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Gladly through life's dull path I'd stray,
And scare (1) my fellows from my way.
Yes, let me ever feel thy power,
Nor know a reasonable hour!

When nature's scenes before me lie,
Beat in my breast, gleam (2) in mine eye,
And be in every glance up given,
Towards the great bestower (5) Heaven.

When music's voice swells on mine ear,
Oh! brightly tremble in my tear:
Let every glittering tribute show
How deep, how fervent is the glow (4),
As in the thunder's copious shower,
The electric flame's eukindled power.

If pity plead, if sorrow tell
Her tale of griefs and injuries,
Let my full heart like torrent swell,
Rush the proud tear-drops from my eyes.

(1) To scare, effrayer.
(2) To gleam , briller.
(3) Bestower, bienfaileur, qui accorde,
(4) Glow, ardeur,




The corsairs pouring (1) haste to where within
Invited Conrad's bugle, and the din
Of groaning victims, and wild cries for life,
Proclaimed how well he did the work of strife (2).
They shout to find him grim and lonely there,
A glutted (3) tiger mangling (4) in his lair (8)!
But short their greeting-shorter his reply-
66 Tis well-but Seyd escapes—and he must die.
Much hath been done-but more remains to do-
Their galleys blaze-wby not their city too ?

Quick at the word--they seized him each a torch,
And fire the dome from minaret to porch.
A stern delight was fixed in Conrad's eye,
But sudden sunk-for on his ear the cry
Of women struck, and like a deadly knell
Knock'd at that heart unmoved by battle's yell.
- Oh! burst the Haram--wrong (6) not, on your lives,
One female form-remember we have wives.
On them such outrage vengeance will repay;
Man is our foe, and such 'tis ours to slay:

(1) Pouring, se rendant en foule.
(2) Strife, combat, mêlée.
(3) Glutted, rassasiés.
(4) Mangling, égorgeant, déchirant.
(5) Lair, repaire , reposée.
(6) To wrong, injurier, faire tort, faire mal à.

But still we spared-must spare the weaker prey.
Oh! I forgot-but Heaven will not forgive
If at my word the helpless (1) cease to live.
Follow who will - I go-we yet have time
Our souls to lighten (2) of at least a crime.”


(1) The helpless, les malheureux, ceux qui ne peuver i s'aider.

(2) To lighten, alléger.

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