dangerous risk: and if you continue to reject the voice of the Spirit in the Son, it shall never be forgiven you, either in this world, or in that which is to come. . . .. . ...a

3dly, The voice of all the angels in heaven concurs. If they were allowed to speak, as they did at his nativity, they would with one voice cry, 0 hear the voice of your great Lord and Master, for to you was he born, and for you did he dic, “ Peace on earth, and good will towards man." And when a finner, by faith, obeys the voice of Christ, there is joy in heaven among the angels of God. ..

- 4thly, The voice of all faithful ministers, the friends of the Bridegroom, is, to hear his voice, and obey it. We are but his heralds, through whom his voice is conveyed to you; and « as though God did beseech you by us, we pray you in Chrilt'3 stead, be ye reconciled to God.” * Sthly, The voice of the bride concurs ; all true believers, who have already believed or obeyed his voice : Rev. xxii. 17. “The Spirit and the bride fay, Come. And let him that. heareth, fay, Come. And let him that is athirst, come: And whosoever will, let him come and take of the waters of life freely.” .. Conlider, 5. The evil and danger of disobeying the voice of the great Angel, who is now speaking to you from heaven. You see in the words of my text there is an awful certification added with respect to there that do not obey his voice, Obey his voice, proveke him not : for he will not pardon your transgreffrons. I shall more particularly represent the danger of not obeying the voice of Christ, 'speaking particularly in a gospel. dispensation.

ift, It is an egregious affront offered unto the glorious Ma. jesty of God, not to obey the voice of Christ. This is implied here, My name is in him; and therefore obey his voice;' for if


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he be disobeyed and disregarded, I look upon it as an indignity done to myself. Hence Christ tells us in the New Testament, « He that despiseth me, dispiseth him that sent me." It is the Father's will, “ that all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father." Oh Sirs ! unbelief, which is the fundamental act of disobedience to the voice of the Angel, is. fuch an affront to the Majesty of God, that it gives the lie to a whole Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Ghoft: “ He that believeth not, hath made God a liar." And “ will you pro voke the Lord to jealousy? are you stronger than he ?” ,

2dly, Consider, that God will require it, if the voice of the Angel be disobeyed. You see an awful word to this purpose, Deut. xviii. 18. 19. “ I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee, and will put my words in his mouth, and he thall speak unto them all that I shall command hini. And it shall come to pass, that whofoever will not hearken unto my words which he thall speak in my name, I will require it of him." . ii. ii

Queft, How is it that God doch require or resent it, when the voice of Christ, the great Angel of the covenant, is disobeyed ?... .

Tanswer in general, He refents it by fixing the finner under the curse and condemnation of the broken law. Christ comes, in a gospel-dispensation, unto a company of sinners, who are already condemned, and fentenced to death by the fin of the first Adam, and their own original and actual an, and offers to liberate them from the condemnatory sentence that the law has laid them under; he offers himself as a fponfible Surety, to stand between them and all hazard, so as there shall be no condemnation to them, if they will believe in him. Well, the finnery by unbelief, rejects the blessed Surety and Saviour, he despises the riches of God's grace, and chooses to stand upon the footing of his own righteousness, or to caft himself upon the absolute mercy of God. And what is the fruit of this ? God revenges the affronts and indignițies, done to his Son, by casting back the finner that rejected his great ordinance for salvation, unto the hand of the law as a cove. nant; and then he is cursed and condemned to purpose, and the vengeance of the law is doubled through his contempt of Christ, the only remedy. Hence we are told, John iii. “ He that believeth not, is condemned already, and the wrath of God abideth on him :" and, Oh! “ who knows the power of his wrath," that abideth on them that refuse to obey ihe voice of Christ in this gospel ?

I will only tell you in a few particulars further, what will follow upon it, if ye do not hear the cries that the Angel of


God's presence has bera fending in among you, by his word and providential dispenfations. rionnet. F:-1 avri'

(1.) Sin will get the full power and afcendant over you ; you will be given up to the empire and reignt of your own lots, than which there cannot be a greater judgentent on this tide of hell : Pfal. Ixxxi. !I. “My people would not hearken to my voice: and Ifrael would none of me. Wherefore I gave them up unto their own hearts lufts: and they walked after their own counsels." And what will the man itick at, that is given up to the counsels of a deceitful and desperately wicked heart, where the feed of all fin is lodged. ';. .. . (2.) When the voice of the angel is not regarded, he claps up finners under a judicial hardnefs of heart, so as aly means for recovery shall prove urterly ineffectual. God ftrikes Phas raoh and the Egyptians with hardness of heart, because they would not hearken unto the conimard of the Angel, requiring : them to let Ifrael go. God favs concerning the finner that is disobedient to the voice of Christ, “ He is joined to his idols, let hinx alene." My Spirit fhall let him alone; and cease to ftrive with him." My ministers, let him alone, or elfe go and preach him dead and lifeless, and senseless, II. vi. Conscience, Let him alone, and cease to be a reprover. - Rod and affliction, let him alone, allow him peace and profperity in this way, uns : til he and I meet together upon the back of dearh. Oh how dismal is the case of the finner when it comes to this with it! 66 I would have purged them, and they would not be párged, y therefore they fhall not be purged from their filthiness any 's more, till I have caused my fury to reft upon them.". .

(3.) The curse of God mingles itfelf with every thing in a man's lot, that will not obey the voice of the Angel that has the name of God in him. If the man have fulness and profit perity, the curse of God follows him there, so that his bread is baken, and hio drink mingled with a curse, Deut. xxviii. 15. Mal. ii. 2. &c. " If trouble and affliction be upon the man, the curse of God is in that cup also ; his temporal troubles are but the beginnings of forrows, the prelibation and foretastes . of the cup of trembling, that he thali drink through eternity; they are but like fome drops of rain to the full tower upon the wicked ; God is determined to rain snares, fire, and brimftone, this shall be the portion of their cup. - (4.) Public defolation, and down-hewing of churches and nations, frequently follows upon disobedience to the voice of the Angel. " Be instructed, o Jerusalem, left I make thee desolate, a land not inhabited.” Jerusalem and the temple, where are they now? what is become of the once famous church and nation of the Jews, God's peculiar people? Their


land has Joued them out, and the songs of the temple are turned into melancholy howlings. Why, what is the meaning of the beat of God's long continued anger against his ancient people

for the space of seventeen hundred years? Why, the Angel · here fpoken of, “ carne unto his own, and his own received

him not; he would have gathered them, as a ben doth her chickens under her wings, and they would not;" and therefore, " behold, their house and land is left unto them delo. late.”

In a word, to shut up this confideration according to the instructions that we have received from our great Lord, I proclaim from this high place of the city of God,“ Wo unto the wicked, it shall be ill with him : for the reward of his hands thall be given him," II, iii. 11. Perhaps you may think our words are but wind; but remember that they will be a heavy wind to you ere all be done. It is not our word, but the word of God proclaimed by us,." Wo unto the wicked, it hall be ill with him,"

(1.) It wall be ill with you in the day of personal or public distress, when an angry and revenging God will meet you in the face, whatever hand you turn to : " Whither will ye fly from his presence ?" · (2.) It will be ill with you in the day of death, when that grim meffinger of the Lord of boits is coming with that. heavy meffage, “ This day thy soul fhall be taken from thee." Oh! what a comfortless creature is a Chriftless finner in the day of death, when his riches, honours, profits, pleasures, lands, houses, relations, and all things that he adored, ale bidding him a final farewell !

(3.) It shall go ill with you on the back of death. When you begin to look into that awful and eternal world, what horror and confusion will seize you, when, instead of angels io carry you into Abraham's bosom, you thall meet legions of devils to hurry, you down to the lake that burns with fire and brimstone!

(4.) It shall be ill with the wicked who refuse to hear the voice of Christ now, at the resurrection and the last judgement. You that refuse him a hearing now, you will hear him at that day, saying, “ Bring forth iliesc mine enemies who would not that I should reign over them, and lay them beforę me;" he will then.“ tear in pieces, 'when there is none to deliver.” . . ..

(5.). It shall be ill with the wicked after the last judgemerrt, through all eternity, when “the wicked shall be turned intorhel, with all the nations that forget God;" there the Amoke of your burning Dail go up for evtr and ever, and you


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